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on June 22, 2016
This movie is the s***. If you have not watched it you must watch this movie. The amount of great thing that happen in the movie is wow. I will not be like all of these other people and tell you about what happens. The trailer and what they already tell you is enough. This is one of the best gay love stories that they have around. I have to say you truly truly truly need to watch it. You will not be disappointed about this movie. It gots what a great movie needs to have: It has a great story line, that does not fall off and gets boring, it has those highs and lows that keeps you into the movie. It has those sad moments that you love because those happy moments are so much better after those lows. So please go and watch this movie.

I have been looking for this movie for so long to have and now that i have it, I am able to watch it over and over and anywhere that I want to watch it at.
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on July 7, 2014
With 71 well deserved reviews you can be confident that Boy Culture is among the few gay-themed movies worth sitting through. Remarkably, the straight male leads put in convincing performances as gay men, overcoming the less-credible elements of the story. The voice-over narrative also helps keep the audience engaged with a clever, mordant humor. If it were my movie,

Semi-spoilers: without giving away the ending, I would introduce a competitor for the object of X's affections earlier in the plot to up the mercury on that thermometer. I'd also recast the Patrick Buchau character for a younger, higher energy interpretation (Stanley Tucci?). Someone who can more convincingly target and prey on the vulnerabilities X doesn't want to admit to. But, alas, I'm so seldom consulted in these weighty matters. A final question gnaws at me. Can those royal blue eyes really be nature's gift to Derek Magyar? Or are they the work of a genius in optometry? Whichever, he ought to keep them. It's hard to look at anyone else in a scene while the camera is lit up by -- sorry -- such an eye-catching feature.
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on May 27, 2017
I love this movie, I've had this before but was lost in moving, so I chose to purchase it again because it's part of my past and I wanted to have it in my movie library. The entire cast was awesome!!
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on March 30, 2008
This short film is entertaining as you watch scores of handsome gay men in the Seattle area as they work, live and love. The story is one of a male prostitute who has supported himself for 10 years in this manner, narrowing down his clients to 12 wealthy men. He rents bedrooms in his stylish apartment so as to throw off the IRS as to his real profession. Derek Magyar plays the part of X, the prostitute, and does a good job of a man who represses pain. Andrew Thompson, a handsome African American man is played by Darryl Stephens. Joey, an 18 year old club kid is played by Jonathan Trent. Both Andrew and Joey create a sexual tension in the home.

This is basically a film about the courage to love. Through the film we learn that X once fell in love with a school mate, made love, and then was rejected by his new love. Since that time, he operates as a sex machine, staying always in control, and never allowing himself to fall in love and thus become vulnerable to another person. Yet he does fall in love with Andrew and he fights against these feelings so as to avoid relationship, avoid love, avoid commitment, and thus avoid emotional hurt.

Andrew has gradually fallen in love with X and begins to try to penetrate X's hard veneer of cold calculation and cynicism. X's sarcasm and hurtful comments however keep Andrew at a distance. Give the man credit that he keeps trying. He tells X he will keep trying up to a point and then if X does not bring down his wall of defenses, then Andrew will move on. Andrew is actually one of the most emotionally mature characters in the film.

The turning point for X comes with a new client, George Talbot, played well by Patrick Buchanan. George gradually seduces X with a long tale of his relationship with his lover and the courage to act on emotion. This tale is cautionary and helps X realize he must act or lose Andrew forever.

In the end the film is about the courage to risk love. For young Joey, this is no risk at all and he falls deeply in love with X. To the credit of X, he is mature enough to realize that this 18 to 30 romance would never work and X takes on a parental role for Joey. We gradually learn that George is not telling the truth and that he did not have a lover for 50 years but instead is a lonely reclusive man who never really revealed his love to the man he cared for. But George redeems himself by calling on Andrew and revealing to Andrew that X cares for him even if X is unable to risk being hurt.

Does risking love always pay off? Of course not. But 'the pain of having loved and lost is far better than never having loved at all'. I don't remember who said that famous line but it is the central theme of this film.
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on August 20, 2007
This movie is hilarious and sweet. The one-liners are enough to keep you laughing out loud, while the promise of love is endearing. The story is about 3 hotties Alex or X (Derek Magyar), Andrew (Darryl Stephens), and Joey (Jonathan Trent), who live with and love each other in varying degrees. X and Andrew provide the promise of love, while X and Joey remind you of a nuturing love, protecting Joey from himself. The angst is revealing yourself, so that you can be loved. All 3 hotties keep your attention away from the convoluted story (a hustler who believes in love, a man coming to terms with his sexuality, and young man looking for family) and you can't help but root for all of them in the end.

