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on December 5, 2014
I am a huge Borderlands fan, starting with BL2 and the most recent entry in the series, Borderlands:The Pre-Sequel. Purchased three copies of this for myself and friends to play online together as we had never played the original. Apparently, at some point earlier this year, the service which was responsible for enabling multiplayer co-op was discontinued, and that functionality is now missing from the game. So if you just want to experience the beginning of the series for yourself, the game is great, but if you want to do it with friends, you should get the XBox or Steam version instead. I contacted 2K and Gearbox to see if I could get a Steam code since this is useless to me, but they were unable to help me.

EDIT 3/1/2015: As of a few weeks ago, the multiplayer online services have been set up once again, so if that is the only thing keeping you from the game, no longer is it a worry!
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on April 9, 2012
Growing up I was a big RPG/loot-driven video game player, and as I got older I slowly shifted towards online FPS play only (logged about >400 hours between all the current-gen Call of Duties). How Borderlands slipped under my radar is unknown to me. Thankfully, I was online when Amazon recently had this GOTY edition on sale and gladly picked it up. Have logged about 15-20 hours thus far and am very impressed with the game.

- Great, great, great feeling of desire to find more loot!
- All GOTY DLC comes ON DISC (it shows up as a separate icon on the XMB). Previously I guess it used to be a one-time only downloadable code; that's the reason for all the negative reviews for this item (understandably so!!)
- Great controls, feels just like a COD game (if that's your thing). You will have to change the control settings though, as the preset sets aim/fire to L2/R2. There is a preset for L1/R1 though, like all other shooters!
- World is expansive, looks great.
- RPG elements (skill trees, experience, etc) are no super deep but deep enough to keep you entertained and constantly thinking about which path/skills you want to upgrade
- Drop-in/Drop-out online co-op is a lot of fun (although see CONS too) and there doesnt seem to be a shortage of players online given how old this game is. I expect the community to grow even more as Borderlands 2 release date approaches
- loot, loot, and more loot. Guns all look different (colors, attachments, fire animation, etc). I wish when you were looking at a new gun it would compare the guns you have equipped right there on the screen but it isnt too hard to do.
- You can look through a list of online players hosting games (you see their level and current quest). Any quest completed in someone's elses game also counts towards your game. You can also host a game and basically play solo until someone joins your game.

- World is expansive, which is great, but that means you are doing a LOT of traveling. Sometimes it gets boring. Especially annoying is that this game is basically a bunch of sidequests. If you are in it for purely story online, you might not be satisfied. But i digress --- you get new quests by either talking to NPCs or checking bulletin boards. Problem is, once you complete the quest (kill X enemies, retrieve X item, etc) more often then not you have to backtrack to the NPC/bulletin board to "turn in" your quest to get the cash/EXP rewards. This constant back and forth can get tiring and time consuming
- The way you pick up loot: enemies can drop cash, ammo, and weapons/shields. To pick up items, you press square. You will pressing square a LOT. If you hold down square by ammo drops for example, you will pick up all ammo drops in the immediate vicinity. So you will also be HOLDING square a LOT. Problem is, if you hold square while standing over a weapon/shield, your character automatically equips that weapon/shield. So if you are not paying attention and just holding square to pick up all the loot (and trust me, you will) you will sometimes mistakingly equip something (and then have to go to your equip menu to adjust your loadout)
- Online is alive, but there are two minor problems: there is no level range cap for party members. Meaning, if you are hosting a public game that anyone can join, ANYONE can join. Meaning if you are a level 10 guy doing some of the beginning quests, a level 50 guy could join your game. Now usually when this happens, they are cool --- they will help you get through tough parts of the game, and let you take all the loot since all the stuff is probably junk to them at such a high level. Sometimes though, these high level players have hacked items (worth $$$$ in game) and drop them all over the playing field. Again, just trying to "help" but can be a minor annoyance if you want to play the game without "cheating". However, having near-infinite money can also be nice in this game if you want an easier play-through!

