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on December 21, 2009
We found the Braun CombiMax K-650 so much better than any Cuisinart.
It has 14 speeds.
The Cuisinart has only one speed. (The dough switch provides more power but with the same speed).
The bowl of the (eight cups) Braun is as big as the "11 cup" Cuisinart.
The center shaft inside the bowl is sealed so you can fill it with fluid to a higher level.
The bowl cover of the Braun can be removed with a light twist. It is much more complicated on the Cuisinart.
Also, removing the bowl is much easier on the Braun.
This food processor is so much easy to use and we use it almost every day.
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on October 26, 2010
Hey! Are you pondering buying this? If yes, read this short review and say it was helpful. :-) And then, look at the other positive reviews and click the box. Why do I say do this? Because this is a very solid food processor, so spread the word. Mine arrived today. I spread the parts on the table. I gave it all the engineer's once-over. All parts clicked in place properly. I said to my son "look at this... most food processors have a line on the bowl that says 'maximum fill level' for liquids. Do you see why? Because the mechanism can only take a small amount of liquid before it overflows and you have a mess on your hands. Look: see that the blade control is sealed? I can fill this to the top. It appears to be a couple quarts. I've never before owned a food processor that can do that."

We tinkered with the parts. It's not just chopping and slicing and bread blade. It's also got mixer for egg whites or whipped cream. Dear Lord! Now my Kitchen Aid and food processor must do battle! But now to the important bit: it's got variable speed! What's stopping other food processor makers from adding that? Now I have a food processor muscling in on the territory of both my Kitchen Aid mixer and my Vitamix. But that's all good for me.

Yes, I spent a few bucks more for the Braun than I might have on the others I might have bought. However, I'm sharing the love with the reviewers as I read enough to realize that the other manufacturers have gotten either cocky or lazy and have dropped the ball with support. I am a businessman with a great product, but the day I decide that things can't go wrong between creation and customer satisfaction is the day I decide to abandon both my product and my customers. So far, it seems Braun has kept that attitude where their competitors have lost that edge.

Summary: This is the best designed food processor in its class. Don't elect to save a few dollars in this case and get one of the lower-cost food processors; you will regret it. Note: I rarely offer this advice because, most of they time, I consider saving money to be the best idea.
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on July 19, 2012
I cannot tell you how much I love this food processor. Previously, the only processor I had owned was a Cuisinart mini-prep that left half of the material juiced while the other half was still huge pieces. Why bother?

The Braun does everything I had hoped for and more. Some specific features that I love:

The motor is very powerful, and has shown no signs of fatigue despite putting it through some pretty serious paces. It takes at least 10 minutes of nearly continuous processing a pretty high speed to make almond butter - no problem!

Cleanup is a breeze. I put everything in the dishwasher except for the main chopping blade. All of the other pieces are dishwasher safe. Just make sure to remove the grating/slicing insert from the wheel and rinse first - if not, some of the leftover bits can get stuck. I even put things on the bottom rack BUT I never use the drying function, and my dishwasher doesn't get very hot. Keep it to the top rack if you do.

The capacity is what it says it is, even for liquids. Most other processors can only be filled about halfway, or they leak down the middle. I've made big batches of soup and been able to fill it nearly to the top, and still pureed it with no problem.

The variable speed REALLY makes a difference. If you're working with very juicy foods and put them through at high speed, you will end up with mostly juice instead of grated or sliced produce. Turn down the speed and you get the beautiful shreds you're seeking.

The feed tube is very wide and has NO childproofing to it, which to me is a plus. It won't work unless the lid is on, which is enough safety for me. I NEVER put my fingers in the feed tube, and would train my kids to do the same - that's what the pusher is for. I'd rather use common sense and treat a machine with the respect it deserves than have a product that you can't use properly because they've designed it to be idiot proof. I'm not an idiot, thanks.

I can't speak to all of the accessories because I don't use the dough hook, but I've been able to use all of the others with ease. I really wish the coarse slicing insert came standard, but I purchased it separately and would recommend it if you do a lot of slicing. Sometimes the thin slices are too thin, depending on what you're making.

