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on May 17, 2012
It takes a lot of research and a lot of investment to decide to spend $260+ just on a computer chair. Even though this chair had no reviews on Amazon, I researched heavily around the web for chairs with more than a 200lb capacity that would also hold both me and my daughter(sometimes she wants to sit on my lap and watch me play a game, or she wants to play a game while sitting on my lap, even though there is another computer right beside mine).

Not pictured above, the arms are actually ONE SINGLE PIECE, which is amazing and sturdy. The arms have brackets on the bottom that actually bolt into the underside of the chair, and the arm bar actually wraps around the back of the chair for addition structure and support on the back. They bolt into the center of the back of the rear section in addition to bolting into the underside of the chair.

The bottom of the chair itself has extra thick plating and extra bars welded on for a higher weight limit/more stability. The arm bars are metal, not plastic. Same for the bottom frame that the wheels are attached to. I cannot picture this chair ever bending or breaking. The chair rolls very easily on my hardwood floors in my office as well as carpet. The padding is extremely thick and pretty firm, with heavy people in mind I think. My wife feels that it is firm but not uncomfortable (she weighs less than I do).

The chair does recline back and goes up and down. I feel that it does not go down quite as far as my previous chair did but then again it could feel that way because of the additional padding, my last chair I felt like I was sitting directly on the frame because the padding was so thin. My elbows do not quite touch the armrests but my arms do rest on them, after become acclimated to this I am not ok with it and do not notice (originally I hated that, but I am a tall person and most others may not have this problem). I also get the feeling that it doesn't recline as far as my last chair, but my wife pointed out that this was also probably due to the additional padding.

Overall I enjoy the quality and sturdiness of this product and expect to be using it for years to come. I have never seen a more heavy duty chair, and am glad I took a risk deciding to invest in it!
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on May 3, 2014
I'm a big guy. 350lbs and 5'11". If you are a big guy like me, you will like this chair.

-Very comfortable. I've had this for about 6 months and the pads are just as full as the day I bought it. Other chairs would have been flat a month ago.

-Wide! Its so nice to sit in a chair that I can spread out in. Even with how big I am, this is still a very supportive chair with lots of space for me. I worried that the space between the arm rests would make me sit with my legs tightly together, but that just not the case. The seat is wide and strong.

-I don't feel like I'm going to break it. When I sit in it, when I get up, when I lean all the way back, when I lean to one side and rest my weight on one arm rest, IT JUST FEELS SOLID. The arm rest is actually 1 long thick bar that bolts to the bottom of the chair. That bar goes all the way around the back of the chair and attaches to the underside of the other side. Because of this bar, it feels VERY solid, even when I lean all the way back. I am confident in this chair and don't feel like its going to give on me at all. This is so weird to me because I am just so used to breaking chairs and replacing them every year. I don't feel like I have to be careful in this chair. It doesn't creek or strain at all, no matter how I sit in it.

- The only bad thing I can think of is putting it together. It took me and my wife about an hour to get it together. Don't try to do it alone because there are certain parts that just need 4 hands.

There are a few reviews from people who are less than 300lbs saying that its uncomfortable, well.. yeah.. its not made for you. It's a very comfortable chair for big or tall guys like me though and worth every penny. Especially considering that if I bought a regular chair at an office supply store, I would probably be back there now looking at another +$100 chair to replace the one I bought when I got this one.
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on March 23, 2017
I received my chair today and I really like it. Assembly was not that hard doing it alone. Just don't tighten the screws all the way until it's fully assembled. I love how sturdy this chair is. I love how the steel tube that supports the arm rest wraps around the back and is securely bolted on to the metal frame on the bottom of the chair. I am 6'4" and about 250lbs and it fits me great. This is not a high back chair, the top ends at neck level so there is no headrest for taller people. I think this chair will last for years. It has ample padding but my butt is a little sore after about three hours of sitting. The chair forces me to sit with excellent posture so I think it be very beneficial long term. The recline works great and is super comfortable. I can leave the lever loose so the chair is floating and that helps change the angle I'm sitting at, which is good for long hour use. I'm impressed with this chair. No complaints. I took of one star because I believe it should be even more comfortable for $213, but this is still an excellent value. I'm just cheap. Back cushion is awesome. I can lean back in it and it seems to just keep getting softer. I expect this to last for a long time (hoping 10 years of daily use). Way better than my two other office chairs. I didn't even realize how small and wobbly they were until sitting in this one.
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on March 21, 2016
I received the chair all good and started putting it together after reading the instructions and Amazon reviews here.

