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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 10, 2015
My one star rating has to do with Braun customer support. I bought this razor and I was very impressed with the quality of the product as well as the shave it provided. After 3 months of using the razor, I noticed that the battery started to leak. I contacted customer support and I provided a picture of where the battery was leaking (where the charger plugs in). I requested a replacement razor since this was clearly a manufacturer defect. The response was that they can't simply replace my razor and instead, I must send the razor to their service center where it will take 15 business days so that they can fix and send it back. I was quite disappointed to find out that Braun didn't supply a prepaid shipping label, so I had to pay to ship my razor to a Braun service center when I only had it for 3 months.

My razor was delivered to the service center on 11/6/15. It is now 12/10/15 and I still don't have my razor. I've contacted Braun customer support multiple times to try and get an update. Braun is unable to locate my razor and they are having issues communicating with their service center. So far, they are refusing to send me a replacement.

What's so disappointing is the fact that I really enjoyed the razor, but at this point, I'll never buy another Braun product again since I know they won't provide adequate support.
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on November 25, 2015
Unlike practically all the reviewers of the newer 9 series Braun shavers I ACTUALLY PAID FOR THIS 7 SERIES SHAVER and was NOT given one for free in exchange for my "unbiased review". I bought this Braun Series 7-790cc brand new for $125.00 on Amazon. That's important. How much you paid AFFECTS YOUR EXPECTATIONS and YOUR REVIEW. For $125.00 I am very happy with the product. It gives me a very close shave (not as close as my Gillete Fusion Proglide blade though) and for an electric shaver it does an amazing job. The cleaning system is very nice on this Braun unit and the shaver itself is intuitive to use.

To sum it up, for $125.00 I am pleased with the quality and shave of my Braun 7-790cc shaver. I feel I got a solid deal on a high-quality product that gives me a painless and quick shave. And while it is a very good shave, like all electric shavers, it is not quite as close a shave as my Gillette Fusion Proglide blade but it does give you a great shave without the hassle and potential discomfort of a blade.

NOTE TO BRAUN: I was actually going to buy the newer, more expensive 9 series Braun shaver BUT I COULD NOT FIND A REVIEW out of the several hundred on Amazon where someone actually forked over the $350.00 asking price for the 9 series shaver. EVERYONE GOT THE RAZOR FOR FREE in exchange for their "UNBIASED REVIEW." While I don't doubt that the 9 series shaver is an extremely high-quality product and the reviews are more or less honest (to a degree)... what I want to read are reviews from people with actual skin in the game. NOT hundreds upon hundreds of reviews from people who are merely NOT disappointed with their FREE $350.00 shaver. Let someone pony up $350.00 for it and then we'll find out what they REALLY think of your shaver.
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on August 27, 2011
I've used a large number of shavers over the years... most recently Norelco, Remington, Panasonic, and the Braun 360 complete 8595.... the Series 7 790 is hands down the best of them...

In general the Norelco and Remington I would describe as ordinary. They get the job done with more time, louder, and tend to be rougher on my skin in general.

The Panasonic has a good feel to it and a definite step up from the ordinary brands, but is a little unusual, heavy, and a little cumbersome with the huge head.

When I got the Braun 360 complete, on first use I was very surprised about how it clearly was so far above the rest, zipping through a shave in a smooth way and having a fit and finish that was very high end. The Clean and Renew is no joke and gives a crisp fresh feel every time and is really not very expensive when taken in context.

I dropped my 360 and broke the on off slider, so time for a new shaver... Braun was so much better in the past, how could I not buy it?

I don't believe in spending the extra bucks on luggage, watches, and various other stuff.... but in shavers it pays off... Same thing when getting higher model Brauns... why skimp $30 and give features when you have already committed to getting a great product?

So I got the 7 - 790... I put in the cartridge, charged it and tried it out.. and I have to say, the 790 is clearly a full generation better than the 360, which I didn't think was possible. It shaves in an almost surgical instrument kind of way.

-Clean and renew is expensive: In use the $4 clean and renew cartridges last about 6-8 weeks in 5 day a week use. I've seen crackpot ideas like refilling them with seabreeze (dumb as you aren't putting the right cleaner lubricant on your expensive shaver and it barely saves any money).
- An expensive shaver doesn't stack up to a quality razor. BS, this thing definitely gives a better shave than I ever got with a blade with a lot less mess or time and no cuts ever.
- An expensive shaver doesn't make sense with quality disposables being so cheap. BS also, to get in the ballpark quality wise, you would have to be buying $3 each disposables.... it only takes 4 months of blades to pay for a new shaver and a year of clean and renew packs.

- shave a very dry face, before washing in the morning. your skin expands a lot when moisturized, drawing your beard in and making in inaccessible to the shaver and showing a shadow much quicker as your skin dries out later, forget shaving in or after the shower
- wake up first and shave at least 30 minutes later, not only will you be better at it, faces tend to be somewhat puffy from laying down and result in a poor shave
- after shaving before putting the shaver in the base, pop the foil off and tap it a couple of times in the trash to get most (probably 90%) of the beard out.. it keeps the clean and renew fluid much cleaner and makes it last much longer as the base does a 'thorough' clean much less often.