Darryl Stephens is the best of the bunch, but Derek Magyar and Jonathan Trent contribute nicely. In fact, they set up much of his amazing performance. I saw this at the theater, which made me purchase the book, which led to buying the DVD. I watched it twice, I enjoyed it so.
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on January 28, 2008
Oh BOY!!!! This I LOVE:0) The production is slick, the dialogue paced well. It is funny, romantic, thought provoking and has an ending to make the heart sigh with pleasure. I have watched it so many timesI have memorised the thing. "X" (Derek Magyar) plays a yummy scrummy hustler who has 12 "yeah you gotta pay for it to get it" disciples/clients. They have money and are regular consumers of "X"...and who the hell can blame them. You don't get to see this so calm down. He has 2 roomates - Blowey Joey (Jonathon Trent - who has a speech impediment caused by his abnormally long tongue) and Andrew (Darryl Stephens - Noah's Arc). Andrew is becoming a stage 2 24. Joey got there in 8th grade. Joey wants "X", "X" wants Andrew, Andrew wants everyone including "X" and actually has Joey. One of "X's" Disciples stops breathing, permanently. So he needs a new comes Patrick Bachau. Now I think he is sexy, well I did until the sex scenes where he compares unfavourably to the yummy tummy "X". The geezer, as "X" refers to him, declares he won't sleep with "X" until "X" desire him as much as he desires "X". It takes months but they get there. In the meantime we get some sepia flashbacks from the geezer talking of his first and only love..."X" opens up. Describing his first and only encounter with Andy, his cousin, when they were barely teens...he hasn't been 'taken' since. Well apart from his profession - starting with his dentist who opened wide for him, for money. "X" and the geezer finally sleep together and "X" discovers that the geezer is not altogether the man he thought he was. But back to the real story...the LOVE story, the story I LOVE. The sexy voice over of "X" makes me ripple, he is witty, inciteful, religious (in his own unique way), doesn't do the gay scene sarcastic. Andrew and "X" - will they, wont' they, they are, they aren't. And the ending, oh the ending. If you like a happy, romantic, heart melting ending - this is it. I watched this movie and I was...'taken'.
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on May 6, 2010
I'm soooooo glad the movie did NOT give too much in the way of unnecessary gratuitous sex. The characters were perfectly believable and demonstrated caring in a simple honest way, demonstrating how relationships develop over time. The actors did a nice job. It's not an earth shattering movie, by any means, but it helps that the film showed a bit of diversity and some honesty with how it came off, even if it carried it a bit far with the homecoming scene in my opinion. If I were to say one thing bothered me (sticking with the diversity concept), it's not even a part of the actual film - it is with the director comments. Not sure why it happened, but I get the feeling I use to in West Hollywood where people of a darker hue are often ignored as if they don't exist. The director spoke about Patrick, Derek, and Johnathan and he left Darryl out. He may not have meant to, and Darryl may not care, but to others of us of darker hue out here in the viewing public - we do care and it's important that sort of oversight doesn't happen. I'll leave it there.....
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on September 10, 2012
For a script with a rather serious love theme,the title somehow lacked the steam to do it proper justice. That is, by no means, a criticism of this well scripted and superbly cast depiction of gay subculture. A brilliant cast led by Patrick Bauchau and Derek Magyar, who both gave spot-on portrayals of an ageing closeted queer living in fear and a hustler with romance issues, respectively, lent an air of respectability to this indie although the title just could have, in my view, been a tad less flippant.

That small shortcoming notwithstanding, I'd still highly recommend it.
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on October 19, 2007
I just LOVED IT!!! Derek Magyar is simply wonderful in the part of "X", not to mention steaming hot. The story has a good plot and it's well constructed. The first person narrative, the style are magnificent. Wholeheartedly recommend it to everybody.

Why not the five stars? Well, these are my remarks on the flaws: 1.- The sound on the feature reeks at times. No, it is not a failure of the DVD, but a failure on how the movie was shot. 2.- There's a scene about a Virgin Mary that, honestly, just don't tie up with the rest of the story. 3.- Does "X" has "tricks"? Yes-no, no-yes. That's a HUGE screenscript mistake that is repeated several times in the narrative. 4.- There are a few scenes where the actor playing "Joey" is too "stiff". He's supposed to be a queer, not an Ayn Rand robot.

Other than that, MAGNIFICENT!!

Oh, if you are looking for sex scenes, nice, explicit and lenghty, this is not your movie.
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on November 1, 2008
I was not expecting this... from the previews I was expecting "Boy Culture" to be a mildly entertaining, yet irrelevant little film. But from the moment I put the DVD in the DVD player I was hooked.

The film tells the story of a Man named X who is a hustler by trade, but mentally sees himself still as a virgin. One day he meets a new client, an elderly man, who makes him realize that he's been in love with his roommate for years.

But what sets the film apart from the generic TLA release it the innovating way the filmmakers approached the project. The movie is film on video and without much pizzazz, but the screenwriter's decision to have the film be a self-narrated protagonist is innovating. Getting into X's head while frustrating at times, it makes you ultimately fall in love with him, and can't help but feel the charm of this film.
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