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on October 31, 2012
Has really great sound, but ALL controls are on VERY small remote, which is easily misplaced!! Buttons on remote are especially small for elderly aunt, which gift was purchased for. Needs to have some controls on unit itself for when remote is lost
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on February 4, 2015
I realized not long after I plugged in this Wave System that it was not the Bose experience I was used to. Back when most of us had component systems, I always bought Bose speakers. I have a pair of speakers for my PC desktop that are at least seven years old and have brought me endless hours of pleasure, and sound every bit as good as when I purchased them. When I hooked these up I was amazed to hear new nuances within the music I owned, and the sound is/was unmatched. Last year I bought a television, and found dialogue hard to discern from background noise in some programming. I purchased a Bose TV Bar speaker without hesitation, and it too, is worth every cent of the four hundred dollars I paid for it.

Back to the Wave - even with the antenna attached it picked up less stations than the under-the-cupboard radio in my kitchen, which doesn't use any antennas. Because of the varied sound quality from most of the stations, the radio sound was tinny and obnoxious. I paid half a grand for this? Then I created an MP3 CD - opposed to an audio CD, because it holds over 100 songs. As I inserted CD, I half expected it not to play, since I've read of the many problems with CDs, but it played fine. However, the sound was a notch below OK - far from the other Bose products in my house. Additionally, it did not delineate the track and artist name of the current track on the display.

I use a radio station to wake me up in the morning (with an inexpensive clock radio), but to be entertained by the station's offerings for any length of time, with fair reception, replete with ads (of course, not the Wave's fault) proved intolerable. Then my thoughts went back to another reviewer who said something like "you're paying top dollar for decade-old technology". He or she hit it the nail squarely on the head. I have been spoiled by the wonder of streaming music - commercial-free and exactly what I want to hear.

Lastly, I hooked up my iTunes player through the aux jack and again, I was completely nonplussed by the sheer flatness of the sound. I really would give this radio one star for it not coming anywhere near the ballpark of the Bose experience I am used to, but I am giving it two stars because I should have realized that it is indeed, a decade (and then some) old on the technology side and passed it by.

I think it is human nature to believe if something is high in price, it must be high quality. That, along with my past experience with Bose sound, is what tipped the scales into my decision to purchase it. Going forward, I will not have that mindset.
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on January 1, 2016
I bought this in March 2014. The radio still works beautifully. However, the CD player started malfunctioning a couple of weeks ago. Today, no matter which CD I try to play, I get the message: "Not Playable". This is not the result of excessive use. I hardly listened to CDs in the summer (busy elsewhere in the garden), and seldom for more than one hour per day (about 1 full CD).

After posting a 3-star review here (not mean, but dissatisfied), I reported the problem to Bose. Their answer (e-mailed to me this morning, Monday, January 4th) was to reset the system, i.e. unplug it from the wall, wait five minutes and plug it in again. I did that, and it worked. Thank you so much Bose!

(By the way, I am still using the Bose noise-cancelling headphones that I bought back around 2003 (take of leave one year). I bought new ear-pads last year or the year before, but the frame has aged; it broke twice already: Krazy-glue does not work, but duct-tape does. They still sound "like new".)


Update: February 1st, 2016: It did not last long. Shortly after I wrote the above review, the CD player stopped working again. I tried several times unplugging it, and replugging it after five or ten minutes. Nothing worked. I do not intend to have it repaired (too much of a hassle, especially as I did not keep the original packaging). Fortunately, I found that I can connect the system to a portable CD player, and that works. My advice though: do not buy this radio-CD player; instead buy just the radio and a portable player, and connect them.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 27, 2014
This is my third Bose Wave! The other two are still working just fine, even after nearly 20 years. I bought this one to go in another area of the house. I didn't think they could improve a classic, but this model is so much nicer than the others! Be aware that it's pretty heavy for a tabletop radio, but it's not too bulky and it looks very sharp. My other two units are graphite, which is almost black, and this one is titanium silver. It's much nicer looking than I expected it to be. The improvements don't end with the appearance, as I think the sound is even better. I had planned to put this one on the sun porch, but I'm going to switch it with the one in the den since I listen in there the most.

My older systems have controls on the top and the CD also loads in the top. This one loads in in a front slot, similar to the CD player in my car. All of the buttons are on the remote, and it's small, so I hope I don't lose it. If I could change anything at all about this model, I'd make the remote control magnetic and create an indentation or a dock on the system to hold it.

Once again, I have a wonderful system by Bose and I couldn't be happier!
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on April 9, 2015
Before I got my Bose Music system I watched way too much TV. Now the TV if off and the Bose is on. The radio reception is so much better than other radios I have tried and the CD sound is like sitting in a movie theatre with the best sound system in the world. I like to go to sleep listening to the radio or a CD so I might just have to save my money and get another system for the bedroom. Do you know what kind of nightmares you can have if you go to sleep with some of the things that are on TV? If my nerves are all frazzled listening to soothing music on my Bose will calm them a lot better than watching TV. My parakeet likes the Sound System too. She really gets into some of the music.
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on February 2, 2013
I bought the Bose Wave Music Sys. III for my wife for Christmas, She has wanted one for a long time. I didn't want to spend $500 for it. Life is short and I'm 66 years old so I wanted to make her happy and she was. Happy Wife Happy Life. Beautiful sound. I think we got what we paid for. Small package big sound. Very HAPPY WIFE. Amazon is a good way to shop. It came fast and in good shape even at Christmas time. Amazon is a very convenient way to shop. Dave K.
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on June 5, 2015
high priced clock radio, I pd 400.00, it's nice I bought it to play my Roku box, the problem was way too much bass, there is no sound controls, is Bose so arrogant to think it just sounds perfect. well a simple bass or some sound equalization's button would have been perfect addition..