All in all these cons should not deter anyone from playing this game. If you like FPSs and you like loot-driven RPGs, you will be in heaven. I am eagerly anticipating Borderlands 2 now!!
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on June 17, 2017
this game is great, i think it still has this desolate lonely feel with other people which is the thing that i enjoy about it more than borderlands 2. very deserty, very post apocalypticy, the guns are a little "boring" compared to BL2 wacky guns but the gameplay loop is strong the combat is alright.. gearbox really had a fluke with this one cos it seems like their other games besides this and bl2 are pretty trash
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on March 4, 2012
Right now I'm on an FPS kick, and so far I'm very much enjoying Borderlands GOTY edition.

This game is a shooter but also a "looter" - you go on missions and scavenge items (different weapons, ammo, cash, etc.) along the way. You drive some vehicles, too. I like the mix.

As you gain experience, your character (you can choose from four different types at the beginning of the game) becomes more powerful (similar idea to buffing up your character in the "Dead Space" games).

The AI for the bad guys also increases as the game progresses, so don't let the first few bandit encounters fool you.

One thing striking about this game is that it has a very different, stylized look - sort of like a comic book (restrained color palette and at times "2D")- check out the screenshots - it may or may not appeal to you.

Note that with Borderlands you do need to interact with your character's inventory and objective maps frequently - if you don't like fussing with those kinds of things, the game may not be for you.

This is one of the few shooting games where I had to stop and read the manual - once I did that it became a lot more enjoyable.

Glad I paid the extra bucks and got the "Game Of The Year" edition, which includes a number of add-on packs on the disc.
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on June 19, 2014
I played Borderlands 2 first because I got it as a gift. I had to go back and get the first after playing it. This was the best deal I could find, especially with all the add ons. It's an awesome game. If you haven't played the second yet, get it. If you like this one you will love Borderlands 2. I've been addicted to these games since I started playing them. And the add ons that come with The Game of the Year Edition are well worth the money. I just finished Zombie Island of Dr. Ned and it was awesome, even if the other add ons are stupid somehow, I've well got my money's worth. The add ons are a lot longer than you'd think an add on would be. I take no time at all to whiz through games, but Borderlands takes me a very good while to finish. Even when you finish this games there's stuff to go back and do, and redo. I've played a lot of games and the Borderlands games really surprised me. They are quite funny as well. I can't wait until the next one : )
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on February 18, 2012
This brief review is intended for the Borderlands GOTY w' DLC ON DISC (as purchased through Amazon in 2012).
DISCLAIMER: If it isn't couch coop, it isn't worth platforming for me. Network lags and solo games are simply not in my interest.
1. Best so far on PS3, IMHO. If the high-violence setting is not troubling for the player(s), this game is the best game experience for split screen COOP players on the Playstation 3 IMHO. Yes, moreso than Portals 2, Little Big Planet, etc. An attractive environment, with high replay value and very consistent controls.
2. The under-pitched gun generation system. This game auto-generates essentially endless feature combinations for weapons. What is clever about this, and needlessly undersung, is that it constantly forces you to adjust tactical styles. For example, as the game gets harder, the player must phase out a beloved tool for one that causes more damage, or works faster, or has unusual properties, etc. This is a huge concept breakthrough for this Wolfenstein fps legacy of games.
3. The DLC on disc. These are fantastic. I will seek out future Gearbox and 2K games in the future simply because they listened to fan base (making the products available offline and away from inconsistent online resources), and made additional (great!) content actually relevent to the game.
4. I am a harsh critic of so-called storylines for games, and of so-called role-play components for games. The stories here are inexcusably weak (not bad, but weak), IMHO. HOWEVER, the content is darkly funny, and the mood and tone control of the virtual narrative is great. It may be that the story simply HAS to be this surpressed to accomplish what they have here.
5. Criticism of other elements of the gameplay (style of graphics, unrealistic vehicle function, A.I. limitations, other options) are valid, but lost on me, because "at least they are consistent". I don't get to use that phrase with very many games over the last decade...
6. Essentially, open world impact. This is an attractive, non-buggy, coop experience that has a delightful "anti-rails" feel at every turn.
In short, the $30.00 price tag for this game (which includes amazing DLC) is a steal, IMHO.
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on September 11, 2012
If you are reading this review, then you obviously have an interest in this game. I'm not going to repeat all the awesome things about this game, because they are in every review you read. I will tell you that all of the DLC IS on the disk, and all four of them are VERY VERY EASY to install. Each download took about 5 minutes, so that really is not that bad. The controls are super easy learn and you have the option to change them up to your liking (which I did). I personally like the cartoonish type graphics and they are very crisp and clean. It is an open world and you can do plenty of exploring for loot - which is what I do. There are plenty of enemies around, and they seem pretty smart. They duck and dodge and hide behind cover, so it's not too easy to take them out. I have played this game for about 4 hours now, and have already gone through about 15 different weapons!! Since I try to loot everything, I keep maxing out on my ammo, so there seems to be plenty of that to go around. This game is soo much fun, that I have actually put BioShock on the back burner until I finish this one up!!! I have yet to play any of the DLC, so I cannot comment on that. Plus, I'm not really into the multiplayer, so again, I cannot comment on that either. But the campaign has been a awesome so far, and I would recommend this game if you are into FPS and/or RPGs. I think $30 is worth the price, and I've seen that this game has 40-60 hours of gameplay. Enjoy and good luck!
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on December 3, 2012
It has what I've been looking for in a game since I bought it. A FPS with RPG elements. I got that when I played Fallout 3. I didn't know if I could ever experience that kind of feel again until someone told me about this game. So I checked it out on youtube and the sequel to this game and decided that I would give it a shot. I love this game. I recommend this to anyone who is loves FPS games and not a fan of the Call of Duty series. It's something different. Also, the story is well written with great voice acting. It's when you get to the sequel when the story starts to shine brighter. In the first game, only the Hunter (Mordecai) has any of the background reveal with his past with one of the characters in the DLC.

