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on February 5, 2012
Long story short, this product does everything it claims to do, though there is a slight learning curve to its use.

I have been using this product for the last three weeks as a complete replacement for taking notes and doing homework on paper for my college courses. I carry no notebooks to my 5 courses, only the Boogie Board Rip. As far as I can tell, this product is unique in that it allows you to take notes without the use of paper and without the immediate use of a computer. I was unable to find any other product that boasted this set of features.

Writing on the surface took some getting used to; at first penstrokes would be missed because I didn't press hard enough, but watching the indicator light while writing teaches you to press with the correct amount of pressure. The device must be "woken" up after the lock switch is turned off by pressing the "Save" button; forgetting to do this means you've lost whatever you've just written. The lines on the screen show up far thicker than the lines on the .pdf documents, meaning that writing that is fairly small and near illegible on the screen will look perfect on the computer. When writing, it's hard to keep your hand from pressing on the writing surface, causing a "cloudy" appearance. This affects legibility on the device, but these marks don't transfer to the .pdf.

One drawback is the size of the surface; it is much smaller than a standard notebook, and especially much narrower than a notebook, making solving some long math and chemistry problems difficult. I solved this problem (it's embarrassing how long it took me to think of this) by rotating the device 90 degrees, giving the surface a greater width.

There is no way to label the documents on the device, so I'm sure to put an underlined heading on the first page of every new entry, making them easy to separate later. I merge entries together on the computer using the open-source program "PDF Split and Merge." Another totally obvious solution that took me forever to discover: switching the "view" mode to "extra-large icons" makes it very easy to see where the entries begin and end without opening up every separate file to view.

Once merged, I upload the files to my Google Docs account, making them cloud-based and accessible from my home computer, my laptop, and the school computers with equal ease, without the use of a corruptible and easily lost flash drive, and without a stack of notebooks that I'll never look at again come May.

The battery life has been excellent so far; I have used the device heavily for four days without the indicator light turning red, and the charge time is very fast.

The neoprene sleeve I purchased for the device from the manufacturer has protected it from the contents of my bag so far. I do get nervous about this, as the device is so thin and light.

As other reviewers have pointed out, you can't recall past images to the screen on the device; I've found this to be only a minor inconvenience so far.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Rip and will continue to use it, and I feel that it has entirely lived up to the promises made by the manufacturer, hence the five star rating. Still, I have read that the e-writer market is growing and that other similar products may soon be available. I wouldn't be opposed to replacing the Rip if something which addressed the issues I've mentioned was released.
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on January 12, 2015
I have both this "Rip" and the "Sync". Functionally and structurally, I have no complaints. Downloading to my Windows 8.1 computer is simple. My son uses this for math and for doodling.... and I suspect writing notes to his brother when within ear shot. In a homeschooling home, the significant reduction of loose papers laying around is monumental. I also have him do writing assignments on it. I actually prefer the lower memory capacity on this, because my (2 notebooks/week) son could easily stack up a couple thousand images, this keeps it manageable. The contrast is somewhat variable, depending on how you hold the pen and writing style. Overall, I'd liken the line width to that of a new sharpie. I'd recommend this to folks who enjoy technology but prefer to do note taking or drawing by hand. Additionally, this is handy in places where cameras and internet capable devices are not permitted.
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on March 18, 2012
3-17-12 -- This nifty battery-powered tablet is perfect for me. I didn't want a fancy, expensive wireless gizmo--just a quick way to transfer handwritten meeting notes and sketches to my computer, without the need for typing or accumulating unorganized scraps of paper. * Be sure to press the Warmup button BEFORE starting to write or it will not save. Each time you save it creates a new file, so I try to fill a whole page before saving. * Boogie Board RIP notes upload easily to my Mac laptop with the provided USB cable, where you can copy the PDF files to word processing files and add typed notes. Sketches copied to my Appleworks paint program can even be edited normally. * Be sure to EJECT the BB icon before disconnecting the cable from the computer. * The protective sleeve is great. The battery stays charged for a long time (unlike my PDA) and recharges quickly with the USB cable. * Using the access ports provided, I pimped my BBRIP by adding a chain to hold the stylus, and a wrist lanyard. * I commend Improv Electronics for being innovative enough to get back to basics! Given the convenience and reliability of this device, I don't find the price excessive. No doubt the cost will come down later and more nifty features will be added, but meanwhile it is an elegant solution to a common problem.
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on August 17, 2012
I purchased this after already having the plain Boogie Board (just a sketchpad - doesn't record drawings) for several months. Even that simple unit turned out to be pretty useful, so I splurged for the grown-up model that would record drawings. For my needs, it works perfectly.

