Customer Reviews: Bones: Season 4 [Blu-ray]
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on May 26, 2009
Most TV shows start to go downhill by the fourth season either through too many character replacements or repetitiveness of the episodes. Not Bones, out of the entire series I can count the number of episodes I don't like on one hand.

This is a great alternative to many of the main stream talked about crime TV series out there. This packs in realism, comedy, action, adventure, mystery, and psuedo-science all into one show with a cast that couldn't be more beautiful or enjoyable to watch week after week.

If you haven't seen any of these just buy season 1,2, & 3 you certainly won't be disappointed and it'll give you something to do while you wait for the DVD release of season 4. Also of note is that if you haven't seen season 1,2 or 3 you may be a little lost watching season 4 alone. The writers have done an excellent job maintaing continuity of the story line accross all the seasons so there will be many jokes, comments, and sub-plots that you simply won't understand without the past seasons.
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on June 5, 2009
This series is just in a simple word: fabulous! It has everything you could ask for. There's interesting crimes, delightful humor, a fascinating and fantastic supporting cast and of course the two gorgeous leads that have some of the best male/female chemistry to ever grace the small screen. They simply force the viewer to enjoy them as they weave their way toward a personal and loving relationship via their crime-solving opportunities. If ever there were two people made for each other, it is Booth and Brennan.

Season 4 brings perhaps the quirkiest and most light-hearted year of the series yet as it begins across the pond with the fabulous duo in Britain while back at the lab the incomparable Zack is replaced by a host of fun and zany lab assistants. Season 4 introduces us to Booth's brother who shows up to throw a wrench into his personal life and eventually help him grow even closer to his maddeningly logical genius of a partner. Brennan's dad and Booth's son make appearances and the Gravedigger from Season 2 also makes a return appearance. The season's final six episodes are just mind-blowingly excellent as we see Booth and Brennan grow ever closer and even consider having a baby together!

Buying such a well-written, fun, zany and superbly acted series on DVD is a no brainer. Get your own copy because you are not borrowing mine!

Huntsville, AL
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on October 25, 2009
The Blu-ray version of season four of Bones contains all episodes of the season. The DVD version is missing the first four episodes (they are at the end of the third season set as bonus episodes). If you have both DVD sets available, then you have all of both seasons. The Blu-ray set is easier for the viewer to watch all episodes of the fourth season.
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on April 5, 2009
I think that it is the best series ever produced. Absolutely brilliant, unpredictable sometimes, but I was very upset that Zack is not in the series anymore. The series has good humour, great stories; makes you laugh, shudder. I have been watching this with my children who are now 19, and they love it too. We always watch more than one DVD at the same time, and cannot wait for season 4 to be out in DVDs. The actors are good and work well together on screen.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 18, 2009
It's that vaunted chemistry and the rich emotional content, and it's those terrific touches of humor. In "The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond" there's a great throwaway moment brought about by a publisher's crediting part of Temperance Brennan's success as a mystery author to her looks. Brennan decides to quit writing, and here's Booth talking fast to change her mind:

- Brennan: "I don't want to be a sexy scientist!"
- Booth: "Well, that's like me saying I don't want to be a sexy FBI Agent. We can't change who we are!" And then Booth starts quoting a published review of one of her mysteries. One of those perfect throwaway moments.

World-renowned forensic anthropologist Temperance "Bones" Brennan is as brusque and tactless as ever, as confounded by the subtleties of social decorum as ever (or as Sweets exclaims: "She is wicked literal!"). Bones is still very much that intimidating icy intellect, still a wounded soul, and still solving murders. FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth is still the one with the people skills and that well-developed bump of intuition. More onions are peeled in this season as we learn even more about the underpinnings of our core characters. The absolute big draw of this show is that sizzle between David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, their fabulous interplay tantalizing and frustrating the viewers. Could this be the season that they get together? Well, kind of, sort of. Taking what the show is giving, I wallow in their ever evolving relationship.

Staying on the personal, Hodgins and Angela are trying to move past their break-up. "The Skull in the Sculpture" demonstrates that Angela is more ready to move on than Hodgins, and if you thought Angela was a free spirit before, well, now... This episode also has Sweets demonstrating the best way ever to fire someone. Young FBI psychologist Lance Sweets, by the way, becomes a regular cast member in this season, and I like him more and more as each episode progresses, even if Booth and Bones continually treat him like a pesky little brother. Even Dr. Saroyan's past is delved into.

