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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 10, 2015
My one star rating has to do with Braun customer support. I bought this razor and I was very impressed with the quality of the product as well as the shave it provided. After 3 months of using the razor, I noticed that the battery started to leak. I contacted customer support and I provided a picture of where the battery was leaking (where the charger plugs in). I requested a replacement razor since this was clearly a manufacturer defect. The response was that they can't simply replace my razor and instead, I must send the razor to their service center where it will take 15 business days so that they can fix and send it back. I was quite disappointed to find out that Braun didn't supply a prepaid shipping label, so I had to pay to ship my razor to a Braun service center when I only had it for 3 months.

My razor was delivered to the service center on 11/6/15. It is now 12/10/15 and I still don't have my razor. I've contacted Braun customer support multiple times to try and get an update. Braun is unable to locate my razor and they are having issues communicating with their service center. So far, they are refusing to send me a replacement.

What's so disappointing is the fact that I really enjoyed the razor, but at this point, I'll never buy another Braun product again since I know they won't provide adequate support.
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on August 27, 2011
I've used a large number of shavers over the years... most recently Norelco, Remington, Panasonic, and the Braun 360 complete 8595.... the Series 7 790 is hands down the best of them...

In general the Norelco and Remington I would describe as ordinary. They get the job done with more time, louder, and tend to be rougher on my skin in general.

The Panasonic has a good feel to it and a definite step up from the ordinary brands, but is a little unusual, heavy, and a little cumbersome with the huge head.

When I got the Braun 360 complete, on first use I was very surprised about how it clearly was so far above the rest, zipping through a shave in a smooth way and having a fit and finish that was very high end. The Clean and Renew is no joke and gives a crisp fresh feel every time and is really not very expensive when taken in context.

I dropped my 360 and broke the on off slider, so time for a new shaver... Braun was so much better in the past, how could I not buy it?

I don't believe in spending the extra bucks on luggage, watches, and various other stuff.... but in shavers it pays off... Same thing when getting higher model Brauns... why skimp $30 and give features when you have already committed to getting a great product?

So I got the 7 - 790... I put in the cartridge, charged it and tried it out.. and I have to say, the 790 is clearly a full generation better than the 360, which I didn't think was possible. It shaves in an almost surgical instrument kind of way.

-Clean and renew is expensive: In use the $4 clean and renew cartridges last about 6-8 weeks in 5 day a week use. I've seen crackpot ideas like refilling them with seabreeze (dumb as you aren't putting the right cleaner lubricant on your expensive shaver and it barely saves any money).
- An expensive shaver doesn't stack up to a quality razor. BS, this thing definitely gives a better shave than I ever got with a blade with a lot less mess or time and no cuts ever.
- An expensive shaver doesn't make sense with quality disposables being so cheap. BS also, to get in the ballpark quality wise, you would have to be buying $3 each disposables.... it only takes 4 months of blades to pay for a new shaver and a year of clean and renew packs.

- shave a very dry face, before washing in the morning. your skin expands a lot when moisturized, drawing your beard in and making in inaccessible to the shaver and showing a shadow much quicker as your skin dries out later, forget shaving in or after the shower
- wake up first and shave at least 30 minutes later, not only will you be better at it, faces tend to be somewhat puffy from laying down and result in a poor shave
- after shaving before putting the shaver in the base, pop the foil off and tap it a couple of times in the trash to get most (probably 90%) of the beard out.. it keeps the clean and renew fluid much cleaner and makes it last much longer as the base does a 'thorough' clean much less often.

