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on December 8, 2012
These IEMs are simply amazing. I owned a couple of very nice, high quality IEMs (like the Miles Davis Trumpets and some high-end Shures)and honestly, unless you're willing to shell hundreds of dollars, these are the best bang for your buck. The sound out of these earphones ARE NOT neutral though. They are warm, with a slight emphasis on the mid-bass, but just controlled enough to be very very functional. I would even say they sound dark sometimes, and you know what? That's okay with me. The mids, well they are not anything super special, but enjoyable all the same. The highs sparkle though, they sound fluid and lovely reaching way, way, way up in the higher frequencies (thanks to the tweeters). All in all, these are a fantastic little set of everyday knock-arounds. I'm very happy with this purchase, and when these eventually die on me, I'll not even hesitate to order another :)
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on October 27, 2014
The Brainwavz R1 performs alright for a dual driver headset for only $38

Like many of you, I was drawn to the unique description of a headset that had not one, but TWO drivers. This was unheard of to me. TWO? That should cost a ton! And some do. These on the otherhand, are a great cheap pair of earphones for people who want to try something somewhat different.

These look nice. The shape is the first thing that people notice. They sure do look different then the bullet type headphones currently polluting the public. The build is made of sturdy plastic. it feels strong yet very VERY light. If you don't like heavy earphones, these will be fine for you.

The wire is just average and doesn't have any obvious memory effect. Likewise, they tangle like you would expect. One plus is that it is an OVER-EAR design. This means you HAVE to wear it with the wire looping over the top of your ear. This makes it harder to take off and put on BUT reduces cable noise(microphonics). It also has a nice sturdy L shape plug.

Another unique thing about the earphone that isn't shown very well, is that the wire close to the earphone itself has some kind of bendy wire over it. This makes it easy to shape that part into a c so you can easily wrap it around your ear. The problem with that is, it doesn't work very well. For me, the wire stuck up in an awkward shape and did more harm then good.

See that little hole in the earphone? Well that makes the earphone have such excellent bass. BUT in a windy situation, you will hear a LOT of noise from the wind blowing past that part. This can be avoided by simply taping that hole up but that does reduce sound quality.

So overall, Build quality is SLIGHTLY ABOVE AVERAGE for the price.


This is the important part. I didn't assume these needed an amp so I just ran them off my phone and my computer. The bass is definitely boosted in these. But in a good way. The second driver really helps make the bass rumble and tickle your ear(texture). It feels like you're listening to one of those big headphones that cover your whole head(circum aural)!

But, thats the only thing that is really special about it. The mids and the treble are definitely lacking. While the Bass is loud and very present, the mids and treble sound canned and distant. I'm not sure if mine was defective, but when the excellent bass is paired with the sub-par mids and treble, they really compound the balance of the earphone.

Some other things that audioethusiats talk about include soundstage, separation, and imaging. I personally don't know what imaging is really about but I think its something about clarity. For these, the bass really overwhelms everything. The mids and treble have poor imaging(clarity), separation, and soundstage. But the bass. Oh man, it has the soundstage. It feels like its out of your head. Very nice bass.

Overall, sound quality is sub-par if you are looking for a balanced headphone. If you like Beats, this will be good for you.

So these headphones may not be everyone's cup of tea. Brainwavz is generally known as a competent headphone produces and I don't think they disappoint too much here. Its a ridiculously cheap dual driver headphone with a mic. The second cheapest dual driver headphone with a mic is the TTPOD T1s which is ~$45.

Should you get these? I don't know. Thats up to you to decide.

Thanks for reading!
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on March 10, 2017
First, the sound quality of these is better than any other earbuds I have ever used.

Second, they are truly impressive, listening was a pleasure, and they are super comfortable.

However, durability is atrocious. My first pair lost audio in the right ear bud within a couple months, and the wires began to split and before long, neither worked. I had to warranty them. It took SIX MONTHS to get another pair sent to me from China. I even had to cut them up and send evidence I had cut them up.

Guess what? The second pair lasted even less than the first pair. Sad.

What I liked:
-Comfortable, the wire close to the earbud is thicker to curl around your ear
-Lightweight + carrying case
-2nd pair came with a build in mic

What I did not like:
-Both pairs fell apart in months
-Not ideal for running, they only stay secure for a couple minutes for jostling free
-Warranty claim process is frustrating
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on November 21, 2013
I really enjoy these IEMs although I can't argue with some of the negative reviews here about the poor build quality (which is why I am docking a star).