The first problem I had was that the long bolt holding the chair arms to the back of the chair just snapped in half. No real amount of pressure was put on it at any given time but it just snapped.

The second problem I found was that the step-by-step instructions shipped with the chair were completely in a different order than the ones provided for the chair on the manufacturer's website. My instruction sheet's step 2 is actually step 3 on the website's sheet. My step 3 is the website's step 4. My step 4 is the website's step 2. I guess one of them is updated and the other was not. So I had to disassemble some of the chair and reassemble it the way on the website, which worked better. I suspect that this was why the bolt snapped.

I had to get a new bolt before continuing the assembly. So I emailed Boss and told them the problems and asked for a new bolt. They said they would send me a new assembly package with all the screws. I ended up not waiting and going to few local hardware shops to find the right bolt from the snapped one. I put it in and then lay the next problem:

The arms' screw holes did not lie flush against the bottom of the chair. Nothing was tightened in more than hand-tightening and no matter what position I used, they would not go flush with the bottom of the seat. They were diagonally crooked. I followed all steps from the revised assembly sheet and tried several things from other people having problems here on Amazon, such as leaving all the screws lose and tightening them all together one by one in several stages. Boss's suggestions did not work either.

Many attempts and weeks later, I somehow got it all together with a full-grown other person standing on the back of the chair as it's lying on it and pushing on the seat as hard as they could while I tightened the screws one by one.

Triumphantly, I finished the assembly and sat down. It was very comfortable. However, just a day or two later, it started creaking. I made sure everything was still tightened and sprayed the chair down with WD-40 and it still creaked. $200 for a chair that creaks on the second day??! I couldn't believe I had to disassemble the freakin thing now and send it back after the nightmare that it was putting it together!

I contacted Amazon support and they let me send it back even though it was past the 30-day mark since it took three weeks to assemble it.

I thought that even despite all the other horrible-assembly reviews, with my experience assembling office chairs, I would be fine. I was wrong. If only it did not creak, then it would have been worth it!
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on March 7, 2017
- The chair is sturdy and solid.
- Cushions and materials are well done.

- The ergonomics of this chair are HORRENDOUS. This may be personal preference, but it's so bad I have already ordered a new chair to replace this one. The seat/back angle is atrocious on this chair. The seat part feels like it's angled down, but not in a way that cradles you into the seat, no, in a way that makes it feel like you're falling forward off the chair. I can't believe no one else reported this as a negative, or I just got a dud. But be VERY careful if you're looking for a comfortable resting chair, this is not it.
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on July 17, 2016
Prime Deal Price delivered 163.20. In Amazon's Technical detail it says Material Type: LEATHER. >>This is a lie, material is a very thin plastic with a cloth backing.<< I would not have paid over $50.00 for (a plastic printed on to look like leather) chair as they are NOT DURABLE FOR WEAR and do not breath like leather does. Wheel diameter is 2 1/4" not 3" as specified. The seat padding is only maybe 1 1/2" and provides poor seat comfort. Feel like your sitting on a flat board in no time. I can't get the spring to adjust looser or stronger for the tilt mechanism. Even at 300 pounds I can not the chair to tilt back more than 2 inches at the top. Chair was easy to put together even with the very limited instructions. I used an electric drill/screw driver to make the install much easier as the threads are fine. If I can get time next week, I will get with Amazon for a return as too many things are not what I thought I was paying for.
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on June 2, 2017
This is my new worst purchase of 2017. This supposedly premium office chair comes with terrible assembly instructions, an Allyn wrench that fits 1 of the 13 included screws, no washers to fit between the heads of the screws and the bottom of the chair and a rubber plug meant to pop into the screw hole in the back of the chair that is so misshapen it won't stay in place for more than 5 seconds.

