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on June 30, 2015
I got these headphones for an overseas trip. Works like a charm and cancels out most of the noise on the plane. I love the case that it comes in and the interior pocket stores the jacks conveniently. I used them every night now to stream on my Kindle so I don't have to hear the stomping and loud talk coming from the apartment above me. They are also very comfortable for my ears.

They came in very good condition. I tried to listen to a cheaper brand of noise-cancelling headphones but it's hard to compare with Bose! I love Bose!
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As a consultant I traveled 2-3 days per week. I spent a lot of time listening to one-sided cell phone conversations, inane chatter, jet engines, train noise and bad music in coffee shops and airport concourses. I purchased the Bose Quiet Comfort headphones right before I departed on a 5 day, 3 city trip.

From the moment I put them on I knew this was a breakthrough product. Sure - I noticed something akin to pressure on my ears but that sensation passed in a few minutes. It's just like getting used to wearing a watch - you end up not noticing it at all after a short time. What has not passed is the joy in letting the rest of the world just fall away so that I can get some down time while traveling.

Not only was the background noise from the plane's engines gone, but I could actually turn the volume down on my Creative Zen Vision much lower than would be the case with other headphones because the music wasn't competing with the roar of the engines.

The same with the volumn while watching movies - I didn't have to crank up the volume just to hear what was being said. I could even hear the dialogue of movies played on my laptop and those played by the airline. I cannot emphasize this point enough - for the first time ever, I could actually hear music and videos without cranking up the volume to the max - saving my ears from damage as well as avoiding dirty looks from my fellow passengers.

On my honeymoon, my wife and I both brought along a pair. Being able to distance ourselves from all the background noise really did increase the relaxation factor and allowed us to travel 12 hours each way in relative peace. Speaking of honeymoons - this item would be a GREAT wedding gift. There is nothing worse than to spend your time enroute to some fabulous tropical destination for your honeymoon listening to the kids behind you scream while their father snores away.

Even at home, my wife will sometimes wear her headphones while reading. It completely eliminates any noise from the television in the next room.

Contrary to what one other reviewer has stated, the sound from these headphones is anything but distorted. I find that I can hear subtleties in music that I cannot hear over my home entertainment system. The fact that I can still hear these subtleties while in a loud environment is an added bonus.

You probably will not wear these headphones while in the gym (though I have actually seen people wearing them while on the treadmill at my local gym - the same type of people that wear designer workout shorts). There are also times where you don't need noise reduction. For these times, I have inexpensive headphones. I would not however deduct any points from Bose for making a specialty set of headphones just because they are not perfect for all situations. I would not take points off my favorite leather jacket because I can't wear it to the beach in July.

Yes, these things are expensive. But if you feel the need to shield yourself from the pervasive noise of the modern world, there really is no substitute on the market.
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on January 22, 2014
I bought the QC2 for my girlfriend. ( It was in excellent condition, as described.)
I like this model because you don't have to worry about recharging a battery pack. The AAA batteries last a long time in these headphones. It seems airplanes, these days, are less insulated from engine noise. These headphones do a lot to quiet that noise (especially the low and mid frequencies) and bring comfort while traveling. In addition to blocking the continuous white noise and engine hum, they perform nicely for music listening and movie watching. These headphones obviously can't block all undesired noises, but the significant amount that they do block is worth the investment.
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on April 7, 2017
it is very comfortable on head, and soft cushions to ears.. sound is great.. but pricy... there are other headphones out there for best sound quality for the lower price.. may not be so comfortable like bose.. check out other reviews
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This is my second set of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. I bought the first pair for my wife so that she could escape a noisy environment at work. She absolutely loved them. I bought a second set 6 months later for a plane flight from Seattle to Miami. I could not believe the difference the headphones made. It really reduced the noise level on the plane.

As an added bonus, the airline supplied little video units with headphones for entertainment. If you cranked the volume up to maximum, you could almost hear it. I switched out their headphones for the Bose headphones and it nearly blew my head off! I had to reduce the volume from 13 to 3. The difference was unbelievable. Add to that the elimination of cabin noise and you cannot find a better deal.

The battery life (one battery in the headphone to power it) seems to be extreme. My wife has over 120 hours of use on hers and it is still using the company provided battery!