Reasons I'm glad I broke my 360 complete (if I had known these, I would have just bought the 790 anyway)
- the fit and finish of the 790 is very very high.... like museum watch high.. ultra cool looking and constructed product
- the shave quality is much better than the 360 complete... almost surgical in feel, hard to believe I know because I thought the 360 was about perfect
- the 790, while having the same size head, has a much thinner and easier to hold body, the older Brauns tend to be a little beefy
- it has push button on off.... the older ones had a combo switch / trimmer slider which always was a little awkward to use
- the 790's trimmer juts way out from the shaver allowing a much better view for trimming sideburns etc. a HUGE advantage.
- the 790 has a quick clean feature, so you can start a cleaning cycle without it taking the shaver out of commission for hours.
- the hair lifting bar is very very good now at avoiding in grown hairs... if you have this problem, this shaver is the only one I've ever found that is effective at reducing them.

one of the few products in the universe that doesn't disappoint in some way.... buy it.
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on November 14, 2016

I bought this not so long ago. Pardon my side story but recently when the i-Phone-priced Google Pixel phones were released I decided to go ahead and purchase a few replacement batteries and a replacement screen for my Nexus 5X. I wanted to make sure it would last me for a while. I like Project Fi and don't want to pay big bucks for a fancy new Pixel. So.... when that happened I also decided to go ahead and grab a replacement head or two for my shaver. Only to find to my shock and horror that Braun had pulled them from the shelves EVERYWHERE! I remember them being like $30 to $35 when I bought the razor... and told myself I'd just get a new head when I needed it... according to the instructions 12-18 months if I recall. Well... now (still before needing it) I've noticed that you cannot buy them from Amazon, you cannot buy them from Walmart, you cannot buy them ANYWHERE.

Initially I was hoping that it was something that was out of good faith but not broadly announced for PR reasons. So... I searched google to see if there had been a recall or something. Nope. No recall. Just Braun (I suspect) trying to force folks to upgrade to a 9000-series. CAPITALISM AT ITS WORST. Legal, but shady. SHAME ON YOU BRAUN. I will never again buy one of your products, and I strongly discourage others from doing so.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 23, 2016
Braun apparently discontinued the replacement blades/foil so you're throwing your money away if you buy one of these. A few 3rd party sellers currently have the replacements for double the price or more of what they were. Because of this I'm really upset with Braun and unless they correct this problem quickly I'll never purchase any of their products again.
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on April 22, 2017
I have waited well over a year to review this shaver just so that I could say I fully understood its nuances. Having used all of the major brands/styles of shavers over the years I, unfortunately, can't recommend this product.

It definitely takes me longer to get a close shave than any other razor I've ever used (even the cheaper models). The center shaving element can cut you if you are not careful or are a little over aggressive in your shaving.

The cleaning & charging station is nice to have and does keep the razor reasonably clean. It can clog over time though resulting in a razor that never gets clean and it leaves a residue that you have to wipe off. The cleaning cartridges are an added consumable expense that you have to consider. However, if you are spending this much on a razor it's probably not much of a consideration.

The biggest problem is the cost of the replacement blade. It has almost doubled in price and now costs 35% of this shaver's cost. For that price, I could buy a cheaper competing shaver, use it until it's dull, throw the shaver away, buy a new one...and still save money over this replacement blade.

The older reviews may sing this shaver's praises but the times have changed...
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 20, 2016
I've had this shaver for years and I am not very happy with it at all. The shaver is just okay. Shortly after buying mine the locking mechanism for the blade head broke and no longer locks. That I can deal with, the true failure of this product is the blade. It's downright awful for what you have to pay for it. They sell it as lasting 18 months or more, but honestly after replacing mine with a fresh blade I find it only works for about 3 months and then the shave becomes sub standard to say the least. When the blade is fresh and new it works great. I'd say 95% of a quality cut as with a razor, but then it quickly goes downhill from there. About a month in you will find yourself shaving for 2x as long as you did when the blade was new, into month 3 and it's over. It no longer cuts nearly as well.