I first purchased these headphones in March 2013. As a music junkie (I would not call myself an audiophone) who loves hip hop, EDM, and a bit more of the harder rock, I very much appreciated the strong bass and relatively clear middles and highs. It's pretty important to get a good seal on these to get a strong bass, and the MANY tips they include in the package are sure to fit 99.9% of people out there. I went with the Comply foam tips and couldn't have been happier with the seal and sound isolation. It took me a while to figure out how to wear these over ear, but I do think that it helps to fit them into the ear canal to ensure a tighter seal. You can wear them normally though and I don't really notice too much of a difference in sound quality when doing so.

After about six months of really enjoying these, my pair started losing sound out of the left ear. I immediately emailed the vendor for a replacement. I had to cut the headphones into multiple pieces and send them a photo, but honestly...this was easier than having to send back the broken pair in order to receive a new pair.

After I sent in the photo, my new pair arrived within 3 business days. I have to say...even though the fact that the headphones died on me, I had a very easy time chatting with tech support and they were very accommodating about getting me a replacement. Great customer service!
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on January 27, 2013
Forty bucks for dual dynamic driver earphones? Prior to these, I used to own a pair of Denon AH-C551k earphones, which were discontinued for some odd reason (they are actually great earphones). They were my on-the-go earphones, and I felt really sad they day they died on me. After reading reviews here and in head-fi, I decided to try these. And wow. I was really surprised by their performance.

In terms of sound quality, which is of upmost importance to me, these earphones have the V-shaped frequency range. Strong bass, soft mids, sparkling highs. Not bad, really, since this is the type of frequency range that I like. The mids are recessed to some extent. They are not completely absent, but you can tell that they take the backseat when it comes to their presence. Bass is strong and deep, without muddling the sound. The highs have a wonderful sparkle.

Because these have two dynamic drivers, the soundstage of these earphones is very wide. Guitars, drums, cymbals, and other percussion instruments all have their appropriate space, without interfering with each other.

All of this for forty dollars. I still have less than a month with these, so I can't really attest to their durability. The wires aren't the thickest I've seen, so I don't know how long they'll last me. But since this is not an issue at the moment, I won't make any comments about durability... perhaps, after a year of owning these, I'll come back and report on whether these earphones are durable. For now, they get 5 stars for being 40 bucks, while sounding like 100 bucks.
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on November 9, 2014
UPDATE******** Okay so after reading some reviews for these on head-fi and other blogs (I had just read amazon reviews before purchasing) these earbuds NEED to be paired with an amplifier to get the full sound range. HOWEVER you do not need an expensive amp. FiijO's wonderful E6 works perfectly set to the neutral setting (no light on amp) or Brainwavz has their own newly launched amp that works well too.

I own the Deltas made by Brainwavz and was so impressed with them that I starting seeking out other earbuds made by them. At double the price of the deltas plus the fact they were dual drivers and the extremely positive reviews I had very high expectations of these, maybe too high. Here is my opinion of them.
Out of the box. I HATE the cord. The cord is a reasonably thick sort of cheap plastic that has a ton of memory and permanent kinks in it from being wound up, it also tangles easily. At this price I would have preferred a cloth covered cord which has no memory and avoids tangles, the memory in this cord makes it feel kind of cheap. Oh well.
It comes with 3 sets of basic earbud sizes, a single triangular shaped earbud pair and medium comply foam tips (the best) and two adapters (very nice). It also comes with a hard case. I love this hard case and it is rock solid and protective and so few earbuds nowadays come with a hard case most just come with a little baggy.

Aside from the cord the build quality feels okay, it is entirely plastic with no aluminum or metal casing like the deltas but not cheap feeling plastic. The earbuds sit in your ear and a bendable wire strings over the back of your ear and is adjustable to tighten and hold the earbuds in place. I have smaller ears and this has been as issue for me. It is difficult for me to tighten these enough to hold them in place and often they are rather loose. I have experimented with the different earbuds but a tighter fit does not seem to make a difference.

