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on April 9, 2013
I use this with my Dell XPS 8500 desktop computer and it provides outstanding sound! The two small speakers on stands (stands can be easily removed) give rich tones and quality one expects from Bose. The sub-woofer adds those great bass sounds and the disk controller is very handy and close by - no reaching for a tiny speaker volume knob, especially for older or worn hands.

This system could not be easier to hook up and it starts working immediately with no complicated software to download. If you want rich sound from your computer, this is the system for you!
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on June 14, 2010
Like everyone else was looking for a set of computer speakers. I am not a fan of 5.1 systems so i wanted a good basic 2.1 stereo speaker system. Initially I went through a lot of reviews including the ones for the BOSE Comp3/comp5 /Logitech/Klipsch/HK etc.The things I realized were that all products had their + and -. So I just got pained realizing there's no thing even close to perfect even for the price range. As for the Bose I found out its the typical Love/Hate thingy. Anyways I ended up getting a pair of Eagle Tech's 2.1 after the relatively positive reviews I read,so get it open and listen to them. Right from the beginning something was majorly missing,I mean it had 2 mid range drivers so vocals were good,base was lacking,trebles were ok.Try as I might I was unable to get that punch in the system(I am no fan of any sort of exaggerated tones like thumping base or screeching highs!),just that it lacked anything to boast about. After about a month I gave up on this system.I also listened to couple of Bose/Yamaha systems in Cafes/restaurants nearby. I definitely realized a difference, the sounds were really open.This time around I didnt check any reviews-just went and ordered the BOSE 2.1 from Amazon.
Plug it in and start playing the higher quality songs(320 kbps mp3/FLAC Lossless) and Wow!!!
I must say I was blown off! Suddenly the sounds opened up,there was life in the songs!Trust me, people are not lying when they say they hear new sounds/subtle tones in their music-cause its true !
There was basically no comparison w/ my old speakers though its unfair to compare a $50 product from a new player in the market to an established costly brand like BOSE.But thats the fact!
As for the audio quality its amazing-vocals jump out,highs are clear and above all the bass is very clean! One thing is you need to take time to find the best location for the satellites and sub. I tried 3 different positions for my sub-My room is very tricky as its not carpeted and its square.Both are pretty bad factors as far as room acoustics are concerned.So my sub is currently below my desk directly below my left speaker-Its somewhat in the middle of the room in one direction about a foot from the wall.The bass is much smoother now. Corner was good if you wanted a more boomier base.

As for the satellites I placed mine about 3 feet apart-I found this works best to create a beautiful wide soundstage. Depending on the recording,vocals come from the centre,drums seem to come either left/right about edge of my table,violins seem to come behind the vocals etc. Placing them further decreases the effect to the extend the sounds start coming distinctly from the speakers-not the best stereo effect .

Also I adjusted my equalizer a little bit to give just that extra punch and life out the music.Compared to the default flat settings this makes the instruments really pop-locals literally jump out,percussion beats are tight and strong,strings float in front of you!

My conclusion is there is no perfect system-music is a very subjective matter,lots of factors affect our hearing from personal choices/room acoustics/equalizer settings etc. Having said that these speakers work great for me-I have a heard other systems after I purchased these just to compare-creative/HK soundsticks/Klipsch etc. Just that these to my ears sounded the best among them-a more balanced sound.I would say people should go to stores try them out-take your time and decide.All the best!Happy listening.
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on January 7, 2011
3 things I like most about the Bose Companion 3...

1. Sound Quality

This system sounds outstanding for its size! If you can, listen to one in person (some chain stores carry a functioning display) and decide for yourself. To be fair, I'm not a serious audiophile, so check other reviews for more detailed critiques of the sound.

2. Small Footprint - Sleek Design

The 2 satellite speakers require very little room and can be removed from their stands for an even smaller footprint. The subwoofer is relatively compact and easily fits under a desk.

3. Remote Volume "Puck"

The wired remote control "puck" is used to control the system volume, you can plug an aux input into it (like an MP3 player), or you can use it for headphones. A material on the bottom of the puck magically holds it in place wherever you decide to set it. You can also mute the volume simply by touching the top of the puck. Very handy!

So what's not to like?

The most significant downside about this system is its price/value. You are paying a premium for a Bose product. I tested speakers that (to me) sounded just as good as this system for less money. If your main criteria is finding the best "bang for the buck" in a speaker purchase, there are probably better options. That's why I only gave it 4 stars.

Edit: I generally wouldn't complain about this, but because this is a top-dollar Bose product I have higher expectations...

The ON/OFF switch and subwoofer control should be moved from the subwoofer to the "puck" remote control. These are currently small (somewhat hard to find) controls on the rear of the subwoofer. Since most people probably keep the subwoofer on the floor/under a desk/in an obscure location, it makes turning on the speakers or tuning the subwoofer an inconvenience.

Bottom Line...

If you're looking for a super-sleek speaker system with great sound and handy wired remote...and you don't mind paying a few extra bucks for these features...then this system is worth serious consideration.
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on September 28, 2011
I came up with a way to hang the speakers on the wall. Since most computer user's have a wall behind their computer, you can free up desk space and in my case get better sound by hanging the speakers on the wall. This works for both Companion 3 & Companion 5 as well.

