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on May 23, 2011
I just finished speaking with an Amazon MP3 Customer Service Agent, and she explained it to me clearly that their server is having technical difficulties due to the overwhelming amounts of downloads of Lady Gaga's new album. She reassured me that their technical teams are working diligently to solve the problem.

Also, she mentioned not downloading any other songs or albums until they fix the backlog, since any more songs added to your cloud player might be placed on queue. Therefore, preventing you from being able to download the songs to your iTunes or other music player.

So, please be patient little monsters because I know we have all been waiting for her album for quite some time now. You still cannot beat the price of this album compared to other music stores out there.

Just keep checking your cloud player until all of the songs get downloaded. I hope this review gives people a piece of mind that the album will eventually be downloaded.


It is now 11:55, and all the songs are finally downloaded to my Amazon Cloud Player.

Check your Amazon Cloud Player now, and see if you have all the songs downloaded.

Thank you Amazon. I can finally put my PAWS up in the air! >_<

UPDATE: (May 28, 2011)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, because I know I am. She is a complete inspiration to me, and her new album was worth the wait.

I know we had some difficulties downloading her album the day it was released to the public. I was able to download all the songs by the end of the day on May 23rd. However, I think some of you are still missing some songs or even the whole album. Amazon sent me this e-mail today showing what to do if you had chosen to save the songs directly to your computer instead of the cloud player. Here is part of the e-mail:

If you saved your purchase to your computer, please follow these instructions to re-download your music:

1. Launch the Amazon MP3 Downloader. Here's how to locate the Downloader application on your operating system:

-Windows: All Programs - Amazon - Amazon MP3 Downloader
-Mac: Select "Amazon MP3 Downloader" from your Applications folder.
-Linux: The application is installed as /usr/bin/amazonmp3 and an icon appears in the "Applications" menu in the "Internet" submenu.

2. If you have failed downloads in your MP3 Downloader download queue, click the "Clear Completed" button at the top center of the Amazon MP3 Downloader window.

3. After you have cleared the download queue, go to: <...>

4. Find the order(s) that were placed on May 23 and click View Order.

5. Select "Click here to redownload all the tracks listed below".

I hope this helps you find the songs you are missing. Good luck!
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on June 3, 2011
I'm a very open minded man when it comes to music, yes I even tried Lady damn Gaga due to all the hype surrounding it, and well, she delivers yet again another boring generic disc full of monstrosities (no pun intended). It's becoming quite apparent that her novelty is wearing off, as even some of her most devoted fans are one starring this cd. One can't help but laugh at the cover. It's quite frankly the stupidest thing I've ever seen. She's just trying too hard now to be "unique" and "different". Sorry Lady Gaga, but it's downhill from now on. Your crappy generic I'm so different pop nonsense novelty is wearing off.

Here's an article from yahoonews.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way set another record this week, but not one that Gaga's team will be happy about. Sales of the album dropped off by 84% from its sizzling (but discount-inflated) opening week. That's the the steepest drop-off in sales, expressed in a percentage basis, of any of the 17 albums that sold 1 million units in a week in Nielsen SoundScan history.

Gaga's album sold 174,000 copies this week, down from 1,108,000 last week, when sales were goosed by a two-day, 99-cent sale at Amazon.

The old record for the steepest drop-off following a million-unit week was held by *NSYNC's 2001 album Celebrity. Sales dropped by 76% in the week following its 1,880,000 debut. Two recent albums were tied for second place in the steepest drop-off column. Sales of Lil Wayne's 2008 hit Tha Carter III and Taylor Swift's 2010 smash Speak Now both dropped off by 69% in the week following their debuts of 1,006,000 and 1,047,000, respectively.

A big drop-off was to be expected. But the fact that Gaga's drop-off was steeper than any of the other follow-ups to albums that had a million-unit week is troublesome. It seems obvious that the opening week tally for Born This Way was generated not only by hard-core fans, but also by casual fans who just didn't want to pass up such a deal. Last week's near giveaway worked in the short term (by giving Gaga the biggest one-week sales total since 2005), but it may have also served to devalue albums in general and Gaga's brand in particular.
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on May 23, 2011
After seeing the deal, previewing the music, and reading the reviews with problems, I've come to two conclusions:

1) The new album is definitely different, and I while I don't think it's quite as strong of a showing, it's still solid - especially for $0.99!

