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on March 8, 2007
I was looking for an activity that would help keep me motivated or want to do again, this really is fun. I do motify it for myself because of my knees (it's not low impact) I am use to doing this however and didn't think that it was a problem the whole work out you are learning a dance and the two women who lead the video really have so much energy I want to be like them. I might feel silly if I did this in front of an audience of adults but my 8-10 year olds really think it is fun and help keep me motivated to do it. If you don't put a lot it to the work out you you wont get much out it really depends on your intensity, the main thing is that it is fun to watch and do.
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on May 12, 2007
I use this workout at home when I don't have time to go to the gym. It's sort of a guilty pleasure because the infomercials (and the workout) are so cheesy. The dvds are really fun and I love the instructors.

I have done both yoga and (a little) ballet and the moves they use are quite good. The ballet is basic and effective (they also tell you when they're doing a turnout that's not normally used in ballet, and you can tell from their movement that the instructors are experienced dancers). The yoga is good, could use better cuing in one of the videos (I spent an uncomfortable amount of time in chattaranga before realizing others had moved on).

The thing I like best is that they try to get your heart rate up during the toning videos, which makes those workouts very satisfying. I felt like the basic and advanced toning videos were of similar levels of difficulty (perhaps because I used heavier weights in the basic video), so if you can do one, the other is worthwhile too. Make sure you have a couple of levels of weights handy because the toning videos are more effective if you're using more weight on biceps and less weight on triceps. I used 10 lbs for some of the easier stuff, 5 lbs for most of it, and 3 lbs for the harder stuff.

The reason I docked them a star was because of the squishy ball. I guess if you have a nerf ball you can use that but I have been trying to use a medicine ball and it just isn't a good substitute. I pulled some kind of weird muscle in my butt after using a medicine ball and ended up doing other ab work instead during their abs sections. They suggest a pillow but maybe my pillows are too soft to be effective. It's probably worth it to pay the extra money to order the version with the ball -- the one I got had a coupon but you'd still have to pay extra for shipping.
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on February 14, 2007
As a dedicated user of exercise videos since the mid-1980s, I've found that the newer ones are getting more & more effective. YBB is the best yet. The results are phenomenal -- a really pretty flattening of the abs, similar to Pilates but without the neck strain. My upper arms & thighs (always heavy) are thinning out too, after only 2 weeks.

A few warnings: the dance steps may be tricky for beginners. They move fast. Also, this is one workout that works the back as much as the abs. If you already have back problems, you should probably stay away from YBB. Finally, the instructors are "California goofy." If you can relax & enjoy that, fine. Their emphasis on the spiritual side of yoga might irritate some. I figure what the heck, it couldn't hurt.

I spent years convinced that the only way to change my shape was with weights. Unfortunately one of those changes is a certain bulkiness that I don't like. The Firm comes to mind: they're always saying weights won't give women big muscles, like men. Well, they do thicken you, and after more than 10 years of using The Firm, I backed away. I much prefer the look of a yoga/pilates/ballet body, and YBB incorporates them all. Other advantages: a stronger back (I can finally sit up straight in a cross-legged seat without bracing myself), better balance and an energy boost.
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on June 26, 2007
I really enjoy this YBB set, containing 5 workouts. If you've had a little dance experience I think it helps to catch on to these workouts, but even if not, practice will help you keep up. I find the workouts very fun, pretty fast-paced. They may be frustrating if you don't give yourself a break... you can learn some fun dance moves to use elsewhere, too! The women on the videos have beautiful bodies worth aspiring to, they are strong and lean. Since this system contains 5 workouts, by buying this product I have had several weeks of workouts that I haven't gotten bored with. I like the integration of cardio-dance, strength ballet and yoga stretching. They all compliment eachother very well. You can break a great sweat on the advanced workout!
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on May 31, 2008
This isn't as good as I'd hoped it to be. For me, the music is distracting, just too much, not my taste. I like the hip hop abs and the burlesque dance workouts the best; they are fun. I was hoping for more ballet too. It seems like its got way more yoga than ballet. Also, this doesn't come with the squishy ball, you have to order it separately from beachbody, though they do give you a free coupon for it. You will still have to pay for shipping though, about $5. Overall, this video series is just OK. Maybe I'll like it more the more I use it and get the hang of it, but for now, its just OK.
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on April 16, 2007
I received my first YBB DVD as a free gift with the purchase of a different workout series. I fast forwarded through it once just to get an idea of what it was, and I was honestly getting ready to sell it. I thought for sure the instructors would irritate me. Then I decided to try it once before getting rid of it, and I was SO wrong. The instructors are fun and fabulous and the whole workout makes me smile. I then ordered the complete workout, have since ordered YBB Light & Easy/Latin Flavor, and I just pre-ordered the newest one. There's just something about it. They are all good workouts that are also somehow empowering and centering. Like others have said, unless you are a dance master, you will not get the moves down perfectly even after 2 or 3 times, but, as long as you keep moving, it's a good workout and fun even when you don't get it.
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on November 26, 2007
the workouts in this series are really tough for me --
i'd consider myself to be in average shape -- not awful, but not great, either.
even my hubby finds them challenging, and he is in excellent shape!

these workouts make me laugh -- yes, they are silly, but fun -- and i find the little positive meditations to be beneficial.
i look forward to doing them --
my toddler enjoys trying to imitate some of the moves --
she gets excited when i put in the DVD and says, "do booty time, do booty time!"
i will definitely purchase more DVDs from the YBB set.
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on February 14, 2007
You get a lot of bang for buck with this set! It's different and the cueing and camera angles could be better but you'll definitely tone or stay toned if you are performing the exercise correctly and on a regular basis. I believe it is an excellent addition to any workout regime! The energy, enthusiasm and style of the creators may be over the top for some but if you're focused and aim to perform the exercise properly, you'll enjoy this DVD.
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on March 26, 2012
I LOVE these DVDs... they're so much fun to do, you don't even realize you've actually worked your muscles until you have trouble climbing the stairs the next day! The instructors are really great too; not like those chipper-cheerleader types you just want to punch in the face. You get to incorporate a little weight-lifting, some ballet, some yoga and a lot of core-building maneuvers. It's definitely the best series I've seen lately, and I can't wait to try the maternity YBB.
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on March 5, 2007
This is one of the best workout I have had in a long time. I have been doing Yoga for over 10 years and this kick my booty. I also was in ballet for 8 years. It was nice to relearn some of the ballet. I wish that it came with the Squishy ball, however you do get a coupon for a free squishy ball you just have to pay for shipping and handling. Also, it is helpful to have 2 lbs wieght, but you do not need them for the frist few weeks.
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