We have not had any problems with the construction of either unit. We treat it with the care that we would with any other high quality instrument. These units are well worth the money.
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on March 14, 2006
I know $[...] for headphones is outrageous, but it all came clear once I put them on. The Bose Quiet Comfort 2 (QC2) noise canceling headphones deliver Bose quality sound along with Bose quality noise cancellation. They are the same price as my ipod and to be honest, I would rather have these with a CD player than an ipod with ipod ear buds. I can't stand ear buds. I brought these headphones on a plane to Florida last week (~3hrs) and when I turned them on, the airplane noise diminished to almost nothing. When I played music, I couldn't hear anything except for the music, which had amazing sound. The bass does not deteriorate like other headphones in the air. The flight was so nice, that when we landed, I didn't want to leave. The only thing that the QC2 don't cancel out is human voice, which is good. That way, you'll hear if the pilot announces that you flight is rerouted say to New Zeeland! Just kidding.
That was the way there. On the way back, some parents brought their 4 yr old son on board who, as you can imagine, was quite boisterous. Quite boisterous throughout the entire flight in fact. The headphones cancelled his crying. Thank God! When in the air listening to music, if I closed my eyes, it was like sitting in a house listening to an expensive speaker system. The Bose headphones are the most comfortable headphones I've ever warn. I can wear them for hours without getting a headache. I think next Bose should design airplane seats!
Specs: The QC2 has one microphone placed right by each of your ears that anticipate unwanted background noises, and transmits canceling waves. They also contain triport technology, which allows the headphones to reproduce low tones without adding weight to the headset. Also the headphones have a detachable cord which allows you to just use the headphones for noise cancellation without having to deal with a cord. On the detachable cord is a hi/low adjustment for portable and non-portable devices. The headphones come with an almost hard shell carrying case which includes a removable pouch, 2 human ear replicas to put the headphones around, a whole set of Bose courtesy cards for you to give out to possible customers, and an external pocket. The headphones use 1 AAA battery which is supposed to last for 35 hrs of use. On the right cup of the headphones is a light indicator that is on when the headphones are on and flashes when the battery is going to last for about 15 minutes more.

Pros: Great sound, great noise cancellation, great amount of comfort.
Cons: Price, the carrying case does not have a compartment to hold the detachable cord.
Suggestion to customer: Before I bought the QC2, I owned the Bose triport. These headphones have the same triport technologies that the QC2 has, and are almost equal in sound quality. They are great headphones that go for half the price of the QC2. To read more on the Bose triport headphones, click on the "see all my reviews" next to my name.
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on December 23, 2006
I purchased these headphones from Bose when they first came out many years ago. The clarity was amazing and the noise cancellationn lived up to it's name because I could not hear anything, anything at all when I had them on, which further amplified the already amazing sound. Then one day the headband broke at the swivel. I was extremely upset but I was about 19 years old when they broke so I didn't think to try to get a replacement; I just figured it was a loss, an expensive loss. Besides, I was after the one year warranty so they wouldn't help me anyhow, right?

One day I was planning to move and found these in the back of my closet. I got curious and called Bose to see if, after two years, they would assist me. Not really expecting much I talked to a manager. To my surprise and delight the manager told me that the headband cracking was a known issue and that I could get a new pair shipped out and when I got the new one's to ship the old one's back in the box they came in. I was on a high! Super happy! They came in 2 days by UPS and I was up and running again.

When I looked at the new pair I noticed the look was a little different. I thought maybe they amped up the headband so I thought nothing about it. When I turned them on they were not as noise-cancelling as the others. The first pair made you feel like you were in a concert hall by yourself listening to a live performance and no one could break through the sound. With the new pair I heard everything in the background and the sound was not as sharp as the first one's. Anyhow, I got over this minor blip and used them. After about 6 months the headband on the second one cracked and broke exactly where the first one's had, and alas I had no more headphones. Eventually I purchased a pair from Amazon for $130 used but the seller was very dishonest and sold me a pair that was broken like the one's I had and they would not refund my money, so beware if you must get these used.

All in all I am very disappointed in this product, not because of the sound so much but because of the construction. I know technology and sound takes a lot of money to produce, but a sturdier plastic would have made these a lot better and more able to last the test of time. To be honest I would have paid a bit more for a headphone I knew was going to last more than a few months, the sound was that good. I am back in the market for some really nice cans with fantastic sound as well as earbuds for one the run music listening but I do not dare go back to Bose for cans because I know what the new style headphones look and sound like and in my opinion it's not worth the extra $31 markup that seems to be going on with Amazon and not worth the $299 they used to be. I am looking at Sennheiser or Audio-Technica but I cannot deal with this product again. If they decide to update the plastic band then I would give it another chance, but as it is I do not recommend this set to anyone and this product gets a 1/2 star from me because the sound means nothing if you can't even wear them and for this price Bose should know better.
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on October 3, 2014
This is an awesome noise canceling headphones. Have a good noise canceling and when combine with music you don't hear almost anything of outside. The sound is great, the bass is GOOD and the treble is GOOD too and very comfortable. Now I have the Bose QC15 and this are better than the QC2 I mean in sound, noise canceling and convenience are equal.
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on August 30, 2017
Ive been using these for over a year, work great..
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on December 7, 2017
Works really well. Exceeded my expectations. Yea. I threw out my older one different major brand, tech progresses.. Product looks like new.
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