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on January 31, 2015
well made, and with a little warranty voiding custom work, can be made to work with the 310lb and 410 lb upgrade kits. See my pictures in the customer uploaded pictures section for my instructions on how i did it. i dont know how safe this is, so do this at your own risk. it works fine on my bowflex though.
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on May 2, 2014
After 60 days with the product, I can say that I have found it very useful. After trashing my shoulders lifting heavy free weights and father time beginning to flex HIS muscle, I knew that I needed something challenging and beneficial but not as high impact as free weights. I was very skeptical of the whole "home gym" process. The gym went together very quickly, instructions on set up and excercises were very clear and the quality is absolutely great.

The Bowflex has been fantastic in helping me regain strength and flexibility as well as loosing 15lbs (so far). I'm not a big diet person. If I were disciplined, I certainly would have lost more. I've seen near immediate results in upper body definition and the included bands offer enough resistance for me to feel like I've gotten a very thourough workout provided I spend enough time on the machine. For me that is typically 60 minutes 4-5 times per week.

There are some cons. For leg excercises, this model is simply inadequate for anyone that is fairly athletic. I get the impression most of the excersises were designed for upper body first and then the engineers figured out the best way to incoporate some leg excercises. Another other notebale drawback is the amount of resistance. For my wife and teenaged sons, there is more than enough resistance for their long term activity. I've found that I can use all of the bands and still do 4-6x15 sets (yes...correctly) without much trouble for several of the exercises. I should note that I spent several years strength training and was not surprised to reach the max resistance quickly. Finally, if you are very tall, the range of motion may be limiting for you. At 5'7", I can get full extension without issues. Taller than 6' may prevent you from doing some of the excersises just because the bands and cables will reach their maximum length. If you are obese, this is not the place to start. The bench requires balance and core strength when laid down flat; it's not bolted on.

Overall, for the price and quality of the product, I am very happy. When I have lower back tightness or shoulder pain, I can count on the time spent on the Bowflex to help allieviate those symptoms. I fully expect to lose a few more pounds and continue to see positive results. If you use the machine as it's designed with proper posture, rep volume and consistency; I would be surprised to hear anything but positive results.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 26, 2013
This home gym was easy to assemble and use. I have been using this on and off for a year or so now and it still works great. The only thing about this one compared to others is that you cannot upgrade the weights, and has less exercises you can do.

However, if you feel 210 lbs of resistance is too little for you, try doing the motions slower. I've seen people jerk these things super quick thinking they are strong, but the resistance comes from slower motions throughout. It does not take up too much space and can easily be built on your own. You can easily do just the basics like bench press, shoulder press, biceps and triceps and leg curls with this and still get a decent work out.

I really like the idea of the Bowflex, especially if you work out alone. I once worked out with some friends and my friend took the plate off a cheap Weider Gym bar (the ones that feel like plastic and have no weight to them) before I was ready and it swung and hit me in the head and made a big gash on my forehead. (I needed stitches from that). With the Bowflex, I don't worry about that. If you are trying to Hulk Up and be the next Mr. Olympia, you will need free weights and some incredible genetics. However, for ease of use, and safety, this can't be beat.

It came shipped to me in 2 days via Prime and came in perfect condition. If you are new to Bowflex home gyms, get this one first.
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on December 28, 2010
I got this recently and installed it myself. It took awhile to put it together because I took my time. I was afraid I might miss something so I did it at a slow pace. So far, I have used it a bit now. At first, I thought that I had made a bad purchase because I could max out the weight with certain exercises. I bought this to use along with the P90x workout plan. Great plan by the way. Anyway, after doing some research as I was debating returning this item, I found out how to properly use this machine. Which leads to my 4 star review. I removed a star because the instructions are not very clear on how to properly use this machine. Makes no sense why they do not clearly explain how to maximize the workout with this device. I had to look all over the place to find the right information. The key is to do the following:

1. Pick a proper weight that will give you a decent resistance. You might have to play around with the weights to get a feel.

2. Slowly go through the form of the exercise you are doing with a overall slow movement.

3. At the peak of your workout, stop and hold the contraction.

4. As you start to return back to the starting point of your exercise, keep moving slowly, and do not go all the way back to the starting point. Stop as close as you can contracting that muscle.

5. Keep doing this until you can't do anymore.

If you follow those tips, this is a great home gym. I would also recommend using free weights as well to mix up the varation or even using P90x as a guide for your workouts.

Bowflex + Free Weights + P90X = Win.