Often, I need to take a few notes on a job site, or make a quick sketch to explain something. This allows me to do that easily (and show off cool technology at the same time ;-)), but then also email a copy of the drawing later to make a documentation trail of what we discussed. It's very thin and light, yet adequately rugged (more so than a tablet, I believe), so it holds up well in my briefcase, and seems to tolerate the occasional drop to the floor or having something set on top of it. I take notes in meetings with it also, and it would probably be good for class notes as well.

The battery life is terrific! It's great never having to have that little nag in the back of my brain that "this conversation is taking too long, and I should look around for an outlet". I've used it for an entire week, downloading my notes at the end, and there was no problem at all. Note, though, the first time you take it out of the box, the battery is likely to be about dead, and the symptom of this is that the tablet is "locked" (there's a button-lock switch on the side). Since I couldn't unlock it, and even the reset pin-in-the-hole wouldn't bring it back. I called customer service at the manufacturer (good response there, if not particularly knowledgeable), and they were all set to send me a replacement when it woke up after being on the charger for a half-hour or so. (So I felt like an idiot - ah well, not the first time.)

The PDF files it makes do indeed have a much lighter line width than shows on the original drawing, but being black-on-white, I find this gives enhanced clarity - in other words, I find it a pro rather than a con. Actually, I find the heavy line weight on the screen to be slightly limiting, since it limits the fine detail I can draw. If it is really bothersome, it would be trivial to create a macro in CorelDRAW, for example, to automatically increase the line weights. The PDF files are a little larger than they need to be for the amount of information contained; this is probably due to having a zillion tiny vectors, as another reviewer pointed out. However, disk space is unlimited these days, so I don't find that to be a problem.

The user "manual" sucks. (You can download it from the manufactures site: [...]). It's 8 pages (two sheets, both sides, stapled together) containing mostly Ikea-style drawings to try to show how to use the unit. Considering that all of the text is repeated in *eight languages*, you can see how little there must be. The FAQ on the manufacturer's web site had considerably more information, although still not the tidbit I needed (see my dead battery story above).

So, this isn't a replacement for a tablet, in the same way that a Kindle isn't, but like that device it does what it's intended to very well. If it suits your needs (quick note-taking, capturing to PDF file), then I recommend it.
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on May 27, 2015
The Boogie Board Rip, even though it's a used/older electronic writing tablet, has proved it's worth to me time and time again. No more need for Post-It notes or scraps of paper to hold info for brief moments while I do work or calculations. I jot it down and erase the info, easily and effortlessly. If I feel the need to save the information... then I hit the save button and download it later, via the USB cord, to my computer.

I was worried I would accidentally erase info in the middle of writing/using the Boogie Board Rip, but after 3 months of use, I have not had that negative incident yet. The device just works as it is expected to, and the big buttons on the device are not in areas that encourage those accidents.

The saved data is not as detailed as I was hoping it would be, but that is not major a problem. As an artist, I was hoping for some pressure sensitivity in my line widths... but the Boogie Board only saves down lines of ONE width. So even if I have a nice thin line that thickens to twice it size on the screen, it only saves a line that is one width from start to finish. This feature is not a negative, the data is saved, but it does keep me from expecting me to save Michelango or Raphael style sketches. I'll keep my designs limited to simple stick figures. :)
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on February 11, 2013
Great concept, but just not quite worth the money.

I don't mind the fact that I can't erase on the board. In this respect, it is no different than using pen and paper. However, once a "page" is saved and erased, it can't be recalled and added to. So, unlike a notebook, you can't keep notes on multiple subjects on different pages at one time.

Also, after transferring "pages" to my computer and opening them, many parts of my handwriting were missing from the image, making the document difficult to read at times. I took this to mean that, at times, I was simply not pushing hard enough with the "pen." However, pushing harder when writing on the Boogie Board tends to make the lines too heavy; more like writing with a sharpie than a pen.

Finally, the interface between the board and my computer was, at times, glitchy. I would plug in the board, but the computer wouldn't see it, or files would not transfer. At least once, I took a page or two of notes, saving and erasing them as I went, only to sit down at my computer, plug in the board, and no files would be found... Maybe I forgot to save, or maybe the board fouled up. The trouble is, there is no way to tell... Once you save a file, there is no way to be sure that a file was actually created in memory. It would be helpful to be able to see at least the name and quantity of files saved on the board. Because once you erase, it is gone if it has not been saved.