I know there are some readers that say there is a choice in blades and that some are made in China. I've purchased my replacement blades from Walmart, the packaging says made in Germany, but I'm just not seeing the quality. Find yourself another razor that does not require $45 blades every 2-3 months.
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on January 11, 2017
As an African American I tried almost every shaving item available. From cream to depilatory powder to numerous other stuff, but still managed to get razor bumps and ingrown hairs. I even tried regular clippers and still no luck.
A coworker highly recommended the Braun, and I've never tried an electric razor before. I figured why not, as nothing else has worked. So December 16 2016 I placed an order.... Almost a month later and the razor bumps and ingrown hairs have reduced tremendously. I use the Braun 7-series every other day and add a little (?) just incase. Nothing, just a smooth shave from a great product. I paid full price, wasn't offered anything, and don't really write full reviews, but this one had to be told.
If you're thinking, don't think too long.
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on December 25, 2016
This is the absolute best electric razor that I have ever purchased bar none! I am a traditional shaver with a badger brush and good lather etc. However, I like a good electric razor for travel and hurried mornings as well. I have always eyed the Brains, but never wanted to pay the higher price. In these case, you get what you pay for. My Norelco is pretty good. I am just not a big fan of the rotary action. Plus you have to go over and over and over your face to do a decent job. My Remington is now in the trash... enough said.
The Braun Series 7. Ahhhh! Wonderful. Perfectly smooth, 3 speeds. I love the cleaning/charging station. What's not to love? My face felt smooth as a baby with no burn in about one minute.
I read some reviews and avoided the Series 9 for 2 reasons. First, apparently the shave head is too large to fit under your nose. Second, they don't make or sell replacement heads, and the thing has been on the market over a year. Go with the Series 7. You will love it. I am highly satisfied!
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on April 17, 2017
I am writing this review specifically for other black men as there aren't many reviews which will let you know if this shaver can perform without causing irritation and razor bumps.

This is an amazing electric shaver. I am a black guy and this is perfect for my sensitive skin. I was using a straight razor and it was causing irritation and scarring, which darkens the skin on my neck. However, the straight razor was the closest shave that I could get. Since I began using the Braun series 7 I have had ZERO irritation!! No razor bumps, no scarring, and I am still getting a close shave. The scarring that I had has began to clear up. The levels are adjustable so if you have sensitive skin you can turn down the intensity and closeness of the shave. This is a dry shaver only and it works better if you use it before you get in the shower. It doesn't shave as close if you use it after the shower.

The one that I ordered comes with a charging base which also cleans the razor so it's a fresh clean shave every time. I will not use a straight razor to shave ever again. I am very pleased with this electric shaver!!
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on June 26, 2017
This review is over a year in the making. I've been using my Braun razor exclusively in that time, and I feel I know the in's and out's of this product pretty well. Spoiler alert - in my opinion, it's good, but not as great as some a lot of the hype I read prior to buying it.

Before using the Series 7, I used a Norelco rotary electric razor - the kind with three spinning blades. I wanted to try something different, because I had always used a Norelco and wanted to see what I was missing here. I went in with high expectations, and in some ways I was disappointed. The Braun excels at giving a close shave. And it does so with very little irritation - which i can't say about my Norelco, which often left my neck feeling red and irritated. I have a pretty full beard, and the Braun manages to get everything down to smooth skin. But it does take a while to get there. I feel it's a slower shave than my older Norelco, at least for my beard type. It doesn't handle some of the thicker stuff like my Norelco did. The Braun is like a fine hedge trimmer, whereas the Norelco was a powerful lawn mower. If I wait one too many days before shaving, as I often do, then the Braun takes a lot longer to shave, and occasionally I can hear the Braun get stuck momentarily on a particularly thick patch, like it's struggling.

I do like the cleaning and storage function of the base unit. It's nice to always have a clean razor. It actually makes buying the replacement cleaning solutions worth it.

To summarize my thoughts on this Braun:

- Clean, close shave
- Slower shave, especially if you have a thicker beard
- Sometimes gets stuck momentarily on thicker hairs
- Does not irritate, which is a huge plus

Overall, it's a great razor. Just go in with realistic expectations. Ultimately, I'm happy with the buy and I would purchase this again.
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