This food processor has literally transformed my kitchen, and changed the way I cook. I work with so many more vegetables and make a lot more from scratch in general because it's so much easier and less time-consuming. It's helped me to cut out a lot more processed and packaged foods and eat healthier in general. I hope they continue to make these, because I keep telling everyone about them!
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on February 24, 2015
My old food processor finally bit the dust, and I replaced it first, about six months ago, with a top-of-the-line KA. It was in the $250 range, as I recall. It was hate at first sight. It was heavy; it required an immense amount of space to store; it was finicky--really, who has time to pull out the instruction booklet every time you use an appliance? The lid alone had three pieces, all of which had to be in perfect alignment for it to operate. I threw it away to keep anyone else from having to suffer with it Scarred by that mistake, I was reluctant to jump right into another online purchase, but out of desperation, I gave it one more try and purchased this baby. And I am so very, very glad that I did. It is light; it is quiet (everyone has remarked on it); it shreds and chops perfectly; and using it is as intuitive as possible. The lid only has one piece, and because it has a horizontal, rather than vertical, footprint, it takes much less storage (because the bowl and lid can be stored in place, on the machine; with a vertical footprint, that configuration is too tall for most cabinets). I have used it for regular chopping jobs as well as for grinding chicken, and it has made short work of everything. Although price was not my primary consideration, this was also substantially less expensive than many of the models out there. It was certainly less expensive than my Food Processor of Regret that is now taking up space in a landfill.
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on March 16, 2013
UPDATE April 11: Today, I boxed up and returned the Braun food processor. I am not sure why this food processor received such rave reviews as it did not work well. It did do a pretty good job with the cheese but as to the rest...the sliced onions came out mushy or in chunks...the carrots and celery sort of sliced but the slices were uneven. The food processor did OK mixing and kneading small recipes of bread dough. I used several old recipes that called for about 2 1/2 to 3 cups flour. Allegedly, the Braun could handle up to 4 cups of flour. The good things I can write about the Braun: The Braun was easy to put together and clean. It was quiet. Would I recommend this food processor? Perhaps for someone who was looking for a budget food processor. The Braun is far quieter than the Cuisinart 7 cup Elite Collection food processor I reviewed. It is far quieter than the Oster 14 cup food processor I reviewed. I guess that's the best thing I can write about the Braun: It is quiet. I have lowered my rating to two stars. I'm going back to the Cuisinart Elite 14 cup food processor Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel as it has its problems but runs better than any of the food processors sold at Amazon. If I had to do over, I would have kept my old 14 cup Cuisinart food processor, with all the blades and attachments, rather than upgrading to the Cuisinart Elite food processor. I can't go back so I am stuck with what I have. The Cuisinart with all its faults works better than the Braun.

UPDATE April 2: Less in love with the Braun food processor as it works well for an inexpensive machine. The Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel is probably a better food processor overall for the ability to slice and mix. I own the Cuisinart Elite 14 cup food processor, and like it but not love it, as the Cuisinart needs a second bowl and lid after being knocked out of synch while baking bread. This is an expensive part replacement as it will be somewhere between $60 to $100 for the parts. I bought the Braun, based on the excellent Amazon reviews, and somewhat regret the purchase. The Braun works well for an inexpensive machine but it did not mix my Easter pound cake at all well. It did OK with the boxed cake mix I used to make a Watergate cake for tonight's dessert. It does OK when it comes to slicing onions and did very well for slicing potatoes. I'd recommend this food processor for the budget minded buyer, and if you don't mind the extra expense of a Cuisinart, buy it instead.

UPDATE March 19: Today, I used the Braun Kitchen Machine to make bread. The machine, rocked, rolled and I had to hold onto to it as it would have rolled right off the counter. It did make a good loaf of bread though. Be prepared to hold tight when making bread as this machine does move.

I've used a Cuisinart food processor since 1990 or thereabouts and should have kept my original Cuisinart. I didn't and I regret it. I purchased the Cuisinart FP-14DC Elite Collection 14-Cup Food Processor, Die Cast about 3 years ago and have had nothing but problems.

Enter the Braun Multiquick 3 K650 Kitchen Machine I purchased from Amazon's Warehouse Deals. The Braun kitchen machine showed up this morning and by this afternoon I used the Braun kitchen machine to grate cheese. According to the Braun directions, you do not need to freeze the cheese until reasonably firm like you do for the Cuisinart food processor. I followed the Braun directions to grate some White Cheddar cheese. The Braun managed to grate the cheese with little problems except some of the cheese hung up on the grating disk and turned into a Cheddary "cream" type cheese. The cheese was not grated but it was usable. In the future, I will partially freeze the cheese to see if this method works better.

Based on the cheese test, I am reasonably pleased with the Braun Multiquick 3 K650 Kitchen Machine. I will update this review, if needed.

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I love this machine. I have had a hard time finding a food processor that is bpa free and will also have enough power to do everything a food processor should. In the past I broke a cuisinart trying to shred cheese, soft cheese! I have an older kitchenaid that I love but its not bpa free. the newer ones are not getting good reviews. As they are expensive, I don't want to take the chance. This one has a sealed bowl which is new for me but comes in very handy, for fruits, jellies, soups. neither one of my other ones were sealed. I like this feature. I shredd cheese in this and it worked without breaking the machine. I'm kind of not sure on bread or pizza dough, it really jumps around and you have to hold it. Of course the other two did that too, but maybe not as much as this one. It had alot more discs that came with it then the other two you had to buy separate. It did a fast and quick job on bread crumbs, and nuts. I like the variable speeds so you have more control, that is new to me too. Its a bit close quarters as well, the other two werent. so I think overall its better and stronger and has some advantages. I think for the most part its just getting use to the differences. I was concerned about the machine and people saying its been discontinued but I read that some years ago as well on here and its still available. so I took the chance. I don't know about how long it will last yet but so far I think its a good investment. Not really too expensive when you consider all the parts that come with it, on the others you have to buy most of them separately.
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on March 14, 2014
This. This! Is what a food processor should be. It's the only consumer grade, decently priced, processor with a sealed processing bowl; liquids don't ooze down the driveshaft. Likewise, don't let the 600-watt motor fool you. I originally purchased a competing brand with a similarly rated motor. I tried the bread kneading attachment and saw smoke within 30 seconds. Processor returned. The Braun, on the other hand, doesn't flinch when when I throw dough at it. Or anything else for that matter.

