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on October 17, 2008
Save your money.

I bought and received the Bosch from Amazon and didn't get what I bargained for. Prerequisite projects included:

1- installing a new oversized gas line ($350)
2- z-flex thimbles and wall venting for the Bosch exhaust gases($500)
3- Mounting the heater on the newly framed basement wall ($300)
4- New plumbing and PVC air intake ($400)

Since the heater needs a .8 gpm minimum flow to turn on its burner, you can't start faucets or showers on low settings, and tasks that call for short bursts of water need to run longer to pull hot water through the line from the unit to the faucet (Hot/Cold/Hot water sandwiches). It will definitely waste a LOT more water than the old tank.

The heater operated the first time out of the box, BUT it makes a loud whistling sound when a single shower or appliance is calling for hot water. I can hear the howling from throughout the house!

Now for the most disappointing part. Although other online reviews have stated the noise/temperature fluctuations/etc are recurrent problems, the folks at Bosch Water Heating in Waitsfield, VT acted like they had not heard of the problems nor did they have any helpful solutions. We had already done every diagnostic they recommended before contacting their technical support line and then had to wait for them to ask all the same questions in the owner's manual over again.

After wasting over an hour with customer support , they offered to call a a different plumber out to troubleshoot the gas/air calibration of the unit (as others have reported in their reviews as being ineffective). I questioned why that would work any better for me than for the others and the Tech rep just fell quiet.

Hmm, sounds like a Bosch has known problems that lots of others have now posted, yet Bosch acts as if they haven't heard of them / still suggests ineffective solutions. Bosch customer service is unsatisfactory and they have lost another customer for life.
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on August 11, 2014
It does not work well with low flow showers. It needs a higher rate of flow for the the burners to kick in. And the customer support for this by Bosch is the worst I have ever seen. I cannot recomend it.
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on January 5, 2015
Bought this unit in 2007. Been thru all the error codes like everyone else. Fortunately, I have had good response from support on two occasions that I've called. One solution that we have found to overcome the minimum flow was to run the water in the sink while showering. It allowed for better control of mixing with a single handle faucet and kept the flow rate up at the same time. Would I buy another Bosch? No, not even a newer model today. But I will research and go with tankless again. As I read in a post once, you have to understand that this is technology with a motherboard, solenoids and extra control devices not normally found on your traditional water heater. There is more for something to go wrong. Though I've been able to do my own repairs thus far, the last three years have really been trying with this unit. I bought it locally at a Home Depot, which no longer sell this item. And there are no service techs in the Houston area.
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on January 5, 2008
Purchased from a Menards, installed by a certified plumber/HVAC specialist. Worked ok for 4 days, then condensation drain backed up, overflowed, and fouled the gas valve. Got repeated "EA" and "EC" error codes. Check the internet - this turns out to be a common problem with these. Spent 2 hours on phone waiting for, then getting horrible customer service. They tried to blame plumber, blame install, blame anything but - take no responsible action to help me - no hot water and 10 below temperatures. Plumber followed instructions perfectly and has installed many before. They recommended replacing gas valve (at my cost) but, offered no advice on how to keep problem from re-occurring in the future, offered no help, no explanations, nothing - just tried to blame others. After spending ~$2,300 between purchase, vent-kit, and install - decided to return unit and go with the Rinnai - much more reliable and has a condensation drain that won't fail into gas unit.
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on March 20, 2012
I've been reading these negative reviews, mostly regarding the error codes, that closely mirror my experience with this unit. I've had it for five years now, and like so many others, the first year was basically trouble free. It took a while to get used to the cold sandwich while washing dishes, and the 0.8 gpm minimum flow is more than you'd think; but being third in line and still having a hot shower more than made up for that.
I paid around $1000 for all unit and all necessary parts, then installed it myself using all the gas and water sizing guidelines.
After the first year we started getting error codes that had us running to the basement to reset the unit. When this turned into a daily ritual after about a year and a half, I started to watch it. What was happening was it would try to start, so flow meter was working, but would kick off, try to start, kick off, try to start - shut down and display error code. Probably what most of these other customers are experiencing.
I took out my screwdriver and unbuckled everything to access the flame ionization rod (the one you're looking at through the sight glass), and removed that with a 5/16" wrench. It had lots of residue coating it, so I cleaned it up with some 600 grit sandpaper and reinstalled it. I was lucky enough not to ruin the gasket; but you might want one on hand if you try this yourself.
Voila! Worked fine again - or at least like it's supposed to.
I had to reset it a couple of times this month, so I just went and cleaned all the residue off the ionization rods - once again, back to normal.
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on May 16, 2018
This Is Garbage, the cost was 3 times of a reg water heater, plus install of unit plus venting kit was 1400. I figure I will get my money back in utility bill savings in about 30 years, good investment, not.Filter to clean is in water line so every time it clogs have to call plumber. numerous problems from day 1 dont buy this , customer service is the worst. Going to have plumber rip this piece of garbage out and go back to a 40 gal. water heater.
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on October 26, 2010
I am a professional in the construction industry. I watched these units gain popularity over the past 10 years and finally bought one to replace my direct vent tank model that failed 3 years ago. I negotiated great deal at $600 plus $200 on vent kit. I work with plumbers on nearly every construction project our company engages and I am very familiar with plumbing codes. I re-used the direct vent slot through the poured concrete basement wall, replaced the thimble and installed very short stainless exhaust system in 4" double wall through new thimble. Gas lines were completely re-worked from supply 1" master to 3/4" for final 5 feet of feed to the unit with dogleg of course and ball valve shut off. Water lines all sweated 3/4" copper to/from softener loop and supply. Unit mounted to outer basement concrete wall. Condensate drain installed with proper loop and water in loop from Bosch factory bung on collar of exhaust. Unit ran fairly well during first year and having two showers with hot water was a blessing with my 5 children in the home. Second year was moderate - started to have EA errors on the unit and required a reset of power every once in a while. Now, third year - EA errors are quite common. Nothing has changed in the install or mechanical systems. We are now building custom home (3600 sq. ft.) with up to 5 baths and have elected to install NAVIEN unit - please check out this technology including "cold" venting using PVC pipe (no stainless!), internal recirculator option or full loop recirculator (run separate water line back to unit to circulate and creat "warm" water on demand), etc. - really advanced technology and beyond what Bosch is capable of doing apparently and I am hoping far better support. I have yet to call Bosch, but from all the comments, the service may not be worthwhile and I might just eat the $800 plus and call it a lesson learned and go with the Navien.
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on July 29, 2008
We have a Bosch tankless water heater, model 2400E NG. Our original unit was purchased at Menards in 2005. The water heater has been replaced by Menards three times after each unit exhibited the same problem. At issue is that the unit will produce water temperatures in excess of 140 degrees F while set at 100 degrees (minimum setting). The water heaters work reasonably well when new, but within a few months begin to run more and more erratically.

