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on March 18, 2011
Love this product!! I just wish I had known about it earlier :)

1. Easy to apply
2. East to use
3. Gives you much needed wide angle shots
4. Magnetic strips work well
5. Even comes with lens covers and a small bag

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on December 20, 2010
Purchased this add-on wide angle lens to use in filming interior of real estate properties. The lens attachment, a steel ring that adheres to the front of the Flip Ultra lens area with self-stick adhesive, does not detract from the appearance of the camera. The lens appears to stay on well, though I haven't tried to jar the camera with the wide angle lens held on magnetically. In "normal" use, I don't think there would be any problem with it coming off.

My greatest disappointment was with the quality of the picture when using the lens. Without the lens, the Flip Ultra (3rd generation)Flip UltraHD Video Camera - Black, 8 GB, 2 Hours (3rd Generation) NEWEST MODEL takes wonderfully sharp HD video. With the wide-angle lens, the picture seems a bit blurred, a bit like filming through a bit of haze. The picture, though encompassing a wider view, is just a bit fuzzier, not as sharp. Though for my purposes the image is not unusable, it is still disappointing to have an HD picture that isn't sharp.

If you need a wider field of view, and if a loss of sharpness isn't a huge concern, this lens will do the job. But if you are only satisfied with perfectly sharp video, you may be a little disappointed with the results using this lens.
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on October 26, 2011
If you are even thinking about getting this lens, I tell you now that it is worth every penny.

To my estimation, this is a quality lens built with the customer's needs in mind. This item comes with the .45x wide angle magnetic lens, which is crystal clear and greatly improves the amount of information the camera is able to capture. It also comes with two lens covers--one for the front of the lens and one for the back of it when not in use,--a leash which can be used to keep the lens attached to the flip camera even when not in use, a carrying pouch, and 3 adhesive rings (meaning you could share the lens between 3 cameras if you wanted to). However, the most unexpected addition to this fantastic little bundle is that the lens, which is actually composed of two lenses working together, can be unscrewed so that just the smaller of the two lenses is in use. The best part about this is that the smaller lens is itself a macro lens, which enables you to shoot objects very close to the lens in very high detail. It's absolutely amazing! So with just this lens, you can shoot even more of the objects which are far away, and you can shoot objects much closer than otherwise possible and in great detail. Really, what more could you want?

This is really such a fantastic product. The application was very easy (I used tweezers to delicately place, and then nudge, the magnetic metal ring to the perfect placement, since my fingers were too big and clumsy). I can't recommend this product enough. This one lens has turned a good video camera into the perfect video camera. According to the packaging, this fits the Ultra, Ultra HD, Mino, Mino HD, and Slide HD video cameras. I have the Mino HD and it fits perfectly.

I know that other people have mentioned that it's not the most secure setup, having the lens attach magnetically. Sure, if you jerked the camera forcefully it would fall off, but I think that the lens would be perfectly secure as long as you didn't, say, strap the camera to your helmet and film yourself skiing down a mountain or off-road dirt biking. For those extreme situations, I'd recommend taking the lens off, or at the very least making sure that the leash is attached so that, if it does fall off, it won't be lost to nature.

The video was recorded by me, and it shows all the components included and the difference between the .45x lens, the macro lens, and no lens.
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on February 16, 2011
Video review by [...]

The Flip camera delivers HD video at a consumer-level price, but up till now, there have been no lenses available for the Flip. Enter the Bower 0.45x Wide Angle Magnetic Lens for Flip Cameras. It attaches magnetically to the Flip, and as you'll see in this video, it really improves the composition of shots, both at close range (2 to 3 feet from your subject), and at a distance.

We're your Production Guides, and we want to teach you all you need to know to make your own videos. Please come check us out online at [...] .
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on July 14, 2011
I was so happy to discover a wide angle lens was available for my Flip Mino HD. I used my Flip to record a fireworks display and wished more of the night sky was captured, then, voila! I found this lens. It is quite sturdy for being such a little lens. It isn't terribly heavy, but substantial. I was in my kitchen about 3 feet away from my kitchen table, and I viewed the table through the Flip lens. Without the lens, I could only see the table centerpiece. With the wide angle lens, I could see more of the table, the chair in one corner of the room and the wine refrigerator in the other corner! Can't argue that it widens the view. The lens has not fallen off and does not seem to be in jeopardy of doing so, I guess, unless I start doing calisthenics with it. It comes with a removeable silver ring attached to the under side of the lens where it would connect to the Flip lens magnetically. There are instructions to remove the sticky paper on the exposed side of the ring and place the sticky side of the ring on your Flip lens. Let it "cure" for 15 minutes. Once that is done, you can connect your Flip wide angle lens magnetically to your Flip. I followed the instructions and the lens has not fallen off nor does it seem loose. You just cannot lose with this wide angle lens if you own a Flip. But just make sure it is compatible with your Flip. I checked the Flip website to confirm compatibility.
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I am by far no camera expert. So I don't know the difference between micros, macros or any other camera terminology. I just know how to point, shoot or record. I wanted to get a lens that would allow me to record video of a concert using a wide shot angle. This zens does that, but it also made the distance of the image further. I was hoping that it would not effect the zoom, but it did. This might be a great item for someone who is more interested in recording wider views of panoramic scenes or groups. The other down size was that I notice that lens had some real weight to it, and when I attempted to walk while using my Flip it would pop off. Thank goodness I tethered it to my Flip or otherwise the zens would of broken when it came off. The magnetic ring does not generate a strong enough hold.
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on July 25, 2011
Hi, I bought the bower .45 wide angle lens for my FLIP Generation 3 8GB camera. It is a great camera, but without the lens, you feel very limited. let me just say first off, It comes with 3 Magnetic rings, Which Hold Firm, Have never had it fall off, snaps on tightly. It having those extra 2 rings is nice, allows you to have some freedom with it, experimenting on any camera you can get the rings to fit on, i have a ring rigged up to my web cam, which is AWESOME, its universal.