2) Amazon needs to moderate comments/ratings when there are known technical issues on their end!
People should not be allowed to give 1 star ratings on a product simply because of issues on Amazon's end; That does not contribute to the product rating in any way.

*EDIT* 5/23/11
1 PM EST I should also clarify that I have purchased the album, and have so far only received 6 items as well.
6 PM EST - Just received order confirmation receipt email, so things are slowly moving ahead, just have patience people.
Have received all files, as expected. Will updated with further album review once I can listen all the way thru.

5/25/11 - Full Album Review
After listening thru the whole album, I have to say I like it better than I did from just listening to the samples. Overall it comes across as another successful adventure in new sounds and song styles, and has a distinct sound that separates it from The Fame/Fame Monster. There don't seem to be as many stand-out songs at first pass, but it may grow on me the more I listen. I will revise my review if I change my mind along the way.

The album has a very 'big' sound, is somewhat whimsical at times, and covers a whole range of styles:
Upbeat club/pop; Driving, darker electro beats; 80's synth-pop; Even a Ballad thrown into the mix (You and I) - This one almost has a country sound to it

I am keeping my original star rating for the album, as I feel that artistically it deserves 5 stars.
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on May 24, 2011
There is a "thing" known in the recording industry as the "sophomore curse." This usually occurs when an artist has such a phenomenally successful first recording, that all hype and expectations on the second are held at such a standard that it is almost never achieved. Sad to say, such is the case with GaGa's sophomore recording, "Born This Way." While "The Fame Monster" was a breath of fresh air to a pop/rock field which had become stagnant, "Born This Way" is stagnant. It is over-produced, each track actually sounds identical to the next and the imaginative edge which Ms. GaGa experienced and defined in her first recording is seriously lacking in this attempt. It seems that her message, while being blunt as always (which is fine) is so in your face that it touches no one. The album is dull, unimaginative and boring. GaGa is a talent, there is no doubt about that. What she needed to do is pour more of her talent into this album and less into her social causes and her meat dress. A sad second release.
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on May 23, 2011
Unlike many others, I had no problem buying the album today. I had debated it, because I haven't been amazingly impressed with the early music from it (Born This Way, Judas) and I just didn't know if I wanted to try it. But, for .99, I figured what the heck.

It's okay. That's it. Every song sounds the same. There is nothing spectacular differentiating each song from another. Aside from the oft played Born This Way and the also oft played Judas, there is nothing particularly different-sounding or ground-breaking about the music (though I didn't have any complaints about any one particular song, and "Highway Unicorn" and "The Edge of Glory" were kinda catchy at times. Granted, I am not a Lady Gaga fanboy, but I really enjoyed The Fame Monster. I thought the songs were unique, and her talent showed very well.

This, however, feels like she's trying too hard. Okay, I get that she support gays, heterosexuals, transvestites, et. al. I think that's a great message. I get that she has issues with God. I get that she wants everyone to do what's right, and she feels their suffering, and on, and on, and on. But at some point, it feels more like she's saying it for the sake of saying it, because she, in her strange, do-what-you-want way, is trying to be cool for the sake of being cool. Which just makes it come across as trying too hard-which is exactly what she purports to abhor.

Overall, it's not bad. But sorry Little Monsters, it's not great either, and I'm glad I only spent .99 on it.
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on May 24, 2011
By all accounts, "The Fame" was the perfect debut album for a superstar. It had all kinds of dance music, with crafty beats and tight production. When comparing Gaga's debut against those of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Pink, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and all her contemporaries, Gaga's album was by far the best of the bunch. There had not been a true debut album by a female pop star that was so excellent probably dating back to Cyndi Lauper's "She's So Unusual" in 1983, which became the first female debut to ever spawn 5 singles in the top 10. And not since 1988 (Paula Abdul) has a female pop star had multiple number one singles on both the Hot 100 and the dance charts.

