Customer Reviews: Boom Blox Bash Party - Nintendo Wii
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on May 20, 2009
In a world full of sequels, it is refreshing to see a sequel truly improve upon the original while still remaining true to the core gameplay. With hundreds of levels and puzzles, the game is huge, but the same great gameplay is still present and the emphasis on multi-player, both competitive and co-op, has been increased immensely. Online functionality has been improved so much over the previous version, you almost don't realize you're working with Nintendo's stringent limitations that shackle most online Wii functionality.

For those of you that never played Boom Blox, here's the quick rundown. Boom Blox is a physics action-puzzler. It is kind of like Jenga, but you use the Wii remote pointer to throw bowling balls, throw baseballs, launch paint balls, shoot cannons, fire lasers, grab, grip, and throw items, and use a slingshot to either destroy (or sometimes build) your way through puzzles. This is the type of game the Wii was designed for with deep and imaginative level designs and dozens of ways to interact with the world laid down before you.

The new version has a lot of improvements over the last one.

+++ Most multi-player modes only require one remote, which is very nice if you don't have a full set of controllers.

+++ A ridiculous number of levels. Best of all, they are well designed levels. So far, based the nearly 100 or so that I've played, I can say the vast majority are very enjoyable and none of them have been bad. Getting bronze on most levels is pretty easy, but silver and gold medals can be challenging, and a few still have me scratching my head wonder how I'm supposed to get that perfect score that will bump me from a high Silver score to that coveted gold medal. Levels are now set in even more locales than before, including underwater and outer space. I particularly enjoy the outer space levels.

+++ An improved level unlock mechanism. You now collect Boom Bux, which can be used to purchase and unlock levels if you are too impatient to play through all of the prerequisite levels and achievements. With hundreds of levels in the game, I think this is a great feature. Although I've focused mostly on multi-player, I've observed that on every single one of the single-player levels that I've played I found a secret Boom Bux block.

+++ Fewer "shooter" levels, which were honestly the first game's weakest point.

+++ Stronger emphasis on multi-player with more multi-player modes and a ton more multi-player levels, both competitive and co-op.

+++ Smoother physics engine. This version seems to run smoother than the previous game, but the game can still experience a bit of slow down if too much happens on screen.

+++ Improved level builder support, which is directly tied to the online experience. My only regret is that my own personal creativity is pretty much limited to making symmetrical geometric patterns.

+++ Vastly improved online experience. Free download levels are already available and users can share their own custom levels with other players across the world without having to use Friend Codes!

+++ Very good music throughout most of the game, with only a few exceptions.

I do have a few minor complaints about the game, but they are very few. Competitive multi-player games tend to favor the first player slightly, but the game includes a "revenge" mechanic that mostly makes up for that shortcoming. The animals are still kind of annoying, especially with regards to their sound effects, but at least their animations have been diversified and been made more interesting. They still have the Happy-Tree-Friends-shoved-into-a-box look, which is kind of nice in a twisted sort of way. Like I said before, my complaints are really minor and I have yet to experience any gameplay issues that really, really bothered me.

All in all, I highly recommend this game to every Wii owner. This is the type of game the Wii was designed for. Despite it's cutesy art style and kid-friendly atmosphere, Boom Blox series isn't a gimmick like a lot of junk shoveled out onto the Wii. Hard core gamers will find an amazing amount of depth and challenge while casual gamers, parents, and families will find an accessible game that almost anyone can pick up and have fun with. Multi-player modes definitely steal the show and create a classic party game atmosphere. The replay value for this game is through the roof. The 400 levels, level editor, and content available for download definitely make this game an amazing value.
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on May 19, 2009
There have been a few awesome improvements over the first game which gives a refreshing new experience to an already established game. I can't tell if the board areas are larger and more detailed, but it sure feels that way. There is much more destruction to be had in this new version. It feels as though they have re-invented this game for it's second iteration and they did an excellent job. It is still just as much fun throwing items at towers of blocks as it was in the first one. Each level is not just about knocking everything down, there are significant strategies involved that bring a new meaning to the "easy to learn, difficult to master" cliché. My 3 year old loves this game, and I love this game.

