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on April 22, 2012
I have used Boxee Desktop software before it was discontinued, when it was still in Beta. I remember it being quite functional and snappy. So recently I've decided to buy a Boxee Box. I read online that it supports HBO GO, Netflix, VUDU, AirPlay and many other services.

The hardware design in beautiful. But it's irregular shape makes it difficult to stack it on the side/corner of a TV stand. The refurb piece looked pretty good without any signs of wear. Then I plugged it in and updated the software first. The UI looks beautiful, but I don't like some of the design choices they made. For example I couldn't find a reliable way to search a list of apps or a list of videos. I always end up doing a system wide search, which is not very useful many times.

1. AirPlay:
AirPlay works fine for short videos, but for long ones, the iPad goes to sleep and the video playback stops. Strangely, it doesn't happen with the Apple TV. Also, AirPlay mirroring doesn't work, but in fairness it only works on Apple branded devices.

2. Netflix:
Netflix UI lags a bit, but the streaming works fine for the most part. Quality is pretty good, no big surprises.

3. HBO GO:
I thought Boxee Box, supported HBO GO natively, but disappointed that it is nothing more than a mere hack. The App is just a wrapper to the website, which is fine with me, but it never works. Sometimes I see black bars when I switch to full screen. Even worse, I have to use the D-Pad on the remote as a mouse, which is a huge pain during navigation. Also many times the video and audio go out of sync and I can't navigate through the video since its a web player.

4. VUDU:
Everytime I try to open this app, it tells me there is a network error hence it can't be opened.

5. Local Playback:
Local playback from a network drive works for the most part, but sometimes it completely chokes and freezes. Not only that I experience audio lags very frequently and sometimes it randomly skips to a different time etc., This is one of the huge factors for me to return this. It should atleast playback local files without issues.

6. Other Apps:
There are a zillion apps/channels that I don't need or don't work properly. I tried watching PBS videos but it takes me again to the browser. The Youtube app is also just a Widescreen youtube website, which is fine, but it rarely works well on the Boxee box.

7. WiFi Issues:
Wifi disconnects intermittently and many apps crash in that process. It doesn't happen when using Ethernet, but WiFi on this device isn't reliable at all.

Its a huge disappointment that Boxee box tries to do many things, but none of them work well. May be over the time, if they release more software updates it might get better, but it has been over 2 years already since this was first released. It feels like some Beta product rather than a finished product.

In comparision, I also own a Roku box, which doesn't have many features (No local playback, No Airplay, No Youtube), but for the few things it does, it works flawlessly.
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on February 20, 2013
I really wanted to like the idea of the Boxee Box. Almost everything I want to watch is online or on my home PC, so it seemed ideal.

Well it would be if it actually worked. It had a habit of hanging, requiring a reboot. But when I would reboot, it lost all my Pandora account info. Every time.

Then it started this nifty trick where it would just lose its mind (or more likely its internal storage). It would lose access to all non-built-in apps (e.g. Netflix) and be unable to download them. This also required a reboot -- but when it came back up it was COMPLETELY WIPED. So I got to start over. From scratch. It would do this about every week or two.

OK, so I figured/hoped I just had a bad one. I contacted their support. After two weeks they asked me to turn on debug logs and submit them. I did that...and never heard from them again. Ever. I tried pinging the open case. Nothing. I tried opening new cases. Nothing.

It went in the trash and I got a Google TV. Much better.
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on June 18, 2012
I bought the Boxee box and used it daily for over 3 months, until it finally died. It attempts to boot and gets stuck in an endless loop of UI boot screens -- can't access menu's to restore defaults, can't do anything with this now. I plan to send it back to D-Link, who apparently have received several defective Boxee's like mine.

Prior to the Boxee box failing, it ran fairly reliable. There were approximately 3 instances when the box would reset itself while I was navigating the UI, but overall was pretty dependable. Easy to set up, if you have even modest technical skills. The box would connect to the Internet to watch movies, shows, or run one of their apps (i.e. MLBTV). I also connected it to my home network, where I have a small machine dedicated to storing all of my movies, music, and family photos. I went as far as canceling my cable TV service, and would have been happy with that had the Boxee not died. If D-Link takes good care of me, I might add another star to this review.

The reason that I gave it 2 stars instead of 1? My wife, who doesn't care for tech gadgets, became very comfortable with it in a few days.

My advice: Wait 6 months and buy a new "smart" TV. By the end of 2012 the new "smart" TV's will have features such as networking, appps, etc.
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on March 6, 2014
This review is for the Boxee Box HD streaming player. Back in 2012 I purchased it and used it thoroughly for one month, finally returning it after multiple issues.