I recommend this device, I'd buy it again.
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on April 16, 2015
The Bowflex arrived on time and was all in one box. I had the delivery person help me put it in the garage as it is very heavy for one person to move around. If you can do it by yourself, you probably don't need to be working out. Assembly was pretty easy, but it would be nice if the pieces had number stickers on them which correspond with the numbers in the assembly booklet. I went just by pictures, which wasn't that difficult. The only other thing I would recommend are better pictures/descriptions of the actual workout exercises. I may buy the expanded manual that is advertised. It should have been included. Overall, very pleased and enjoying using Bowflex every other day combined with walking the other days.
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on January 21, 2013
I'll start by thanking everyone for your valuable insight. After reading the reviews, I decided this is the one for my needs. Though cost was a factor, it was not the main. Assembly rather straight forward- make sure you have a ratchet, socket, and box wrench- makes assembly so much easier. Lay out your parts according to picture- inventory your hardware put like items together. I did have one problem- there were two metal sleeves/ inserts held in place by a tie. I believe they go in the holes on the main frame under the seat. I couldn't put them in the holes and have the seat move cleanly over them so I left them off.

Much criticism was raised about inaccurate weight representation. I didn't find that to be a problem- Why, the resistance is sufficient and if exercises are done correctly, you'll get the isolation and workout needed for the muscle group worked. In fact, I found cables provided a quicker pump and burn than free weights. The first time using the BF, the movement was somewhat jerky- pushing both arms at the same pace required concentration. This is expected if you want good form and good results. Before buying- make sure you identify what you want the equipment to do and what gains you want to achieve. If you want the rock hard body as advertised, you'll most likely need to supplement your workout.
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on December 12, 2011
**Update 2 years later below***This review is for the Bow flex PR1000 and my use of it over the last 3 months.

I don't think it's necessary to go into great detail concerning the shipping etc. but the machine is packaged very well.

Assembly time- With me and a friend it took about 1 hour.

Quality- I was surprised on the quality of the machine. It is sturdy and very well made. After three months it is holding up as it did on the first day.

Workouts- There is a lot of workouts you can do on this machine. I would highly recommend the bow flex body plan book as it is a valuable reference.
Concerning the workouts the point of the Bow flex is resistance. Each motion of exercise should be controlled.

Workout results-With dieting I have lost 35 lbs. and using the bow flex only 3 times a week for approx. 30 minutes a workout.

Other Models- I was somewhat overwhelmed at the different models and Bow flex nor do reviews on Amazon really help in this area. After doing exhaustive research I found the main difference between this model and the Pr3000 is mostly the Pr3000 comes with 100 extra lbs. of resistance. For another 500 bucks, they can keep it.

*Side note. There are numerous articles and videos showing how you can add more power bars/replace with higher weight without buying a more expensive model. It's actually quite easy.
Free weights vs. Bow flex. You will have friends and so called experts argue one over the other. Through my own experience now and in the past, the bow flex concentrates on and makes you use smaller muscles you thought you never had.

Will you top out the weights/power bars is a concern I had when buying this. At this point the answer is no. If you're looking to be the next Mr. Olympia then you wouldn't be buying this anyways. But the short answer is this will get you in shape, tone or add some bulk, depending on your workouts. And will continue to do so for years to come.

Space required- This is not a small machine so a good 8x10 area is recommended for use.

Does it work? - The answer is yes as long as you use it.You will see results as long as the machine is used and you diet.

Overall rating- The Bow flex pr1000 definitely is worth the money. The machine is well made and will do its job.

**Update Two Years Later*

This machine has helped me lose 60llbs of fat in a healthy way, that is not starving myself but by exercising. I have been going to a local gym and still the use bow flex when I am short on time or the weather is bad.
I can now speak from experience from using both the Bow flex and free weights in a gym. The bow flex will still do its job and do it well. The key is still to do the exercises slowly. For example, when doing a bench press don't jerk up, push up counting to three, hold, and then come down in three.
It will hit the little muscles and will really sculpt you.
Works excellent, rods are fine, it has stayed together nicely.

The bowflex works if you use it!
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on March 28, 2012
Read many reviews on many websites. And after looking it all over, I figured I knew enough about working out, how to use equipment, and that the huge difference in price between the PR1000 and the next model up was not worth it.

Overall, I'm glad with my decision to purchase the PR1000. Free shipping with Amazon and about $75 cheaper than picking up at my local Walmart, so this was a bonus. Got in one day after I ordered it. Came UPS right to my front door, so this was another bonus since I didn't have to go through the store process of getting it to my door by myself. Assembly was easy. Probably an hour to put together.

