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on March 31, 2017
I've used Braun for over 30 years. I had a series 7 & have enjoyed it for years (I've had every series of Braun prior to the series 7) so when I was in need of an upgrade I decided to go with the Braun series 9 as it's the latest greatest thing from Braun. I looks beautiful with its chrome looking exterior and shaved well. I purchased it at Bed Bath & Beyond due to them accidentally pricing it way too low, it was a great deal for me! However, though it shaved very close, for whatever reason it was getting in my opinion even warmer / hotter than the series 7 & razor burn on my neck was getting more pronounce (Perhaps the extra head or stronger motor). I loved the shaver & the price but saw the Braun Cooltec so I decided to try it before returning the series 9, or keeping it. I ordered the Braun from Amazon as it was the best price. After reading reviews here, I thought I'd be sending it back. I didn't want to even use it if I turned it on and the cooling bar really didn't cool, ( I didn't want to return after using if at all possible) but I was surprised that it really did cool down, a lot, & quickly. I usually shave every day for my line of work in customer service but let two days of growth accumulate being there were reviews of hair pulling and not shaving well & the cooling bar being a gimmick. My personal experience is that I almost wanted to cry or jump for joy, I really wasn't sure, as I was getting no razor burn & the razor heads stayed cool & the cooling bar itself was down right cold! It's amazing! No tugging for me, same close shave as the series 9, I was surprised about that the most. I can honestly say it's a keeper & hope that when this wears out (Based on my experience with Braun that should be many years) that I can get another, or an updated version. I have quick growing facial hair & is medium to heavy. The trimmer is not as effective as the series 7 I had but the benefits of the cooling system to me far outweigh the drawback of the trimmer. I don't mind that the trimmer doesn't pop out and away from the razor, it's that the teeth seem smaller & takes longer to get the side burns perfectly straight.

The charging station works well. It doesn't show you on the charging station how intense a clean it is going to perform like others but that really doesn't bother me. There's a water drop that appears on the razor itself stating it needs cleaning that basically always lights up after any shave. This charging station does not dry the razor. The series 7 had a heater that dried it, & the series 9 had a fan that ran for approx 45 mins. This drip dries so if you need to clean it & then put it in a bag to go on a trip you'll need to run the clean cycle the day before if you want it to be dry. Once cleaned and left to sit there for the day until the next use, the razor will be dry, but if you were to pick it up even several hours after the cleaning cycle has finished, get ready, as it's going to spill some cleaning fluid on you or the counter.

Side note, the shaving foils float up and down like any Braun (but not the center trimer, that stays stationary with the cooling bar), but the whole head itself does not move, it's a stationary head with floating cutter foils. This doesn't bother me in the slightest.
I can tell the cooling bar uses more battery as the recharge time after shaving is longer than any other Braun I've owned. Though you get about 45 mins of shaving without charging, that's if you don't use the cooling bar. If you use the cooling bar it drops to between 15 & 20 mins so bring your charger if you leaving for more than a couple of days. On that note, you can't plug the charger into the razor, you must place the razor in the charging cradle, & that's fine, just one more thing to remember to bring. I leave the charging cradle in the case the razor comes with so I know where it is when I pack.

All in all, it's an excellent razor that I don't thing gets as much credit as it deserves. I didn't read a lot of reviews from long term electric razor users & wanted to give this objective opinion based on the past 30+ years of using Braun. (I did try a 1.5 year period of wet shaving to see if this would help with razor burn, didn't work for me, it took that long to try all kinds of things) & purchased a series 9. It hurt my feelings returning the Braun series 9 being I got such a good deal. Price was supposed to be $299 but they accidentally priced it $229 & then using their 20% off making it a great price.
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on October 4, 2013
I have been a long-time user of Braun (ever since the first clean-and-charge razor debuted). This shave is excellent! The shaver head does not pivot as the Series 7 does (which I just replaced with the Cool-Tec). However, the shave is still the standard, thorough, close, Braun shave. Yet, what sets this apart is the brilliance of the cooling unit. The electric ceramic bar really is superb! It's as though you are rubbing an ice cube (without the water) against your skin as you shave. It's brilliant. A really brilliant design and concept. Well done.
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on August 6, 2017
Amazing razor, the extra price for the cleaning stand is well worth it.
Close, clean daily shave and the travel case makes for a one-stop shop.
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on January 21, 2014
Been using Braun foils for 15 years. I like to use this one in the shower. Does a good job. Very close, but does miss a few spots and requires feeling around for stubble. Hard to trim your sideburns with this one. Has a tiny pop up side trimmer that is almost useless. The cool tec is kind of a neat feature. Not sure how it works, but it does feel cool to to touch. Kind of a gimmick. Not sure if I can tell any difference.
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on July 7, 2016
Razor shaver works great. The cold part is excellent, especially for the people that has a sensitive skin (like me) due to the fact the the hair is short and thick. Highly recommended!
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on July 23, 2017
I've had this for like 15 months now. It worked great first 6 months. Now it's useless
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on January 10, 2014
Product is innovative and serve its purpose well, price is excellent. However the manufacturer packaging was terrible, box looks worn and used, protection of item insufficient. And I thought this is the latest and newest shaver from Braun.....
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on January 17, 2014
I've owned Braun shavers for 20+ years, and they have been the best in my opinion. This model was especially inviting because of the thought of reduced razor burn. It does feel good while I shave, but I haven't noticed any reduced razor burn. It is also clunky and heavy compared to my previous series 7. Much slower shave than the 7, and I wish I had just bought another ultrasonic 7 at this point. I prefer the slide trimmer of this model to the flip variety found on the 7, but that's all.
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on March 17, 2015
I bought one and the wash basin burned out within 2 months. Great idea and nice razor just really bad cleaning machine that doesn't work well.
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on May 11, 2015
Not really happy with this one. The positive thing about this really is the cooling feature which works great. The downside is that it just doesn't work nearly as well as my older Series 3 Contour (5735). I think the cooling band just frankly gets in the way and makes the difficult neck hairs impossible for the blades to pick up. This added overall depth causes me to need several more strokes than I would otherwise need thus irritating the skin anyway. The cooling feels great, but pointless if it doesn't shave. I wish I would have kept my 10 year old 5735.
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