Customer Reviews: Bound By Suggestion: The Jeff Resnick Mysteries
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on March 23, 2011
The first chapter of Bound by Suggestion was previously released as a short story named Cold Case. While doing a favor for Richard, his older half-brother, Jeff first meets Dr. Krista Marsh who seems to regard his and his physic powers with disdain. She is stunned when Jeff solves an 8-month old case of a missing child and later approaches him with a request to assist her in drawing out the suppressed emotions of one of her patients. In return, she promises to cure his debilitating headaches with hypnosis and biofeedback.

Jeff is reluctant but agrees and meets Grace. Confined to a wheel chair due to injuries received in a car crash that also killed her father, Grace has suffered abuse at the hands of those hired to care for her and she has all but shut down. Krista explains that by sharing Grace's feeling, Jeff can help to draw Grace out and, eventually help her to live a normal life.

Jeff quickly finds that he is having trouble telling where Grace's emotions end and his begin and his inability to remember what happened in the sessions leaves him feeling numb and lost. He feels manipulated by both Grace and Krista and can't seem to find a way to connect to the real world. Especially since he has lost his soul mate and anchor to the real world, Maggie, to her former finance.

At the same time, Richard is competing hard for the chairmanship of the fundraising board at the hospital, which is causing some friction between him and his wife, Brenda, who is pregnant again and hoping for a much better outcome this time.

The current board chairman, Wes Timberly, has always been resentful of Richard but seems to be even more caustic than usual. When Richard hears from more than one source that he better watch his back around Timberly, he starts to take the rumors of Timberly's involvement in behind the scenes manipulations that led to the downfall of others that Timberley thought had crossed him.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Richard continue to have difficulty in bridging the gap between them and forging the relationship that Richard wants and Jeff needs so badly.

These seeming separate storylines come together in an explosive ride to the end.

The main characters are so very well drawn that I have really felt invested in them throughout this series and continue to look forward to more in this series.
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on March 23, 2011
What a mind-blowing story that started with a simple request but led to a harrowing journey for Jeff. Feeling vulnerable, Jeff agrees to help a doctor with her patient. What happens next had me pulling for Jeff as he struggles to conquer the demons that have been set upon him. Jeff's world collides when a disturbing situation threatens both brothers. The author has written another suspenseful and gripping chapter in the life of Jeff Resnick that left me mesmerized and had my adrenaline pumping as the story came to its conclusion. This was great read and I can't wait for the next chapter in this fabulous series.
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on June 1, 2012
Cozies move out of the way-Jeff Resnick is back and I mean BACK.

This latest in the Jeff Resnick series starts off with a chapter that was offered as a novelette which I bought and read. I'm speaking of "Cold Case" which was where I thought the story would remain, but I was wrong. Dr. Krista Marsh continued on throughout this entire book and insidious does not come close to her character. Jeff finds himself led into a partnership(?) with this Dr. A partnership that was not of his own choosing. Unfortunately Jeff is not one to stand up for himself. That is why we find Jeff being led down a path he could never have imagined himself being entangled in. Would Jeff have been this vulnerable if Maggie was still by his side?

At the same time Jeff's brother, Richard, is being offered a prestigious job at the hospital after securing backers for the hospital in multiple donations. Richard is also in a position to donate a considerable amount in order to establish new equipment the hospital is need of. Richard's success has made him vulnerable to a conniving manipulator, Dr. Timberly. What has this devious monster really been up to? And how far will he go to remain in power at the hospital?

The author expertly weaves these two themes as we are taken on a journey. A Jeff Resnick journey. Jeff and his brother, Richard, are working against each other for all the wrong reasons and then...a major crisis of epic proportions occurs. That's when these two brothers establish their own bonding. Their bond takes Richard into Jeff's world of the supernatural. Their bond is no longer one dimensional. Brenda, Richard's wife, now pregnant is with them both through the thick of it.

The climax is fantastic. (who could have expected less in a Jeff Resnick story?) Every last end is tied up neatly and we (the reader) can at last breath easier.
"Bound by Suggestion" was and is one of the most creative and explosive stories you will ever want to read...but be prepared! Be prepared to put all other books, CD's, paperbacks and kindles on hold. Jeff Resnick is back!

