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on December 9, 2016
Recently we were at a Bose store and bought the Bose Computer MusicMonitors to add music to another room in our home. We have several Bose computer speakers connected to Airport Expresses in order to stream music all throughout the house. How do the MusicMonitors perform and compare to other Bose offerings? Here are our impressions:


The MusicMonitors are built like a tank! There is a great heft to the metal inclosure which houses the proprietary transducers, passive radiators and the quality miniaturized linear amp. The quality and heft of the speakers are similar to that of the solid metal SoundLink Mini. Unfortunately the remote, while handy, feels cheep. Still, it will more likely be lost than broken.


If there were just one word to describe the sound it would be, "CRISP!" When we played a CD on our iMac we could hear every nuance of every instrument with incredible separation and precision. The detail, clarity and over-all sound signature are very similar to my Bose QC15 over-ear headphones which are great.

At lower volumes, The MusicMonitors can be a bit too crisp. They can sound sterile lacking warmth. Crank the MusicMonitors up, however, and they become deep and rich as is expected from Bose. By the way, there is virtually no downgrade in music quality when the volume is maxed out. Instead the quality shines more the louder they are played.

Voices are projected nicely front-and-center to the rest of the music. This is fantastic as many Bose speakers tend to have mids that are slightly withdrawn - QC15 headphones included.


So, we compared our new purchase to the Bose Companion 20 which are also computer speakers. The 20s are much more pleasantly warm sounding at every volume, though not as crisp and detailed as the Monitors. The Companion 20 also are more dynamic with a punchier bass. I would say that even the bass on the Companion 2 Series III speakers has more thump than the Monitors though the quality of the bass on the Companion 2's sounds synthetic and very loose by comparison. Of course, none of these can match the bass of our Bose Companion 3 Series II (yes, we own them all) which has a dedicated subwoofer.

The MusicMonitors sound far more detailed and accurate than the Bose SoundDock Series II. Yet again, the Monitors lack some of that richness at lower volumes that even the SoundDock has.

Finally, the MusicMonitors get much louder than our SoundLink Color and there is no comparison to the quality of the sound - the Monitors easily best the bluetooth speaker in every regard.


The Bose MusicMonitors are a small pair of speakers that give a GREAT quality of music at moderately high volumes. If you need the small footprint then they are the best you can get. For example, if you travel and want laptop speakers which will outperform a Bluetooth speaker then you cannot go wrong with the MusicMonitors.

If decision is amongst Bose computer speakers then you have a more difficult decision. I agree with other reviewers who say that the Monitors are more accurate in faithful music reproduction, but the Companion 20's generally sound better because of the greater warmth and dynamics. The 20's are about twice the size though. If space is not the issue, then consider a 2.1 Bose computer system - you will fall in love. Really, it is not just about having loud bass. The subwoofer makes all music much more dynamic and engaging.

One final note. These are the first Bose computer speakers I have tried which do not sound nearly as well unless you are using them exactly what they are intended for - sitting about a foot in front of them like at a computer. Maybe this is a no brainer, but their other computer speakers (which have Truespace that the Monitors do not) also sound great across the room. When you are right in front of the Monitors however - the magic of stereo sound immerses you.
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on March 1, 2017
Too expensive for a very poor sound quality. No bass, even putting at maximum on equalizer.
For somebody who will hear classical music from a good quality stream in a computer is a trash: no way to make its sound bring up the indispensable spectrum of the music.
I have had several Bose speaker very satisfactory, but not this one. A BIG deception and a loss of money.
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on March 11, 2017
VERY disappointing sound. the only thing that brought it to life was the app BOOM2...that helped a great deal. Product support is nonexistant and useless. I would not recommend these overpriced and underperformed speakers.
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on March 24, 2017
As usual, Bose delivers clean, clear and rich sound through these computer music monitor speakers that I have hooked up to my iMac computer. I'm very pleased and satisfied with these fine sounding and good looking speakers.
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on March 25, 2017
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on January 19, 2014
Bose says it all! Very easy to set up, simply plug and go. I admit I was a bit skeptical due to the size of the speakers but they blew me away when turned on. I spend a LOT of time on my PC and listen to tones of music via iTunes and I've not had any distortion of sound with these speakers. I did feel they were a bit overpriced but after experiencing the quality of Bose I'm sold.
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on January 4, 2012
I have an 80-inch projector screen, which I carry with a messenger bag, filled with a portable pc, projector, table, and these speakers. In 5 minutes I setup everything and I have an indoor/outdoor theater. I've tried various 2-speaker systems, and none have compared to this Bose set. When I ordered these speakers, I had a few beers, the next morning I was in deep regret... Bose has a 2-speaker system for $90, why did I click on the $300 one????

