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on July 1, 2012
When this came out many loyal Sabbath fans hated it. I personally loved it. Thing is I knew better than to judge it as a stereotypical "Sabbath" record. When Ozzy left many Sabbath fans hated Dio in them as it brought a whole new sound to the band. Then after a few yrs. the new Sabbath got itself a whole new fan-base -sure some of the past but mainly ones that loved the new more-so than the old. Then when Dio split and Ian Gillan entered the same was about to happen except as we all know the marriage lasted but a short time. As a heavy album it is awesome. This is DEFINITELY Sabbath but just not TYPICAL Sabbath with any stereotypes attached if you're expecting the "Ozzyesque" type of Sabbath or the Dio style either. It is a great Sabbath album in its own right and deserves much more credit than it was given.
The original recording was not a big seller and was found on all of the clearance racks quick. Then when CDs came out someone made the mistake of putting this one to CD and again... nobody bought it so it was again found on all of the $5 racks that one would see in convenience stores or record shops. Recently when I got the urge to hear this I realized I had lost my copy through the years somewhere and went to find it at the local used CD shop all but positive that I would find it there - cheap. Yet - over a course of a year it never showed. Finally I checked the local mall - not there and then I went to Ebay and they wanted over $25... then to Amazon and again with shipping almost $20 for the cheapest! I was shocked! Where was the cheap CD everyone hated I asked!? Well come to find out they remastered it in 2011 and this version was the only one found now. I thought how terrible the original production was and thought how good could they have fixed what was bad from the get-go and I was pleasantly surprised. The production on this remaster is MUCH better than the original and it was GREAT to hear all of these hidden gems again. If anything as a 40yr old adult I appreciate it more now than I ever did. From the balls to the wall "TRASHED" to the bone-chilling scream at the entrance of "Disturbing the Priest" and the heavy bass and drums that give a beat as a heartbeat of some type of demon throughout the song to the best song on the album "Born Again" - one of the best Sabbath songs EVER made in my opinion. Top three for me actually. That song is as "Sabbath" as the song Black Sabbath is but more mature -dark and well... evil. NO other singer BUT Ian Gillan could have possibly done that song any better. In fact the same could be said of that whole album. The biggest shame about this album is that it ends without a follow up album but the second disk in this giving me more after all of these years was like a gift from... well I'd say God but I am not sure it fits so well in this case (and I dare say nobody else!). To hear "The Fallen" a previously unreleased song and then the extended version of "Stonehenge" was so great! It is like a Metallica fan hearing after all of these years a new version of say "(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth" before slamming into WHIPLASH... it is making what is already a classic and a pillar of perfection into something even better... to make it ....almost holy! (Did I just say that referring to Sabbath?)and THEN as an added bonus to hear live Hot Line - War Pigs - Black Sabbath - The Dark - Zero the Hero (another GREAT song) - Digital Bitch - Iron Man - SMoke On the Water (from when Ian Gillan was the singer with Deep Purple for any youth out there that may have no clue who Ian Gillan is) and then Paranoid. I personally would have liked to have heard him sing more of the better Sabbath songs and not the ones played out so much by every radio station known to man but hey... a gift is a gift! In the end I would have spent $40 for this CD as it is well worth it in my opinion... and coming from someone who is so frugal that I usually NEVER buy any CD new rather used through my local used CD shop or here on Amazon that is saying QUITE a bit. My ol' lady on the other hand wasn't as impressed with the album... or maybe her attitude was because I was blasting it at 6am this Sunday morning... but hey... it's SABBATH! Who can blame me?
Bottom Line: GET THE REMASTERED VERSION put out in 2011 it is WELL worth the money they are asking!
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on November 3, 2016
What can I say about this album that hasn't already been said in the 33 years since its release? It's truly bizarre to hear the voice of Deep Purple with the music of Black Sabbath but somehow, on this record, it works. Zero the Hero and Born Again are my favorites. I've never heard an original vinyl or cassette pressing of it but the CD sound quality is very good (though the album's mix is a bit muddy to my ears.) It's one of those albums that is by no means essential to anyone's collection but for those who like to dig deep into the bins it's worth the effort. The personnel alone makes it interesting but the songs are actually good to boot. Don't overpay but if the price is right check it out. I dare say I think you'll like it!
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on May 17, 2011
I remember when this album came out. Mob Rules to me is undeniably the best Black Sabbath album, but this was the darkest most Sabbathy, and a natural fit. Even Gillan's version of the song Black Sabbath sounded, in concert, like it came from Hell, not that there is such a place.