One negative that influenced my purchase was that I have seen in some reviews that you can max out the weights (especially with the leg press) and you cannot upgrade it. I completely understand this, however, I think for 90% of owners, the 210 lbs it came with is not going to be a factor. The whole idea with this machine is to go SLOWER than using free weights. You also get the force of the rods in BOTH directions of the exercise. So if you are doing a bicep curl, for instance, you would be taking 2-4 seconds to do the upward motion against the resistance rods and then 2-4 seconds going back down against the resistance rods...with each complete motion you are getting DOUBLE workout. If you are doing it in a paced controlled manner, getting up to the 210 lbs weight limit doing 8-12 reps of 4-8 second motions...times 2-4 sets of reps...this is a LOT of working out for one exercise. If you are a gym rat, yes indeed you could be saying that's not enough weight for you. But if you are Joe/Jane Public getting your 30 minute workout each day, you will have trouble getting out of bed the next morning maxing out the rods on your exercises assuming you are doing them with the suggested methods. And quite frankly, you are beyond home gym and need to get into a real gym at that point.

So the big negative I read about not being able to upgrade the weights may or may not ever be reached by me given my workout habits. I'm just looking for strength training and so far after a couple of weeks, I'm super pleased with it overall. Only takes about 30 seconds to change over from bicep curls to leg curls or a lat pull down. Its really really simply. All the pulleys, attachments, and surfaces are nicely built and comfortable to use. I don't have any negatives so far other than that I wish you could lay down on the bench and somehow do hamstring curls. You can only do it standing in an awkward fashion, but it does concentrate right on the glutes and hammy.

Comparing the weight numbers on the resistance rods to what you can do in free weights...well, you can just forget that. Since you are using a machine, you do get a bit of a mechanical advantage. However, its not as easy as you think that you can do more weight. You are pulling at angles that don't necessarily give you the mechanical advantage you expect. And when you are doing the exercises in a slow and deliberate manner, the 10th rep feels 5x heavier than the 1st rep. Its deceiving and you need a few workouts to work out your ideal weight resistance rods.

Folding it up and down is very easy. I hate to say it, but even my wife can do it without help ;) Once she used it a few times, she doesn't need my help at all on how to switch out to do another exercise; what handle goes where, etc. I would assume for most people that your experience would be the same and you could quickly change from one exercise to another. There is a manual that comes with it that covers most exercises that would concentrate on a particular area. It also includes a couple of varied training regiments with suggestions for Day 1, Day 2, etc. Very useful, I think.

Overall, I think it was a great purchase for $450. I easily get a quality workout on professional quality equipment. Compared to my days of going to the gym and spending more time waiting inline for equipment than using it, I LOVE my BowFlex.
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on June 5, 2014
I am a 40 year old male, I am somewhat active, only at work, and I am looking to be fit again. I have been over eating and I decided I wanted to lose weight and be fit; I wanted a beach body. I set a goal to lose 30 lbs. This was easy to assemble and I did it alone. I used a tape measure to differentiate the bolts because they are close in size. The 210 lb limit worried me at first but I think 110 lbs of restraint on each side is more than enough to keep me fit. If I were looking to be a bodybuilder then I would have chosen free weights but that is not my goal. I can feel the burn and I have yet to use all the rods combined - I think the key is how fast you do the exercise. If your movement is very slow, 4-5 second each movement, then you will definitely feel the burn. I will update my review as I progress but for now I am very happy with this purchase.

Update: 2 weeks later and I am feeling psyched. I lowered my calorie intake but I am not eating as 'healthy' as they say one should. I also stopped drinking soda and only drink water with a little lemon juice in it. I have lost 15 pounds using the PR1000 for 25 - 30 minutes with brakes in between every exercise; I exercise every other day. I am also using an elliptical to warm up for ten minutes before I start the PR1000 and to cool down for ten minutes after; I try to do the elliptical daily. That being said, I am already starting to show some muscle gain and definition; my body is feeling toned. Time your movements until it's second nature and you will feel the burn and get results. It's up to you to commit. So far so good, I can actually see a difference. I am still happy with this purchase.
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on July 29, 2013
I'm very happy with how this home gym is working out. I haven't used a lot of other home gyms for comparison, but the fact that this one folds up, had a good price, doesn't weigh as much as a stack of weights, and is pretty versatile has made it a winner in my mind. It's nice to be able to work out before I get ready for the day without driving to the gym, or having to pray that I have the motivation to swing by the gym on the way home from work. The relatively silent operation of the machine is also a plus since I have a roommate and don't want to wake him up.

This model has plenty of weight for upper body exercises, which is what I mostly use it for, but doesn't really have enough resistance for leg presses. The lower body exercises also feel kind of dangerous when using the belt (which replaces the hand grips and wraps around the waist). The foot bar feels too small and I feel like I'm going to slip and get pulled into the stand. There's no stack of weights to crush me if that were to happen, but it's still unsettling.

Overall, I'd recommend this machine but be careful with the leg press exercise (maybe replace with bodyweight squats and dead lifts?).
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