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on March 18, 2011
I grabbed this on a daily deal and then realized the newer PS31 was available for only 16 bucks more. The PS31 has a little more powerful motor with a 20% increase in torque, partially from a 14% reduction in the low speed. It also has a 200 RPM faster high speed. The PS31 is lighter and shorter. It has a second generation LED and a battery indicator. They also improved the soft case with room for bits according to reviews. The downside is that several people have had problems with the chuck, so I decided to stick with the PS30. At Amazon's regular price the PS31 is the better buy though at $35 cheaper. If you get a bad chuck Amazon's return system is painless.

The PS30 is competent. I drove some 3" course thread deck screws edge on into a joist. In low range it was effortless and countersunk them about a quarter inch. High gear was a strain but it got one in. I put a tiny drill bit in and it ran perfectly true. It should do most of the jobs I want to grab it for and has good power for a small drill.

I prefer a soft case compared to the molded plastic ones. The molded hard cases go back in the box after unpacking and get thrown away with the box when I am sure I won't be returning the item. Unfortunately this soft case is designed with the same arrogant philosophy as the molded ones - that you would never want to carry anything in the case except the wonderful accessories they provided. Some industrial Velcro made a decent pocket from the clear plastic instruction holder, but I'll still be scrounging the flea market for an appropriate small nylon bag with pockets.

It was a good buy at the $99 daily deal price. But if you need a small drill right now and can't wait for the next time it is on a daily deal, get the PS31 instead.
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on January 4, 2010
I was initially pleased with the first one of these I received -- right until the gears stripped while drilling into some soft wood. From then on, the high-speed gear would commonly strip under load, whether drilling into resinous pine or a #8 countersink. I contacted Bosch customer support, who advised me to make sure the torque limiter was on the "drill" position (which, of course, it was). They never responded to my reply. I finally decided that this was not as designed, but to give the model another chance. I returned it to Amazon, who had another one delivered to me the next day (free-of-charge). The new one has a motor that sounded slightly different than the first, and exhibits none of the problems. I have to wonder whether they had a bad run.

Overall, the drill works as expected. I use it as my primary drill now, saving the heavy-duty one for high-torque jobs. The smaller handle is a trade-off -- it's much easier to get into tighter spaces, but obviously won't stand upright. The one-hand chuck works surprisingly well, but is not as deep as the chuck on a standard-sized drill, so expect to tighten it a bit more to prevent the bit from slipping in some applications. The light works a expected, but isn't terribly bright, and is easily obscured by the workpiece. Charging time is as-advertised; I haven't managed to run out of juice before the second battery was ready to go.

Overall, I'm very pleased.
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on May 1, 2014
I purchased this drill a while back, but when it first arrived the battery won't charged at all. I contacted Amazon about the defects, and they told me to send it back and then they will replace it with another one. I received a new one from Amazon, before I could send the defective drill back. Now that is excellent service. Oops got a little side track. The new drill I received worked flawlessly up to this date. The batteries hold their charges very well and the drill has ample power. This drill is very light comparing to the 18v Milwaukee or 16v Craftsman. I used this drill a lot and it kept on drilling.
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on March 11, 2011
To preface, I had used this drill in a cabinet making class and was already familiar with it. This drill and a pair of 18v Makitas (the white ones) for $230 had been in my Shopping Cart for about six months and I finally pulled the trigger on this one when it became a Lightning Deal.

I had not expected two batteries to come with the Bosch! A very pleasant surprise. One of the main reasons I had such a hard time deciding between the Bosch for $130 or the Makita Drill+Driver combo was that the Makitas came with 2 batteries, and I assumed this one only had 1.

Second surprise: I wanted a drill with an LED; we have a few of the Makitas at work which also have LEDs and it's been too convenient for me to do without. The LED on the Bosch lights up when you squeeze the trigger slightly, without activating the drill, and the light turns off immediately after releasing the trigger. The LED on the Makita doesn't turn on unless the drill is activated, which can be annoying if you've already got a screw on, and the light stays on for 30sec or so after you've turned it on, which isn't really a big deal as it is hardly using any battery life, right? Just a minor thing, but for me I actually find it very convenient.

