Brainwave Mind Voyages Gold Membership MP3 Files (All Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4) - Vibrational Sound Therapy Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Sessions with Binaural Beat Frequencies (Binaural Beats) and Isochronic Tones (MP3 Files on DVD)

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Brainwave Mind Voyages Gold Membership Files (MP3 FILES on DVD) includes all brainwave entrainment tracks for Levels 1 and 2 (see description) as well as all files for Levels 3 and 4 which include: LEVEL 3 BRAINWAVE FILES: Psychic Intuition ESP Development- Photographic Memory Development- Window Frequencies- Multi-Dimensional Exploration- Frontal Lobe Activation– Peak Conscious Evolution- Shamanic Trancework 1– Journeying Session- Shamanic Trancework 2 - Energy Healing Session- Hypnosis Brainwaves Session 2– Ultra Deep Hypnotic Trance- Past Life Regression- Chakra Balance Attunement- Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD)- Conscious Daydream- Anti Aging- Youthful Vitality- Euphoria Ecstatic Trance- Enlightenment Brainwaves Nirvana Session- Inner Peace Development- Mind Massage - Acoustic Stimulation- Yoga Mind, Body & Spirit Development- Pyramid Frequency- DHEA Booster- HGH Human Growth Hormone Booster- Serotonin Booster- Endorphin Release- Mood Enhancer- Multidimensional Travel- PNI Psychoneuroimmunology- ADD/ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder- Addiction Release- Remote Influencing- Clairvoyance & Telepathy- Channeling Mediumship- Reiki Energy Healing LEVEL 4: Reality Manifestation- Quantum Co-Creation- Psychic Third Eye Activation- Shamanic Trancework Vision Quest & Shape Shifting- Vibrational Healing- Mystic Experiences- Paranormal/Supernatural Trance- Meet Your Spirit Guides- Communication with the Other Side– Séance Trance- Automatic Writing- Advanced Body, Mind & Spirit Integration- Ascension– Peak Spiritual Development- Silencing Inner Dialogue Silent Mind- Soul Searching- Kundalini Activation- Aura Viewing Subtle Energy Perception- Karma Karmic Cleansing- Synchronicity- Soul Retrieval- Contact Ascended Masters- Merkabah Divine Light Body- DNA Activation– Peak Conscious Evolution- Modern Alchemy Magickal Trance- Rainbow Bridge- Hypnagogia- Holographic Trancework- Angel Wisdom Celestial Contact- Huna Energy Healing- Tibetan Monk Trance- Gaia and more

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