Zack Addy, apprentice to the Gormagon Killer, has been institutionalized, which doesn't keep him from strolling out to help the squints on a baffling case. Still, this gives rise to a running theme, that of the rotating roster of interns as Saroyan and Bones attempt to fill Zack's spot, and the fun thing is that each of these interns comes with baggage. There's the morbid one, the excessively chirpy one, the one constantly dispensing trivia, etc. The most martyred one may well be that repressed intern who insists on keeping things professional at all times - except that, the squints being a tight bunch, he keeps getting exposed to a deluge of innuendo and gossip in the workplace.

***Possible plot SPOILERS begin***

There isn't really a running mystery arc to tie these episodes together - no one like the Gormagon Killer running around, for example. But that doesn't mean that the cases aren't gripping; some of them are really interesting. The season opens with "Yanks in the U.K." (or, as I like to call it, "Booth Vs. England"), which plants Brennan and Booth in jolly old England, investigating a murder and running into a British version of themselves. In "The Passenger in the Oven" Bones and Booth are on a flight bound to China and have only four hours to solve a murder before the plane lands and Booth loses jurisdiction. "Double Trouble in the Panhandle" has Booth and Bones infiltrating the Big Top as "Buck & Wanda and their Knives of Death," and their circus act is actually fraught with more suspense than in just about any other scene in this season.

Some other favorites? In "The Double Death of the Dearly Departed," Bones and Booth steal a corpse due for cremation from a funeral home, Bones believing that the body had been "translated," which is Booth's made-up code for murder. "Mayhem on a Cross" unveils some dark stuff about Sweets' past, this episode also featuring the return of the awesome Stephen Fry as FBI shrink Gordon Gordon Wyatt. It also had me cracking up whenever Bones insisted on correctly pronouncing "skalle" (the Norwegian word for "skull"). "The Hero in the Hold" features the return of the Grave Digger serial killer. "The Princess and the Pear" plonks Bones and Booth's temp replacement in the world of comic book conventions, and Bones finally gets another chance to flash her martial arts mojo.

In "The Critic in the Cabernet" Bones drops a bomb on Booth and Booth gets advice from a cartoon character, a frivolous conceit which goes on to have a terrifying payoff. Finally Season 4 closes with a quirky fantasy episode featuring a re-shuffling of roles. In this reality, Dr. Saroyan and Booth's brother are homicide detectives and Booth and Bones are a married couple who run a nightclub and who end up as suspects in a murder case. It's neat that just about everyone is in this one.

***Possible plot SPOILERS end now***

BONES - SEASON FOUR comes in six discs and includes 22 of the 26 episodes. The bonus features are: extended scenes for three episodes: "The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond," "The Doctor in the Den," & "The Girl in the Mask"; 2 deleted scenes (one in "The Skull in the Sculpture," the other in "The Passenger in the Oven," both featuring Angela and Hodgins having a conversation about Roxie); 5 and a half minutes of bloopers ("Skalle!"); "Androgeny: Playing Haru Tanaka" - guest actress Ally Maki delves into her dubiously gendered character ("Dr. Haru Tanaka") in "The Girl in the Mask"; and "Squints in Training" - this segment, which includes cast interviews, goes into this season's cast of recurring lab interns. Again no episode commentaries or cast interviews. Also, note that Season Four's first four episodes ("The Yanks in the UK, Parts 1 & 2," "The Man in the Outhouse," & "The Finger in the Nest") are absent here, having instead been inserted in Bones: The Complete Third Season as that set's featured bonus features.

By the way, in the Grossest Corpse of the Season department, it's a tie between "The Cinderella in the Cardboard" and "The Science in the Physicist." Icky!
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on October 9, 2009
I've loved Bones since season 1; Hart Hanson is brilliant in the way he combines the scientific and character-driven sides. But why is this not a complete season? The first four episodes are missing from this set: "Yanks in the UK (parts 1 & 2)," "Man in the Outhouse," and "The Finger in the Nest."

Was there a specific reason these episodes were left out? If it's only because those episodes were included in a "Bonus Disc," with last season, that's extremely disappointing. That's no reason not to create a complete set. There are those of us that didn't hang on to the bonus disc, since one always expects when a season comes out, it will be complete. I wish I'd known it wasn't a complete set before I spent the money on it.
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on October 11, 2009
There is some justification in the assumption that successful series begin to slump in the fourth season (as budgets are reduced, the original producers and writers often move on, and fresh plotlines become more difficult to create), but happily, "Bones: Season Four" is an exception, with some of the brightest, wittiest episodes yet!