This album marked the return of Bill Ward, who spoke in interviews about being his most creative and alert on this album and Paranoid. The final track "Keep it Warm" has his signature jams echoing of the greatness of such Sabotage classics as "The Thrill of it All" and "Megalomania". So the fiction on who played drums here is exposed at last. Its also his last time to record with Black Sabbath.

The album starts out rocking with "Trashed" which was the first song to aggravate the censors, despite being a cautionary tale of drinking and race car driving. Not that such opportunities are afforded most of us. Its Black Sabbath's Highway Star.

"Disturbing the Priest" and "Zero the Hero" are classic Sabbath but just so much darker and menacing. You will shudder.

"Hot Line" is a fair jam and a precursor to "Knocking at your back door", with some good screams, and Born Again has some of the flange flavor from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. "Keep it Warm" is a pure Sabbath jam, with touching blues lyrics, making it their classy number.

At first, I was put off by the song Digital Beyotch, until I found out it was about Ozzy's wife. Now I love it!!!

This album ranks up there with the great ones, like Master of Reality, Sabotage, Heaven and Hell, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Paranoid and Dehumanizer. Its a shame the Ian Gillan era didn't last a little longer.

I can't comment on the Tony Martin/Cozy Powell stuff because its all kept off the local market by the Digital you know who and what, but I do remember Tony being an excellent singer as well.

The cover art is Sharon Arden's baby photo.
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on December 8, 2016
Like many other Sabbath fans, my appreciation for the metal pioneers began with the Ozzy era. I eventually discovered the power and darkness of the Dio albums and my appreciation only grew. I realized there is an entire world of Sabbath beyond the seventies. I recently picked up Born Again out of curiosity and I must say it's well worth the listen. This album is essentially a release by a supergroup under the name of Black Sabbath and Ian Gillian from Deep Purple gives the band a voice unique to every Sabbath album before it. Unfortunately this combination wasn't meant to last (he left the band shortly after), but it was one hell of an experiment. The album is by no means perfect and I've read stories about sound problems during the mixing session prior to release, but the songs are quite good and there are moments when Iommi's crunching riffs and Gillian's wailing vocals could release the demon child from within any true metal head. I would not hesitate to buy it again.
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on April 29, 2015
I want to start out by saying if you are a fan of sabbath and Ian Gillan then this is a must have,to me its one of my favourite and unfortunately most underrated releases. I wore out the tape I had purchased when I was a teen in the 80,s when it came out,if you are a metalhead you will love this its pure metal and doesn't get much better than this. Between Tony's incredible licks and solo's to Ian's wretching and diabolical screams,especially in songs like hot line and digital bitch then this is for you. Now to the bad part which is the production quality as with the tape the remastered CD is kind of muffled with a hi pitched treble and to bassy sounding which makes it sound a little muffled and fuzzy,also for some reason as with the tape it is recorded at a low volume so makes it impossible to crank up and that's the only way to enjoy the screams and guitar IMHO. All in all its still a must have in your collection even with the faulty production the songs make up for it.
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on December 16, 2011
I loved this album when it first came out in 1983, have listened to it for nearly thirty years, and still love it! Black Sabbath is my favorite band of all time. I have stood by them through so many different incantations. I remember how happy I was upon hearing Dio had joined after Ozzy's split. His early works with Sabbath, rejoining for "Dehumanizer," and then again rejoining for the Heaven and Hell recordings and gigs are also great. I was lucky enough to see what I think was Heaven and Hell's last appearance. It was in Atlantic City. What a joy it was to hear just a sampling of "Country Girl!" I'd never heard them do that.

Anyway, I was devastated when Dio left the band after only two studio albums and a live one. I was like, who's next? I was overjoyed to find Ian Gillan had come aboard. A classic and influential singer! What would the album sound like? Well, this album is heavy, heavy, heavy! Great singing by Ian, great guitar by Tony and Geezer, and most of all, great drumming by Bill Ward! Ward drums his ass off on this album! Every single song on "Born Again" is great.

