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on May 10, 2011
We purchased our Bosch refrigerator four years ago at a higher price than the other comparable models of GE or Maytag . It was Bosch's first model out for refrigerators and we purchased it because of the excellent reputation of other appliances. We have had countless problems. We now have no door panel shelves, all are plastic and have broken leaving jars spilling in the floor. Our top drawer which is too deep no longer has glides. Remaining we have only two small drawers and two shelves remaining. The filters for the water dispenser have to be ordered directly from Bosch and are outrageously expensive. I will not purchase another Bosch appliance based on this experience.
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on August 24, 2016
This is a horrible refrigerator. The doors don't like to close, so you have to give them a little push after you close them and if you (or your kids or visiting friends) forget even once, you come home to melted ice cream and defrosted meat. If that weren't bad enough, the ice maker gets blocked up on a regular basis for no apparent reason and the door shelves fall off and at the slightest pressure, cracking on impact. We've been through FOUR of them and we are not refrigerator thugs by any stretch. We no longer store anything breakable in the door shelves, which is a huge drag. Plus, replacement are so pricey that we didn't even bother the last time. And let's face it, with a fridge this size, you need the door storage.
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on February 23, 2013
We have a Bosche Washer, Dryer, and Dishwasher. So we trusted this brand. The fatal flaw with our fridge is the shelves. They break. We have been through two milk shelves ($100 each) and a regular shelf ($40). It is not that we are putting too much in them, they are just really cheaply made. The plastic is just too thin and lightly built. I looked at our old fridge (in the garage, different brand) and it is sturdy with a lot of reinforcement and support. Really poor engineering by Bosche.
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on April 8, 2015
If I could give it 0 starts I would. Only bought because we needed counter depth refrigerator for our vacation rental and this was on clearance with a deep discount. what a mistake. The controls are confusing. several times the whole unit had to be reset because it would not make ice for no apparent reason. temperature is off. shelves are made of some crappy cheap plastic and started to crack in the 1st year. Now in its 4th year I am yet to come up with replacement for the broken shelves. And this fridge isn't even used every day like one would in a regular household. we have frequent power outages in the area, and more than once the fridge goes crazy after power is restored, ice maker not working. I'd buy regular brand like Frigidaire any day without fancy led lights and confusing buttons and alarms. I feel sorry for anyone who paid $2000 or more for this.
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on May 26, 2017
No room, ice maker keeps breaking, Bosch support no help, bought all 8000 series Bosch equipment, big money, after 2 years microwave died three times i through it away and replaced it with LG for a quarter of the cost now the fridge is giving issues.
The quality of Bosch went way way down. Save your money!
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on December 3, 2015
We purchased our Bosch refrigerator two years ago at a higher price than other comparable Frig. We purchased it because of the excellent reputation. The gallon milk door tray broke after 2 years of use. I called Bosch customer services about it they will not replace it because it is beyond the warranty period. I believe it is a design problem. I was a plant manager. My experience has taught me the product quality and reliability are the most important factors in keeping customers. Bosch manager need to stand behind their product.
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on October 17, 2011
After 7 months of use, I had semi-loved this refrigerator: nice to look at, intelligent layout of shelves. Have had a few minor problems:

- like another reviewer, the top cap on one of the shelves popped off and refuses to stay in place
- the ice dispenser seems to be trying to grind ice even when i'm trying to get full cubes
- the placement of the ice vs. the water dispensers are a bit non-intuitive and I'm always having to show friends how to use it so that they don't end up spilling water or ice all over the floor
- the bottom drawers in the refrigerator can only be pulled out if the refrigerator door is opened to 100%, otherwise it bumps up against the rubber gasket and cannot be pulled out.

But those are generally minor annoyances.

Then, at the 7 month mark, I woke up to an alarm going off with no explanation. Wasn't the door alarm. I turned it off and went to work. Came home and it was going off again. Opened the freezer to find everything melting. Used the manual's guidelines to do a self-test and restart the machine. Woke up to another alarm. Called Bosch and asked for a service appointment. They sent someone the next day, who concluded that the compressor or condensor was bad and that he could not do the work because it is a "closed system". Another day shot.

He referred me to another vendor who took the weekend to call me back. When I spoke to them on Monday, they informed me that they don't do work in my jurisdiction. Great. Another day shot.

Called Bosch again and they referred me to Vendor #3. They informed me that they can come out in two days, but that they would only come out to do a diagnostic and would then have to order parts and make ANOTHER visit out to install. So, Bosch's vendors cant even take the word of their own Bosch servicemen about what is wrong.

No resolution in sight yet, but I'm looking at THREE missed days from work now, and 10+ days without a refrigerator. All on a 7-month old refrigerator that cost over $2,000. I love my other Bosch appliances, but I don't think I'd buy another one after this the style, but I'm not very happy with the substance.
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on September 10, 2012
After owning this fridge for around 4 years now, I can confidently say that it is the worst fridge I've ever had the misfortune of owning.

Nothing works like it's supposed to.

Something is always broken.

The shelves are a cheap and flimsy plastic that easily chips and breaks. The customer service is rude and unhelpful. (They once suggested we were to blame for a shelf breaking by putting a half gallon of milk onto it. What kind of shelf can't support half a gallon of milk?)

This fridge is pretty on the outside, but has minimal practical usage. Based on my experience with this fridge, I would never recommend a Bosh appliance.
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on February 6, 2014
This fridge came with our new high-end home. Within a couple months, running loud. Repair guy came out, tweaked it. 10 minutes later, loud again. We called and before they came back, it quit working. Ruined food, melted ice all over. Complained enough to Ferguson (company that supplied appliances for our builder), that they traded it for an equivalent fridge from different manufacturer. Hope the remaining Bosch appliances in the house don't disappoint like this one did. Avoid it.
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on September 9, 2012
We are very happy with our Bosch fridge. We have had it for about six months with no problems. I wish the bottom meat drawer had been designed better so as not to require the door being open 135 degrees as it rubs up against our adjacent appliance. We were aware of this from reading other reviews but had no choice due to the size constraints of our kitchen.

We find the water and ice output still surprise us when filling glasses and normally hold the glasses near the dispensers rather than sitting the glass in the door. I made some mixed drinks this weekend and the crushed ice dispenser is very quick and efficient. I also changed out the water filter (it is held in the inside of the fridge near the top) and found it to be very quick and easy. I liked not having to sit on the floor and contend with the dust like my previous whirlpool.

I am having some trouble finding a filter replacement online as there seems to be several quite meaningless numbers on the filter box. I'm sure I will crack the code soon or can always go back to the box store where I purchased the fridge.
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