Customer Reviews: Boston Acoustics TVee 10 Soundbar Home Theater System (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
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on November 6, 2012
I wanted a basic sound bar to replace a old Sony bar used with a Toshiba 37" LCD kept in a large oak corner TV unit with extendable, swivel stand I first look at the Boston TVEE 10 at Best Buy. The sound was not as good as the TVEE 20 or Polk units with wireless subs. I only wanted a sound bar to enhance the nearly nonexistent sound from the LCD TV and this fit the bill. The TVEE 10 was perfect size and sat nicely on the stand in front of the TV, allowing for the stand to be extended in and out and the doors to be closed.

Set up of the TVEE 10 was easy and straight forward using the included digital audio cable. Also included was an analog auxiliary cable with RCA adapter plugs. Very nice and complete for any hook up situation. The included remote was OK and worked well, but I programed my TV remote to control power, change volume levels, and input modes, using the included instructions from Boston. I must also say that the included manual was surprisingly big and thorough, in 6 languages, for such a simple sound bar.

The sound was clear and crisp from the first power on. Voices were clear. Background music or sounds were more pronounced than before with the old bar. I was also surprised to hear a slightly booming bass effect. It was especially resonant with some voices during newscasts.
It seems the bar has bass ports in the back that resonated inside the cabinet. Extending the TV and bar outside the cabinet, reduced the booming effect. Putting tissue in the ports stopped the effect altogether when left inside the cabinet. My old Sony bar had front facing ports so it was not a problem. Still I do not fault the TVEE 10 for this problem and was willing to live with it .

However, the problems did not end there. The TVEE 10 has 3 input modes; Digital, Analog audio and auxiliary audio for music. The modes are selected by remote or by a button on the front of the bar. The TVEE 10 would randomly switch to analog mode without touching a remote or the bar. Since the TV speakers were turned off this was very aggravating while following a show's dialog.
To trouble shoot a possible bad digital connection, I switched the TV input to analog using the RCA cables and removing the digital cable. The same thing happen with the bar randomly switching down to Aux mode.

After a few days the volume level was also not staying consistent. Thinking it was my TV remote not working properly with the TVEE 10, I deprogrammed it and used only the remote that came with the unit. I still notice the same inconsistent volume and the switching problem persisted.
After messing with the TVEE 10 for a week I returned it to Amazon. The TVEE 10 unit I received was just plain defective. But despite the good basic sound quality, I decided not to order a replacement. Instead I am going for something entirely different. Sorry to say I cannot recommend the Boston TVEE 10 Sound bar based on my experience.
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on March 15, 2013
The Boston Acoustics TVEE Model 10 Theater System worked OK for the first month, then the sound magically died. It seems to have "automatically" switched mode like other users have compained about. In the process of figuring out the problem, I called Boston Acoustics' technical support and was told to reset the device. Get this...a "reset" means disconnecting the power supply and keeping it powered down for FORTY-EIGHT HOURS.

For $200, I'd expect a little more.

Improved the sound from our LCD/LED TV.
Attractive design

Limited range in volume
Unable to adjust treble and bass
Automatically switches modes

I would not recommend purchasing this product.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 5, 2013
The Boston Acoustics TVee 10 sets up very easily, but I found the cable on the power adaptor to be way too short to do a neatly cable-dressed install on our TV stand. I used the supplied TosLink cable to feed the unit from the back of a Sony KDL-40XBR4. My impressions of the audio quality is that it was a marginal improvement over the set's own sound. I felt that the unit had an overall hollow tone to it, possibly resonances from the rather lightweight plastic construction. There was an improvement in bass, and a little improvement in dialog intelligibility. As you may expect from a front-firing design like this, the audio is quite in-your-face as opposed to the sound from the set. Some may like this, but I felt the Sony itself offered a little more natural sound-staging.

