Customer Reviews: Bose SoundDock Series II 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock (Black)
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on December 26, 2008
I did quite a bit of research before getting the Bose SoundDock II. I wanted a dock that would work with my iPod touch 2G, have superb sound quality, and preferably charge my iPod while docked. Well I have to say that I got all i wanted and then some with this unit.

I read some reviews online written by "audiophiles" and supposed "sound experts" bashing Bose for selling overpriced and underpowered equipment. These people just don't get it. I won't go on to bore you in detail about the ridiculous things that were said but I will mention that these people are comparing the SoundDock to a home stereo setup that entails having a receiver with two separate wired speakers. Is this a fair comparison? I beg to differ.

To summarize this product it's a compact unit you can have in virtually any room in the house minus a bathroom (for safety purposes) and its sound can be described as warm and beautiful with deep enough bass to make your sound come alive but not wake the neighbors. Clear, never distorted at any volume. You get what you pay for.

Thanks Bose!
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on January 23, 2009
The Bose SoundDock has the Bose quality sound you would expect. It is a great way to play your IPOD, just plug it into the dock and play. You do not have any control over bass and treble, just volume. The remote has a good feel to it and responds well. There is a small green light in the dock that lights up each time you press a remote button. You will usually use the remote to change the volume, select the next or previous track and turn it on/off. The SoundDock itself only has 2 buttons for volume up and down.
The volume goes louder than I expected and I never have turned it up all the way, even when the kids are playing their IPODs.

There are a few things they could have improved......The power cord has the transformer built into the middle of the cord, it should have been built into the unit. The power cord plugs straight into the back of the SoundDock with a small round plug and it will come out easily if the unit is moved. The docking station is a seperate piece that is attached and it moves around a little which makes it feel loose. There isn't an on/off switch on the unit, just the remote, so you have to turn the IPOD off or use the remote to turn them both off, or just pull the IPOD out. My SoundDock was missing one of the stick on rubber feet on the bottom. I called Bose support and they mailed me one free.

Overall it's a great quality unit where it counts but Bose cut corners where they could on the rest of it.

We do love it and use it almost everyday.
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This must be the best sound system there is for your iPod or iPhone. You just dock your iPhone and start playing your favorite music with such dynamic sound that you will be impressed. The sound is crisp and clear with adequate bass and it makes your favorite songs just rock. It has a small footprint but it sounds like the music is coming out of a stereo 10 times bigger. You can even turn up the volume and hear it rooms away with no distortion and with perfect clarity.

It comes with an auxiliary input for other audio devices, a DC power adapter and a remote control. The remote controls the system and the basic iPod/iPhone functions. You can even skip between playlists to get to the music you want to hear. One drawback is that my iPhone will not dock with the Bose unit with its protective carrying case on. This is an annoyance as it is a pain to take my iPhone out of the case every time but then I always get a smile on my face as the sound it worth it.

This unit is sleek looking with outstanding sound quality and people will just gasp when they hear the quality of the music coming out of this system. I highly recommend it to you as a good piece of entertainment equipment.

I have attached a photo of the unit so you can get a feel for the size of the system.
review image
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on November 12, 2012
I am very disappointed with the quality of this product. I expected a good quality product just like everyone else expects from Bose but this unit is not worth the price by far. The very short one year warranty should tell you something. I barely used this and it's not even 2 years old and the docking connection failed. Had to argue with customer service to get them to agree to fix it for free as long as I pay shipping both ways. They tried to tell me the failed connection was due to normal wear and tear from docking and undocking. I hardly used it! And it cost almost $300! Apparently they expect you to buy a new one every year. Maybe if I had only spent $50 that would be reasonable. I will never buy another Bose product.
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on July 27, 2009
The sound quality is very good for the price point and the size. That said, the remote does not interface correctly with my ipod. Specifically it does not allow the user to move through the menus as it is supposed to. I thought at first the Bose system was defective so I returned it for a new one but the second one has the same problem. All the other remote functions work properly but in order to navigate through the menus on the ipod I either have to hold onto it in the docking station (it doesn't have a snug fit-another drawback) so that the pins don't come loose, or else I have to take the ipod out of the docking station all together, make my music selection and then put it back in the dock. This is a major flaw in an otherwise good product.
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on January 18, 2013
I absolutly love this Bose for my iphone5! I had bought a jambox a couple weeks ago and when I found out about this I had to order it. After it arrived I quickly made the decision to return the jam box ( I liked the jambox a lot). The sound out of this thing is incredible! But there are some cons:

Incredible Sounds
Amazing Remote, nothing cheap here, I can control it in the next room :)
iPhone 5 Supported

Cannot dock the iphone 5 with most cases
Cannot use the AUX input when an iphone is plugged in, even when its not playing anything :-(
I wish I had a small digital clock at the bottom
No Color options
No other varieties with iPhone 5 support, like one with a battery, or bluetooth, etc..

Overall a Extremely good purchase without any regrets. I wish deeply in my heart that I could use the AUX input with my iPhone plugged in, even when its not playing anything, the only real Con.
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on October 7, 2015
I received this product today. To my amazement this item is dead on arrival. I called Bose customer support and was promptly placed on hold for 28 minutes then transferred and placed on hold again for 8 minutes. I was assured this item is compatible with iphone 6. I was able to control the volume, pause/play, turn the system off and scroll between tracks and cd's however there was no sound. I even tried the auxiliary port with no avail. This dock did charge the phone but the speakers were faulty. To Bose's credit I have a previous portable sound dock that is in excellent shape after 8 years of daily use.

My biggest complaint is that customer service was unwilling to process an overnight shipment of the new product and told me it would take 10-12 business days once they received confirmation of shipment of the defective unit. What is this 1999? Even the Rep. who was very professional strongly suggested I return to Amazon...I agree. You would think Bose would step up to the plate for a loyal customer. I hope this is not indicative of Bose's current build quality.
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on August 25, 2009
Have the 1st Bose SoundDock for 2 older iPods. When bought new iPhone 3GS, bought the new Bose SoundDock II. Excellent sound! Fills 2300 sqft house fully, plus the yard. Rich clear music. Can get very loud, impressive. Kept my iPhone on it for a couple months, then discovered AirTunes, the Apple way of wirelessly turning every speaker in the house into broadcasting station for iTunes playlists and radio etc. AWESOME !!! Just buy an AirPort Express and connect it to the SoundDock II via Belkin Mini-Stereo Cable and you can stream all your playlists / songs to this great speaker PLUS all your other speakers in every room of your house, all at once, individually, or in selected groups. The roof is about to fly off with the volume of intensely great music raising the rafters here!

Then your iPhone is free to use as a Remote, free Apple app, to control your music on all speakers. Heaven! Have a long kirtan / mantra / bhajan playlist and having it going all throughout the house and yard for hours (actually days) non-stop is an amazing boon.

The Bose SoundDock II is expensive but we are very glad we bought it. It is getting a workout now along with all our other systems / speakers, all at once. Plus, we can take the Bose out on the deck, or to the office.
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on December 9, 2012
I purchased three of these - one for my son, one for my home, one for my office, for use with iPhones. After a year of very gentle, careful use, all three are not functional! I am shocked! They no longer connect and have to be wiggled and propped to make a connection to the phone. I am utterly disappointed. I spent a fortune for these sound docks. Bose does not stand behind the product after one year. I threw away almost a thousand dollars. Wow.
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on December 20, 2013
Unlike the Series 2, the Series 3 does not have a volume control or any other control on the main product. The tiny remote is the only means of control, and if you lose the remote you cannot control even the volume. The series 2 does have volume buttons on the main product, but all other control even there is relegated to the remote. Also, any ipod or iphone being docked on either will require the case being removed first. Consider carefully purchasing the Bose or Sony bluetooth units with equally good tone, no issue with docking or case removal, and complete controls on the main unit at least with the Sony.
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