AGAIN, I was sad when Ian left after only one album, but the rebirth of Deep Purple was worth it. I was lucky enough to see Ray Gillen live during the "Seventh Star" tour in northern NJ. By the way, it was the only time I saw longtime underated and neglected keyboardist, Geoff Nichols on stage, and playing where fans could see him. A wonderful night of music!

My love for Black Sabbath doesn't stop there. I relish Tony Martin's work with the band! All of those albums are really good, the standout being "Headless Cross." A great work, every song is wonderful. You see, that's how I judge a Sabbath album: Is EVERY song good?

OK to all of you young Sabbath fans who think Ozzy is the only Sabbath: Thanks for listening, but you have to listen to it ALL. Black Sabbath is much more than "Paranoid," I assure you. Listen to "Psychophobia," from "Cross Purposes!" Boy, does it kick butt. And Tony Martin is singing, not Ozzy.

OK. This lesson from a 54 year old Sabbath fan is that ALL of the singers are good. A reunion tour with Ian Gillan or Tony Martin would be dynamite. Thanks Black Sabbath, for giving us years of wonderful music, despite who stood in front of the microphone. ALL the singers have been wonderful.
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on May 23, 2013
Born again was the one album that featured Ian Gillen (Deep Purple) on vocals. While this album is often overshadowed by the Ozzy and Dio era albums in Sabbath's library, it contains some cult classics like, "Zero The Hero" and "Digital Bitch". Ian Gillen's trademark scream fits in surprisingly well with the doomy atmosphere of the music. This remastered/expanded edition does sound better than the original version, which suffered from a strange murky production. The real treat for fans is the bonus disc which contains one unreleased track from the original album session and a good selection of live cuts featuring Ian on vocals. There is a nice selection of both older Sabbath classics and songs that come from the Born Again era. I personally do not know of any other "official" live recordings of Sabbath from this time period, so it's a welcome addition for true fans. Overall, if you dig Sabbath and you dig Deep Purple, picking up this reissue is a no brainer.
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on March 2, 2015
Time is SLOWLY turning this into a much better album than it was back in '83 and to be honest, it is actually pretty good. Ian Gillan has the deck stacked highly against him considering that he's following in the footsteps of two of the other greatest singers of his era but he does rather well. "Trashed" is a fast paced rocker with a killer riff and great drumming by a returning Bill Ward (who left the band right after it was released and was replaced by fellow Brummie and former ELO skinsman Bev Bevan). "Zero The Hero" sounds very familiar if you're a fan of late 80's LA rock (but when an artist that I like rips off another artist I like I consider that a win-win) and "Disturbing the Priest" has a catchy moodiness to it that I find interesting. As an added bonus to the Deluxe Edition, there is almost an entire live show which includes a version of the Deep Purple classic "Smoke On The Water" which has to be heard to be believed.
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on November 18, 2014
I was never crazy about this album in the first place, but I am a Sabbath and Deep Purple fan and even had the chance to hang out with Ian Gillan a few times. Someone at Sanctuary botched this release up something terrible. This 2011 "Remaster" pales in front of the 1996 Castle Remaster. Although they did clean up the distortion, the lowered the volume and flattened the low end so much that it went away! I pretty much bought these for the companion discs but I think I wasted a ton of money grabbing all the "Deluxe Editions" because after hearing this, I hold out no hope for any of the others. If you want the Live stuff it's worth it, if you don't then try to find the Castle one from 1996.
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on October 19, 2012
I will just say now that this album is badass it combines the powerful guitar work of Tony Iommi and the pure metal vocals of Ian Gillen. I will agree with many that the original mix of this album kinda sucks but when you evolve it to the deluxe edition they sound so much better so you can really admire Gillens screams which really add the evil effect to the song Disturbing the preist which goes down as one of my favorite sabbath songs along with Children of the grave, Heaven and Hell and Headless cross. If you re a hard core sabbath fan you need to buy this album it brings you back to when sabbath made people thing pure evil when you put their work on your turn table (CD player). I cannot say anything bad about this album it is evil, hard,and all together a kick ass album that can be praised.
I love this album and I am sure you wil too it may not shoot up to your #1 favorite album like it did for me but after all it is Black Sabbath and Ian gillen whats not to love?

okay I admit it the cover art is a bit wierd but it is so wierd it is awesome. it for me is the perfect item to have sitting on your shelf staring at you with it's demonic eyes
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