Some of my favorite new features about this game are the environments, where in the first game it was basically "land based". This game takes you underwater and into space, giving the levels a whole new dynamic. There are also many new characters who are just as adorable as the first. The multiplayer mode has been expanded but I have yet to try it (the game is brand new after all). Maybe I will update later after I've given the multiplayer some more time... but I hear it's great.

Another major plus for this game is that it has a great starting price at $40 or less. I've never been big on paying $50 or more for games, so I'm glad they are making QUALITY games at $40 or less. Don't pass up this great game that is fun for hours or just a few minutes at a time.
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on May 27, 2009

+Delightful art style and sense of humor
+Easy to pick up and play
+Tons of levels
+Lots of customization
+Tons of variety
+Good music
+Fun multiplayer experiences
+Level creation and the ability to share online


-It doesn't really do a whole lot of things the first game didn't already perfect. On the other hand, it's hard to say if this is such a bad thing because there's still a lot of variety and it doesn't repeat any puzzles from the first game, but some might still wish they'd added a bit more to it

The original Boom Blox was quite an amazing game. It just sort of dropped in there from EA and Steven Spielberg. Yet to the enjoyment of many gamers it was a great game that was simple to pick up, addictive and huge. There was so much to do within the game that no one could imagine putting it down for a while. Boom Blox Bash Party is pretty much the same game. It doesn't add a whole lot, but then again, it doesn't really have to. You're more or less getting an expansion of the first game. There are new puzzles and new challenges. It'll feel fresh if it's the first time you've played Boom Blox, but for those who played the first one, they need to know that they're getting an expansion and not really getting a lot of new things.

Much like the first game, it's easy to pick up and play. There are still a ton of modes to enjoy here, and a ton of levels to do. Boom Blox Bash Party will keep you busy for a few days. You'll also be surprised to find that it can, and often is, quite challenging. Trying to figure out how to do specific puzzles is actually a treat and can test your abilities. So much so that once you complete a level, you'll probably go back to see if you can do a better job. There are medals to get in every level. You have to get a bronze at the least to move on, but die-hard players will end up playing levels over and over again for the gold. It's very fun and very addictive. If you find yourself getting frustrated with one level, you'll be glad to know that there are so many levels that you'll be able to find something to do easily.

There are many of the same tools that come into the fray in Boom Blox Bash Party. The balls that you'll throw at blocks return (and the bombs) and so do many of the other tools like the grab tool and whatnot. Likewise, many of the puzzles have the same objectives as the first game. You might find yourself playing a game where you have to pull blocks out, hoping not to knock over the penalty block (in Jenga like fashion), or you may find yourself having to demolish whole areas using bombs. With the addition of Zero Gravity levels and underwater levels, there's a bit of variety. But as I mentioned earlier, you won't find any of this new if you already played the first game. For newcomers, however, they'll find this to be quite a treat.

All of this stuff is done with the Wii Remote. You'll either point, lock on and give a flick of the wrist to throw balls, or you'll have to click and maneuver the Wii Remote to pull out blocks. It's all simple stuff and makes excellent use of the Wii Remote controls. And as I mentioned, it's so easy to pick up on that no one should have any trouble jumping in at all. Boom Blox is accessible to everyone.

There's a level creator that people can use to build their own levels as well. It can feel kind of limiting, but you'll be surprised at what you can come up with. You can also share these levels online and download some creations by other players.

Then there's multiplayer where you and a few friends can do some of the objectives against each other. Or you can go on a co-op campaign. These are just as fun. Playing against friends is much more fun than playing with them. You'll all have a blast.