The online is great as well although the modding in certain aspects takes away from the challenge. If you have either infinite health or guns that kills instantly takes away from the fun of finding new guns to use or shields to exploit. So don't go for it. Get this game if you are on the fence about it. The replay value is amazing and you are getting a deal since you are getting all of the DLC in one setting. It would be a nice Christmas gift.
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on May 5, 2016
If you've played any Borderlands, then you know this is where it started, then kept going. Fun, random loot, plenty of ridiculousness. It has a bit of a difficulty curve problem, in that it can be easy one second and impossible the next, but you deal with it. Terrific for multiplayer, one of the few you can still play split screen (up to 4 on one TV). There are some rough edges that get smoothed over in the sequel, but you have to start from the beginning to really know Pandora. Remember to read and listen to the stories, they give you more depth than the main story, which does give it a bit of an aimless feel, but the characters keep you smiling.
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on April 7, 2011
Well I received my copy today 4/7/11 after reading review by others of dlc content being on disc, and it is true that they are. Sadly though Amazon decided to ship me the old version. Where I had to download the dlc. What suck is it very slow as the dlc are very big 1gb at least for 3 of them. Lucky I only needed the last dlc Clap Trap, as my friend share the others. Now I had bought the original awhile back and did all I can with the game platinum etc, but I never bought the dlc when they were available. Even when the game came out in goty version. Once I read you had a voucher to download the dlc. I was like nope. Than came the new version and even better Amazon sale for the game. I figure since I never got the dlc, this is the perfect time to buy the game and have another copy to play lan style with my little brother. I just wish I had went to gamestop and bought it there to make sure I got the new version. Right now as I write this, my old ps3 is downloading all the dlc and it gonna take at least 2hr or more thanks to playstation slow download style. So yeah the game itself is at least 9/10. A very fun game with lots of humor, and weapons to collect. But Amazon you deserve a 2/10 star for shipping me the old version. Yeah I did want to return it, but I just didn't want to deal with shipping.

So as of 4/7/11 Amazon still shipping out random version of the goty version.
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