So, Gaga had much to live up to here, and there is no way possible to please everybody. The attempt to do so can be heard in the overproduction, which has WAY too much reverb, and some of the tracks run too long. But the biggest problem is the quality of the songs. This is a clear example of what happens when an artist is given too much musical freedom too soon, and the songwriters who wrote all of your earlier hits (RedOne) can't come up with songs quite as good the second time around. Witness the high-pitched screeches in "Government Hooker" in which, after repeating the phrase "I am your hooker" over and over, she yelps through autotune a long, extended "hoooooookaaahhhhhh." And what happened to Gaga's tendency to be Avant-Garde? That has now been replaced with phrases like "I'm as free as my hair" and "It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M." As the album closes, there is a country ballad ("You and I) which is a total clunker of a song, and a horrible electro-pop track called "Electric Chapel" which is more reverb and auto-tune, on a continuous loop.

It will be interesting to watch sales for the album during it's second week. "Edge of Glory" dropped from #3 to #19 on the Billboard chart in one week; a week in which Gaga was on American Idol, The View, and SNL. Not since Michael Jackson's "HiStory" has a musical album release been this hyped. But unlike Jacko, Gaga got weird too soon, and does not have classic albums like "Thriller" and "Bad" to fall back on. She is starting to look more like a fading fascination each passing day. Serves her right for trying to "reinvent" herself before even really establishing herself. Ego will do that I guess.
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on May 31, 2011
This review also appears on Epinions!

Pros: Nothing
Cons: Lyrics, musicianship, cheap production, repetitive and uninspired melodies, comparing of gay people to monsters and freaks, offensive, religiously inaccurate, and just plain old boring.

I avoided this album like it was musical cancer. Not because I was afraid of liking it. But rather because I just didn't want to have to listen to it. I listened with open ears and an open mind and wondered whether or not Born This Way would have any sort of substance to it. Firstly, does it live up to GaGa's debut record, which can be regarded as her version of She's So Unusual. Well, no, it does not. And that isn't saying much. Frankly stated, Born This Way is so bad, that we need a new word for bad. It is not bad because of the way she dresses; it is not bad because of the fact that she gave the album away with proof of purchase of coffees, game cards or cellphones; it is not bad because it premiered on a Facebook game: it is bad because the songwriting is very hollow, uninspired and generally lazy. It is bad because the melodies are boring and plagiarized. It is bad because it is simply not memorable or catchy. It's difficult to continually give one one-star ratings to Lady GaGa's music-it's just what's expected of me. But I hope people read this review and find the merit behind it. I genuinely did not like this album, and I still have no clue why people eat her up.

The hype of this record must first be address. Before promotion for The Fame Monster was over, little bits of information about this new album began to surface. It was hyped as being the album of the decade-of the century, even, and we should all be paying attention. But much like anybody under that amount of pressure, they aren't able to deliver. This was true of Cyndi Lauper, and it was true of Alanis Morissette. And thus, it happened to Lady GaGa as well. Unlike on her first album, GaGa truly took a whiff of herself and began to believe that she was the second-coming of Madonna. And as a result, the first single released from Born This Way, the anthem-esque title-track, was a direct rip-off of one of Madonna's better known singles. Except this time, people noticed the correlation between her and Madonna, and it wasn't positive. Was the song a hit? Yes. Was it a monster? (No pun intended-I wonder why she wasn't selected to be on Kanye's Monster). No. In fact, I would barely call it a success. It set the tone for the rest of the album, though: bad lyrics repeated more than anything on a Police song (and Sting loves to repeat himself). Its follow-up was Judas, another uninspired song that tries too hard to take it to the next level. Really, in a world where Madonna has done it all before, it was just a new middle. Not to mention the fact that her take on Mary Magdalene's story is wickedly inaccurate-for the record, MARY MAGDALENE WAS NOT A WHORE; SHE WAS AN APOSTLE.

