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Bram Stoker's Dracula [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$8.40+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on October 21, 2015
Beautiful edition!! It's worth the movie if you love this movie.

Have a regular blu Ray backup though, this is a delicate piece, this isn't for everyday viewing, it's a true collectors piece.
The book inside is heavy super glossy picture paper it's really stunning!!

All movies should get this treatment. Very cool !!!!!
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This film is movie magic. You will find Francis Ford Coppola uses pretty much every trick in the book to get his vision on the screen. This movie is very much high style, with substance based on Bram Stoker's Dracula. It's a film that was released a year before Jurassic Park (and effectively CGI) was released to the public. Despite not having CGI, this film gets marks for memorable visuals from the introduction until the end.

I was so inspired by this movie in college that I recreated a shot for my student film. The shot I'm talking about is in the intro where blood starts flowing from everywhere, more specifically out of a candle. Do you know how long it took to recreate that candle, the composition, the lighting, and the physical effect of fake blood dripping down, with no experience doing this? At least two hours—for a shot that lasts a split second. And boy did it look good. After doing all that myself, I had to admire and respect what it took to create a whole movie full of magic like that.

Gary Oldman sells the part of Dracula very well. From his tragic beginning, you had to feel something for him. You couldn't just narrow him down into just "the bad guy". He lost something really precious to him and you sympathized with him immediately. Everyone else plays their part well.

I bought the Ultra HD version of this. It is a beautiful transfer with a lot of detailed and reworked colors for some scenes. Can't wait to get more 4K titles. Watch this imagining of a classic literary character, today. Recommend.
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on November 15, 2017
Dracula is one of my favorite films so if this review is biased it's only because I think that highly of it. Gary Oldman's performance is off the charts. I'd say he contends for best horror villain of all time in this film. The cinematography, effects and lighting are all as good as any film I've ever seen. The sexuality in the film is almost constantly present, but it's done extraordinarily well. So while some films with a lot of sexual content come across as exploitative, this feels like a work of art. The only negative I could possibly think of is Keanu's performance and his accent is a little rough, so while I am a fan of his, it does detract slightly. But everything else is just top tier film making..
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on August 24, 2016
I love this movie! Originally saw it when it came out in theaters, but hadn't seen it anywhere since, but always thought about how mesmerizing it was - so decided to order a copy for myself. Watched again and was thrilled all over again (bonus - I had forgotten some things so it was like watching it anew in some aspects), but the music, the costumes, the cinematography, are all haunting and put you into some sort of a dream world, the acting is totally on point, the story is scary as you would expect from a Dracula movie, but also a love story, and I would say that Anthony Hopkins' character brings a little humor into it, to break up the horror, but all the actors are really amazing. This collector's edition also has many other features that I look forward to watching, but haven't yet, including "watch the movie with Francis Ford Coppola", which I look forward to. Highly recommend! This from a Dracula obsessed person who repeatedly checked out the book Dracula from the public library in the 70's when I was a kid
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on April 6, 2018
This review is NOT for the film or Bluray quality. Both of those deserve 5 stars.

My issue is with the packaging. What I received was two thick pieces of plastic glued into some book binding material which all together covered some glossy photos from the film and a story about the films making.

Sounds okay, right? Nope. As soon as I opened this "book" the binding material was coming apart from the plastic. You cannot put this down and have it lie flat open like it shows in the advertisement picture. It is so badly put together it is almost impossible to see the inner parts of the pictures and story.

Because mine was already falling apart, I helped it along. Once I had the pictures separated from the binding, I realized how wonderful they were. I had no idea there were so many because I could not open it properly in the original binding. I ended up making my own case to hold the Bluray and pics.

I like all of the items included in this set. I just think they failed with the binding. No matter how I feel about the binding, the movie is too good to care for long.
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on March 15, 2016
I have slightly mixed feelings about this release. The Blu-Ray deserves a rating of 5+. The film is beautiful and the extras are excellent (both the extras ported from previous release and new material). My problems with regard to this release stem from an aspect of the packaging. The Blu-Ray is in a book which is very nice. Sadly, there's also a cardboard attachment with a flap which extends over the front of the book and which makes it very difficult to open the book and look at the book. It also makes it hard to get the Blu-Ray out of the sleeve (which is otherwise not a problem.

