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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 10, 2015
My one star rating has to do with Braun customer support. I bought this razor and I was very impressed with the quality of the product as well as the shave it provided. After 3 months of using the razor, I noticed that the battery started to leak. I contacted customer support and I provided a picture of where the battery was leaking (where the charger plugs in). I requested a replacement razor since this was clearly a manufacturer defect. The response was that they can't simply replace my razor and instead, I must send the razor to their service center where it will take 15 business days so that they can fix and send it back. I was quite disappointed to find out that Braun didn't supply a prepaid shipping label, so I had to pay to ship my razor to a Braun service center when I only had it for 3 months.

My razor was delivered to the service center on 11/6/15. It is now 12/10/15 and I still don't have my razor. I've contacted Braun customer support multiple times to try and get an update. Braun is unable to locate my razor and they are having issues communicating with their service center. So far, they are refusing to send me a replacement.

What's so disappointing is the fact that I really enjoyed the razor, but at this point, I'll never buy another Braun product again since I know they won't provide adequate support.
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on November 14, 2016

I bought this not so long ago. Pardon my side story but recently when the i-Phone-priced Google Pixel phones were released I decided to go ahead and purchase a few replacement batteries and a replacement screen for my Nexus 5X. I wanted to make sure it would last me for a while. I like Project Fi and don't want to pay big bucks for a fancy new Pixel. So.... when that happened I also decided to go ahead and grab a replacement head or two for my shaver. Only to find to my shock and horror that Braun had pulled them from the shelves EVERYWHERE! I remember them being like $30 to $35 when I bought the razor... and told myself I'd just get a new head when I needed it... according to the instructions 12-18 months if I recall. Well... now (still before needing it) I've noticed that you cannot buy them from Amazon, you cannot buy them from Walmart, you cannot buy them ANYWHERE.

Initially I was hoping that it was something that was out of good faith but not broadly announced for PR reasons. So... I searched google to see if there had been a recall or something. Nope. No recall. Just Braun (I suspect) trying to force folks to upgrade to a 9000-series. CAPITALISM AT ITS WORST. Legal, but shady. SHAME ON YOU BRAUN. I will never again buy one of your products, and I strongly discourage others from doing so.
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on December 14, 2015
This Braun 7-790CC shaver may be the most luxurious product that I have ever purchased online. For a measly $150 for a shaver that should last at least 10 years (going by the reviews; that's only $15 per year plus minimal costs for replacement items), I now do not have to cut myself with a razor many times every time I want a reasonably close shave. Plus, I do not have to wet and soap my face, shake the shave cream can, heat the shave cream, and spend several minutes cleaning up the disgusting mess. This Braun beauty actually thoroughly cleans itself! My only chore after shaving is to wash away the few remaining whisker remnants missed by this precision machine. I am now actually addicted to the ritual of shaving because of this amazing gadget, rather than dreading each face-busting shave with a razor. It feels warm and smooth on my skin and is extremely convenient. An unexpected bonus is that I have to shave less frequently because the razor cuts so deeply into your skin. But do not worry as it is very safe and painless.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 15, 2017
I previously had a 7000 series Braun razor that did an excellent job. After reading all the great reviews for the 700 series I thought all right I'll give it a try. When I got the 700 series I noticed it was missing whiskers, when I shaved and I had to work harder to get the same quality shave that I got with the 7000 series. I thought if I used it long enough I could figure out how to do it. But it just doesn't do as god of a job as the old 7000 series did. Sure wish I had my old 7000 series. I would never buy another Series 7 790cc. I'm looking for a replacement for it now. Just too frustrating.
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on August 13, 2015
This is a fantastic electric razor. I previously had a Braun 390cc from the mid 2000s and the battery was finally shot. I was able to score a Philips Norelco 9300 on promotion but was hugely disappointed with that shaver. The build quality was subpar for such an expensive shaver and the cleaning station was a disaster (software bugs made it clean endlessly for hours and hours). I returned it and got the Braun 790cc. I should've got this to begin with...

Update: The Braun has taken a turn for the worse. My Series 7 has made two trips to the repair depot because the cleaning station incorrectly senses the fluid level and thinks it's empty, when it is not. It refuses to run a cleaning cycle if it senses the fluid level is empty. Braun service replaces the cleaning station but, based on the numerous complaints online, it is clear to me that this is a fundamental engineering issue with the Series 7 and not an isolated case.