But the singles didn't get real insight into the rest of the record, which is very, very long. But long doesn't equal quality. Rather than focusing on anything I would call an earworm, GaGa released a bunch of mediocre, haphazard tracks without any meat to them. Heavy Metal Lover has an industrial production that sounds more like tin than steel, and ballad You and I has a decent ending but a bland opening and middle. Most, if not all, of the songs on this record never go anywhere. They want to be showstoppers, but none of them are the least-bit impressive. The song Scheiße, which is German for what you do in the bathroom, offends my ears and my brain with its gibberish introduction and mind-numbingly bad chorus, and outside of Bloody Mary, which has a brooding melody to it, there's nothing I would want to hear more than once. Lady GaGa seems content to waltz down the road that Madonna, Grace Jones and Dale Bozzio had already carved out, all the while bringing nothing new to the table. She is not edgy, and she is not that interesting. But one thing that really annoys me is the way she seems to think she's the Queen of Homosexuals-she knows almost nothing about gay culture and the struggle we endure day-in-and-day-out. There is not a day that doesn't pass where we don't feel a little one morsel of shame or torture, particularly living in America. And songs that pander like Born This Way just make me feel like a spoon-fed baby without a choice. A friend of mine recently posted to his Facebook wall, that all gay people are monsters. When verbally slaughtered by his other friends, he responded with, "My name is Lady GaGa, and this is my message." And he was right. Her lowering of homosexuals to mere freaks and monsterw and outsiders is not helping the cause, but only serving to destroy it. By the time the seventeen songs are finished, you will only feel underwhelmed, slightly bored and very, very sleepy. GaGa's voice croaks and roars like a kitten trying to be a lion, as her desperate grasp onto her fame begins to slowly and silently erode.
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Heard of Lady Gaga? She's this loopy pop singer with weird hair and clothes, and most people either love her or hate her. Well, my personal opinion of Lady Gaga's persona won't come into this -- it's all about her new album, "Born This Way." Well, brace yourself: It's a bloated mess that rambles on far too long, with too many songs, too much noise, and no unifying style.

"Born This Way" presents itself as a gay anthem, and it does this by thumping you over the head with obvious shout-outs like "Don't be a drag/just be a queen" and "No matter gay, straight or bi/Lesbian, transgendered life." But all Madonna comparisons aside, this song is a mess -- the producers heaped so many layers of sound that it sometimes sounds like Gaga is being smothered.

Then there's "Judas," the second single of this album. This suffers from the same choking overproduction as "Born This Way," with Gaga's voice being smushed down under a thick fog of synthpop. Then again, she spends half the song squawking, "Juda-JUDA-AW!" like an epileptic goose, so that might be a good thing.

But what of the other songs? Well, the album actually starts quite strong with the dark, glittering "Marry the Night," and the bleakly desperate sex-with-presidents thumper "Government Hooker." But things start going off the rails with the goopy romanticism of the Spanish-flavored "Americano," the vaguely Germanic club melody "Scheibe," and the cheesy "Hair."

After that, Gaga just... seems to stop trying, and lets the following songs decay into a soggy mess of mediocre club pop. Some of the songs barely have melodies ("Black Jesus - Amen Fashion," "Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)"), and some are just so bland that it's hard to remember them ("The Queen"). I like "Electric Chapel," but most of these songs could have been cut without anyone noticing.

She does rouse herself enough to give distinctive sounds to the last couple songs... but they're AWFUL sounds: "You And I" sounds like a country singer wandered into a dance club and just started singing, and "The Edge of Glory" is a horrendously cheesy power ballad, complete with SAXOPHONES.

In a nutshell, "Born This Way" is a huge bloated mess, bogged down with excess and collapsing under its own weight. It feels like Lady Gaga is trying to do EVERYTHING in this album. More sound! More musical genres! More random references to fashion, nightclubs, sex and gay people! More dance songs that nobody can remember when they're over!

As for Gaga's lyrics, they have some interesting elements, like the strong undercurrent of Catholic/religious symbolism and the idea that "bad kids" are just fine because they were "born that way." But her writing also tends to be insanely clumsy ("You're black, white, beige, chola descent/You're Lebanese, you're Orient"), and her symbolism is so obvious that it leaves bruises between your eyes.

And her voice? It's the strongest part of any song where she tries, but too often it falls by the wayside in this album. In some songs, it's swamped by all those electronic layers, and in some songs she just sort of croons without putting any effort into it.