The cardboard overlay looks nice and if it were simply covering the back, it wouldn't be a problem. It's the flap sticking out over the front that's the problem. As problems go, it's a very minor problem and doesn't seriously detract from a great release. I mention it only because it might be a problem for people with arthritis or coordination problems. If you like or love the film, by all means, buy this release (Supreme Cinema Series release).
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on March 19, 2014
I'm not going to quibble about this movie's fidelity or lack thereof to the novel, but I have loved this movie since it first came out. First, the music is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful and one of the most perfect scores a movie ever had.

Second, Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves are campy in their roles, and I like that: they are Coppola's self-conscious parody of the stiff, proper, "virtuous" middle-class characters in the novel. Third, Anthony Hopkins is fantastic as the fearless vampire killing doctor with his funny German accent, and forth, Gary Oldman was perfect as Dracula: he also camps it up and clearly has a ball over-playing the Eastern European foreigner in the midst of all the Englishmen and women. Clearly Coppola meant to include more than just a pinch of humor in this film and you will laugh out loud more than once.

Fifth, this is a sexy movie!! It's lavish, sensual and gorgeously filmed. All these years later, I will never forget the first time I watched it in the theater on the big screen: it took my breath away.
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on December 8, 2017
It's really good. it's also polemic. I forgive the people that give it one star. it's just not their cup of tea. I love it becuase this interpretation is different and in the end rewarding. The campy special effects are part of the antique mood of the movie (they were done purposefully by the director becuase it takes place at the dawn of film making; he wanted to be faithful to early tradition). It's not plot driven, there are plot holes that are not fully explained on camera, but it's assumed you know the Dracula story already. This interpretation is theme driven, image driven, and it's great.
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on January 10, 2014
The movie itself is a classic as far as I'm concerned. It is directed by Francis Ford Coppola so you should know what to expect if you are familiar with his work. It is visually stunning, artfully directed with a ton of little touches like a circle of fire on the ground fading into the blazing sun setting in the sky. There are many examples of shots that are done this way that just add to the mystique and beauty of the film. The symbolism and depth of character (for some) is great. In all the movie is a piece of art and an entertaining one at that. You have to be willing to forgive a few things though, specifically the fact that a small amount of CGI was used and does not hold up well and some casting choices. The CGI is minimal and considering the amount of effects that were done with more practical methods it doesn't detract too much from the quality of the presentation. Although there are some horrific moments in the movie it is not made as a straight horror film and anyone expecting as much will be disappointed. This is a story about love, loss, and pain. The horror is rarely glorified for the sake of being "scary". There is some eroticism exhibited as part of the vampire mythos, perhaps even more than the violence.

Now, on to the transfer to 1080p via Blu-ray. It is underwhelming to say the least. It represents a step up from the DVD version but not a very large step. It is a very soft and muted presentation overall with rare moments that shine. I'm no expert but I would be willing to bet that a great deal of noise reduction was used to remove film grain and this results in the weak, flat, and dull image you are presented with. It is far from the worst Blu I have seen...but I have seen similar transfers on Echo Bridge titles which is sad. Of course that is only my opinion and the transfer was approved by FFC himself so who am I to question his judgement on how his own movie should be presented. I would have liked a more obvious jump in quality for this title and that is why I gave it 3 stars. Fine details just don't come through for the majority of the film. The audio track was middle of the road as well. Don't expect to be pulling this out for demo material. However, if you don't own the movie, you love the movie, or you are currently stuck with a vhs copy then anything less than $10 is a worthwhile purchase.
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on December 2, 2017
Love the booklet that came with this. It makes for a very nice package and gift. The movie itself is just as good now as it was then. Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing is just as hilarious for his forthright attitude. Cary Elwes in an earlier role; Gary Oldman in a role people questioned his casting in at the time. Special effects were state of the art at the time.
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