Reasons I'm glad I broke my 360 complete (if I had known these, I would have just bought the 790 anyway)
- the fit and finish of the 790 is very very high.... like museum watch high.. ultra cool looking and constructed product
- the shave quality is much better than the 360 complete... almost surgical in feel, hard to believe I know because I thought the 360 was about perfect
- the 790, while having the same size head, has a much thinner and easier to hold body, the older Brauns tend to be a little beefy
- it has push button on off.... the older ones had a combo switch / trimmer slider which always was a little awkward to use
- the 790's trimmer juts way out from the shaver allowing a much better view for trimming sideburns etc. a HUGE advantage.
- the 790 has a quick clean feature, so you can start a cleaning cycle without it taking the shaver out of commission for hours.
- the hair lifting bar is very very good now at avoiding in grown hairs... if you have this problem, this shaver is the only one I've ever found that is effective at reducing them.

one of the few products in the universe that doesn't disappoint in some way.... buy it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 23, 2016
Braun apparently discontinued the replacement blades/foil so you're throwing your money away if you buy one of these. A few 3rd party sellers currently have the replacements for double the price or more of what they were. Because of this I'm really upset with Braun and unless they correct this problem quickly I'll never purchase any of their products again.
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on November 17, 2016
Be careful, Replacement Foils for the 790cc are almost non-existent as another reviewer wrote. You're going to be paying upwards to 70$ for a replacement foil that is nearly out-of-stock everywhere and likely not as good as the original foil. Think down the line a year later when you need a replacement foil, how hard to find and even more expensive they'll be by then...unless they update the shaver and restock all of a sudden, but I wouldn't hold my breathe till it happens.
And with how often you may be replacing the replacement Foils, you'll likely be spending the price of a series 9 shaver in a few years.

I personally have to travel 20+ miles just to go to a store in my state that MAY have them in stock.

The shaver itself is at least 5 year old model, look at list date. This shaver will technically be a dinosaur in a few more years.

p.s. You CANNOT return this to Amazon because of its material design, so you either gift it to someone or sell it back. Or try and refund it through Braun's horrid 6-10 week waiting period. I resold mine in as little as a few minutes through Ebay.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 29, 2016
Longtime (30 years!) Braun user. Would never consider buying anything else.

Until now.

Six months into my new Braun 7, and I've got a problem. Motor issues. Razor suddenly ramps up speed (briefly) for no reason, and cuts me. I called Braun, thinking that under warranty they would support me. Perhaps offer an exchange for the same model?

No, that's not possible. What you can do is (1) pack up your razor and (2) send it to NEBRASKA and (3) wait at least 15 days after they receive it to see if they can repair it or not. I guess in the meantime you can grow a beard, or go back to blade shaving, or just buy another razor. Really? My coffee maker recently died under warranty - I had a new one here to replace it in 24 hours. 15 days, and maybe we'll help you out? Unbelievable.

Horrible, horrible customer service. I don't know what happened to Braun, but it's not good. Avoid at all costs.
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on March 2, 2017
So far I love the Braun 7790 electric shaver. I had a Braun 3 series for many, many years. There are a ton of reviews that go into more detail of specifications so I won't do that here.

Bottom line is the 7 series is awesome. My shaves are close as can be. Follow the directions and you will be happy. The razor charge lasts about 8-10 days from full charge with daily use.

I haven't used the cleaning system yet so that will be in the update. I can tell you I am satisfied with the razor. I hope it lasts as long as my last one.

Update: March 2017
I finally used the cleaning system. It was easy to put together. It cleans and charges the razor at the same time! It isn't very quiet while it goes through the cleaning cycle so I wouldn't run it late at night. It does clean the razor with good results.
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on March 1, 2016
This is a must-have for men with sensitive skin and/or razor bumps. I Google'd "best shaver for African-American men" and this appeared in numerous results. This is very powerful and cut through a few days growth, no pre-shave, like butter and barely left any stubble. It also has three sensitivity settings: sensitive, medium, and normal. The manual, and myself, recommend the highest setting. The only thing I would caution against is cleaning after every shave as this is not necessary. Buy a can of Remington shaver Saver and use it after rinsing the detachable head under running hot water and soap and allowing to air dry. I presume it can be used with shaving cream since the head can be exposed to water and soap but I have not tried as I haven't had a need to and neither will you. It cannot be submerged, however. All in all, this is an amazing shaver and a must-buy for anyone with sensitive skin or razor bump issues, including African-American men. This is the only dry shaver that I've ever used that does not make my face feel raw and it extremely efficient. You'll throw away your razors and shaving cream the first time you use this like I did!
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on May 27, 2016
I am a shaver collector, and I like to collect all kinds of shavers.