Find a quiet corner and take the Jeff Resnick journey. You won't be the same.
Ellen (read on my kindle)
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on February 20, 2012
Author LL Bartlett writes the Jeff Resnick Mysteries. This is an unconventional series not because of the psychic topic but because of the unconventional characters; they are not all sweetness and light with uncomplicated, loving families.
The first book is Murder on the Mind that sets up the back-story of 32-year old Jeff who was attacked with a baseball bat by muggers. His head sustained injuries and after awaking from a coma is is now psychic. Jeff finds that his severe injuries prohibit him holding down his former job as an insurance investigator. Fortunately Jeff's estranged half-brother Richard is a rich doctor who takes care of Jeff and persuades him to move in with him at their Buffalo ancestral home to recover from his injuries. Jeff's reluctantly gets involved with solving the murder of a banker who is brutally killed. I'm trying to figure out why I like this series, and I suppose some of it is because of the relationship between Richard and his live-in girlfriend and nurse Brenda and Jeff's burgeoning relationship with new girlfriend Maggie. Both relationships are neither easy nor uncomplicated.
The second book, Dead in Red, finds Jeff living in an apartment above the garage in back of Richard's home. Jeff gets a part-time job tending bar where his psychic visions drives him to solve the former bartender's killer.
In Cheated by Death, we find out more information about Jeff's alienated family. By now, Richard and Brenda are married. Brenda is working at a women's clinic that is being picketed by pro-life supporters. Jeff uses his psychic abilities to understand who is stalking Brenda.
The short story Bah Humbug gives a glimpse into Maggie's dysfunctional family but doesn't involve a mystery for Jeff to solve.
Bound by Suggestion (Don't bother reading the short story called Cold Case because that is the first chapter of this book.) is my least favorite book in this series. Jeff is manipulated into using his psychic ability to help Dr. Krista Marsh understand the emotions of a disturbed young woman who had an auto accident.
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on April 16, 2011
I'm not a professional reviewer, nor am I especially talented at reviewing books, however, as is often quoted, I know what I like to read. I, literally dropped the book I was in the middle of, stopped to take a peek at L.L. Bartlett's "Bound by Suggestion", and was made aware of the time that had passed by my husband asking about dinner, "Well, Dear. It is 11P.M. Should we have sandwiches?"

There is something compulsive in the writing of Ms. Bartlett that draws me inside her literary tale of suspense and drama. I do not understand why the big publishing houses have not discovered her but, I have and I treasure each and every book of this remarkable murder mystery series.

Jeff Resnick is a sympathetic, not very willing, amateur sleuth. He has been a victim of a mugging and now finds himself with a 'curse' of being empathic and able to help find persons and solve crimes with his brother, Richard, whom is also very unhappy with this situation.

Richard, a talented doctor, asks Jeff to aid a patient at the community clinic. Jeff feels he 'must' as Richard has done so much for him. A body is discovered and now Jeff has been partially exposed and finds himself, a victim and perhaps a perpetrator of a crime as well.

Meanwhile, Jeff is also betrayed in his personal relationships and just doesn't know whom to trust. Can he trust anyone is the question, even himself.

This novel is the 4th and best so far of this well-crafted series. The book held many twists and curves worthy of a fine 'Hitchcock' film. The series is available on Kindle, mass paperback editions, and if you are a good collector, you may find hardback and audio versions as well. I cannot urge you enough to discover L.L. Bartlett soon and order in dinner!
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on December 26, 2011
Another great Jeff Resnick story. In this one, LL Bartlett makes you feel like you just have to wrap your arms around Jeff and protect him....Hope Maggie doesn't mind. It's nice to see a male character be so strong in many ways but yet so soft and vulnerable in others. I hope there will be more in the series and that we will get a chance to meet the new baby.
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on February 3, 2015
Great story, BUT...

I have been reading these Jeff Resnick mysteries from the beginning. This one seems like it wasn't even written by LL Bartlett! It is riddled with typos, grammatical errors, mismatched genders, and on and on... Either this novel was farmed out to some student (and NOT a good one), or the editor was on a long lunch break. I already purchased the rest of the series, so I hope this one was a bizarre anomaly. If it had been the first one, I never would have purchased another. The plot line was good (which is why it wasn't a 1-star review), and even if the remaining books turn out to be as good as the first few, this one is, no doubt, required for continuity of the plot, so if you like the characters and the story line, I'm afraid this one is required...

Addenda (Inspired by other reviews):

I read a few of the other reviews after writing my own. I'd have to agree with a few other low-star reviewers that those that wrote 4 & 5-star reviews are not exactly what I'd call "discriminating readers." I am also amazed (OK, well not really) that no one mentioned all the typos, grammatical errors, etc.