- Great concept and so much potential for feature-rich services
- Very good streaming quality when it works
- Eye catching exterior design

- Consistent trouble connecting to wireless network at startup. Wireless network information is correctly set up in the BB, but every time at start up, the BB cannot connect. After re-entering the wifi password, the BB connects, but who wants to enter a wifi password every time?
- Cannot stream some popular online content, such as Netflix at times
- Clunky interface and browsing
- Multiple rounds of troubleshooting over email and phone did not help (and yes, I also performed troubleshooting with my other devices, and I concluded the issues were definitely with the Boxee Box)
- I did not receive a defect, as the same issues occurred in two sets that I purchased. Thank goodness Amazon accepted the returns.
- There are other consumer and DIY devices out there that accomplish the goals of the Boxee Box, and do a better job at it
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on March 29, 2013
Tried this out for three days. I have good HSI (22 Mbps), and there was a problem loading pages. It runs on 32 bit Linux, which is a problem with some sites that support internet TV, and also, Flash player was unable to update because of the OS... so that took out several internet browsing sites, and major web sites. Was such a hassle to navigate through the pages using the browser, and the movies, and TV shows that are automatically set up on the boxee box are old, and re-runs. This product has a good idea, as I am sure Apple TV and the others do...but this technology needs to grow, or someone needs to seriously fix it before this becomes the primary option of a major source of entertainment. I sent it back for a refund.
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on January 6, 2011
The "Box" has great potential and I think it might eventually be a very cool way to enjoy web video (and video from your local drives), but my complaint is really about "truth in advertising" and basic communication with one's customers. Simply put, I was new to the Boxee concept a few months ago, picked up on some buzz about the Box, heard it would support Netflix and Hulu (two of my primary web viewing sources) and Vudu (which sounded like a great online source for HD movies), confirmed this on Boxee's home page, and excitedly pre-ordered from Amazon, even though it's as much as double the price of some of its competitors. Hey, I like the underdog. Back to the "confirmed this on Boxee's home page" point: STILL, on Boxee's home page they clearly explain there are two ways to enjoy Boxee. You can *buy* Boxee (the "Box") or you can *build* Boxee (install on your computer), as if these two approaches reach the same end. And then right below that it lists "featured content partners," including Netflix and Vudu. Sweet! So I pre-ordered the Box.

Fast-forward to today. I've had the Box for almost two months.
Does the Box have Netflix? No. When the company started shipping the Box in November they announced very assuredly that Netflix would be ready by the end of the year. This was a change from what was advertised when I pre-ordered, as noted above.
Did the Box have Netflix at the end of the year? No. Boxee insisted it would right until the last minute on New Year's Eve. No transparent communication in the weeks that led up, just continual reiteration of the promise (Go to CEO Avner Ronen's Boxee Twitter feed and see how many times he said (even in the last week of the year!) it would be released at the end of the year), ... followed by not delivering on the promise.
Did the Box have Vudu at the end of the year (also promised when product launched)? No. Now it's been promised for some time this week. I don't believe them.
Does the Box have Hulu (Hulu Plus is what's promised)? No.
Is there a target date for Hulu? No. Actually, maybe this is smart of them considering their inability to deliver Netflix and Vudu on time.

So, now I've spent $200 for something that still doesn't do what I bought it for almost 8 weeks ago.

Actually, believe it or not, I can forgive that. I've worked in the software world. This stuff can get a lot trickier than one thinks. Even smart people miss deadlines. Fine, you screwed up. I have, too.

But what I can't forgive is the truly awful lack of communication. Promise, take my money, promise again, then reassure me, promise one more time, allay my fears, and then reneg completely right at the last second before your deadline. There is no other way to describe this than as absolutely terrible customer communication, starting with the deceptive home page and ending with the New Year's Eve last second "Surprise, we can't deliver on our promise!"

There is A LOT more to Boxee than Netflix and Hulu and Vudu. I get that. I've comforted myself with that fact and have spent the last couple weeks exploring as much content as possible. There's tons!

Unfortunately, about half of the "tons" won't play when you try to stream it, or it crashes the Box. No kidding. And please, Boxee, don't blame my internet connection. I can play everything through my computer just fine.

I wish this had been a better experience, and I actually hold out hope that life with Boxee Box will be getting much better (I'm not returning it), but this was a very not cool experience as a customer. I regret being so naive as to believe the buzz and what they advertised on their website.

Buy it if you have extreme patience with less-than-true information, understand the very big picture of web video appliances and where the technology is going in the next twelve months, and want to deal with a product that isn't ready for prime time. If those attributes don't describe you, buy something else.
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on January 13, 2011
I had really high hopes for the Boxee Box and pre-ordered so received my Box not long after it came out. I was initially looking for a media player for Netflix and thought the BBox doesn't have Netflix but it's coming really soon and it has all these other cool features and content. I trialled the software on the PC and thought it was fantastic so made the decision to purchase this black and green box.

Then it arrived and it was very different to the software I trialled and I was quite disappointed. Set up was rather difficult and took a number of days using the BBox help forums before I finally got media streaming. Once set up it streamed quite well wirelessly however with a large DVD collection the data the Box collected was quite hit and miss and TV series didn't work that often.