So far I could not be happier.
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on November 28, 2012
This is a fantastic drill for home use. It would probably handle heavy duty use quite well. It is the first quality driver I have ever owned and now has me hooked on Bosch hand tools. It is a very solidly built piece of equipment, but not too heavy or unbalanced for my use. In the past, I have typically bought the el cheapo, near-disposable models when they are on sale at Lowes or Home Depot. There is nothing disposable about this. When this one was on sale on Amazon, I jumped for it. I have no regrets. It provides plenty of power for just about everything I need it to do around the house - the occasional woodworking project, hanging pictures for my wife, building a backyard shed, and everything in between. Two batteries provided means I always have one charged. On the rare occasion a I need more juice over the course of the day, the batteries charge long before the second runs out. As long as I can still replace the batteries when they eventually wear out (showing no signs yet, though all rechargeables eventually die), I will have this drill for years to come.
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on July 31, 2010
I ordered this drill to replace some very old drills with battery technology that suffered from the 'memory problem'. This drill is a lot smaller and lighter than my old ones, but it packs a lot of punch. I just finished a garage project hanging Gladiator Gearwall, and had to drive over 1,000 2" deck screws. This little guy was well up to the task. It drove about 300 screws on a single charge (no pre-drilling), and by the time the battery was dead, the 2nd battery was fully charged and ready for action. I never had to wait on batteries. Also, with the Litheon technology, the battery discharge curve is very steep, i.e the drill will drive very well until it is ready to die - you won't even know until about the last couple of screws that it is ready to give up. That's the way a drill should operate - effective until end-of-charge.

I also like the size - the head can get into smaller areas. The product comes with a zippered soft nylon case. I would have preferred a molded plastic case - that's probably my only gripe about this purchase.
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on July 22, 2011
Love this drill. I had to get that out there first. I've put together and hung up so many things with it in my new house it's crazy, and it's still going strong.

The best thing about it is that I'm [extremely] clumsy, and this drill has fallen from 8 feet onto concrete and tile quite a few times, and there are no issues with it. So glad, so happy I bought it!

I should mention that I was confused on what drill to buy for awhile, knowing that I planned on doing a lot of home improvement stuff. I knew I wanted something powerful, but a lot of the stronger ones were expensive, and bulky. And the cheaper ones didn't seem to have great power. I settled on this one, and I love it. The second battery it comes with, and the separate charging stand, is great as well.
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on February 9, 2014
I have had this drill for over a year and love the performance of it. Has the power for most jobs and a very long battery life. I like the fact that the batteries do not discharge when sitting for a long period of time without use. Makes it easy to just pick up and use at any time. Battery charge time is approximately 1/2 hour so I have never been without power. The light helps in dark areas where you can not get another light source to work.
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on November 9, 2010
Great little drill. I have never had a battery go out on me in less than 45 mins. Comes with 2 batteries, so you can always have a fully charged battery to swap it out on the fly. Batteries only take 20-30 minutes to charge.

I have now used this drill over a year, and have only good things to say about it. Just helped a friend build a 600 square foot deck using LOTS of screws. Keep one battery on the charger, and by the time your battery dies, the backup is fully charged. Swap out, and keep on moving!

This also has a small LED light that helps in not so well lit areas. Great power for how small it is. Very handy to have around.
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on April 9, 2011
I bought the Bosch PS30-2A 12 volt drill to go with the Bosch impact river that I already owned. I had never seen one before I ordered this one. It arrived a few days later and it was everything I had hoped for.
It is compact just like my impact driver. This drill has a nice clutch feature and the chuck seems to be strong. I have used it to drill numerous holes for screws in cabinets and other projects and it had been great. I even used it to drill a 1/4 inch hole in a steel plate. The little drill did the job just fine.
I now have matching batteries and chargers for my drill and impact driver. The cases are identical. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
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