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on August 11, 2014
ONA The Bowery vs. Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 vs. Domke F-5XB

I hauled full frame DSLR around Europe for two weeks with an L zoom lens. Captured great images but I swore I'd never lug that amount of weight and bulk again on vacation. Sold it and bought a mirror less system, the FujiFilm XT-1. I love this camera and needed to get a bag to hold it with the kit zoom lens in place. I like using the lens hood for both image quality and to protect the lens .. so my goal was to find a bag that would allow the camera to be placed in it with the lens and lens hood attached.

I ordered the the three bags above. I put my new camera with the kit zoom lens with hood attached into each bag. I also put the items one would need for traveling such as a charger, spare batter, cleaning cloth, etc. All of these three bags were the perfect size. I returned the Think Tank and Domke and kept the ONA. Here are the pros and cons I found:

Think Tank - It is a boxy traditional camera bag with lots of zippered compartments. Fixed into a rectangular shape so it stuck out further from the waist when carried. Shoulder strap was very thin and would be very uncomfortable. The bag is light in weight but doesn't have a lot of padding. I liked the magnetic closure so if one was shutting a lot you could just leave the zipper open and access the camera very easily. Has a built in rain shield. Was the cheapest. It does say CAMERA. The thing I really didn't like about it was the boxy rectangular shape.

Domke - Looks nice. It was heavier than the Think Tank. Much of the added weight came from the hardware (two gigantic zippers, large strap claps). The shoulder strap was comfortable but thick. The bag flap is held closed with velcro which makes a loud noise and requires a little effort to open. Access to the inside is a opening that runs longwise along the center. One of the industrial size zippers must be slid open. The edges of the opening tend to rest together and there is a plastic zipper on the edge. So pulling the camera in and out requires a little fiddling to avoid brushing it against the zipper edges. No compartments like the Think Tank. The compartment inserts were very thin bent to one side of the other as the bag was compressed which would catch the camera when it was put into the bag. The bag is made in the USA.

ONE The Bowery - A significant disadvantage is it is over twice the price of the other two bags, even more so in the leather versions. However, it looks and feels like substantially higher quality. It is about the same weight as the Domke but has more padding. the shoulder strap is a wide and made of material like an automobile seat belt ... very comfortable. The inside is well padded and the customizable compartment inserts were thick and semi-rigid so they held their position well and did not catch the camera edges then placing the camera in the bag. The bag is designed to collapse down to become flatter around the contents, so it is far more comfortable to carry. Access is extremely easy by pressing a locking bottom clasp and simply open the flap. No zippers anywhere on this bag. A disadvantage is that there are no little hidden secure compartments for a memory card, etc. Lots of side pockets around the exterior, but they cannot be securely closed so a memory card could get lost. I simply took a small plastic box (that had a lens cleaning kit) and put it in the main compartment and that is where I put all the little parts (memory card, spare battery, etc.). It looks a little bit like a purse ... sort of. ... not really as appears to me as more masculine looking in design. My wife thinks that it looks like the "man purses" that are very common in Europe. I think it would be great for female or male photographers.

All in all, none of them are a bad bag. Any of the three would be functional. If weight mattered the most I'd get the ThInk Tank but would have to replace it with a real shoulder strap. If the ONA was out of my price range, probably I'd get the Domke. But the ONA was truly the most comfortable and had the highest quality.
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on December 23, 2015
Here's a completely different review from the norm: I bought it as my daily driver sling/messenger bag, and not as a camera bag or insert.

The materials are well-made and screams quality right down to the hefty buckle which you can probably use as a bludgeoning, self-defense implement. The strap is detachable when you need to use it as a camera insert or as an organizer on a much larger bag. The bag is very tough, and this is coming from someone who uses it while commuting in the packed train.

There's plenty of pockets, some of which are pretty much unusable. The stash pockets at the sides are so narrow, only a pack of gum would fit in there and if it did, it would be increasingly difficult to get it out. The slash pocket at the back is great for those quick items you need to get into in and out, and it expands reasonably well. I use it to store my badge and some wipes.

