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on January 31, 2012
When looking for conductivity gloves, I look for 3 main features: Great conductivity, warmth, and good dexterity within the fingers. These gloves hit two out of the three (great conductivity and dexterity with the fingers).

First, I must say, the conductive fingertips work absolutely perfect. No issues with any type of conductive device. Better yet, these are one of the only pairs of gloves to include the conductivity material around the ENTIRE fingertip. This is very important, as you often touch your screens with the sides of your finger, not just the the tip.

Second, the thinness of the gloves allow for high dexterity, making texting and precise navigation doable. These gloves run a bit small, but that actually helps them hug your fingers very nicely, giving you no bulky padding to cause erroneous taps. However, if you have larger hands, these might be a bit small, exposing some of your wrist.

However, the main reason you wear a glove is to keep your hands warm, and unfortunately, these gloves fall a bit short in that department. I live in Michigan, and our winter climate averages around 32*F. These gloves definitely do not keep my hands warm while driving. They DO keep them significantly warmer than if I had not warn any gloves, but they fall noticeably short compared to some thicker alternatives. They insulate about as well as your average thin knit glove. I will say the material Boss Tech used though is quite soft. They feel great while wearing them.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, these aren't very masculine looking gloves due to the silver fingertips. I've gotten a few comments (not very positive) on their aesthetics while wearing them, but that isn't necessarily a fault with the gloves, so I won't knock any points off for this.

Overall, I am pleased with the conductivity and dexterity of the gloves, but I really wish they insulated a bit more. These ARE knit gloves, so don't expect any waterproofing, but if you live in 35*F and above climates, these should be perfect.
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on November 9, 2012
These are my new favorite gloves -- they are super soft and they work with my phone. They're not perfect, but for a cashmere blend glove at such a good price, I can overlook the imperfections. For one thing, I have small hands and they are a little too big for me (almost all gloves are) -- but the fit is good enough that if I scrunch the fingers down, I can still get good contact with the conductive patches to use my phone. And, as some other reviewers mentioned, there are strange threads that poke out -- just turn the gloves inside out and pull the threads through to the inside, make a small knot close to the surface, and trim the tails. I ordered grey, and the color is light grey (not charcoal as in the photo). I'm planning to get a black pair and order some more as gifts.
Update (11/19/2012) -- Warning: not all colors created equal. I stand by my 5-star review because the grey gloves I bought are great. Since then I have bought four more pairs. In my opinion, in terms of both softness and quality, the grey are best followed in order by: black, black/pink, black/purple, and black with grey snowflakes (which look exactly like the black with blue snowflakes, but for some reason are sold as a separate item on another page). The patterned ones have issues with loose threads and holes and are not super soft. I recommend sticking with the solid colors unless you're willing to do some sewing.
Update (11/24/2015) -- Still wearing these gloves after several years, and still recommend them, but my expectations are aligned with the price. The patterned ones are prone to holes and knots. And the solid ones pill after a season of regular wear. The good news is that they are cheap! So I don't feel too badly shelling out another $8 every year for a fresh pair. Compared to the $2 super thin stretchy gloves I can buy at the grocery store, these are a major upgrade. These gloves are not warm like ski gloves, but much better than the super cheap stretchy variety. They are soft and I can use my phone while wearing them. Still recommend.
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on December 14, 2011
I was worried these would feel cheap, but they don't. They are cashmere and spandex and they look and feel like very nice gloves, except, of course, at the 3 fingertips where the conductive thread is. They work perfectly too.
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on November 21, 2014
These gloves are OK but appear about as sturdy as those I buy at Walgreens for $2.99 a pair and toss in the trash when they get too snagged, worn, dirty, etc. -- I think I'll stick to Walgreens. The conductivity doesn't work consistently on my LG G3 but seemed OK on the brief test of my Kindle but it's the phone I'll have outside. Although they fit each finger equally well only the middle finger works on the phone... the thumb and index finger don't register. I don't know if they work better in colder weather since today it's in the low 60s so may update this review when it gets cold again. However, at about $9 a pair, even if they work in colder weather I'll stick to the cheaper gloves and a trusty stylus.
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on March 24, 2013
Overall, and for the price, these are a pretty good buy.

They're fairly comfortable. The material is quite soft. Not like high-quality cashmere, but they feel good to the touch. And the fingertip part of these gloves that interacts with the touchscreen actually feels as soft as the rest of the gloves, where other knit touchscreen gloves feel sort of scratchy.

The fit is okay. These are a little small for my hands, but my hands are pretty big, about in proportion with my size 11 feet. They're wearable but a little tight.

As far as touch screen sensitivity, these actually perform really well. I've had several other pairs of touchscreen gloves, even ones made by brands like the North Face, and the touchscreen performance of these gloves is on par with these higher end product.

I've been using mine for a couple of months, and they lost their shape a little, with pilling and some degradation at the seams. I don't expect these gloves to last more than one season, but considering the price, I suppose that's pretty reasonable.
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on January 28, 2014
I have found I sometimes need to double or triple tap an icon or letter or whatever is on the screen I'm trying to access, sometimes it works right away as if it were my bare finger. They were a bit frayed at the fingertips but a quick snip fixed that, basically extra thread hanging loose. They are warmer than bare skin and I have found sometimes certain angles/gestures work better with different fingers. I think the conductive thread may not be uniform throughout. I got them for myself, wife, mother-in-law and brother-in-law for Christmas. Everyone likes them but seeing as people today use their smartphones in nearly every conceivable setting, it being cold out I should have opted for the better quality gloves for more money.
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on January 4, 2012
I like how soft they are and the fingers work just OK. There are weird hard spots, probably due to how they weave the glove in order to get the silver thread to the finger tips. There are a couple of spots on the back of the hand and in the fingers where the silver thread shows through.

I end up putting them on so the hard spots are on the backs of my hands and sides of several fingers.

Really have to press to get them to work with iPhone, but they do the job. I'm not supposed to be writing a novel, just unlocking phone to check directions and email and make a call.
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on December 18, 2013
Most "smart" gloves I've bought tend to have the over-sized fingers, and the touch sensors at the tips of those. I'd end up not actually hitting the screen where I wanted it to and it caused quite a bit of frustration. I've held off on purchasing gloves like this because of similar reviews from friends that have them. These are knit construction and because of that the fingers actually fit correctly and do a good job of being a glove. My negative is that my first pair got a hole in them almost immediately and I'm not sure why, so I will be returning for a new pair.
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on January 24, 2015
These gloves were cheap so I wasn't expecting much. They do an ok job of keeping your hands warm if you're not doing more than say brushing snow off the car. As for the touchscreen capabilities, they only seem to work about 1/4 of the time. That is my main problem with them. They're advertised as being touchscreen compatible and they really aren't. Unless you're a chronic glove loser, I'd spend more money and get gloves that actually do what they're supposed to do.
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on March 22, 2017
These gloves were good for the price, but the 'touchscreen' parts do not always work dependably. The fabric is comfortable but not very practical for being out in inclement weather; wish they had a more rain/water-resistant finish. The thickness is a little bulky for the small amount of warmth they provide.
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