I ended up running it trough my TV's headphone jack, so I could use the TVs bass and treble controls get an acceptable sound. I just hope your hdtv has as good sound as my old Vizio's sound does I have newer HD TVs and the TV sound is usually horrible plus they all have coax digital output connection. this WAVE111 has only analog stereo connection, that stuff is all separate add on's you have to pay a lot of extra money for..I have no smart phone but even that is a 100.00 add on. ..How can you be sure they would sound good?

All the controls are on the remote, I bought an extra remote just in case I misplace one. I don't like cd's I use mp3 players to play my music... They sound ok because of the Equalizing controls. The free sound cd they send you is the most stupid demo I have ever heard!!
I am still not sure if I will send this product back for a refund? Oh well I always wondered how good these systems really sound, will I am not impressed at all. Well you might use it for different reasons, maybe some do enjoy it. Dave from FL.
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on January 11, 2015
This is a re-write of my prior review. This radio has no way to use an external AM antenna to improve the miserable AM reception. I have written and e-maiedl Bose 5 times and never once got a response! No matter how I twist and re-position this radio to get acceptable AM radio reception the radio performs VERY poorly. Putting a C.Crane-2 radio in exactly the same place, reception is very good with the C.Crane radio and just awful with the Bose. It has been a year now since I purchased this radio (Jan 2, 2015 - from Amazon) so a return is no longer possible.

My fault for keeping the radio so long and not returning it, but, I assumed that a well known company (Bose) would surely try to correct the problems or even respond even once to my communications. Apparently they spend so much money advertising their radios and sound systems that they have no funds to expend on customer support.

So what do I have - a $ 500 paperweight with a fancy name and no Am performance. The FM performance is just fair IF you use an external FM antenna which they sell for more money! To bad they couldn't spend a few pennies more and add the ability to connect an external AM antenna. Moral of the story is simple - Bose does not provide support for their substandard equipment or even attempt to respond to customers with complaints. BEWARE BOSE !!

I do not blame Amazon for selling this over-hyped junk, but I blame Bose for making it.
Neil Bell, KJ6FBA
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on July 26, 2013
My wife has a ten year old earlier model which she loves. In the past 2 years the cd portion has become tempermental and the bass is now quite boomey, which bothers me a lot more than her. Would gladly pay $100 or so to be able to take it somewhere locally (LA) and get it back up to snuff.
My main interest in System III however is mainly as an easy to set (and reset) dual alarm cd clock radio with battery backup. After 4 months of a Sony that was very ergonomically unfriendly, the alarm aspect went to heaven (well somewhere). There is a lot of low-end clock radio stuff out there without much of anything in the middle ground.
If your main interest is in the sound from a device with a rather small footprint, this would certainly fit the bill.
The good...
Easy to use....Good sound...Being able to turn the unit on and off by just tapping the top instead of having to rely on the remote is a big improvement in the product and should have been implemented years ago. This was the one feature that finally pushed me over the top causing me to say, "Oh what the hell" and order the Bose, thus ending a rather time consuming painfull search for clock radios.
The bad...
Same as in previous versions, the remote! Small, delicate, very easy to lose/misplace. It was (and still is) the bane of the total package. I am surprised that Bose hasn't come up with at least some kind of a velcro arrangement to easily keep remote and unit in a symbiotic relationship. My recomendation would be to spring for the $40 back lighted III remote. It comes with a stand and is at least reasonably useable. Of course it goes without saying that Bose should have packaged it with the radio without upping the cost.
The ugly...
The cost of the product. It is outrageous...but you already know that. No surprises here.

Bottom line - If you can handle the $$$, go for it. The unit on the whole, fits my needs.
The price becomes somewhat more palatable if your main use is to fill a room with music. It does a nice job with that.
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on June 15, 2013
Several years ago my wife and I bought the Wave System II as the main living room system for the new house. As a live audio tech/engineer, I was blown away. I have an Alesis surround in the day room and flat ADAM A7 recording monitors in the den. Unlike traditional speakers that rely solely on air pressure, the wave system is a different animal altogether. At low volume settings all of the subtleties ring true clear as a bell and you don't get that typical low end dropout as with traditional cone speakers. This is great for laid back dinner parties. The system II and the system III are gentle on the ears even when you crank it up. The problem with the System II is that it's so darn bulky. I liked the sound so much I found myself moving it out on the deck, but caring that bad boy back and forth sucks (A handle would help--not that it could make it any uglier.) What I needed was something more compact to carry out on the deck and double up playing lullabies for our 2 year old: Wow. The System III maintains full frequency range even at a whisper (volume set to 9). It's also great out on the deck (it holds the time setting). The Wave Bluetooth Adapter rocks--it made my System II CD changer obsolete. I wish I never got it. Now that I think about it, I wish I had two Systems III.
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