The psychic novel is not generally my genre of choice either, but after reading the first free Amazon offering, these caught my interest DESPITE the psychic twist.

A few found the plot disturbing. GROW UP! Do you read to be comfortable, or to think? PLEASE...
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on April 15, 2013
The Jeff Resnick series has always been a good read. "Bound By Suggestion" is no different. It grabs you from the start with the mystery of a missing boy. Even though this is just a tiny part of the book, it shows Jeff's psychic abilities. Jeff is a likable person, whose psychic abilities come to him naturally- even at a cost to his well-being. When a Doctor takes advantage of Jeff, at a time he is going through a rough patch of life ... it was so easy to not like the doctor. But, why was she doing this??? You start liking Jeff Resnick from the start - there's just something about the character. I liked that this book also gave us another glimpse into his brother's life as well. The author's style and the story itself makes for a smooth, quick read - because you just don't want to put the book down!
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A feeling of dread swept through his body the moment he stepped into the apartment to search for little Eric. The touch of a hand would infuse Jeffrey Resnick with the feelings of its owner, but this room told him the story of this child. Jeff saw "A kid's hand reach for a glass," but what did it mean? It was a short trail of connections that led him to Paula Devlin's home in search of her son who had been missing for eight months. Jeff's half-brother, Dr. Richard Alpert, was Paula's internist and Dr. Krista Marsh was her psychiatrist and they had enlisted his help. A teenaged hoodlum cracked Jeff's skull wide open with a bat the year before leaving him with an unusual ability to "absorb emotions, interpret them," and a paranormal ability that was nothing short of freaky. Jeff was pulled toward the stairs in search of the four-year-old and soon the once scornful Dr. Marsh would be blinking in "confused revulsion." Eric had been found.

Jeff was in a funk because his girl, Maggie, had left him for her ex-fiancé, Doug, and he was in no mood for Krista's sudden interest in his "psychic gifts." Besides, he was feeling a monster skullpounder coming on, something that happened every time he used that gift, or curse depending on the way you looked at it. Krista was interested in getting him to help out with one of her patients, so he decided to relent and meet with her. Grace was wheelchair bound and was hoping that Jeff could use his ability to "feel emotions for people" to help her recover from past abuse and become whole again. The problem for Jeff was that he actually experienced what they felt and when he touched Grace he felt an "ugly, naked fear" course through his body. What did Dr. Marsh expect from him? How could possibly help her?

Richard's life seemed so much simpler. The life of a "doctor" like him consisted of a few days at the clinic and vying with that twit Wes Timberly for a chairmanship of some dumb committee. Rich was golden and had it all, including Brenda, a beautiful woman who would soon have his child. Jeff felt like a loser who was only purpose in life was to hold a job as a bartender and get dumped by every woman he loved. The sessions with "Dr. Marsh" would soon begin and perhaps his touch and paranormal ability could be of some use. Little did he know that both would be used for someone else's evil intentions, revolting even him beyond imagination. Jeff was clueless and it didn't connect that doctors did not enlist the help of laymen to treat their patients. Brenda told him to watch his back because she was a trickster. He "flinched as a needle plunged into a vein" and a voice began asking him about Maggie. There were hints of murder and mayhem on the horizon, but this time his psychic gifts just might not be enough to save his own life, let alone anyone else's!

This fast paced paranormal thriller will keep everyone wanting to see a LOT more of Jeff Resnick. I immediately was drawn into this book and could almost hear the horrifying staccato violin notes wondering what was going to happen next. The opening scenes were a perfect introduction to Resnick and his unusual paranormal curse. Once this high point was reached the plot settled in quite nicely and all the previous characters in the series were reintroduced. Jeff is just a poor slob that many people can relate to on many different levels and he certainly is not one to rise above his misery because he definitely feels sorry for himself. Even his brother Rich had to admit that "When God handed out good fortune, Jeff got shorted." This is the second Resnick paranormal thriller I've read and each time I get deep into the plot I think classic noir and would love to turn on the television to see the conclusion on a cold, late night just before the static comes on the set. Of course those days are long gone, but somehow Jeff Resnick brings them back, at least on the page. If you love a good mystery, especially a paranormal thriller, this series is one you need to tune into!

This book (e-book) courtesy of the author.
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on April 16, 2013
The plot was amusing, albeit far-fetched. What I consider a fun beach read. The main character is likeable, & even sympathetic.
This was, by far, the darkest of the plotlines in this series.
I just wish someone would correct (edit) all the grammatical errors. It's becoming a distraction in her books.
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