The sound quality for these is good for their price but I don't think I would be willing to pay more for them. I burned these in for close to 100 hours before truly testing the quality. As others have mentioned they are not neutral and are warm in sound. I don't mind warm headphones as they can sound beautiful and natural especially when listening to acoustics but these headphones are very veryyyy warm. I would never call them "muddy" or bad in sound but they are kind of murky and one reviewer described them as "dark" which I think is the perfect word. They are more biased toward the mids especially bass wise and the bass tends to overpower most everything else making the highs nothing really special. If you are looking for a clearer, more leveled sound TTPOD makes some outstanding earbuds in this same price range.

I think these are nice dual driver earbuds for the price but I'm not sure I would equate them to those by shure or westone (or even some of monsters) but the price reflects that. I think these are a bit over hyped but worth checking out if you're looking for an inexpensive pair of IEMS.
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on January 13, 2015
The wire lead coming from the IEM developed a break. Normally not a big issue, but they are hard wired and non-replaceable by the factor. Customer service is mediocre. Asked me to cut up my current IEMs and take a picture before they would even send a replacement and the replacement they offered was the standard R1 without a headset.

Phenomenal. As a performing musician, I get quite attached to the gear I use most frequently, and in-ear stage monitors are right at the top of the list. I have used Shure SE 215s, 425s, Sennheiser over-ears, and even some Bose stuff and while all are marvelous headphones, they are expensive for the functionality. At the price point of the R1s, I don't have to worry about budgeting for a new pair of in-ears even if I beat and batter these guys. The sound quality is marvelous, especially when used with the isolating Comply foam tips, as they seal well and increase the quality of both the sound and isolation factor. I have used them on stage live with full band and they even manage to give strong bass guitar response, an issue I have had with the Shures and others. I even use them with my mobile devices to listen to tunes at work and they make my phone sound like it's my Aviom monitor box on stage. I do wish they had a clip at the Y joint to ensure they won't tug on my ears, but I can fabricate one. They also may not be as friendly with people that have a narrower ear canal. Great purchase.
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on August 16, 2014
I love the sound quality of these headphones. For the money, these are great. I have spent some time on HeadFi searching for good IEM headphones and these are a great balance of everything I wanted. They have bass that is deep and tight, the highs aren't too shrill, they isolate excellent with the included comply tips

The Only thing I dislike about them is the fit. You have to really mess with them to get in your ears comfortably and securely. After that they are wonderful. I do like my Meelectronics M6's better in the fit department. Those can slip right into my ears and go. and they sit more flush, which is why I use those with a motorcycle helmet, but the sound quality of the R1's is worth the price. I like these better than my Klipsch Image One's.

I do wish these had removable/replaceable cables. Granted at this price point, if it breaks, just buy another pair.
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on July 15, 2014
I have had these for about two weeks and have to say that they were well worth the price. They sound like headphones that are much more expensive. The sound is clear and there is plenty of bass. It's not so much that it takes away from any part of the music and in fact, to me it's very well balanced. These have a very full sound and I don't think there are many (if any at all) that can compare to these anywhere close to their selling price. These may even sound better than ones that cost over $100. You will be hard pressed to find anything better for $40 or less. If you also take in to account that these are dual driver headphones then the comparisons will dwindle as there are fewer dual driver headphones out there. Just buy these and take them for a listen. I believe that most will find these to be a great bargain with excellent musical sound reproduction.
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on May 21, 2014
Walk into any big box retailer or electronics store and ask if they have any dual driver earbuds. They won't have any idea of what you are talking about. I guarantee it. Nine times out of ten, they will simply walk you over to the Beats by Dre section and tell you to buy Beats, based solely on the fact that they have a nice display--so they must be the best. And they are the most expensive, so they must be the best. And they have a cute, fashionable, lowercase 'b' on the side. So they must be the best.

This is a terrible way to make a purchase. Don't do it that way.

Online customer reviews are driving product knowledge--and that is how I learned about dual-driver earbuds. The technology is simple to understand. When you look at these earbuds, you can literally see the split delivery system coming from each driver.

You don't have to be an expert to appreciate good sound when you hear it. Listen to your $10 earbuds. Then listen to your Brainwavz R1 earbuds. You will immediately know that you made the right decision. It's that simple. Yes, there are single-driver earbuds that will produce comparable sound, no doubt about it. But listen to some old favorites on your playlist and sometimes you will hear things on the track that you never heard before. It could be just a few seconds here and there. But I believe the dual drivers make a difference.

Good quality, good performance, good affordability. I like 'em.
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