The original Boom Blox had an interesting artistic style and Bash Party continues it. It might not be the best Wii Game out there, but it's the artistic design that keeps Boom Blox strong in the visuals department. The theme is unchanged and it's kind of fun to see those block characters and the levels. It's very colorful, very smooth and the frame rate is always consistent. The physics are also very really good.

Sure enough, the game still sounds great. There are some great tunes and sound effects from the block characters. You just might find yourself enjoying some of the tunes and humming them. It's also nice to see that there is still a sense of humor there as well.

The only real big issue with this game is that for those who played and enjoyed the original, you're getting what can virtually be seen as the same game. Which makes that price tag a bit steep when you realize you're basically getting an expansion of what's already been done. It's still an enjoyable game for fans and newcomers alike (though newcomers will like it much more, I'm sure). It's just doesn't do much more than what the original did. However, that's not really such a bad thing. Since it is as simple as the first game and doesn't try so hard to outdo it, it still stands tall. Some who played the first one might even come to enjoy Bash Party much more. It doesn't add a lot but it varies up the experience enough to be a different game all together.

The original Boom Blox was a treat. A real addictive and fun game. Bash Party is just as good, just as addictive and just as enjoyable. If you have the first game, give this one a try. If you never played Boom Blox before, then this is a great place to introduce yourself.
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on June 24, 2009
I am a huge fan of the first Boom Blox game.

I of course pre-ordered this one, and it's good.

1) I, like another reviewer, think they really could have left some of the content from the first game (cannon, side-by-side bashing!) in the game
2) I think the puzzles are not as well thought out this time. You'll be in a chemical blox section, with tons of special blox all over the place. Using a slingshot for instance (that's cool, right?) But half the time, the easiest answer is not to do something cool or interesting in order to get a chemical explosion.... You can simply just grab the biggest block and let it rip. So I think some of the cleverness of the original was lost, because they tried to go too over the top with the design.

It just doesn't typically feel as "rube-goldberg" like as the first one did....Random pulling, throwing or whatever seems to work just as often, and often works better than trying to find an elegant solution. The first Boom Blox had its weaknesses too (the shooter games, for sure) but there were some really clever puzzles in there.

Some things are good, the money thing is hokey, but the ability to skip a very tough level is great. I still have 2 puzzles on the original I can't get, blocking 2 other puzzles. I guess I'll never know!

I've downloaded a few puzzles, with definitely mixed review. That could be the one redeeming feature, if there grows up to be a cottage community that creates some really great levels, because frankly I think the ones that came with the game are a little lacking.

Overally, buy it, and fast, it's great fun, but I'd strongly consider the first one as well for its simpler yet in my mind more elegant puzzles.
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on May 26, 2009
(The title is courtesy of my 5 year old) We buy an embarrassing amount of games. My philosophy is that life is too short to waste it slogging through games you don't enjoy. The original Boom Blox was so great I ended up giving it out as Christmas gifts. Everything we liked about Boom Blox is intensified in this game. You can play it as the kids do, a wild free for all with lots of explosions and excitement. You can play it as I do, trying to find a way to complete every level with one move. You can play it as a quick to learn party game. (I can't comment on the level editor. Only the 9 year old is interested in building boards, the rest of us aren't)

One major addition to the game is the ability to buy your way out of a frustrating level. We have a number of games on the shelf that we just walked away from after getting stuck in a section. It's just not fun to spend hours failing to progress. While I haven't needed to use this option, the kids have skipped levels, continued playing, and come back later and less frustrated to explore the skipped section again. I think this is a tremendous improvement in a game designed to appeal to all skill levels. Since this is a puzzle game, there's nothing to be lost by letting the player pick and choose what appeals to them, instead of forcing them to complete something they are no longer enjoying.