Since there are no washers the screw heads feel like they press awkwardly against whatever is being screwed down and definitely don't feel like they will hold securely. This chair probably won't last as long as the cheap Office Max model that it replaced. If you think this thing could actually list for 500.00 then there's probably someone who has a Brooklyn Bridge they would like to sell you.

Not only does this purportedly heavy duty chair feel like it will probably fall apart without warning, it's also quite possibly the most uncomfortable office chair that I ever sat in. At its lowest level, the chair is too high for the keyboard shelf on my computer table so using my computer is instantly awkward, which is exactly what you want from an office chair, right? When my arms are on the arm rest they are a full 3 inches above the top of my keyboard. Am I supposed to buy a matching Boss Office Products Computer Desk? It's impossible to type without my arms touching the too high armrest, so I will probably get carpal tunnel syndrome from this chair if I actually keep using it.

In short, this is a serious piece of garbage that isn't worth even a nickel. It's ill-sized, uncomfortable, awkward to assemble and even more awkward to actually use. If I had the money I would replace this thing tomorrow.
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on May 25, 2017
The Good:

Very solid Chair, I have a Boss B990 chair at work that is very sturdy and comfortable, but it is faux suede and causes swamp ass over several hours, I had to purchase a leather car seat cover/pad for that chair, but it is a company chair so it is what it is, but as I said it is very study and comfortable.

the B991 is essentially the same chair but in leather and has a bit more lumber support.. I like this chair and would highly recommend it..

The Bad: and why I only give it 3-stars.

It came without the casters, which was disappointing, and I have emailed the seller/company but still waiting for a response and since I received this the day before a 3-day Holiday weekend I don't expect to hear back for at least 4 days. Luckily Amazon had some third party wheels with same day delivery available so I purchased them and received them quickly and they work/fit perfect, since they are roller blade style wheels they are actually better than the plastic wheels that come on most chairs.

Secondly, the assembly, while very simple and quick, took me under 10 minutes with a power screw driver, washers should have been included as the bolt heads are barley large enough to cover the hole, and with the movement a chair gets I can already tell these will be backing out within a few weeks. The B990 has both flat washers and lock washers and in 5 years I have never had the arms flex from the bolt coming loose, I will likely be heading to the hardware store to get both for this chair.
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on March 29, 2016
This is a very comfortable and nicely-built chair.

While not the ultra-plush bottom-coddling model you can get by spending a lot more money, I find that it has good padding for hours of comfortable seating. The armrests and seat are wide enough that I have room to move if needed, and the chair rolls easily on my low-pile carpet.

Assembly was relatively straightforward, though it required a bit of patience and a heavy-duty Phillips screwdriver; it can be a little tricky for a 1-man job (putting the arm bar on the seat back took several tries to hit the hole just right to start tightening the bolt), and I made 3 passes through all the screws on the seat bottom (12) before I was satisfied that I had them as tight as they were going to get. Failure to do this will result in some serious problems, so make sure you check and recheck each screw...sometimes when you tighten a couple, another one will find just a bit more room to tighten.

The end result, though, is worth the effort. The chair feels solid, and when I lean back the lumbar support is good. For this price, you're going to have a tough time finding a better chair, especially if you're on the larger side.
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on June 18, 2017
This is the first new office chair I have purchased. My last chair was surplus from a company that I worked for and it was around for 30 years. I like things that last so the simple construction of this chair using oversize tubing caught my attention and sure enough, this thing is strong when it is bolted together. There is no flexing or bending that you find in most of the big box store cheap chairs. The only thing that is adjustable is the height and that could be a problem for those with short lower legs because it barely goes low enough for me at 19.5” to the top of the seat cushion. The padding is firm and lower back support is good. I has 23.5” between the armrests and the armrest pad centers are at 26.5”.

Like others had noted, the assembly instructions aren’t much more that a few sketches to look at. The brown upholstery is darker than what it looks like here. The stitching is well done and uniform but only time will tell how it holds up. The upholstery mat finish is nice and you don’t slide on it like some of the glossy materials. The tubing is finished in black satin and looks good with the brown. The only thing I might change is the wheels. I’ve never had this style before and don’t know how they will hold up on a hard floor.

Overall, I like the chair.
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