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on February 28, 2013
I have been trying to locate a reasonably priced copy of this book for years - literally! Finally, after 43 years, they have reprinted it!!!

This is the book my in-laws used to quote snippits of! And for Christmas one year we gave my Father-in-law a corduroy thesaurus with dangling participles!

If you are a fan of Tolkien's books, will will laugh yourself silly over this irreverent parody. If you aren't a fan of Tolkien's books, you will still find humor in reading this book, especially if you are a Boomer, simply because of the dated references made into names and locations.

So travel through the Nagio Marsh and through the Evelyn Wood with boggies Frito Bugger, Spam Gangree, Pepsi and Moxie, Stomper the Ranger (Arrowroot of Arrowshirt), Goodgulf the wizard, Legolam, the elf and Gimlet the dwarf on their quest to throw the ring of power into the zazu pits of Fordor and destroy Sorhed's power once and for all!
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on April 22, 2017
When I first read this A LONG TIME AGO it was laugh-out-loud / can't-catch-my-breath funny. It's still a great parody, but it takes a little effort to recall the "in jokes", even though this copy has footnotes for those who didn't live through the 70's. I gave a copy to my daughter, who shares my sardonic viewpoint on life, and she just couldn't get into it.

For those of an older generation, you'll probably enjoy it.
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on March 25, 2014
Seems like people either love or hate this one. Most of the "haters" seem to be folks who consider LoTR to be their religion, or kids too young to get any of the 60's / 70's cultural references.

If you don't remember Moxie or Bromo-Seltzer, and have never heard of Harold Stassen or naugahyde, then you will probably have a hard time understanding most of the humor.

But if you love LoTR but don't worship it, and if you're old enough to get the cultural references, then you'll probably agree that this book is pretty damned funny.
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on February 12, 2014
This in my opinion is the best thing H-Lampoon ever did. I loved LOTR and this is such a parody of all the great thing characters you laugh yourself silly.

But be warned, if you are much younger someone born after 1960, much of the humor may be lost because things use names common in commercials of the 60's era. But this is pee-pants laugh out loud in public funny. But for those of old enough to "get" the references, it almost nostalgic.

If you're a bit of snoot - stay away. Go be profound somewhere else. If you enjoy the irreverent, have fun.
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on May 19, 2015
Explicit sexual content only if you have an active imagination. It helps to have read the original trilogy in high school as I and few friends did. Tim Benzodrino was the most interesting character. Some friends took the original trilogy so seriously, they refused to read a parody.
Narrated by alternating personalities. Harvard Lampoon must have had more than one horse choked on Cheetos to write this turkey ripoff of JRRT’s classic.
Laugh, gag, and puke, This golden turkey is for you.
Can’t wait for the computer generated virgin of this at the theatre! ! !
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on January 8, 2014
With my original Lampoon copy virtually disintegrating before my eyes, I decided to finally get a new copy of this wonderful spoof on Tolkien. Much of the humor would be considered pretty outdated for today, but even at that, the story retains its wonderful humor. Being older I still get most of the jokes - such as Moxie and Pepsi, but maybe there should one day be an annotated edition, which could also be done in a humorous way. If this is your first time reading "Bored of the Rings", have loads of fun with it, this is truly one of the great classics of parody for the modern age - sort of like P.D.Q. Bach with his "Eine Kleine Nicht Music".
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on June 6, 2013
I first read this about 1976 perhaps. I could not breathe for laughing.mwith the release of the recent firstbpartbof The Hobbit, I looked for this parody of J R R Tolkien's Ring series. Anyone familiar with those books and a good sense of humor can enjoy this.
It belongs in the collection of anyone who has the Ring series in their library. I first became aware of the Ring, in 1973. At someone's home, they had a poster of the journey to Mordor. In 1974 I found the second volume of the trilogy, then discovering the set in 1975. Bored complemented those books then and now.
Let any fan of Tolkien read Bored to develop and deepen their appreciation of Tolkien's masterful works, Simillarion, through the Rings. John Darel
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on April 4, 2011
I read this book when it first came out, many years ago. I was a Lampoon fan, and took a chance. This was even before I'd read any of Tolkein's works. I laughed until I couldn't breathe, and read that book a dozen times or more in the 3 or 4 months I had it.
I was, at the time, stationed in SE Asia. It was hot, uncomfortable, and just not very friendly. This book was so funny I could forget where I was for a while. After I'd dog-eared it beyond repair, carried it in my pocket so much it was curved to the shape of my...posterior, and had gotten it wet from the explosive rainstorms that swept across the area, I "loaned" it to one of my shipmates.
Yep, last I ever saw of it. But I know it found a good home.
So, anyway, now that I've read the Tolkein trilogy, seen the movies, taken my grandkids to see the movies, and even BOUGHT THE FREAKIN' DVDs, I decided to see if Bored was still as funny.
I looked in Amazon, and, after a long, extensive search (almost 7 seconds), I located a...well, a couple...ok, Amazon had like 40 copies available, from a bunch of different sources, and I (of course) ordered the next-to-the-cheapest one. Got it when Amazon said I would, and read it again.
OK, so I read it all once, and parts of it a dozen times. Yep, still funny. While I will admit the name-thing is hilarious, what Lampoon did with the plot, setting, and sequence-of-circumstances is mind-bending. This is an entertaining book on so many levels.
While I can now compare it, as I read it, to the original "script", my grandson laughs at it, mainly because of the names of the "cast & crew", as they say. All in all, it is a good read any time. I've loaned it to my grandson, but twice, so far, he's brought it over to read parts to me that he thinks are especially funny. Good to know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I figure that if it's funny to his sense of humor, I'm alright, after all.
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on March 15, 2017
Good addition to the library - nice that it is a hardcover book.
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on August 14, 2013
This is still --25 years after I read it the first time -- one of the most hilarious parodies I have ever read. Some of the hippie drug culture references are a little dated, but the new edition has footnotes to explain some of the more obscure topical references, and these often contain little jokes as well. The new forward, a kind of "where are the now?" documentary, is extremely funny. How funny? My son and I took turns reading aloud to each other, and it took us about half an hour a page, because we could only read a sentence or two before we were laughing so hard that tears streamed down our cheeks. If you like LOTR, you owe it to yourself to read this.
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