Customer Reviews: Born of Hatred (Hellequin Chronicles Book 2)
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on December 22, 2012
This was a very enjoyable follow up to Crimes Against Magic (Hellequin Chronicles Book 1) and take place a couple of months after the end of that book. I admit I was a little confused by the character Sara at the start of the book as she was written as someone I should have been expected to know from book 1 in the series but didn't remember her being in it at all.

This story fleshes out more about Avalon and both Nate and Tommy's backgrounds as both an old and new threat come back to haunt them. I would say this is an improvement on the first book in the series and I'm looking forward to the next book in the Hellequin chronicles (now I know what that name refer to).
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on February 3, 2013
This was an excellent follow up book to Crimes Against Magic.

If you enjoyed the first book then you should give this one a read.

Plot - I enjoyed the plots to both of the stories that get told in this book. The main story set in present day (I think), and the one set in the 1800. They both pertain to each other and give the reader a good bit of the history with having to having to break in on the main story.
Characters - I would suggest rereading book 1. Took me a minute to remember a character when they pop up, but I liked them. Some more than others, but for the most part they all fit in perfectly.

Hellequin. Maybe I just dont remember it from the first book, but this is the first time hearing about Hellequin. I am hoping it gets some background in the following books.

This book does not sugar coat anything from the gore, the fighting/violence to the language. If you are looking for a clean book this is not it. If you are into books that swear, go into detail on the gore, fighting and sex, doesnt star a "Hero" who always does right, and doesnt set people up to be either completely good on one side and completely bad and evil on the other then you will enjoy this book.
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on January 6, 2013
My biggest complaint is that the next book isn't out yet:) My next biggest complaint is that the Protagonist keeps doing things with air magic that don't seem plausible to me. Of course if I think about the phrase "plausible air magic" for more than a few seconds I just start laughing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series and am eagerly waiting for more. Like many fantasy readers, the legends of Camelot and Avalon fascinate me, and this world includes those legends in a new and interesting form. It is fascinating to me to see Merlin portrayed as a bad guy and Hades portrayed as a good guy (you mean you didn't realize Hades was included in the legend of Avalon?).

The main story is interesting and well told, but I am more interested in the back story of Avalon and the disappearing blood curses, with which we are primarily tantalized. This character and story have great depth and potential, and I expect the author to keep me entertained for many years!
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on November 19, 2013
Great book. I'm a big Dresden Files fan, so I thought I'd give this series a try. This book was even better than the first one, which I liked enough to buy this one. Have already pre-ordered the next one, and recommended the series to several other Dresden Files fans.
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on January 29, 2013
Another easy read. This is the follow up to Crimes of Magic, and follows in the same theme. The hero faces supernatural foes, and uses his magic, his ability to fight, and his cunning to overcome. This is a good book for those days when you just want to collapse into a chair in front of a warm fire, with a glass of wine, and relax, without having to strain the old brain too much.
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on February 28, 2016
I completely enjoy the second installment in this series. I could hardly put down the first, and the second was the same way. There are several twists and turns in the book. The author tells two stories in two time periods at the same time. This is hands down one of the best modern fantasy series I have had the delight to stumble upon. Very few books can actually make me laugh out loud.
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on January 3, 2013
Both of these books have been great. I wish this was already a 5 book series so I could keep on reading. The best thing about this story, for me, is that it's not the standard; boy/girl rises into power to save the day. Here, we've already got an established "hero" who has a scary/fantastic reputation, and a mysterious past of over 1500 years! To add to this, he's discovering new powers and abilities even after all this time. I love that we don't know all the facts about his past. I hope it stays that way. As long as it's a mystery, it could be anything. The reputation of him being a nightmare doesn't need to be fully flushed out. Something that might be nightmarish to one reader might not seem that big of a deal to the next. Just my two cents, which of course will get you nothing. The other great quality about these stories is the mystery. Let's face it, most fantasy style writing holds little mystery. Hell, half the time you spend chapters with the villain learning what they plan on doing! Here, the author does a really good job of not letting the "cat out of the bag" too easily, and saves some surprises or strange coincides that come out of nowhere. The overriding questions with Avalon are really intriguing as well. I can't wait to see where this story goes.

In summary, if you like modern day stories with magic, monsters, and mystery, (and a badass lead character) read these books. Then, you can sit anxiously like the rest of us for the next installments.
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on December 19, 2012
If you liked the first one you will really like this one. I on the other hand you though the first was okay then you will probably like this one a lot better. So the story has Nate and Tommy in it those are the only characters that carry over into this 2nd book. Also this is done in the same style with two stories being told one in the past the other in the present. I personally do not like this approach but as the author seems so found of it I deal with it.

1: Nate has all his memories. Nuff said I hate the amnesia thing about as strongly as I hate the I have suddenly lost my power due to "add weird thing" plot hook.
2: The relationship with Sara is handled excellantly really could not of imagined it handled so well. The first book had some shaky relationship stuff going on that I was unimpressed with, it just came across as some teenage wet dream. In this one you get more of real relationship problem I can see that this sets up for the next book while still giving drama for this one but still it is done so well that it did not feel like filler.
3: You get to meet some other high profile character in the world and overall the Avalon government is given a lot of explanation as well as what Nate hates about them.
4: You have teenage character in this one to and what surprised me was that they were done in a mature and thoughtful way. I know who would of thought a mature and thoughtful teenager who actually is not walking plot device.
5: No manipulation this time. My bigest gripe about the first one was the sheer amount of manipulation that Nate went through in the book. Everyone and there brother had something on him and he just went along. This book is blessedly free of that. Instead you get a tight plot that makes sense with few holes.

1: Nate does a lot dealing with his friends in this book I felt that they could of been portrayed in a more loyal aspect. Tommy lets lose some things about him he probably should not and the end fight with the punching bag was over the top. I mean come on look at the injuries he had and then you want to pull that crap.
2: On the kindle edition there is a weird formating thing going on at the last 25 percent or so I would get that fixed.
3: While I felt that Nate did have his moments I still felt that he could of had a little more epic moments where you sit back and go damn that was just bad ass and cool.

I fun read with a tight but uncomplicated plot if you like your urban fantasy with a dash of badassness you will probably enjoy this book. I would recommend this book to a friend.
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on December 30, 2012
The author has really fleshed out the world a bit more and I really like the new characters.
He's also getting a bit more witty and I laughed out loud a few times. (causing my sleeping cat to crack an eye and give me a dirty look)
I like when a character grows in their power - not so it's god like - but it keeps the mystery and excitement going.
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on September 21, 2015
I can't express enough how well done this series is. Its action packed with emotional ties between the characters and a created world that is awe inspiring. Nate is powerful and a formable force on his own but when you include this friends and allies he is a force to be feared. This is only the second in the series and the anxiety created from having to wait till the next book is almost to much to bear. I just hope McHugh gets whatever funding or inspiration he needs to keep the greatness coming. This book is a must read for anyone looking to feel like your in the story and living the excitement moment by moment. If I was forced to say anything negative about this book or its predecessor it would be the depression that comes when you finish the book and the almost blood lust for the next instalment. Steve McHugh you are a genius and a worker of magic on the page. Please keep doing your thing for many years to come because I don't know about your other fans but I'm losing my mind just waiting.
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