When I got the 790CC shaver, it has no electricity, so I cannot boot it, but it is worth mentioning that I charge it for only two minutes and then it can be used. The motor rotation speed is very high, and it has a big shock on hand. (Later, I continue to charge it, and about 50 minutes later, the shaver is fully charged.)

I have a habit that, each time using a new shaver, I will keep my beard for a few days so as to observe the shaving effect. And I do the same this time, ha-ha.

This time, I did not shave for four days! ! !

I first slip over and shave the beard once with the shaver, and there are still many beards remaining. It is much better after the second time. After shaving back and forth at a total of five times, I finally get the beard shaved cleanly. In general, the shaving effect is good, and I am quite satisfied.

Other aspects of the tests:

Noise test: I use voice tester to detect noise value at shaver work and it is: 70 dB; the noise control is general.

Temperature test: The shaver is running for 5 minutes, at temperature 88 ℉, and surrounding ambient temperature is: 83 ℉; the temperature control is good, without too much heat, so it is more comfortable in use. It may be associated with the surrounding environment, but it is sure hoe the cooling effect is.

As for the information stated in product promotion page, this shaver can produce 10,000 micro vibrations per minute during shaving; anyway, I cannot count, but my hand can feel that the motor speed is very high and it has a big shock. I personally think, the shaking is too big. It would be much better upon improvement. And this is the point I am not satisfied.

As for other aspects of the test, the battery capacity, and continuous using time when fully charged, I will continue to test in a day or two.
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on September 4, 2015
I bought the Braun Series 7- 790cc Electric Shaver just about 1 year ago and wanted to wait until I needed to replace the shaver head before reviewing it. Per the instructions the shaver head should wear out in one year of “normal” use. Since that is a bit hard to define I will just describe “MY normal use” and let you decide where you fit in.
FYI: I bought mine on sale for $166.99 on Amazon.

For the record I have thin light brown straight facial hair and cannot grow a good beard. Just Google “Keanu Reeves Beard” and you will get the idea. I can usually go the weekend with little more than what others call a 5 o’clock shadow.
I use the razor every weekday for about 10 to 15 minutes to shave my face and neck in full. I shave in the car on the way to work (shame) and I tend to leave the razor in the car for most of the week not on the charger. (More below)
I rarely use the razor on the weekends, maybe 2 or so times a month.

Ease of use:
It fits well in my average sized hands. The vibration is noticeable but not at all uncomfortable even after extended use. The tilting razor head works very well to work its way around face contours and never requires an awkward position to reach any part of my face or neck. The sideburn shaver is less well positioned and requires a mirror and a weird hand position to get it right, holding the razor upside down and angled forward. That said it works as needed so Im not removing any stars for the odd positioning.

Shave Quality: Braun Series 7 -v- Gillette Mach 3 Razor
Prior to the Braun I was using exclusively the Gillette Mach 3 Razor to shave. I shaved only every other day with the Gillette due to the cost of blades and need to replace them after only 3 shaves. I will use a good shave from the Gillette blades to judge the closeness of the Braun.
With the blades I would usually shave against the grain to get a truly baby soft stubble free shave.
The Braun, and probably no electric foil razor, will ever really match that. However, the brawn is very close with just two or three circular passes. Around the neck is where it seems to fail a bit for me and often requires many (10 or more) passes in multiple directions before I stop feeling noticeable stubble. Otherwise the rest of my face feels like when I use the razor with the grain. That is just the slightest noticeable stubble. I have never felt any burning or irritation after shaving with the Braun. The closest I come to discomfort after shaving is a dry feeling that goes away after a few minutes. Visually I feel like I am well shaved and could go to any formal event without feeling the slightest bit grungy.

I have yet to have it run out of battery power. Even after a full 5 day week of shaving without charging (or cleaning) it still worked perfectly without issues. I would dare say you do not need a travel charger for anything under a weeks vacation. Battery life has not depreciated at all after a full year of use.

Here is where this razor beats the rest hands down. With the couple of electric razors I had tried and tossed in the past I had to open the head and bang/blow out the hair after each use or they would stop doing even a remotely good job. I have never had to open the Braun and manually clean it. Dropping it in the cleaning/charging station does the job 100% perfectly. I have been through 3 refills ($3 each) since I bought this almost 1 year ago and clean it usually twice a week. The rest of the time I leave it in the car and routinely will use it 3 or 4 days in a row before cleaning with no degrading of shave. After cleaning it in the charging station it has a fresh alcohol smell and on opening it is shiny and clean inside without even a tiny bit of hair left behind. I don’t know how long it takes to clean because it’s just drop it in, press the button and forget about it. If nothing else sells you on this then the cleaning station function should. Its just that great. I have added photos before and after cleaning. You can clearly see how great a job it does.

All in all I cannot see myself going back to the ridiculously expensive blade razors again and unless something genuinely better comes out I cant see giving up my Braun Series 7. Well maybe for a Series 8 but only time will tell.
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