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on October 18, 2014
I have had this chair for about 3 years. At first it was nice and comfortable, but it really didn't hold to up over time. I have been using this chair daily in my home office, so I may be putting it through more rigorous usage than most people would. There is nothing unusual about my usage though. The chair is just used for sitting in. There are three notable problems I have encountered:

1. The chair occasionally gets "stuck" and loses its range of movement. For example, it will stop reclining back, and then I'll have to flip it over messing with the areas that attach it until it works again. This didn't start until about 2 years into owning the chair, and might happen once every few weeks now.

2. The chair gets very loud and squeaky. Any turning, reclining, or even shaking can be very loud. Spraying some wd-40 type lubricant helps for a little while, but 2 or 3 weeks later it is squeaking loudly again.

3. The most severe problem is that about a year ago the chair started shedding. The outer surface just started peeling all over leaving a giant mess of black flakes on the floor around it. The shedding continues, and the chair looks worse and worse, as does the floor around it. I've attached a photo to show what the chair looks like after being used for 3 years. The main area that is sat upon is almost completely peeled and looks awful. The arm rests also have peeled a great deal.

If you need a chair for occasional use, this may hold up fine. On the other hand, if you plan on using this daily in a home office, look elsewhere. For $160 you should have little trouble finding a chair that won't fall apart after a couple years.
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on January 8, 2011
January 8, 2011

I received my chair today, assembled it and tested it out. My immediate comments are the following:

1. Cosmetics: Very nice looking chair. Does look like a chair costing more.

2. The leather Plus is just that, a cross between leather and vinyl, although it does look like Nappa leather, but the feel is not quite the same.

3. Function: This chair DOES Recline. Past reviews said it did not. Those people need to pull out the lever that operates the height (air cylinder). This will unlock and the chair can recline about 25 degrees or so. Adequate for most people and standard for most chairs.

4. Comfort: The chair is very comfortable with adequate padding in the seat and the back. Also has lumbar support which I like. I could sit in this chair for hours. As a professor I work from home quite a bit, so we will see how the back feels.

5. Chair Height: many reviewers mention the chair height as an issue for certain height people. This chair does sit high. I have it on the lowest setting to sit at my desk which is standard height. ON the highest setting I can not use it, it is too high for my legs to fit under the desk. I am 6 feet and the lowest setting is fine for me, but if you are under 5' 6" it may be a problem.

6. Quality- Remains to be seen. But since it does not look cheap, and all plastic parts are made from a hard structural plastic, I guess the durability of the chair will last as long as my last one, 12 years, maybe. I'll update this in a few months.

Bottom Line: Go for it! Good chair for the money. However, if you are shorter than 5' 6" this chair may not be for you.

UPDATE: 6/10/2011

I now have had this chair for about six months. It is as good as it was when I bought it. I use it everyday and it is a pleasure to sit in it. The only thing it does do, however, is squeak! Just a little WD40 solves the problem.

Update: August 7, 2013

Well I have used this chair almost daily and the ribbing around the seat sides has broken through the material and a plastic tube now sticks out poking my legs. Because the material is a synthetic type leather the wear and durability is not up to par on a real leather chair. My last desk chair, made of real leather, lasted me over 10 years. So in 2.5 years the material of this chair is wearing through especially areas of daily contact and rubbing/friction causing the chair's leather to break away in "particles" over time especially on high wear areas. Definitely, over all, the mechanical aspects of the chair are still functional and have had no problem thus far. But material durability is in question. Because of this wear issue of the material I took away 1 star.
Update: February 2016: After 5 years of almost daily use the so called "leather" is peeling from the arm rests. Folks this is not leather. Look at the photo, the material is some type of polymer and it will break down after regular use.
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on July 5, 2015
All of the "leather" covering has been peeling away.. and been found all around my house. It scrapes away when sitting on it.. I've only had it for 3 years.

Chair looks terrible now, having to throw it out.. Just look at the photo.

