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on March 2, 2012
I found the book both fascinating and disturbing. First, that Todd Palin has been able to get away with this behavior with not so much as a slap on the wrist, protecting his "good old boy" image...disturbs me.
The detailed accounts of their trysts leaves the reader with ZERO DOUBT of the story's validity.
I commend Shailey on her bravery, and I simply hope that this story gets out into mainstream media.
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on March 3, 2012
This book needs to go mainstream. Todd Palin was the shadow governor of Alaska, as depicted in previous books. Now, Ms Tripp exposes that he is also a pimp. He is involved in illegal activities. He is not the upstanding Christian husband Sarah Palin wants you to believe he is. Thank you Shailey for your truthfulness. Hopefully, the Palins will be exposed for their horrible shenanigans and will be punished. Sarah Palin should not be given any forum to influence the American populace ever again. The best revelation in the book is that Sarah Palin stated on a medical form that she was not pregnant in March 08, was able to lie flat on her stomach for a massage and did not look pregnant when on her back or standing!. Nor did Shailey feel a fetus in Sarah's abdomen when she was massaging her abdomen. How can that possibly be??
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on December 16, 2014
I gave this book a five star review not because of the quality of the writing, which is a bit amateurish, but because of the courage displayed by the author. Shailey Tripp had a coercive relationship with Todd Palin, husband of Sarah Palin, John McCain's chosen VP running mate in the 2008 election. She provides evidence of corruption which would disgust most Americans and has passed numerous lie detector tests affirming her honesty. Yet the national press has been co-opted to such an extent that the story has not been touched. Recent disclosures regarding the Secret Service's many transgressions are no surprise to Ms. Tripp. In her role as Todd Palin's prostitute, she was directed to service David Chaney, part of Sarah Palin's protective detail, which she did. As a result of her disclosures her life is in danger and she has relocated far from Alaska.

It seems incomprehensible that the information is this telling can be true, but the case presented is compelling. No Palin has ever denied the charges made. The Alaska police department involved in arresting Tripp for prostitution has admitted to destroying evidence which would buttress her claims and has produced press releases at the behest of the Palin's lawyer, seeking to deflect questions about Todd Palin's involvement in prostitution.

Unraveling these threads calls into question the integrity to John McCain and the Republican party who thrust a wholly unqualified candidate into national prominence and within reach of the nuclear codes had he been elected. It also indicts the Fourth Estate, our supposedly 'free press' for ignoring a vipers nest of corruption, conspiracy, greed and politics at any price.
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on March 13, 2012
Before receiving Boys Will Be Boys my expectations were about getting the 'gossip' surrounding the Palins, but instead Ms. Tripp's life story became the 'street side' of Game Change.

It is obvious her words ring true and it's almost painful to read such hurt that lifts off her pages as she shares her tumultuous journey.

This Book goes beyond the gross activities of Todd Palin and into the big picture of our Society and how it treats the women who are most vulnerable to the big Business of prostitution. Shailey is bringing her story to the forefront to help anyone who feels that prostitution is their only option.

Why a high priced Madam is front page news and not Shailey Tripp's story is what's so sad about today's priorities.

Besides a compelling and well written book, Shailey begins each chapter with an eloquent poem.

Thank you Shailey Tripp for your bravery ... if you touch just one life to make a difference then you have done more than many of us do in a lifetime.
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on March 6, 2012
WOW! Shailey Tripp does an excellent job providing a detailed, horrifying look at the sex for hire political racket run by Todd Palin before, during, and after his wife was Governor of Alaska. Todd Palin apparently provided sexual services through Sahiley and many other men and women for his political and corporate cronies, even trafficking prostitutes across stare lines for the purpose of winning federal contacts and entertaining his friends.
Todd Palin took advantage of Shailey, a single mom of two disabled kids, and lured her into a sordid world, while playing the "First Dude" of Alaska. Shailey's tale is riveting , heartbreaking , and finally redeeming....a must read!
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I read it because my friend from New Orleans is going to produce the movie. Can't wait for the movie. It will be very interesting to see what the Palins of Alaska have to say about it!!
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on May 2, 2015
Can't recommend this book highly enough. A real eye opener as far as the corrupt world of the infamous Alaskan Palins.
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on February 22, 2013
How many lie detector tests does one woman have to pass before her story about Todd Palin pimping her and other disadvantaged women out to his influential friends gets some media traction?

How much evidence, including anecdotal evidence and physical evidence, does she need to provide?

Is there anybody in the media with balls enough to expose the culture of corruption that Todd Palin, husband of former half-term governor Sarah Palin, is and/or was engaged in when he sex trafficked women, exploited their sexuality for pay, and pimped out women to his well-connected friends -- including David Chaney, formerly of the Secret Service?

David Chaney was forced to resign in 2012 from his position within the Secret Service due to his involvement with prostitutes while "working" in Colombia. Prior to that, author Shailey Tripp alleges she was also paid to service him during her brief time working as a paid prostitute, under the initiation and instigation of Todd Palin, in Alaska.

Is anybody interested in this story? Does anybody care about the disadvantaged women being harmed by Todd Palin's prostitution ring? This ring might even still exist because it was going on while Sarah Palin was running for Vice President. And despite the National Enquirer running a brief story about Shailey's involvement with Todd Palin, nobody is paying attention.

Reporters at various mainstream newspapers, including the New York Times, were at one point interested in covering Shailey's story but were "warned off the story."

Does anybody care?

I do. I hope somebody else out there does.

Shailey's firsthand accounts of her struggles raising two disabled children, her constant money problems, and her susceptibility to Todd Palin getting her set up to work for him as a prostitute is well documented here.

Again, it would be nice if somebody cared and shared to find out more. Shailey's story has never been refuted by the Palins; she has never been sued by them. The entire "power player" strategy around her account seems to be "Ignore it and hope it goes away."

The woman has self-published an explosive expose about this! STILL nobody is listening.

What a sad state of affairs here in the U.S. Criminals run the country without any checks and balances or accountability, and vulnerable women are exploited by those same criminals, and nobody does ANYTHING.

Are you mad?

I am.
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on April 6, 2012
You have to ask yourself after reading Tripp's book is, who protects Todd Palin? Who protects Sarah Palin, who is also guilty of lying and criminal acts. Why aren't the local, state or federal authorities interested in pursuing the charges they so richly deserve? Who covers for them and why? Tripp has emails and other proof of Todd Palin's involvement right in the book. The Palins have bullying down to a fine art and almost everyone is very afraid of them and won't dare stand up to them or confront them.
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on March 29, 2012
I received the book this afternoon and couldn't put it down until I finished it tonight. The corruption in Alaska is laid bare for everyone to see, and I am so happy for Shailey that she escaped from that hell and is getting her life back. It is a scenario that shows clearly how predators find women like this struggling mother of two very young special needs children and take advantage of their circumstances. It took real courage to tell this story.
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