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on April 14, 2015
This kit works well for a DIY type system. You can easily spend $400 or $500 for a Fatshark kit that comes with everything and is pretty much plug and play. This system will require you to buy your own camera and screen (and you'll want circular polarized antennas for a cleaner signal) and you may have to do some wire splicing and soldering like I did to get everything hooked up to your liking. I put an FPV system together for $152 using this kit. There are reviews here that say this kit doesn't work past 50ft. It's possible they received faulty equipment but the most likely problem is they don't have the channels set up properly. I had the same problem at first , flew out about 40ft and lost signal (blue screen). After adjusting the channel settings I have flown out to 600ft with crystal clear signal and screen viewing. I haven't tested beyond that yet but I sure plan to. Once you have your system set up and ready to go, I suggest going out to a field or park away from buildings and trees to test your system. There isn't as much potential for interference in open spaces plus you have a better chance recovering your UAV if something goes wrong. As long as you set this system up properly and don't expect 2 mile flights you'll be very happy. I opted to power the transmitter off my flight battery and I can't say I notice a difference in flight times, which is an advantage the 200mw system has over a 600mw system that will consume more power. Great system for beginner FPV or those who don't need to fly several miles out. Would highly recommend!
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on October 5, 2016
Wiring was straight forward. Product worked fine. TX is really bulky for only being 200mw. TX says it's on channel 1 but RX has to be on 8 to see it....

Advertised as and I quote "ANT connector:SMA(inside the needle)" but is actually RP-SMA or SMA-Female. The TX has the pin in the middle and requires an antenna that has a female port. I bought new polarized antennas for this but they did not fit due to the horrible advertsing (not knocking the rating for bad language/advertising skills) The connectors lock into the unit very well, but they are difficult to unplug and I have a hard time getting this unit apart without tearing down my quad. (LHI 210)

I'm hoping this unit will last long enough for me to buy something of better quality, and a size to power ratio that makes sense. This TX is large enough to weight down a quad build under 210mm in size.

I went out of my way to shield all the wires from any power wires to the battery or ESC and so far I don't have any flicker on throttle. But I did run into a voltage issue the other day where my battery buzzer failed to alert me of low cell voltage and this thing gave little or no warning before it just cut signal on me. Luckily I had a spotter and he was able to point out where the quad crashed. (first crash with this TX and the antenna adapter failed.) I soldered on the correct SMA end with a pigtail and used my new TX antenna and wow it was a huge improvement. The only reason I am leaving this at three stars is because when you put the proper equipment on it, it does do it's job. I will post again later with an update on longevity.
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on April 23, 2015
Great customer service and shipping from the seller.

The system works well enough for short distance flying/racing and can easily reach 200-300m without too much ado with the addition of cloverleaf antennae (I did not test with included dipoles).

I have not done extensive range or performance testing with this system on a 250mm quad due to a detour into the micro world (sub-200mm) not long after my MHQ2 build, so I cannot comment more decisively on its performance in a frequent or performance-based use case scenario. I suppose it would be adequate in such a situation, but do your homework. In any case, the shortcoming seems to be the RC805 receiver...

The primary reason for this review is to elucidate the receiver's compatibility with the Spektrum Ultra Micro Camera VA1100, which is none. For those micro and ultra micro alien nano freaks out there, be aware that the RC805 receiver is NOT compatible with the VA1100. The Spektrum Ultra Micro VA1100 uses FatShark channels 5470, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860. The RC805 operates on 5705, 5685, 5665, 5645, 5885, 5905, 5925, 5945. The RC832 will work with the VA1100, however.
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on September 9, 2015
The video transmitter is quite big, and it only has 8 channels. You can get something way smaller with the same power output and way more channel options for around the same price. The transmitter also has a narrow voltage window so you will need a separate power supply if your voltage is above 12v. Switching between channels is confusing as the picture on the back of the box has the colors inverted. I spent a while at first trying to figure out why the range was less than 50 yards before realizing the switches were inverted. I have not done a distance test with it but it will travel over 200 yards without the video getting scratchy.

The receiver works well, again it only has 8 channels. It is easy to cycle through the channels and it has an indicator which is nice. The receiver does not have an option to power on automatically which is means turning on my system is more than 1 step. My monitor turns on automatically. It is also 12v so connect to your system accordingly. The wires are really long, I definitely don't need them nearly as long. If you get yourself a 2nd video out cable then you don't need a spliter.
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on May 17, 2015
Arrived in a timely manner.
It transmits color video pretty good across my desk. It was all the testing i was able to do
Both parts are able to run off 12v
It took me more than an hour to set up due to a faulty cable. The problem cable was a GoPro FPV cable that i bought separately
If you already have a video source this should take no more than 10 minutes to install.
You will have to do a bit of experimenting with channels to find one without static. You need something pointy like a small screwdriver of a tack to switch channels on the transmitter
The receiver has 2 video outputs, but only 1 cable
There could be some better instructions on how to set wire it

in the future when i have a bit more money i will buy a better TX and RX along with some clover leaf antennas
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on August 21, 2015
I'm new to the fpv scene still, so it's to relate to other products similar to these, But this much I can say, this transmitter is tough! I've crashed my quad into concrete and its be sent skidding and rolling across a parking lot, with high impact and hasn't phased it one bit! Right off the bat, I bought CP antennas, and I've been getting awesome reception. I can't say at what distance I've been, but I know I've sent it a 1/4 mile on an open area, and still had a good picture. They're definetly worth the money for a new comer to FPV, I'm also finding that most other transmitters don't have audio put of the box, but TS-351 has a built in microphone.
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on May 12, 2015
The transmitter was a knock off for an actual boscam. It gave out on me after about 2 flights and after troubleshooting for hours, the best I can do is make a little static show up on the screen. The receiver seems to be half decent once you figure out the channels to transmit/receive on. I could get easily 300m of range with a clover leaf antenna before the transmitter stopped working. Safe yourself time and stress and just pay a little bit more to get an actual boscam product. The serial number on this board is ts2501 - 2 when on a real boscam it should be ts330-100408.

It's a lottery if you buy this product, some will work and some won't.
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on July 17, 2015
I purchased this in Dec 2014. Flew it on two airplanes. Range was about 1 km which was quite satisfactory (clover leaf antennas). Very clean operation. Better than a 1.2Ghz Fat shark system one of my friends was flying. No crashes or rough handling was experienced with the system. The system was not used again until last week (July 2015) I tried to operate it on a 250mm quad. I could not get any signal sync. A friend purchased the same system and was not successful either. I suspect the transmitter may have failed. I have ordered a replacement to test out the theory. In the mean time my friend is returning his.
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on November 12, 2015
Don't be fooled, don't buy this its Junk, the Receiver says its RC805, but when I was troubleshooting it I open the case and found its a repackaged RC308 printed on the PCB (if you search reviews for this you'll see they don't work). The solders are junk, I doubt who made it knew how to solder! I couldn't get the system to every connect and had to buy a new RX/TX system and it worked right away so I know this system was the problem. I really doubt its a real Boscam. Anyway save your money for something else. I returned it to Amazon.
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on August 13, 2015
I've used this a few times now on my quadcopter for FPV. It works well, the signal tends to cut out at about 200 ft. I have the antenna mounted upwards on one of the legs of the landing gear. I've read that pointing it down would help the range so i might try that. I'm also going to test some clover leaf antennas to see if that helps.
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