The new shapes (Triangles! Cylinders!) and tools (Color! Slingshots!) are easy to learn and much more challenging than they first appear. This is an obvious addition to any list of must have games for the Wii - (Boom Blox might be to Wii what Katamari was to PS2) talking about it with her friends on the bus has filled my daughter's playdate schedule for the next two weeks.
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on January 13, 2010
Our family finally got a Wii for Christmas this year. Each of my five kids got their own game, and we got a couple more from family. We've got Lego Star Wars, Zelda, Fashion Party, and of course the Wii Sports that came with the system. Boom Blox Bash Party has quickly become the favorite and most-played fame for the whole family! I originally got it for my 5 year old, thinking, how perfect, my rambunctious kid gets to knock down blocks! But this game is SO fun, and challenging enough for grownups without frustrating the kids, that we all play it all the time! It is perfectly designed for families, because every ability level can have a blast with it. I love this game!
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When I first loaded the new Steven Spielberg game "Boom Blox Bash Party" I honestly didn't think I would like it. It seemed like a bubbly Tetris game and I thought it would be cheesy. I was way wrong; it is a super fun and addicting game! My 11 year old sister and I played it for 2 days straight!

Boom Blox Bash Party is for the Wii is the sequel to Boom Blox and was developed by EA in collaboration with Steven Spielberg. This new party game requires good reflexes, dexterity, problem-solving skills and most of a sense of humor! It is so hard to even describe the game because there are so many mini-games, challenges, and levels - 400 levels to be exact! It took us two days and I don't even think we played every part of the game! There is a game like Jenga, a game where you throw balls to knock down blocks, and a game where you stack blocks, to name a few. The characters are also part of the game play as you can throw, grab, and launch them!

Another aspect of the game that is available is you can connect your Wii to the Internet and download new levels quickly and easily. You can also design your own levels with the Create Mode and share them with friends or submit them to share with the world! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to try this feature yet because our wireless connection is not the greatest.

Overall, this game has truly become one of my favorites and it is quite the workout too - both mentally and physically. When you are throwing or launching blocks, you are really swinging your arm and when you are strategizing which block to grab as to not knock down the structure you really have to think! I would highly recommend this as it offers so much for its low price! I also have played it both single and multi player and both ways are just as fun!
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on June 1, 2009
I got this game as a gift from a friend, he guaranteed me that it would be great for the whole family and it is. I play this game with my 6 yr old and 12 year old, they both love it. The training makes it easy to get the hang of the game and the free play modes let you play whatever sections you want. We take turns trying each level until we get a gold medal. The characters that you get to choose from to be are adorable, my daughter loves that part. My son (12) loves blowing things up, but what 12 year old boy doesn't. I love that it is a game that we can all take turns playing and play against each other at too.
Hoping another one is in the works, this platform needed Boom Blox Bash Party!!!!!!!!!
While I had never tried the original Boom Blox, it is now on my list of titles that we want to have in our collection for the Wii.
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on November 18, 2015
This game is why I bought a Wii. With literally hours worth of fun puzzles and outright destruction, I have spent many days and nights entertaining myself. The graphics are fantastic and the soundtrack is energizing. The really great thing is how spot on the physics are while you're wreaking havoc all over the screen. But random destruction is not all there is to this game. Strategy and planning are needed to successfully navigate through the various levels. And it's multiplayer! After going through the game alone, you can try some multiplayer action. With some games, the way the characters move on the screen has actually caused me to become motion sick. Not with Boom Blox. The action is so smooth that I have had zero problems. This is just my opinion, but I think this is not a game for those who like first person shooters. It's really a different experience. I would highly recommend Boom Blox Bash Party for the Nintendo Wii to anyone. If you found this review helpful, I would appreciate you clicking the "yes" button below.
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on April 10, 2016
How old do you have to be to enjoy Boom Blocks in all of its many form?. Old enough to be able to resist hitting hanging overhead chandeliers when making critical shots. This is a great set of games for Nintendo Wii and we thoroughly enjoy them. There is variety, with options for hard hitting games, and others that are very playable even if you have a wrist in a brace and splint as I do right now. I haven't seen a lot of the wii games, but I'd consider this series among the best for friendly fun in a carefree way with friends and family.
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