I was instantly a fan of the adjustable processing speeds. Again, another leg up this unit has on its competitors.

Though the Braun is not officially supported in the US replacement bowls, blades, and so on are available on Amazon if something should happen. And are priced reasonably.

In a nutshell, I'm thrilled and wouldn't replace this with anything on the market that's less than $500.

To Braun: please bring this back to the US officially. I would love knowing I have full warranty support. And citizens deserve better than the crep currently available at all the big box stores.
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on December 29, 2011
I bought this from Amazon because it's rare to find a product with such a high percentage of 5 star reviews. Well, the reviews were right. This is a solid machine. Period. It's quiet, well balanced, and a dream to clean. My favorite feature is the sealed shaft for the blade and slicers so you can fill it to the top with liquid and it doesn't overflow. The bowl is engineered perfectly with slight ridges on the inside that somehow keeps food from riding up the sides. I have to admit that the amount of attachments was slightly overwhelming when I first opened the box but those feelings settled once I used it a couple of times. I am quickly growing to love this machine but it took some trial and error to get here. By that I mean, take the time to sacrifice a few ingredients you often cook with for the sake of your sanity. Process them using different settings and take note of the results. The first time I sliced an onion I butchered it because I had the blade spinning too fast. The faster it spins the thinner your slices. I slowed it down and got exactly what I wanted. Just like any other tool it takes practice to perfect and this is a tool worth the effort. I've been in the restaurant business my whole life and know the feel of good equipment and while I wouldn't replace my Robot Coupe at the restaurant with this, I am looking forward to utilizing it for a plethora of home cooking applications. I am very happy.
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on September 21, 2009
About 25 years ago, my wife and I bought a Braun food processor. We used it for over 23 years, replacing the bowl once and the stalks that held the cutting disks about three times. We only gave it up when it started leaking oil. We replaced it with a Cuisinart that didn't have multiple speeds and did have a complicated and largely inscrutable lid locking system that ultimately failed--we needed to stick a screwdriver into the lid to make it work. So we found this Braun, which is similar to but an improvement on our old one, and it's great! Very lightweight, the bowl and lid simply snap into place, there's infinite speed control, and the cutting disks and stalks have been redesigned to be much sturdier. Beats Cuisinart by a mile.
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on September 4, 2011
After reading all the other reviews, I purchased the Braun food processor knowing that it is a discontinued product, with only a 1 year warranty. It does everything that other reviewers have indicated. Easy to lock the lid and bowl into place; easy to clean; quiet; convenient single 9-cup bowl rather than nested bowls, and yes the bowl is sealed and does NOT Leak... that is a big plus; has 15 speeds; a pulse button is located in the center of the on/off knob and its pulse speed is directly related to the speed range selected from the speed control knob; and the entire unit stores neatly on the kitchen counter top. The total height of the unit, including the mounted bowl and pusher is a tad under 14 inches.
We also found the juicer bowl to work nicely when using medium sized oranges and firmly holding the sliced orange against the rotating cone. This processor is actually fun to use. We easily pureed our home grown tomatoes to make several gallons of tomato sauce using the primary slicing blade with short blasts of the pulse button in combination with the speed dial set at 10. Experimentation with the speed settings is the key. We are still learning and having fun.

At first I thought it strange that the self-adhesive label with food icons intended to be glued to the front of the processor arrived at the bottom of the box. Reflecting on this, it makes sense because you can opt not to use it or you can make copies of it for future use when the original comes unglued.

One sour note: the fine slicer blade that comes with the processor pulverized our peppers and we are NOT sure if it will handle anything else. Would like to hear from others if they had better results with the fine slicer blade.

We also ordered the course slicer blade (#7000490) and it is great. Wish that it came as part of the original order. We used the course slicing blade to slice up several quarts of yellow and red peppers and added onions and sliced carrots to make up jars of winter salad in vinegar.

The adjustable slicer blade (#F3200-650) and carrier (#F3200-649) recommended by other reviewers, are no longer available in the U.S. (as of this review). Both must be used together. But my brother living in Melbourne Australia found that the Multiquick K650 is still sold in Australia and the accessory blades and carriers can be ordered in a few days. We are waiting for my brother to personally deliver them on his next trip to the States. This unit doesn't come with a storage box, but we will improvise by using zip lock bags for the blades and probably buy a plastic storage box. No big deal.

I deducted 1 star because it is an orphan (parts will be hard to find ... and yes, this IS A BIG DEAL), lacks a full warranty, and has a rather anemic owner's manual. Incidentally, you can download the owner's manual as a PDF file from the International Braun web site (be sure to select International English). But otherwise, we are keeping our fingers crossed and plan to have fun. We recommend getting The New Food Processor Bible (revised 2011) by Norene Gilletz, especially if you are new, as we are, to food processors and need tested recipes and tips.
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