There goes $165? I'd really like a refund Amazon / Boss.
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on February 8, 2015
I have had this chair for nearly a year. When I first got it, I loved it. Really comfortable and supportive. Unfortunately it doesn't stand the test of time. Over the last few months, the gas shock that lifts the chair started giving out on me. The chair would slowly sink down to the lowest level. Now, it rarely stays up at all if I am sitting it in. It just drops down within 30 seconds. No, I'm not a small guy. But I am under the 250 pound limit of this chair and always have been. I'm not bouncing on it, standing on it, or adding weight by letting the kids sit on my lap while in it. I also just noticed the stitching in the seat is coming apart exposing the padding material on the inside. This is really disappointing as all of the previous reviews of this chair gave it good marks for the price. Unfortunately it just won't last. 2 stars because it was comfortable and still is. But the bad gas shock and loose stitching are major negatives.
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on July 14, 2015
After having this chair for a year and half it has now started to fall apart. The chair started to rip extremely bad right above the right arm rest. I contacted the supplier costumer service which they told me I was 8 days out of warranty and the best option was to buy a whole back rest for $67. This is crazy that a $150 chair is falling apart after a year and half.
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on March 10, 2015
UPDATE 2 Days after Chair arrived: Returning the chair. Very stiff, and not ergonomic due to no forearm support. Weight falls on your wrists, which can do damaged over time. Box came ripped up. Chair however arrived in pristine condition. Unable to disassemble it, can not get the shock spindle out of the base wheel. Firmly in after sitting on it. Called Amazon returns, very helpful, very accommodating. After speaking to a supervisor, he said UPS would pick up the chair, as is, already assembled, out of the box. I couldn't believe it and went over that detail with him several times. We'll see. I was given a 3 day window for pickup and a tracking number to watch UPS progress online.

UPDATE 4 DAYS LATER: Of course, that was nonsense. UPS will NOT pick up a chair that isn't boxed. I called support again. This time they're sending a me box big enough to allow me to send the chair back, it its assembled state. The box had to be 36 x 36 x 36, and I needed a supervisor on the support line to okay it. Hopefully this will be the end of this mistake.

LESSONS LEARNED: Never buy a chair you haven't sat on.

Not enough arm support. Just got the chair. A breeze to assemble. But the arms curve down too quickly. There is no support for the forearm. I must type close to the desk, where all the weight falls on the wrists, fatiguing them. My last chair from Staples had arms that were straight, not curved, and supported the arm. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. And if there are such things as arm extenders for the chair, as seen in one of the customer's photos (Anthony, who unfortunately posted a picture but no review and thus no way to ask him.)

UPDATE, 1 HOUR LATER: I'm now using a soft pillow to cover the distance between the arms and the desk. This is relieving the pressure on the wrists a bit. Will see if this works out. I also have set the chair higher so that my posture approaches the ideal typing position' shown in the photo I'm including. Still hoping for those arm extenders.
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on January 18, 2014
It arrived without damage. Yeaah!! It only takes about 10 min. to place all the parts together and without tools. It is very comfortable and FAR better than those office supply places junk. Great price too. The knee or really under leg adjust part is ok and you have to adjust via a turn screw type lever below the chair. It can either lean back or lock from doing so with a large pin. Second Boss chair I have bought and they make a really good chair. Best part is NO fricking allen wrench to assemble and then get loose later as they all do.
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on April 25, 2014
A few years ago, I bought a nice-looking chair on Amazon which ended up being extremely uncomfortable.

My next chair was from Office Depot where I sat on every available chair for a few minutes before choosing one. The chair served me well until its (fake) leather started wearing out.

A few weeks ago (my small brain having forgotten my earlier experience), I ordered this chair based on its excellent reviews.

Sat on it for about 5 minutes and realized my mistake

1) It is too high for me (I am 5' 8" tall) and my (barefoot) heels barely touch the ground at its lowest and upright position. If I tilt the chair back, my feet are in the air, my lower legs start getting numb after a few minutes in that position

2) The armrests are a bit too high, typing quickly gets uncomfortable

3) The lumbar support is a bit too supportive for me, sort of digs into my back. Sort of weird sitting position, the seat is extremely wide but shallow (may be good for someone with back problems, but this is uncomfortable for me)

4) And the chair definitely looks cheap at any distance less than 10 feet away. (But since this is a cheap chair, this point is moot).

