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on February 16, 2016
After seeing a great deal on these Bosch wipers, I purchased a 28" (4828) and a 13" (4813) to go on my 2012 Honda Fit. While these wipers have done an excellent job of quietly wiping away water, there have been issues with the flip-up cap on both of them. It's a small piece of plastic that keeps the wiper in place after installation. After maybe 2 months it broke off of the smaller wiper, which then had to be replaced. Then the cap popped open on the larger wiper a few weeks later and the wiper flew off the car while I was sitting at a traffic light during a rainstorm! The fact that both wipers have had issues after such a short amount of time on the car doesn't give me much confidence going forward. Can't recommend these unfortunately.
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on January 23, 2017
We purchased a pair of 22" and 26" blades nearly 9 months ago for a 2012 Odyssey. Installation was easy, and the price was great. But, since day 1 the blades have been very noisy to the point that manually activating each blade wipe is necessary to just keep from having to endure the constant annoying rubbing sound. At first I was in disbelief as the blades are the same I installed on our 2013 Jeep Liberty and they work great (as long as you make sure you clip the blades in firmly). I have repeatedly checked and cleaned the Bosch blades that we installed on the Odyssey, even reinstalling them, verifying their correct placement and checking that we have the correct size. Finally, today I purchased and installed Windex blades found at the local Sears store and these work perfectly, and very quietly. I believe these particular Bosch blades used on a Honda Odyssey is not a good a fit and I do not recommend them, in spite of the great price.
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on October 18, 2016
Let me start off by saying I always buy the Bosch Evolution wipers for all my cars for the last 6 years. I really like them because they do a great job when new and are a great price for the bracketless style wipers. They are easy to install and don't look bad on any car.

When new they are AMAZING! But compared to the more expensive ones they don't last as long, but considering I can buy two of these for the price of the more expensive ones it equals out. Even when they are wearing out they do a better job than the stock wipers so I'll keep buying these.
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on January 19, 2015
I was a happy customer who used these wipers from 2012 when I first time bought them, ever since I had replaced them only once a year and they were greatest wipers I ever had before!
My last purchase from October 2014 didn't last until January 2015, both 26" and 19" wipers started to wobble on a bottom, that was due to very weak mounting internal plastic to wiper blade itself, that plastic was moving inside of the mount. Noise they was making was not tolerable, luckily I had another replacement in my trunk of Bosch Insight Wiper Blades - which I never tried before and they're holding much better for now. But I will see how long they will last. I don't hesitate to invest in my wipers from $22 to $40 because that's my visibility and safety during rainy and snowy days. But since this time - will start to reconsider and always have an alternative of wipers in case when something similar happens.
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on September 15, 2014
We got this around 4 months ago I want to make this clear originally we wanted this for front window but when the delivery came and went to put on vehicle it was discovered it was for the back not front so let that be the warning .

Pros: works fine no issues installed on back window : )

Cons: you have too make sure you get right one either for front or back area

Precision-cut, specially blended natural rubber wiping edge removes even the smallest droplets for clear visibility and safer driving
Patented bracketless design provides superior resistance to ice and snow build-up for better performance and visibility in all weather
Precision-tensioned dual steel springs create tension memory, applying uniform pressure along the entire blade length
Symmetrical wind spoiler uses air flow to increase blade-to-windshield contact
DirectConnect installation system ensures easy installation with no adapters for most vehicles

Brand Bosch
Item Weight 4.8 ounces
Product Dimensions 23.4 x 0.9 x 2.6 inches / 16" 1 quantity
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on May 10, 2015
Highly recommend; but only if you’re okay with about two years of service life; this longevity is not impacted by use. I’ve used the Evolution series blades on various vehicles ranging from year-around use to warm weather only vehicles with minimal-to-heavy wiper use and still only get a couple years out of them. No matter the conditions I am using them in, whether light rain or heavy snowfall these wiper blades have handled whatever nature has dished out. Because I trust the brand I recently began ‘upgrading’ my vehicles to the ICON blades because I get about three years of service life.
- handles light drizzle to heavy snow weather conditions
- do not hydroplane off windshield under heavy water accumulation or vehicle speed
- never had one come loose or fall off
- Longevity based on age of blade and not on frequency of use
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on January 17, 2015
----- Update 2017-07-08 -----
Almost 2 years later and they're still quiet and streak free. Note: The car has been garaged for about 1.5 years now.

----- Original review 2015-01-17 -----
This blade (and a matching 4824 blade) is currently installed on an UN-GARAGED 2002 Acura RSX.

Bosch have a history of making no-nonsense quality product. Most of you will likely have some Bosch OEM components on your car. If manufacturers rely on Bosch to supply components that last at least as long as the car warranty, you know the brand is reputable.

+ Easy to install.
+ Still streak free after 10 months of Pacific Northwest weather. (Very frequent rain. Not much UV.)
+ Zero chattering at all speeds

- None found. They just work

Durability can only be tested over time and I'll likely update this as the wiper deteriorates. So far the compound remains viable through a good range of temperatures: -3°C through 35°C (26.6°F through 95°F)
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on July 5, 2014
So far, the best wipers I've had in years and years. I bought a used truck and the old wipers were shot. Turns out, when I took them off to replace with these, the old ones were the exact same Bosch Evolution wipers. So, sure, eventually they'll need to be replaced. I have no way of knowing how old they were when I took them off but honestly, they weren't completely trashed, just streaking a little. I guess I'll find out how long these last. I usually have to replace blades twice a year, minimum. Even if I still had to do that, these work far better than any other brand from the get-go. For some reason, they seemed to go on easier, too, even though it's the same connector. Maybe just the flexibility of the blade seemed to help it slide right onto the hook. Very, very little noise. Clears heavy rain with no streaking. Light, misty rain does kind of streak but that's not from the blade itself, it's the nature of light, misty rain and the timing of intermittent wiper speeds. If they last six months, I'll only buy Bosch from now on.
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on August 21, 2012
I got these for my 2009 Nissan Altima hybrid and they work perfectly. So much better than the ones that came on the car (we bought is used so who knows if they were even changed after the initial sale)! I can actually see out the windshield now.

I'm a bit ashamed to say it took me like 15 minutes of sweating in the summer sun and leaning halfway over the front of my car to figure out how to take off the old blades and then put these on. So, good luck. :-)

UPDATE: Two years later, I got these same blades for my new 2014 Honda CRV. Yes, Amazon and the Honda site said they would be the right size. They do fit and they're the same great quality as always, but they leave a small gap on the windshield--not between the blade and the windshield (there's a good fit there) but there is a small area on the passenger side of the windshield that is not covered by either wiper. I tried it with the windshield washer fluid and there was a small triangular section with water still on it...the section where the blades do not meet. It's not big enough to bother me too much (I hope), but beware if you have a 2014 CR-V. The thing is, I know the sizes are right--so short of taking it to the dealer and paying exorbitant rates, I'm not sure what else to do to avoid this gap!
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on August 16, 2017
The sale price prompted me to try these against my better judgement and now I have a light scratch on my windshield from where the wiper flew off. You are playing roulette with faulty locking clips and the bad ones will fall off when you need them, (In the rain - they are fine when not moving). There is a warning - you can see the clip pop up through the windshield. If you try to resecure it - It won't stay reclipped for long. Replace Immediately if it hasn't ended up on the roadside already.
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