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on July 18, 2016
My Series 7 head shaver clicks when unlocked - I think it got damaged while traveling. This was an opportunity for me to get a Series 9.

I was so excited to get my new Series 9 shaver that I created my first video ever (opening the box) and had planned to put it on YOUTUBE. I shaved half my face with my Series 7 which I purchased in 2008 (head 2-3 years old) and the other half of my face with my new series 9. My first use was once up and down with each shaver, and I was shocked to see the old series 7 did a better job. I then timed the remaining areas to get a clean shave and finished almost 35 seconds faster with my series 7 with its old blades in comparison to the new Series 9 (which left a few hairs).

I have used the series 9 Continuously since purchase (May 20th) and it really misses a lot of my hairs. Some hairs on my neck will grow so long I use the trimmer to cut them. I have tried multiple directions with hard and light force. I have pulled the skin and the few stray hairs just will not cut in some areas no matter what I do.

The reason for this post, is today (July 18, 2016) I was so frustrated not having a clean shave that I got my Series 7 back out of the cabinet and used it - the hairs are gone. I give the Series 7 5-stars but the Series 9 is just a waste of money for me; it may not be for you.

My recommendation, and if I could do it again, would be to save my money and get a new Series 7 to replace my damaged Series 7. The Series 7 shaver is half the price of the Series 9 and based on my damaged shaver with a 2-3 year old blade out performing the Series 9 I believe you cannot go wrong.
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on August 20, 2016
My previous model was the Braun 7-790. I was reluctant on buying another Braun, since they seem to last only a couple of years and then start leaking oil out of the motor area. But I couldn't seem to find a self cleaning shaver, that was made to work well. I was glad I spent the extra and got the one that could work under wet conditions. The unit is a little bigger on the foil area, compared to the old one. But I'm really surprised that it's actually giving me a closer shave. And the unit shaves much quieter, than the older models. You have to get used to holding the shaver a little different, since for some reason they put the swivel shaver head lock button, right where I put my thumb to hold the shaver, while shaving. So I keep on accidentally locking the swivel head in place, while shaving. The cleaner cartridges, replace in the back of the device now, so don't make a mistake like I did and try to cram it in through the front. But overall, I really like it and the fact that Amazon had it for $150 less than most other retailers.
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on January 30, 2016
Love this razor. This is the fourth Braun Razor I've owned in my life, and I find the Series 9 gives me the best shave I've had yet. I tend to work the razor a lot on my face to get the closest shave possible. The cutter and foil on the Series 9 is very smooth and doesn't make my skin sore. If I let the growth go for a weekend, and blade shave on a Monday morning, I find I still need to follow-up with the Series 9 to get the smoothness I like. I also find that the Series-9 works best for 1 to 3 days of growth. Beyond that, a blade shave followed by the Braun works best for me. A small point to note; the charge remaining indicator isn't represented by a number like that in the picture, but instead with a progress bar. After five days of shaving every morning with the odd touch-up in the evening, there was still 1/3 of a charge remaining. You can also take the cord that powers the cleaning / charging stand. and use it direct with the razor when you travel. As with all Brawn, the Series 9 is Universal, (110v/220v). You just need a plug adaptor for the country you're in. Be aware that while the Series 9-9090cc and Series 9-9095 both look the same, only the 9095 is wet/dry capable. Also, I thought I'd try to prolong the life of the cleaning solution (and the length of time between changing it), by brushing out the cutter head and mount after every shave. It's quick an easy to do. However, it did't extend the life of the solution at all, since it's alcohol-based and evaporates down to the "replacement-needed" level anyway. An important point to note about the cleaning solution is its restriction regarding air shipments: because it is alcohol-based, orders of extra packs are not permitted if going by air. Therefore, I wasn't able to order extra packs with the razor. However, that did't affect ordering the Series 9 kit, which comes with one tub of alcohol cleaning solution included.
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on February 21, 2017
This was an upgrade from the Series 7. The Series 9 does give better shaves with less irritation, but the improvement is marginal. I think the improvement is enough that I would buy the Series 9 again, but your mileage may vary; it's a close call. I rate the Series 9 as 4-star because no electric razor can match the shave of a blade razor, but it would be a 5-star if rated only against electric shavers.
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on September 15, 2015
I've had 2 Braun 7 shavers. Head replacements now not the same quality as the original so I bought the Seies 9. It is a good shaver but not as good as the original 7 cutter and foil. The shave is about the same as the Panasonic.
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on April 30, 2017
I got this as it was listed at places as "The Best Shaver". Most expensive maybe. Not the best at shaving. After spending the money on a Braun Series 9 and finding it ok but a lot less then good I got the cheapest Braun and Norelco shavers I could find. They both did better then the Series 9. Looking at the shaving head of the Series 9 and the other shavers it became clear what the problem was. They had replaced part of the head that is the close shave part with two nipper bits. Yes the two inner cutting strips can nip given a chance and do not have a lot to do with getting a close shave. If you look at how hard it is to get replacement heads for the Series 9, Braun seems to know that the head has a problem and is working on doing something about it. With out much success.

Bells and whistles, yes! Good shave vs cost, no. The low cost shavers I used as a test both together cost less then a new head for the Series 9. In truth the two low cost shavers when used together did a really good job of getting a good close shave.
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on May 11, 2017
I had the Braun 7 series razor for years and really loved it. It was the best shave I had ever gotten from an electric razor. Eventually that one need replacing so I decided to upgrade to the series 9. I really really regret it. This thing has been in repair more than I've been able to use it. it worked fine for a few months and then it started turning it self on randomly. Sent in for repair and it came back and failed after a single use. Sent in for repair again and it worked for a week and then would not turn on, would just beep at me. They finally sent me a new shaver and believe it or not that one failed within a few days. I'm now on my 4th repair and it is broken and they want me to send it in again and I'm just tired of it. I have in no way mis-used the thing. I think the Series 9 must have some sort of design flaw because I never had these problems with my Series 7 razor.
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on April 30, 2017
I seriously doubt I'll ever buy another Braun (Procter and Gamble) product again. The shaver is actually ok, however, Braun does not sell, nor seem to intend to sell replacement heads for the shaver. If you research the web, you will find there has been a multi-year saga/issue with Braun not supplying replacement heads. If you can find them, apparently the quality is poor and the cost is outrageous. This razor is simply too expensive to not be able to easily replace the heads for it.
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on December 21, 2016
Don't buy this without searching for replacement cartridges. YOU CAN'T FIND THEM....Unless you want to pay $100-$300 dollars for it. SHAME ON BRAUN for not supplying replacement cartridges for this thing. I'll never buy another Braun product again!!!
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on February 5, 2016
My husband has used a straight razor since Fido was a pup and would never think of switching to an electric---until now. He was starting to knick himself with the razor and or course his smart wife(me) told him to buy a Braun after researching electric razors. I said worse case, you could send it back. Well.....all I will say is that my hubby loves the Braun and will never go back to a straight razor. He loves that it takes 2 minutes to shave everyday and it is a smooth shave for him and of course his wife who feels his face.
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