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on March 22, 2017
These trimmers are amazing! They run very smooth and quietly and I have had no issues with them tugging yet. (As opposed to other trimmers of similar price) What you get for the price you pay is awesome! They could easily charge $50 for these but don't. I also LOVE the ease of selecting your desired hair length. You don't need to have 1000 attachments to get your desired length, just simply turn the dial and there you go. I cannot praise these trimmers enough.
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on April 18, 2017
Well this review comes from a Braun fan, I have had my electric razor from Braun for over seventeen years, admittedly they no longer make the replacement foil and blade. But they are easily found on ebay and other specialty razor sites. So, there was no hesitation in my part to buying a Braun beard trimmer as I only use my electric razor for my cheeks & neck. I have had nothing but great experience with Braun products.

As for my prospective on the product know that I have had a two Remington Titanium which the batters always seem to die or cannot hold a charge. I have had the Philips Norelco beard trimmer as well and that did not last too long. By far the trimer that lasted me the longest was a Remington battery operated trimer that was made to be disposable. This of course comes from about a good ten year run of experience with beard trimmers.

That all being said, I was on the hunt for a new beard trimmer and found the Braun series of beard and hair Trimmer for men. They have three models: the BT3040 with knob adjacent and extended battery life, The BT3040 with knob adjacent regular battery life and the MGK3020 with grooming attachments and regular battery life. They are all under twenty-five dollars on Amazon.

I am reviewing the BT3040 with knob adjacent and extended battery life. So far, I have used it for a few weeks now. It’s not overly loud and the blade action is smooth along with wonderful adjustability. Comes with a free razor and one other guard for longer beards. The weight is not overly heavy and fits well in your hand. It is half the cost of a Braun BT5070 but they did not skimp on the products durability or design of function and form. What I like the most that the BT3040 has carried over from the higher end trimmer is the Precision dial. I shave half my beard for the summer and run a short-trimmed goatee. For winter, I keep it trimmed but a bit fuller. So, this model is perfect for the man who changes his beard for the sessions. It can be used to trim and keep up your head but overall I use it on my face, if you are looking (the Tony Stark Look) for a smaller attachment and want to form and shape your chin there is no smaller guard or razor attachment. Does not come with a case but if you so desire one buy an Amazon basic case as I did. Over all it was a bargain and the quality can be seen and felt for this trimer. For this price range, you cannot beat this trimmer.
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on December 20, 2017
This version is the second gen shaver from Braun. The first gen lasted about 2 years and the battery died. I really liked the shaver so I went for the new one. This one is very nice too but after 6 months the clipper is dull and doesn't cut very well anymore. Also the dial for adjusting the length won't stay on the selected number very well. You need to be very careful with it or you will cut shorter than you want.
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on August 9, 2017
Replaced a Wahl trimmer with this. Excellent quality from Braun as always. Trimmer has made excellent work of my thick beard without missing a beat, pulling, or tugging. There are more sizes than one would ever need. Cleaning is a breeze with the washability. I wish it had a Li-Ion battery instead of a Ni-MH but that's not big enough of a deal breaker to keep it from getting 5*'s. You won't regret this trimmer, and your beard will thank you.
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on January 24, 2018
This is only my 2nd beard trimmer but I am very satisfied with the quality of the product and the ease and simplicity. I used to have a cheap $20 WAHL and it did the job, though it often acted up and wasn't too gentle without a guard attached. I love how this one only needs two guards with the adjustable dial. It's a lifesaver. It cuts well (against the grain of course), is much gentler without a guard attached, and is easy to rinse clean. The razor was a nice bonus in addition. Overall I'm happy and have no complaints.
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on March 22, 2017
Work ls great for long beards. I been growing mine out but needed to trim it up. Usually I try trimming and cut way to much in areas and end up having to cut it off and start over. With this trimmer you can trim it up a lot longer and don't have to work about gapping out the beard. I'd recommend it.
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on June 14, 2017
Good because the range of cut is clear and it works well. You can cut anywhere from a few millimeters and up... I have course, strong hair on my face and it does like to fight the clipper just a bit. But, it does not pull, etc. Basically, I just have to go over my beard a couple times to get an even cut. Not the best, but pretty good for the price. It should last me a couple years.

TIP: keeping it plugged in while in use will increase blade speed a bit. The battery is fine, though. I've used both ways.
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on May 4, 2018
It works as intended - cuts hair.
However, I did not need the razor, but it was part of the 'deal' which I liked because the batteries (2) appear to be replaceable. It also appears to open much easier than the single-battery razor.
The main reason I wanted a new hair trimmer / clipper is that my previous one uses a Ni-Cad battery that seems to be losing its capability to keep cutting. Ni-Cad batteries are not known for their ability to hold a charge, either. My previous trimmer has 3 cutting heads - nose/ear, smaller and larger. This Braun has only one that is comparable to my larger trim head. The nose/ear trimmer is unnecessary for my purpose. Same goes for the combs - I don't use them. People who want a close beard probably will use them.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 1, 2017
I opened up the package a few days after receving it and plugged it in the bathroom to charge. My wife and I went to dinner and when we came back we were welcomed to an intense smell of plastic burning. We run around the house trying to figure out what was going on and noticed some lite smoke coming from the bathroom. The unit overheated while charging and began to smoke. There were no freys or cuts in the charger, it was inserted correctly and all other appliances used the outlet without issue. I could not touch the beard trimmer and had to leave it unplugged for about an hour until it cooled off. I'm pretty sure we would've had a fire on our hands if we were away longer than just dinner.

Completely unsafe.........I'd like a company rep to reach out to me immediately. I have pictures to show damage to the unit.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on March 22, 2018
love it love it love it... i went from a wahl huge corded clipper that was a pain in the behind... this thing is SOOO much easier to use. and much smaller and easier to maneuver in tight turns around your face. the adjustment knob is perfect. I use a 5 to keep my goatee trim, and then take off the clip to give a light stubble everywhere else. the battery lasts forever between charges. this is a great addition to the sink, and my wife is happy because there isnt a cord dragged across the bathroom (except when i charge it, which is about every 3-4 weeks)
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