You can remove the stand from each speaker without doing any damage easily. Turning the speaker around, there is one screw that hold the stand onto the speaker. Remove the screw, remove the stand, and save it for someday if you decide to use them. Before you place the screw back into the speaker, place a wire cable tie down on the screw and screw back into the speaker. Next place a pushpin on the wall for each speakers where you want to hang them. Now, take a 6" cable tie, run it through the cable clamp and connect the ends about 1/2". Just hang the speakers on each push pin and your done. Easily adjustable for sound and separation.

Just let the wires drop straight down behind your desk and plug into the sub-woofer and your ready to go.

One thing I would ad after reading some of the bad reviews: BE SURE TO ADJUST YOUR SOUND PROPERTIES TO 5.1 !! IF YOU DON'T, YOU'LL BE SORELY DISAPPOINTED IN THE SOUND QUALITY. Tinny highs and bad base. It's amazing how this one adjustment can really turn you on or off to BOSE. I absolutely love my Companion 3's and 5's. I have these on all my computer's and use a Sony Walkman plugged into the input jack on the pod and get FM stereo. I even use my SIRIUS on them.

As for the rest of the review, the other 5 star reviewers have made an excellent review and not much I can ad there. Enjoy .....
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on February 8, 2010
Since this is a largely positive review, I am going to start with the negatives, and get them out of the way...

1) Size. The two speakers are incredibly small, as Bose products usually are. This is wonderful. The weird thing, however, is that the subwoofer is absolutely enormous. It is, in fact, too deep for my shelf on my desk, so it hangs over an inch or two. I bought Bose because I wanted a small footprint; instead I got two tiny footprints and a Sasquatch.

2) The controller has a plug-in point for headphones. For some reason, the sound quality when I used it was very poor. Now I stick the headphones in the main computer, where they belong.

Now the positives:

1) Sound quality is excellent. I use my computer for gaming and occasionally Netflix movies, and I have been very pleased with both.

2) The controller is a stroke of genius. It is a small disc you can place almost anywhere. You turn it to adjust the volume, and tap the top to mute. Absolute simplicity. There is also a plug-in for headphones there, but, as I mentioned earlier, I wouldn't recommend them.

Overall, an excellent choice. As other reviews have mentioned, this is a 2.1 speaker system, and you definitely lose some sound quality from a 5.1. Truth be told, however, I don't know too many people who have 5.1 speakers attached to their computer. If I need surround sound, I plug in my headphones. For everything else, these speakers absolutely do the job.
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on April 22, 2011
These speakers fit a niche. When I purchased these in December 2010, no other computer speaker did as good a job of combining attractiveness, small size, and good sound. If the combination of these factors is important to you, then you should definitely consider these speakers. Some reviews talked about these speakers sounding "tinning" to the point that it almost scarred me off. I am happy that it didn't. If you put your ear a few inches from the speakers, I can understand why people say this. I keep my speakers 4-5 feet to the left and right of the computer monitor and the speaker system sounds very full. In fact, I believe the sound is impressive given its size and relatively low cost compared to more costly speakers many people, including myself, choose for their audio/video system(s). Truthfully, I didn't think I would enjoy the puc as much as I do, but it has been a real treat. It's also small so it doesn't take up much real estate, and it is much more convenient than managing sound through the computer, particularly if the screen saver has already kicked in or you need to answer the phone quickly. By the way, I got these for $225 as all retailers at the time were selling these 10% off.
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on February 9, 2010
I really like Bose. I like the company, and I like the products they release. I was building my new PC system and saved enough cash to spring for some Bose speakers, although I couldn't bring myself to go for the Companion 5's so I settled with the 3's.

I really like these speakers, they sound great. When I am listening to music it is a really enjoyable experience.

If I were to have an issue, and mainly the reason I couldn't give 5 stars, was that the low tones seem to be only picking up in the sub, and are really distinguishable from the rest of the sound being produced. This separation of sound was noticeable to me and enough for me to mention it here.

I would recommend any Bose product to people who can afford them, they are excellently made, and Bose is a great company that sinks 100% of its money back into research and development of new sound technologies. They will always be a leader in the field, and always be on the cutting edge of sound.
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on September 28, 2015
The speakers are really nice looking, however the wires aren't really long enough. Also one of my speakers broke after about a year. It was really disappointing, considering I usually love Bose products.
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on March 31, 2011
This system is amazing! That's all I can say, it is admittedly my first Bose sound system but it is the best by far of any system I have ever had. Even thought this is not as expensive as the $400 version it keeps right up with it! (my roomate has the other version). The sound quality is amazing even when the thing us at full volume, there is no sheering or screeching. I had to turn the base down because it shakes the floor even at half volume! The only criticism I have is it is not a USB connector, but a standard speaker connector. Even so this thing is a beast and the great thing about the standard connector connects to my iPhone. So if you are looking for great Bose sound with high quality steel speaker boxes without completely breaking the bank look no further!!
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on July 13, 2011
When I initially set up these speakers with my iMac, I was disappointed with the sound quality. The highs were tinny, the mid-range was terrible (vocals sounded like they were coming from a deep tunnel), and the lows sounded boomy. However, after downloading some equalizer software (JoeSoft Hear), these speakers sounded very good, especially considering their diminutive size. The sound output just needed a little tweaking. I'm sure that any other sound equalizer software would work as well. Unfortunately, out of the box, I can't recommend these speakers. For $200+, you shouldn't have to buy additional software to fix the sound.
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