But in the end none of that matters, because in the hour or so that I sat and listened I experienced the same problem that other reviewers reported: the unit randomly and arbitrarily switches itself to another input and must be manually dialed back to the correct one. This happened about four times, and is absolutely unacceptable. Back it went.
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on November 7, 2012
I bought this to improve the sound from my LG TV. The TVEE 10 Sound Bar connected easily to the TV's optical audio connector and it sounded great. Then it changed the input selector on its own, and would change every 1-2 hours. The audio would go away until I changed it back to the correct setting. This happened when I was away from the house and/or when I was in the house. The other two reviews also told of the input selector changing on its own.
Not acceptable! I returned it.
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on December 23, 2013
This is a good product. I have read that there has been some issues with this product but no problems here. Had this unit for over 14 months no issues. Set up using optical cable. Unit switches on when I switch my TV on and is controlled via TV remote so no issues with the remote control that came with the unit as we do not use it. I must say that the sound when watching TV and DVD's is greatly enhanced and I am delighted with this unit. We decided on this soundbar over a one with a sub woofer as we felt the base was sufficient and a sub woofer system would be overkill.Great value for the money when compared to some other sound bars.
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on November 30, 2013
I bought this unit to replace the $100 Sharp soundbar i bought 3 years ago when i bought my 60 inch sharp TV. I know all of the other products i have ever bought with the Boston name have been a great product until now. The sound is hollow and doesn't get very loud compaired to my Sharp soundbar, another con is there is no subwoofer pre-out and another con about this soundbar is no bass/treble adjustments. The Remote control feels cheap and not of a very good quality(Compaired to my Sharp remote) and had a dead battery out of the box. After being plugged in for 5 minutes the input automaticly statred switching inputs right out of the box. The power cord is too short for a clean looking installation. It is being returned tomorrow

Pros: Easy setup out of the box

Cons: No treble/ bass adjustments
No Sub Pre-out
Hollow sound (sound like its in a tin box)
Short Power Cord
Automaticly switches inputs (with no buttons pressed on other remotes)
Dead battery in remote control
Cheap crappy feeling remote control
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on November 18, 2012
This is the 3rd sound bar I have tried for my LCD TV and so far, it is the best. Had the new Bose Solo, Samsung with sub and this one beats them if you don't want the thump, thump thump of bass when you just want clear speech.

Still wish it had a way to adjust bass, Mid's and high's, then it would be perfect.
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on November 24, 2012
First, I'll say that the sound of this product was very good, especially for a bar; it was exactly what I'd expect from a Boston Acoustics product.

I purchased this product because my television speakers began to make an annoying buzzing noise, and I wanted crisper audio. My television is a 2 year old HD (1080) LCD 32" flatscreen, which I use in my bedroom, but it did not have any audio input jacks (I didn't bother to look until the product arrived because I assumed it would, being a relatively new, HD television). I therefore had to plug the bar directly into my cable box. This worked fine when the TV was in use with a couple of caveats:

1. Upon turning on the system, the audio made a really loud buzzing sound. This would only go away once the entire system (TV, cable box, and audio bar) was fully powered on.
2. Periodically, the cable box receives updates or resets in the middle of the night. This happens two or three times per week. Whenever this happened, the bar would turn on and make the buzzing sound. I realize that this was because the bar was plugged into the cable box and not the tv, but there should be some way to control the power of the bar independent of the power of the parent item (TV, cable box, etc). The power button on the remote did not work to stop this. I ended up having to leave the bar unplugged at night to keep from waking me up.
3. Sometimes, the audio bar would get stuck on a different audio mode and refuse to switch to the audio mode that the cable box was on. This resulted in not being able to hear audio at all. When this happened, the remote would be useless, too. The only way I found to rectify this particular problem was to get up, power down the bar, and reset the whole system.

For these reasons, I ended up sending the bar back to Amazon. I really wanted it to work because I am now back to the annoying buzzing of my television speakers, but the number of issues this bar presented were too many to overlook. I have no way of knowing how many of these issues would become non issues if you were able to plug the bar directly into your television, but I'd guess that #3 is still a problem given that several other reviewers have complained about the same thing.
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on October 22, 2014
Wanted a sounbar without Bluetooth and got the added option of program to your remote. All worked well and can adapt to any tv sound type with provided connectors. Even came with its own remote which was not needed. With majority of TV'S having rear speakers, the BOSTON system finishes a premium tv to exceptional. Sound at normal is clear and great enough to be heard two rooms away. Although it lacks bass and treble control, it performs well and quickly monitored by choice of remote. Slim, light and stylish unit fits well to wall or table and performs as well or better to larger heavier units with sub woofer. NICE job BOSTON.
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on October 26, 2015
I already have the TVee 26 which is the same unit with the addition of a subwoofer so decided to get this for another TV in a smaller room. I'm very pleased with it. It is so much better than the TV speakers and really makes the dialog much easier to understand.
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