The process of applying the ring to the flip is SIMPLE, take my word on that. you just peel off the backing of the ring, and place the ring on your flip's lens and you're good. i was pleased with how well it blends in, it doesn't look out of place at all. But once the ring was on the cam, I put on the Lens leash took of the lens caps, and snapped it on. Instantly you can see the difference, you don't feel like you have to hold the camera into your chest just to get the right shots you want.

The quality, I will admit, does drop a little with the bower .45 wide angle lens. You'll notice once you upload video that around the edges, it wont be as sharp as before. Which, in my opinion, is a sacrifice i'm willing to make for 60 FPS wide angle video. Also up close video is A LOT better, you can read text. If you really want to see up close, you can unscrew the Wide angle part of the lens, and use the MACRO part of the lens. Once with only the macro on, you can bring the camera about two inches away from something and have it fully focus in allowing you to get some cool looking footage. Like imagine if you seen a mutant bug on the ground, you could get some awesome up close video, and possibly get rich and live the life of luxury, Simply, because you bought this lens. really though, No regrets, Pick it up, its only 30 bucks, The flip and the Bower .45 wide angle lens are an epic combo, Get it now, before the price jumps up!

- Scott "TheGammaGhost" K.
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on January 28, 2011
I purchases this lens for the Flip Ultra (non-HD) 2nd Generation model after seeing numerous videos on YouTube. What attracted me to the lens was the more "life-like" view obtained by adding the wider perspective to my Flip camera. This lens is absolutely ideal for filming people at a 1-5 ft. range and has been great for short interview-like clips, small groups, in-car video and other close quarter filming. This lens is NOT ideal for filming at distances greater than 15-20 ft. if you expect clear detail. We experimented with filming a soccer game and the Flip performed better without the lens than with the inclusion of the wide angle lens. I just purchased the Opteka 3x Telephoto Lens for Flip UltraHD Digital Video Camcorder for the Flip today and will be trying that out for sports filming.

All in all, the product is of sound quality. The finish on the lens is very clean. The detachable macro is a nice touch and a potentially useful addition. The tether that comes with the lens allows for a safe attachment of the lens to the Flip camera both when in use and when stored. The magnetic ring worried me at first, but for my applications it has been great so far. Longboarding trips in the spring will reveal the strength of the magnet (or lack thereof) but for the moment I am very satisfied with the purchase.

I would (and do) recommend this product to anyone with a Flip camera looking for more interesting video. You will love it.
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on January 20, 2011
First of all, let me say that this really adds a noticeable increase in recording area without a "fisheye" effect. I loved using it so much just to bring in the extra surroundings that I discovered a real problem. This lens attaches not to the camera itself, but to a metal ring (provided) that you put on the Flip's "lens" (the clear part that protects the actual sensor). Anyway, since I loved it so much I left it on all the time so I could just pick it up off my desk, shoot a quick video and set it right back down.
I really can't decide if it's the lens' fault for being to heavy, Flip's fault for weak adhesive, or my fault for not removing it, but the wide angle lens was heavy enough to break the adhesive on the Flip's lens so now I have an exposed sensor. The Flip isn't ruined at all. Had I not used the included strap, this lens would have fallen 4 feet to a concrete floor (it looks sturdy enough to handle it, but who wants to take that chance?). I have since reapplied the lens with a stronger adhesive, so I suppose this is more of a warning. If this were more of an cheap gimmicky accessory, I wouldn't be disappointed; but I discovered this item because Flip's website has it as a recommended accessory and really seems like a quality product.

Adds a good amount to the viewing area
Quality build; heavy, but doesn't give the camera awkward weight
No big loss of quality (if it's enough to be complaining about, you probably shouldn't be filming with a Flip anyway)
Apparently too heavy for the camera
Doesn't actually connect to the metal ring around the Flip's lens, you attach a ring to the clear part.
Either don't leave the Bower on all the time, don't leave it standing straight up when not in use.
*** Use the included strap to attach it to the Flip; if I didn't I'm not sure I'd still be able to use this lens. ***

FYI, I use this adapter on the late 2010 Flip Ultra HD (8 GB, black, with FlipPort) attached to a Joby magnetic GorillaPod (which is awesome, so pick that up too).
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on July 21, 2014
Love this product. Purchased for a ski trip and flip camera was retrofitted to a skateboard helmet. Had to tape the lense with the best remedy to mankind (silver duct tape) because magnet would not stand a chance on the unsteady slopes. Comes with lens caps and a soft carrying bag that doubles as a lens cloth. Also comes with 3 metal rings that adhere to device with 3M tape. Word of caution, careful to not bend the rings when taking the wax paper off to adhere. Magnet on lens keeps it on device well enough in steady shoots but lens can fall off if its jostled around enough. Unscrew the lens from both ends and it turns it into a macro. Macro looks cool for up close. Wide angle ads a significant field of view and has minimal warp although it is present. Also found that the lens works great on my Galaxy S3 as it comes with 3 metal rings. Would highly recommend.
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