All attempts to get warranty service or technical support from Bosch have failed. The problem appears to be related to the hot water temperature sensor or the sensor control loop. I have had some luck by re-seating the temp sensor on the copper pipe downstream of the heating element but within days of moving the sensor, the heater begins to act up again.

When we originally installed the water heater, we had to reconfigure our house's water supply pipes and install exhaust venting through a basement foundation wall at considerable expense. Switching back to a conventional heater will cost even more money.

For now, there are three adults living in our home that have become adept at making quick temperature adjustments during showers but I worry about someone, like a visiting child, eventually getting burned. The temperature spikes are so high that it's often impossible to add enough cold water to achieve a comfortable shower. To make things worse, the heater will shut off if we significantly reduce the hot water flow by adding much cold water to the mix. This problem appears to be worse in the summer when inlet temperatures are somewhat warmer. While there are not as many extreme temperature fluctuations in the winter, they never completely go away.

The web is full of reports from others regarding their problems with these heaters. I'm contacting the Consumer Products Safety Comission. These products are dangerous.

I can't possibly express the level of my frustration with Bosch. Please Amazon, stop carrying this junk.
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on March 5, 2008
I would rate the unit at a negative 100.

One of the worst items I purchased. Water would fluctuate, be too hot to stand on the lowest settings. This was installed by professionals in a new house. I got several error codes. Finally had enough and called tech support. I was on the phone 2 hours the first time I called and that was on hold. Then I spent another hour playing games with the unit.

We spent over 10 hours talking to tech support over a month's period. I had to switch the unit on and off to get a bath. Tech support said the supplier told me the wrong unit to buy. Another tech support told me that that was wrong. I had to take off a lot of time to get the gas and plumbing installers to come back and check their work which was correct.

Finally I had enough and called the supplier. They worked with me to get me a credit. By the way that supplier no longer sells Bosch. Just give me your money instead of buy the Bosch unit. I can hand deliver consistent and dependable hot water better than Bosch. Oh yeah and you can get a straight answer from me without the long wait. Maybe the long wait shows that there are a lot of consumers that are having the same problems.
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on June 4, 2013
I paid $1400 had it installed by certified installer.Installed 11/29/2011 the heat exchanger failed and leaked on to
The computer board and the computer failed called bosch support waited 3 hrs .Called again got a real person
He got all my information I sent pictures of the poorly constructed heat exchanger He said he would call me right back
6 days later I gave up need hot water got a good computerless tank type water heater I'm out $1400 but I learned
That Bosch can't build a good product or not stand behind it if you buy you can expect to be treated the same don't
Be dumb like I was
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