All in all, this would be a pretty handy little device for about $40. But at just over a C-note, I decided to return it and try something else.
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on December 29, 2014
Just so everybody knows, the Rip version of the Boogie Board has been discontinued. It is still for sale from some outlets, so I took a chance on ordering it for a Christmas gift--luckily for myself, so nobody else was disappointed. The item I received from Amazon would not hold a charge for longer than 10 seconds or so, even after charging all night. I'm pretty sure it had been previously opened even though it said "New." I'm returning it.

Even if the Rip had charged properly, it felt very "plastic-y" compared to a friend's Jot. I think since I want to save my notes, I'll go for the Sync instead. My advice--don't bother buying the Rip version at this point since it's discontinued. The gadgets still for sale have a high probability of being defective like mine.
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on June 12, 2013
I must say that I am very pleased with this product. I'm not crazy about how the pages looks so different when it is downloaded, I would like to see it as it appears on the screen (gray writing on black background). But that is neither here nor there.

I use the boogie board to keep a journal so being able to save is key to my satisfaction. I am so thankful that I have it available to me. It's great to jot down my thoughts, hit save, clear the screen and keep going. When I want to review what I've written, I plug into my laptop and download. At that point I snip the pages and paste them into a word document to keep the reading flow going. This process can be time consuming but not the end of the world.

I have used my Kindle USB charger to charge this board without hooking up to a computer. I have not lost the charge yet. It would be great to have some sort of battery light to monitor if it is getting low. As it is, I charge it once a week and it seems to be fine. It doesn't take long to charge via a power outlet.

I also have a ACECAD Digimemo that captures a paper copy when capturing the digital, nice for work notes but I prefer the boogie board for my personal use, it's much lighter and portable.

I'm looking forward to the smaller version that may release later this year, if that one has memory as well, I'll for sure be purchasing one to carry with me at all times.
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on March 1, 2012

We sketch and problem solve design issues on paper every day. This product allows me to generate ideas, and capture them without wasting tons of paper. I have a Wacom Cintiq, and a tablet computer, but nothing feels as real to pen and paper sketching as a Boogie Board. The line weight is awesome, and unlike a tablet, it doesn't take any special training to use. Often times at meetings we'll slide it over and let someone sketch out an idea. Also you don't deal with touch screen sketching issues like on an Apple Ipad. You can go ahead and rest you hand on the screen.

The save function:

We have been patiently waiting for the save function to come out on this Boogie Board. I was skeptical of the final file quality at first and found little information from other users. So I ordered one for work to test it out myself. First off: The file does not capture line weight. The beautiful drawing you made will not look like the saved version. Very very thin lines may not show up, all that do will be the same weight. That said, in terms of documentation, and the ability to capture ideas, it is great. Hand written text looks very good. You just have to remember to hit the save button before you start drawing. The board works by recording your strokes, not taking a final picture of what's on the screen. Pretty clever. It outputs a vector pdf. than can be edited in programs like Adobe Illustrator if one was so inclined. So far I haven't had the need. The exported file type means it creates a very small file. I'm talking kilobytes so it's easy to email.

Other stuff:

You can also download a program that allows you to see what you draw on the board, on the computer screen. Not a bad idea but it could be improved if the actual program window could be resized. On my screen it's pretty small.

Overall I love it and ordered 3 more for my team. They get used almost every day and I can't imagine not having them for what we do. They are pretty indestructible but I would recommend buying a case if you transport it often.
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on April 21, 2012
I recieved my Boogie Board Rip only 3 days after I ordered it with Super Saver shipping, so I was pleased with the product before I even opened the box. The Rip is a tablet type of tool that has two basic functions - as scratch paper and as a pad for note-taking or sketches to be saved. The board can be written on and then simply erased, or it can be written on and saved.

Writing on the board is smooth and easy. One function of the board that initially bothered me was that any pressure on the screen would leave a mark. But if the pressure is spread out over an area, like your hand resting on the screen, it won't imprint, so it's not an issue for me. I like the quality of the ink; it reminds me of writing with a very fine-tipped marker. The lines range from maybe 1/2 to 2 mm thick, and are pressure sensitive on the board but not when uploaded to the computer.

The board does occasionally miss a stroke or two when uploaded to the computer. This can be remedied by drawing or writing in long lines with even pressure. Small, sketchy lines do not always show up on the computer. I can't say yet if I will find this to be a serious problem, but I doubt it, since there is a light on the board which tells you whether or not the stroke is being recorded, and allows you to adjust the amount of pressure you're using accordingly.

Overall, the board has pleased me greatly, and I think it will be a wonderful tool for note-taking in school in the future, and also for recording random drawings without wasting paper.
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