If they had trimmed off the B-sides and the extra production, "Born This Way" could have been a pretty decent pop album. But instead, it feels like a collapsing monument to pop excess.
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on June 1, 2011
If i could give this album zero stars, i would. This album is sooooooo uninspired and directionless. The whole album has a 1980's vibe about it and her lyrics are so literal. There isn't any mystery in the songs, or the message of the songs. An 80's flare is cool, but she doesn't seem to be able to deliver on the majority of the tracks. If her old fans are looking for theatrical over the top pop songs, this album doesn't offer that. What her fans have become accustom to is nowhere to be found on this CD. I guess that's why she delayed the release.

She was a normal artist on her first CD and then she let her own 'fabulosity' get to her. She fell into her own 'hype' and just tries to hard to shock people. The Fame Monster was a coomplete departure, image wise, from her first release. For 'Born This Way', she has literally flown off the handle. The girl has run out of steam. On top of that, she doesn't have any 'charisma'. She is not aesthetically pleasing to look at. Her Italian Catholic-Edie Falco-nose looks cute on Stanley Tucci, but not her. She has as much charm as a plastic mannequin. Her semi-tomboyish lesbian allure doesn't do a thing for me and most of her songs on this album are just a major disappointment. Not cohesive at all. On top of that, she tries to sell the audience her bizzare sex appeal (Which once again, is as interesting as a plastic mannequin).

I hope she can deliver on her fourth album.

Don't be a drag just be a queen. Don't be a drag just be a queen. **I cringe every time she sings those lines**
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on May 23, 2011
I love Lady Gaga as a figure - she's always been highly inspirational and motivational, however, this review is directed towards her music - which in this case, has sadly been a disappointment. I loved almost all of the tracks on The Fame and The Fame Monster, but this album has largely been a disappointment. I knew that she could never live up to the bar that she set with her first two albums, but a drop of this caliber is astounding.

The "eargasmic" beats that made me want to dance have almost completely disappeared in this entire new album. I would have to go out on a limb and say that NONE of the tracks on this album are of the caliber of even the lowest of songs on her previous album, with the exception of maybe "You and I".

Track by Track Review:
1) Marry the Night (2.5/5) - It's got a good beat, I must admit. However, the lyrics - they're atrocious. It's hard to understand what she's even singing about half of this song.

2) Born This Way (3/5) - This song has a bit more depth to it, however, there are numerous covers of it that are sung better than her original. The beat, as in Marry the Night, is decent.

3) Government Hooker (0/5) - Quite possibly the WORST track on this album, and a contender for the worst track in all of pop music. It's a complete mess. It sounds like something procured by some cheap DJ in some awful club in downtown Tijuana, and her singing is rather atrocious too. The lyrics have no depth either. It sounds like the musical equivalent of someone's drunken vomit.

4) Judas (1.5/5) - An example of the many cases when the meaning she tries to convey is completely overwhelming. The fact that she named this song 'Judas' to begin with is astonishing. The beat is alright in this one. But the lyrics and their intended meaning cannot be taken seriously by any listener.

5) Americano (2/5) - Sounds like some twisted mix of the Polka / Electronic / Latin Music. The beat does not work well, and the lyrics are weak as well. Better than the previous two tracks, however.

6) Hair (2.5/5)

7) Scheibe (2/5)

8) Bloody Mary (2.5/5) - Another example of one of her overblown religious songs that is difficult to take seriously due to the magnitude of the comparison.

9) Bad Kids (2/5)

10) Highway Unicorn (Road to Love) (2.5/5)

11) Heavy Metal Lover (1.5/5) - Sounds like something taken from Kesha and Gaga put her name to it.

12) Electric Chapel (3/5)

13) You and I (4.5/5) - The only track on this entire album that would deserve to be included on "The Fame" or "The Fame Monster".

14) The Edge of Glory (3.5/5)

Overall, this has been a disappointment from Gaga. It's sad to see that she is already declining after her first two albums. The tunes and beats are worse than her first two and the lyrics' meaning are not as easy to connect to for a general audience. The fame she has received has clearly gone to her head. Her fame is all the image, and the music is deteriorating quickly.

(This will be updated again later in the day, once I've had a good night's sleep and found more words to express my disappointment.)
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