On the positive side, the seat is soft and comfortable, one will not end up with a sore butt after a 10-hour working session... just numb legs and arms

As someone else mentioned, this chair would be good for a tall person with a large seating area.

I will probably use this chair for a year or so before throwing it away...

And for my next chair I must keep repeating to myself ... "NEVER buy a chair without trying it out...NEVER buy a chair without trying it out...NEVER buy a chair without trying it out...NEVER buy a chair without trying it out...NEVER buy a chair without trying it out..."

June 26th 2017
Guess what... after 3 years I still have not thrown the chair away.
1 - The covering has frayed (looks bad like pics provided by other reviewers) despite being very careful
2 - The gas shock that lifts the chair has stopped working (it collapses within 5 minutes). This has been a POSITIVE as far as I am concerned (my feet are now firmly planted on the floor) :)
3 - Most annoying thing is the horrible creak emitted every time I shift position in my chair

The chair is pretty close to its end-of-life... good riddance (and no more 'Boss' chairs for me)
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on February 27, 2015
UPDATE: I've had the chair for over a year now and use it 8+ hours a day, and it's still fully functional and comfortable. I stand by my original review and would add that even though some parts are plastic, it's pretty good quality (it'll probably just fall to pieces now that I wrote that).

Five stars for the value. For only $150, it's definitely worth it. It does feel like everything is a plastic material but looks metal from the distance. Mainly the casters are cheap plastic, but only time will tell if they hold up. The base and arm rest supports are plastic, and there's some flexure when you push outward on the arm rest, so don't try to sit on the arm rests or squeeze two people in the chair.

The "leather plus" feels and looks nice and is firm. The cushions are firm, but I can tell over time they will probably break down and cause discomfort on your lower body. This is just my opinion, time will tell. For now, it's very comfortable, and the back feels nice. I have degenerative disc disease and Fibromyalgia, and it is definitely an improvement over my previous chair.

I'm 5'7", and I can rest my head on the back sitting all the way back, so that is nice. The chair looks nice, and the height adjustment works well. The straight lock works fine, but I wish it would also lock in the leaned back position. I'm not sure what knee tilt is, but on the lowest setting, my feet are flat on the ground, so tilting the chair means tip toes, but I'm shorter than most people. Leaning back with me feet propped up on my old chair or a step under my desk is easy. The chair isn't so tensed that it causes me strain to hold it back. I have sat for hours with my laptop in lap leaning back in the chair, feet propped up, and no discomfort.

Overall, I think it's a fine chair for the price, not the best, probably not the most ergonomic, but it will get you by for a couple of years I think.
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on October 3, 2015
If you are looking for a chair in this price range you should have realistic expectations about the quality. You are not going to get a chair that is squishy comfortable with sturdy easy to operate adjustment mechanisms. If you are looking for that quality of chair you should be looking at chairs at three times the price. That said this chair is reasonably OK for the $. Key things to be aware of is the seat depth is only 20" front to back. I am 6" and somewhat slender and I actually like the short distance as it allows you to utilize the back cushion when sitting upright and some lumbar support even when leaning forward in the chair. If you are oversize this could be a negative issue for you. The leather plus fabric does not look or feel like a high quality leather but is better quality than some chairs I have purchased in the past at the big box office supply stores. It definitely sits on the firm side which you may or may not like. The height adjustment seems to work OK but is somewhat coarse in settings, not easy to fine tune. The back tilt is controlled by reaching under the chair and twisting a handle styled like a bicycle handle. It needs to be turned quite a bit to have any effect. The knee tilt adjustment has a long metal bolt under the chair with a plastic t-handle. This is very stiff and the first time I tried to turn the handle the plastic split. If you want to actually try to adjust this bolt you will need to use a box wrench or socket to get it to turn. A design that calls for a soft plastic handle for a stiff steel bolt can only be described as laughable. This may not be an adjustment that is critical to your comfort but if it is you should definitely look elsewhere. Despite the negatives I like the chair because of the short seat depth and being able to utilize the back when leaning forward and I would like but don't require squishy comfort.
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