2 days into owning this I have NO REGRETS. Bass is BOOMING!!! There is an oversaturation override, so put the speakers to maximum (the speaker light will blink when you're at max volume), turn the PC volume to maximum, and should the volume get too loud, the speakers automatically cut down in power/volume. Everyone who hears these loves it! They are always looking for the subwoofer. I set up my theater 2 times a day, 6 or 7 times a week. I keep these Bose speakers in a cheap Rubbermaid container in my messenger bag. Works flawlessly. Soon, I'll buy a pair in black for my desktop computer! Problem is, I have a nearly 20-year old Bose speaker system that's still working :)

Recommended for people who are portable. I plug this into my portable PC which has a sound EQ, but I tried plugging it directly into my projector, which I assumed would have a cheap sound output, but it sounded GREAT.

No regrets!
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on August 23, 2010
Played them beside the Companions they are replacing and all the expense suddenly seems worth it. They are beauties, rock hard, unobtrusive, full sound at the lowest volume, and the bass can sometimes surprise you. Long after i've replaced the gadgets hooked to them, i'll be enjoying these speakers. Hopefully, i'll be convinced, over time, that the extra 100 or 150 bucks i had to pay for them (399 flat at amazon) - what I call the Bose "we're the best and you can't argue with that, so pay up" premium - will be less remembered than the years of great sound that i got out of them. we shall see. i miss the volume knob on the front like my companions had, but i know engineers and designers hate knobs, and they do give you a remote with these speakers, but, nothing is more human than a knob that you don't even have to look at to operate.
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on December 1, 2014
These little babies have a really great sound for the size. I use them to listen to movies and music on my TV / laptop. MusicMonitors are waaaay better than my Vizio TV's built in speakers. And they make a nice upgrade from my budget Logitech computer speakers. Admittedly, that's not a high bar. But I can say they fill up my average sized bedroom (15x20) just fine.

They aren't home theater or booming rock loud - unsurprisingly, the bass doesn't stand up at higher volumes - but they've got a very nice sound richness and volume for the size. Plenty loud for normal use, sitting across the room, listening to jazz or watching action movies.

Pros: I love the compactness, the style, and the remote control. They fit neatly on either side of my cable box, on one of those little glass rack TV stands that mounts to the wall. They're about the size of soda cans. The sound quality is surprisingly good for the size.

Cons: I don't love the $300 MSRP. It's just too high. I'm told there are better compact speakers for $300, or a bit more. I got my set on sale, and I bought them because they fit my particular needs.

One more con: The bass is kind of weak... fortunately, I don't need the music to shake my window panes.
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on April 18, 2009
I've looked everywhere in the US for portable laptop speakers, and these are by far the best sounding of the bunch. They're a bit heavy, but come with a convenient case. They can get fairly loud, and the sound quality is excellent for the size. Are they worth $399? That's debatable, but I bought them and love them. When I'm not traveling, they're in my bedroom hooked to an Apple Airport Express 802.11n, getting music/podcasts from the Mac in my office. I control the entire thing with my iPod Touch (Remote app). They're great little extra speakers for a guest bedroom or something. I may even buy another set if I can save up the cash!

Summary: If money is no object when you want the best of something, buy these! You won't be disappointed. These speakers are the best at what they do, at any cost.

<edit> I've since purchased a second pair of these in black. The new version has a wall wart 1A power supply instead of the previous model's inline 2A power supply, and the volume level doesn't seem to go as loud as a result. I ended up bringing the old silver speakers to work with the new power supply and kept the black ones at home with the old supply. Not sure why they would change the power supply. Maybe people were blowing the speakers? Maybe they saved $2.
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