Replacement foils are now very hard to find and prohibitively expensive. I wouldn't even consider investing in a new foil/cutter block because my Series 7 will soon be out of warranty. My feedback for Braun's engineering team would be to go back to basics and get rid of the complex electronic crap that breaks down and the customer won't be able to fix once it's out of warranty. You have lost a loyal customer.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 1, 2017
This was my first and last razor. I don't know how anyone can spend the time with this. It took so much work to get so little hair off. I went over and over the same spot. Just pathetic results. Also, my beard isn't overly thick/rough. I was so happy to go back to my mach 3 razor setup.
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on June 20, 2017
This is the second of the Braun 7 Series shavers I've purchased. I also owned the model that preceded the 7 Series that was in my experience far better quality and lasted longer than the 7 Series does. The first 7 Series I owned and that I just replaced with this one lasted about four years before it fell apart. The problem it had and what is in my experience the weak link in the 7 Series shavers is the flimsy little hair trimmer that pops out. This hair trimmer, even when it works properly, is very poorly designed as it has a curved edge that makes cutting straight lines across for example one's side burns difficult (The model that preceded the 7 Series had a straight edged hair trimmer which worked great so why they decided to change it to be curved now mystifies me). Also the reason I had to just replace the one I had for for the last four years is the cheaply made hair trimmer started to not open and close correctly about a year ago and then recently started to not close at all. So the net-net is the hair trimmer is the weak link in these 7 Series trimmers. As for the shave this unit gives an awesome shave - best of any razor I've owned or tried. Were it not for the awesome shaving quality I'd never buy one again. It's also nice that Braun makes the blade cartridge easily removable and also sells it's replacement so this makes the shaver last much longer than the life-span of the blade cartridges which in my experience start getting dull and cutting poorly after about a year of regular use. The cleaning cartridges are nice, oil the shaver and give it a pleasant smell but are a bit too expensive. However the shaver and blade cartridge can be easily cleaned manually if one wishes to extend the useful life of the cleaning cartridges.
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on April 21, 2016
Great shaver if you don't expect razor closeness. It does seem to take longer to shave with the Braun than with a razor which surprised me. But then each nub has to find a tiny hole to fit into to get chopped off. Sometimes I have to go back and forth just to get a couple of nubs to trim off. But overall, it's a good shaver.

Update: After a few months of using this shaver, there is one flaw that makes me want to toss this shaver in the circular file cabinet. It likes to pull hairs out especially around the tender neck area but I've also had them snag on the chin and cheek. I've noticed that if I do not shave within 24 hours max. it almost always finds some hair to snag on. I have resorted to shaving in the morning and at night to mitigate the snags and even then I go slowly and without a lot of pressure initially. Once the hairs are shortened, then more pressure can be applied. It wastes more time that way but it prevents the hairs from getting caught. I will eventually look for another shaver but this Braun is a heavy investment to recoup.

The "hygiene" level is based on a timer and not on how clean or dirty your shaver might be. I pop the shaver head off after each shave and tap out the stubble. When the hygiene scale gets to the third or fourth light, I run the clean cycle. This will extend the cleaning solution without any noticeable negative effects on shave comfort.
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on June 16, 2015
I've been a fan of the Braun electric razor or probably 25+ years. When the blades are sharp & the foil is intact, nothing beats it.

This particular razor is new to me. The type of Braun I used to own is no longer made. So, after reading the reviews, I made the purchase with a very slight measure of fear, knowing all too well that sometimes quality suffers even with the best of products.

I must say that I am quit pleased with the quality of this instrument. It provides me with a comfortable & very satisfactory shave every morning to the point where I no longer look at this as a necessary chore. I am so pleased that I am actually shaving on the mornings of my days off.

The sideburn trimmer looks & feels a little flimsy but so far, so good. It has an LED display in the butt-end of the handle that lets you know how much of a charge is left & whether or not it needs to be cleaned which, to be truthful, is after every shave.

For those of you who are fans of Braun electric shavers & are in the process of searching for a new, comfortable, reliable shaver, I strongly recommend you give this series your due consideration. I would also recommend this shaver to anyone looking for a better shave. It's a bit pricey, but it is satisfying right out of the box.
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on November 27, 2016
This product has been awesome. I have used other shavers in the past and dealt with replacing heads(specifically foil designs) but rotary as well. I have thick hard to cut hair so I have never felt 100 percent smooth after but this shaver has come as close as I have been provided you want to put in the extra time. The thing that has blown me away is I have had this unit for 2 years and I am still on my factory head. I don't use the base to clean it but rather compressed air. I've been a technician most of my life so 120-180 PSI with a blow gun will clean almost anything with the right nozzle. Not sure if that is why or if it is just made that well but I cleaned my other foil designed units in the past that way and they only lasted a month or two before the foil would break or wear out and start nicking me. Battery life has been amazing. I can get a full shave in even when it says empty. I only have to charge it once a week maybe 2 depending on how much I shave. So if your on a 2-3 day trip and you forget the cord, no problem. It also will trim a beard without having to use a trimmer. My beard can be 1/2 inch long and it will go right through it. You do have to be a little slower with long hair because it can snag from time to time on hairs if you get in a rush but does fine if you go slow. Will definitely buy again whenever this unit wears out or fails. Already got my money's worth as it is.
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