There are two more slash pockets at the front that is covered by the flap, but don't expect your post-2012 phone to fit in there. I use one side for keys and a pen then the other pocket for my thin, bill fold wallet. It's worth mentioning that when placing the wallet inside, keep it away from the corner since it might poke a hole when done frequently.

The inside is quite roomy and the velcro dividers allow you to customize the fit of whatever you need to put in there. Since it's not a camera bag for my purpose, I use the dividers to separate my gigantic phablet from my lunch box. Yes, it will fit a lunch box but more of the bento box size than those big ones.

It's a solid, relatively nondescript looking bag that goes well with anything from casual to office wear. It does unfortunately, look like a woman's handbag to some so if you're bothered by that, then I'd suggest looking elsewhere.. or maybe grow a beard or project a more manly veneer.

- Just the right size, not too big or small
- Quality materials
- Good looking
- Can carry all your daily items
- Works with either casual wear or with a suit

- Pockets are a little tight
- Some durability concerns with the corners of the stash pockets
- A bit pricey
- Looks feminine to some
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on June 13, 2014
I have lost count of how many briefcases, backpacks, and camera bags that I've bought over time. I love the idea of something that has the right set of compartments, is the right size, and looks good. The quest was a great way to kill time whenever I ran across a new luggage store, leather store, camera shop, etc.

Sadly, my quest is over because I found the perfect camera bag. There are two main compartments which are the perfect size for my mirrorless camera and a few lenses. It has two front pouches that are already stuffed with a few things I couldn't get into my old camera bag. There is a wide sort of slot pouch on the back that will work nicely for flat things and the occasional brochure. As I was looking at it, I thought "It would be nice if they put pouches on the side." Then I looked closer. There are pouches on the side... Perfect for batteries, cables...

What sold me in the pictures and video was the size. I don't like big bulky things. In real life it's better than the pictures. This is an excellent size for what I need. I love the waxed canvas (much better than the bulletproof nylon of most camera bags). The brass fittings are beefy and the leather trim is real leather. The "build quality" is outstanding. This thing is going to look better as I use it. The price for what you get is really fair IMHO.

If you have a LOT of camera gear and you're a semi-pro or real pro photographer then you'll need more room. If you're a prosumer with extra lenses and the little things you need to keep your camera cleaned and charged then this is a great product.
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on February 10, 2016
I bought this bag because I already have the Ona Brixton in Smoke and *love* it, but need a smaller bag that I can also use as a purse. I had been looking at the Ona Capri, but I suddenly realized that if they had a smaller bag in the same Smoke color, it'd be perfect for me. They do, and it is! I love almost everything about this bag--the gorgeous blue-gray color (coordinates perfectly with my wardrobe), the dark leather accents, the quality construction. This is a bag that will last my lifetime.

The only thing I do not like is the latch to close the bag--it is a bit tricky to completely latch. That being said, I know to take the time to make sure it really is securely closed--not a deal-breaker.

I can fit my Nikon D7100 with 28-105 lens in the bag, plus my wallet and other small items. AWESOME!! That is just what I wanted. When my son first saw it, he said, "Hey Mom, it looks like your camera bag shrunk. It actually looks like a purse. And you can fit your camera in it too." Bingo! What's not to love about this little bag?
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on September 9, 2016
I bought this bag to use with my Holdfast Money Maker. Using the portrait sliders, I can attach this bag easily to the HFMM and keep an extra lens, cards, and batteries on me at all times while shooting portraits or weddings. It's a good bag and definitely does what I need it to do but a few tweaks would have made it SO much better. A zipper on the back pocket would be AMAZING. As it is now, I don't feel like I can put anything important in there because it's so floppy I'm afraid that things would fall out. A thin inner pocket would be nice for stashing cards and my phone. I'm currently using other velcro camera bag dividers on the inside of the bag to make pockets for myself that I can actually use. The outer pockets are very tight and can just barely fit a 4 pack of batteries or a spare battery for my D750 (the D3 battery won't fit at all)....I use them but it's hard getting things in and out so if you need a quick battery change you're SOL. Having those pockets either be a little bigger or even just a little stretchy would have been so much nicer.