While I have to warn you, the collection is missing the first four episodes (which are actually included as a bonus at the end of the "Season Three" "Bones" collection), the remainder of Season Four (in far slimmer plastic packaging) is complete in every other way, and very entertaining for fans of Tempe, Booth, and the 'Squints'. Booth (David Boreanaz) shines, as we discover more of Seeley Booth's childhood, with an alcoholic father and a younger brother (Brendan Fehr) who relies a bit too heavily on his big brother to bail him out of scrapes. Tempe (Emily Deschanel) continues to attempt to view life through a forensic microscope, but has to deal with the increased presence of her father (Ryan O'Neal), and her desire to have a child. Cam (Tamara Taylor) becomes the guardian of her ex-lover's 16-year-old daughter, Hodgins and Angela (T.J. Thyne and Michaela Conlin) are trying to work through their break-up (with Angela turning to an ex-girlfriend for comfort), and Sweets (John Francis Daley) continues to have his profession as a psychologist belittled by Booth and Tempe, finding comfort in the arms of a 'Squints' temp, Daisy (Carla Gallo), as we discover his past wasn't as easy as everybody thought. And then there are the 'Squints in Training', jockeying to replace the imprisoned Zack (Eric Millegan, who happily does appear). Besides the oversolicitous (and oversexed) Daisy, there's eternally glum Colin (Joel Moore), 'serious' Clark (Eugene Byrd), devout Muslim Arastoo (Pej Vahdat), trivia-addicted Brit Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright), and likable, street-smart Wendell (Michael Terry). While I miss not seeing Zack in the lab, each temp is engaging, and given moments to shine.

There are dramatic developments (a brain tumor is discovered in Booth), but the humor level is consistently high. My favorite episodes include a 'freeze-dry' murder at an intellectual 'think tank', where everybody sounds and reasons like Tempe (and Angela's father...ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons...arrives to extract a unique 'punishment' on hapless Hodgins), a murder on a flight to China, with Booth and Tempe racing against the clock to find the killer before the plane lands, and a very funny episode at a funeral, with Tempe's discovery that the corpse was actually murdered, forcing her and Booth to 'kidnap' the body! And don't miss the season finale, with the entire cast (and a few surprise past-season characters) in a film noir send-up that features an event many "Bones'" fans have been waiting to see.

It was a fabulous season, and is a great collection to own!
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on July 18, 2009
Of course there are a lot of worthless TV series but there is also a lot of very worthwhile TV to watch. Bones is one of those series. It's intelligent, has a very attractive and talented cast, quirky characters, an unbelievably socially-awkward brilliant main character who's also very sexy in an innocent kind of way, and David Boreanaz.

Angel was one of my all-time favourite TV characters and it's mostly because David was perfect for the role. He brings his humour and his "there's no reason for taking life so seriously" attitude to this role.

The two main characters are perfect foils for each other: the brainy female awkward nerd anthropologist and the brawny ex-marine sharpshooter super FBI agent. The kind of combination that might have easily fallen flat if the main actors didn't have great chemistry. But believe me these two have a simmering undeclared love affair going on that brings a lot of humour and tension to the show.

But the other cast members are not ignored. They all participate generously to the series and it's the better for it. Plus you can't ignore the pleasure of watching the 3 main female characters: not only are they talented they are a treat for the eyes. Michaela Conlin (free-spirited Angela who's TV dad is Billy Gibbons from ZZTop!!) makes my heart melt every time she smiles.

Check out this series - it's definitely worth it. Be aware though that some scenes can be very graphic. They may not be suitable for younger viewers.
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on September 26, 2009
There are a lot of great shows on TV, and Bones is definitely no exception. This is not just a crime drama, if anything it's the complete opposite. This is in many great respects, a love story between the two main leads, Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan.
A huge draw for the show is the amazing chemistry between the stars David Boreanaz and Emily Dechanel. The show is comical and delightful. I end up not even caring about the cases, but just involved in the drama and tension between the characters.
I would recommend this show to everyone, if you haven't seen it yet you should check out the first three seasons before you watch the fourth. You won't be disappointed. There is a slow progression of these two characters throught all four seasons. If you watch the Pilot and then watch an episode in season four, you'll see the difference between Booth and Brennan and how close they truly are now.
Along with the two main leads, the supporting cast is great. It's always been hard for me to like a show if I don't like all the characters, but even this show I love everyone. This show keeps me fascinated and entertained and I will never stop watching it.

Season Four is one of the best seasons of the show, which is saying a lot since the three previous seasons were each amazing. I will definitely buy this on Blu-Ray!
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on May 28, 2015
No, they didn't send you the wrong set - for some reason the producers of this season on Bones included the last 3 episodes of season 3. the product information on Amazon site is correct and the set does also include all the episodes indicated. The order however, is a bit off with the set actually having disk one as the last 3 episodes of season 3- season 4 actually begins on the second disk of the set.. If you want to see the episodes and correct disks - using Amazon's list of disks/episodes just mentally re number the disks - episodes showing as disk one on Amazon information should be disk 2 ( in regard to episodes on the disks) and disk 2 is disk 3 on the episode listings.
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