Internet content such as Hulu doesn't not work because of the agreement to receive Hulu plus and most of the content it does find does not play or won't play full screen. Some content that was there such as independent films would stop playing audio after you paused or it wouldn't recommence. Very annoying when you take a break in a film half way through for it not to continue.

The BBox team is still working on getting this thing functional but in my opinion it is still in beta. Deceptive marketing would make you believe Vudu and Netflix are ready to go but deadlines have past and it's still not available. It was due "by the end of the year" but the waiting public was not informed it would not be released at 9pm on New Years Eve. The Boxee Team would like you to believe that up until that point it was still a possibility but Avner Ronen (CEO Boxee Box) decided to disrespect the consumers by not informing them until the last possible moment.

Overall I cannot recommend this product in its current state although once the Team sorts out a myriad of issues and if content becomes available it will be a great product. As it stands the Boxee Box lacks the simplicity required to be plug and play and be enjoyable for the common user. After 2 months with the Boxee Box it has been returned to Amazon. Unfortunately I spent more time reading in the help forums than actually enjoying the product. I bought a Roku XDS mid-December for my Netflix needs and it works flawlessly.
Roku XDS Streaming Player 1080p
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on December 10, 2012
I bought the Boxee Box from Amazon in Nov 2012 while in the US to bring back to Ecuador, where I live, to use the Slingbox App and have a remote. The remote, while not as good as a cable remote, was serviceable. Wish I could say the same about the Boxee. I called the help desk - a lot. They have been very helpful. At first it worked but when I had to change routers to a TL-WR841N (cable company, all I have had are problems. After many phone calls to tech we had it up and once the tech hung up, it lost the internet and now just says that there is no internet connection. However, my laptop, in the room with the Boxee, has 4 bars on the wireless. Slingbox works like a charm on the laptop but the boxee just says there is no internet. Speed test shows 10 down. Great picture on the laptop but a pain to stretch the cable from the tv across the room.

Maybe it works in the states and just doesn't travel well. But I have spent more time with tech support than watching TV. Sorry I bought it. Anybody know a way to connect an infrared remote to a hp laptop?
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on September 25, 2011
See my original view below, but here's an update:

After a few weeks, I got an "upgrade software" dialog and clicked on it before I gave it deeper thought. Next thing you know, the update fails, and the device becomes as useful as a brick. I'm fairly technical on the hardware side, so I tried all sorts of options, including downloading the firmware to a USB stick and every permutation of "update", "restore" and "restore from usb" (been through all the newsgroups and tried all their suggestions). No luck, the device after only a couple week's use was completely useless. It's past Amazon's return window, so I now have to figure out how to return this to DLink.

The whole point of this device is so you just plug it in and forget it: a true appliance. I've tired of the hassle of customizing a computer for this purpose and thought this was the ideal device. But here I am having to worry about firmware upgrades and versions and all sorts of crap I do not want to deal with. Should have tried the Apple TV: at least I know Apple actually has some form of testing and quality control process.

Here's my original review:

Review Caveat: I've only used this for the MLB Baseball and Netflix Apps.

I've run Boxee on a Mac Mini and found it to be a good replacement for the now defunct Television and Cable TV combination. Looking for a cheaper home theater PC, I went with the Boxee box. It was simpler to setup than I expected, and worked well for what I wanted to do, which was all just Internet streaming. This saved me a lot: both from having to by a full-fledged computer and from the time I would have spent configuring it as a home theater PC.

The double-sided remote is a little weird to handle, but it beats having to worry about having a separate keyword or the super tedious arrow key navigation of an on-screen qwerty keyboard.

It has an option to run wirelessly, but I use it with a wired connection to my main router. Has an HDMI output. Seems to alos allow you to play your own libraries via some external drive, but I have not played around with that.
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on January 1, 2012
I really wanted to like Boxee Box and had very high hopes for it. But unfortunately, my experience with it didn't go further than the screen that said: " Wireless connection has been established, but Boxee Box couldn't get connected to the internet".
I tried changing the router to the newer, N version, changing the WEP to WPA, changing the password, making the network visible, but nothing helped. The sad thing is that I wasn't even planning on using the internet on it. I needed it for streaming my movies from the hard drive. But the way Boxee Box is- you can not start using it unless you connect it to the internet when doing the initial set up. The manual included says- if you have any problems -call this number. No troubleshooting included.

And to add to it, I spent 2 days chasing customer support ( by the way, there is no way to e-mail them, they only give you phone number )- last time I called- I spent 30 minutes on hold just to be disconnected. I tried, honestly, to find the way to contact them via e-mail- no luck. The only option that is not phone they give you- is bunch of unrelated FAQs.

I am sorry, Boxee, but it shouldn't have been so challenging to set you up. I give 3 stars for the idea and meanwhile will be looking for other , more user friendly options.

I am returning it for a refund.
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