So overall, I like the bag, I just wish they'd maybe polled a few more photographers while making it so it could be even more useful!
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on September 1, 2014
I really like this bag. I've used it for street shooting, shoots and I've done miles of car and air travel with it. It manages the rain very well and keeps everything dry. Unfortunately it does not carry two small Micro Four Thirds lenses with caps and a hood without scratching my Olympus OMD camera body. So I've suffered some camera body scratches but I'm looking forward to upgrading to a larger size so that I can easily carry and access batteries, lens cleaners, flash, phone and iPad mini. The large pocket on the exterior is not very secure (I shoot in crowds, street scenes, wilderness) so I tend to refrain from holding important items in it, so It holds a pencil and a small papers. The side and inner front pockets are very secure, perfect to carry a lens cloth, backup battery, thin wallet w/ID, maybe an iPhone and a lip balm. It's very attractive and I really love the slate blue/brown combo. I did make slight modifications to the strap (adding a removable silk shrug) because I found that the strap and the back of the bag that leans on my thigh really irritated my clothing (especially dresses/skirts) and the areas it touch started to pill the fabric. Pretty frustrating so when I decide to upgrade I will consider leather to avoid clothes chafing. Now that I know how I should use the bag (carrying less is more) and what I should wear (jeans/khakis, t-shirts or no wrinkle hardy tops), I'm really glad that I have the Bowery.
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on March 10, 2014
I recently used this bag on a two week trip around Italy and it was easily my most valuable possession aside from my Clark Desert Boots. It offers both style and functionality at a very reasonable price. I carried with me daily my DSLR with macro lens and hood attached in the larger compartment (a padded divider lets you section off the interior space with strong velcro to suit your carrying needs), in the smaller section I had my telephoto lens with hood reversed standing vertically. In the front sleeves I carried memory cards, backup camera battery, and a Mophie juice pack for on the go iPhone charging. In the back sleeve which runs the length of the bag I carried city maps and a English/Italian dictionary. This bag saw a lot of use during the trip and looks as new today as the day I received it. Highly recommend!
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on April 25, 2014
This nicely holds my DSLR with lens attached (sideways) and another lens (up and down). You might be able to get some tiny things in the side pockets like cards or a short pen, but that's about it. The back pocket could hold a notebook or a phone, but nothing that doesn't really lay flat. One reviewer mentioned the tendency to tip over when opened, and although it doesn't happen all the time, it does happen often enough that you have to pay attention. The material is good and sturdy, the strap is made out of something similar to seatbelt material and the hardware is decent, although I would have liked the clip from the strap to the bag to be a little more secure - it seems like it would be easy for snatch and grab. Love that this doesn't look like a typical camera bag, and the padding isn't overdone so it doesn't look humongous. I really like it, but a few tweaks would make me LOVE it, and for the price, I think it should be tweaked.
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on May 19, 2014
This bag exceeded my expectations, its stylish well made and absolutely gorgeous. My mirrorless OMDEM10 fits perfectly along with three lenses (one prime and 2 zoom). I was skeptical to spend this much money on a camera bag but since I will be using it almost daily I pulled the trigger and I don't regret it at all. The outside is buttery smooth, the inside is soft and a good blend of padding while not so padded it eats up all the space. Its a perfect size for a small girl (I am 5') and it has so many pockets good for my iPhone, extra battery's, and memory cards.

I might even splurge on a different color at some point (if I can become a good enough photographer to justify color coding my bags with my outfit ;))
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on August 13, 2016
This is a great bag. Well made. Feels like a much more expensive bag. Despite it's very compact size, I can fit two rangefinder camera bodies in here and 3 compact lenses + two filters and some batteries. I usually take one body out to make the bag more comfortable for practical use. It comes with one divider and needs a few more for maximum functionality. I found compatible ones in stock at B&H, but they no longer make them so if you can't find suitable the dividers elsewhere, you may be out of luck (or make your own?). The pockets are excellent. The strap is like a high-quality seatbelt material. It's my favorite camera bag ever.
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