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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 10, 2015
My one star rating has to do with Braun customer support. I bought this razor and I was very impressed with the quality of the product as well as the shave it provided. After 3 months of using the razor, I noticed that the battery started to leak. I contacted customer support and I provided a picture of where the battery was leaking (where the charger plugs in). I requested a replacement razor since this was clearly a manufacturer defect. The response was that they can't simply replace my razor and instead, I must send the razor to their service center where it will take 15 business days so that they can fix and send it back. I was quite disappointed to find out that Braun didn't supply a prepaid shipping label, so I had to pay to ship my razor to a Braun service center when I only had it for 3 months.

My razor was delivered to the service center on 11/6/15. It is now 12/10/15 and I still don't have my razor. I've contacted Braun customer support multiple times to try and get an update. Braun is unable to locate my razor and they are having issues communicating with their service center. So far, they are refusing to send me a replacement.

What's so disappointing is the fact that I really enjoyed the razor, but at this point, I'll never buy another Braun product again since I know they won't provide adequate support.
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on June 19, 2017
I have used a rotary razor for decades, owned a few. I used them because I wanted my face to be used to it enough so that I could go without a regular razor when water wasn't available (when traveling sometimes). But they never shaved well enough to use alone on a regular basis. I decided to give this razor a try after reading a professional review and because Braun offered a good return policy; so I figured it was worth the risk. I know my face would need a couple of weeks to get used to a different way of shaving. Wow, this is amazing. From the first shave with this razor several weeks ago, I have not picked up my regular razor. This simply shaves better. I can easily get around my nose, up close to my ears, and everywhere in between. My skin is less irritated and looks better throughout the day. I have always needed to get a quick touch up before going out in the evening, and this does it beautifully.

The charging and cleaning system are great as well. I usually put mine in the cleaner once a week, and that seems sufficient. I'm not sure what the 900 series offers that this one doesn't for almost twice the price. I'm glad I didn't spend the money because I couldn't get that much better results than what I'm getting with this.
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on January 9, 2017
I should have had this a long time ago. I was skeptical because I didn't think electric shavers were made for African American hair, but this one proved me wrong. I read a lot of reviews stating this particular model was very good for Black men. I decided to try it when it was one of the Deals of the Day on Amazon. I have not regretted my decision. The Braun 790cc is fast and does an excellent job giving me a smooth shave. I haven't had to worry about any ingrown hairs or razor bumps. The built-in trimmer does its job when you need a straight clean line. The shaver will clean itself after use if you press a single button, so you can always have a clean shaver the next time you use it. I've owned this for about two months and the cleaning solution is still full after using it 2 or 3 times a week.
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on June 28, 2016
I purchased this shaver 15 months ago and just went through my first blade change. Previously I had used the competitors rotary system and was happy with the performance afforded. However, after using the Braun foil shaver I am glad I made the switch. This razor was able to handle everything I threw at it from 3-4 day growth to a month in China without "washing" the razor in its dock.

I had read reviews over the foil system being rough on your skin or pulling hairs, but never had any of these problems and ran the razor on "high" all the time. The razor would cut through a weekends growth on Monday morning with no issues or pulling. The big test for me is how well the razor works when at the end of its blade life. I switched from a used (15 month) blade to new blade and noticed barely any difference in shave quality. Braun recommends going 18 months between blade replacement but based on past experience with rotary shavers I wanted to switch sooner. After making the switch I will be going 18 months in the future.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 1, 2017
Pretty lousy shaver when taking into account the price. I keep some of my old shavers, and still haven't found one that comes to the closeness of the old Remington MS3 titanium (which was way cheaper than this Braun).
I have a beard of medium thickness, and even though this Braun 790cc is a quick shaver, it requires several passes over neck areas in order to get smooth skin.
Battery is better than advertised, so a positive can be found there. It is very ergonomic and feels solid in hand, with not too much vibration.

However, the trimmer is almost useless. How hard can it be to design a straight and not curved trimmer? Do not expect to be getting a nice straight line with basic sideburns or goatee, or preshave properly if you've let your beard grow for a while. Not only that it is curved, but quite narrow.
In the end, it'll do the job, i guess, if you don't need a practical trimmer, or don't mind running your hand against your face randomly to figure out what was missed, but i would not reccommend this to anyone. I'm glad that i am still stocked up on Remington's parts for that MS3 i mentioned above, just in case...
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on September 24, 2015
This shaver replaces a Braun that I had for over 15 years. My old one was a top of the line item at the time and the 790 is far superior in its design, but that is to be expected. The shaver itself is rather heavy duty and the shaver head far superior to the foil/blade setup of my previous shaver. I've only used it a couple of times but it gives a decent shave for an electric. Over the years, I've owned maybe four different models including a rotary. This is the only one that has had more than one speed and I'm not sure what the value of that is. Mine is set on high and I suspect that is where its going to stay. The LCD display for the battery and hygiene level is quite nice although I'm not sure how the hygiene display works. I suspect it is just counting the number of times you turn it on and off rather than actually detecting anything. One thing I have to disagree with from the reviews I read before making the purchase is about the noise. It was rated as being rather loud, particularly with respect to rotary models, but it is not nearly as loud as my old Braun. So on that count I don't find the noise to be an issue at all.

What I have not tried yet is the cleaning station. Whereas the shaver is heavy duty the cleaning station is not. It is a plastic unit that if accidentally dropped on the floor would probably need to be replaced. Functionally, it seems to be very convenient given that it cleans, dries, and recharges the shaver and all you have to do is turn it on. I do particularly like being able to just hold the head under running water after use to clean it. This appears to work quite well. Will probably test the cleaning station after taking off a couple of days growth to see how well it works.

Addendum: Now that I've used the shaver for a few weeks, I must say I'm impressed with the closeness of the shave. It was a pleasant surprise and is undoubtedly the best I've gotten from an electric. As for the cleaning station, I first rinse the shaver under running water to clean out most of the stubble so that it doesn't end up in the cleaning cartridge. My solution to extending the life of the cleaning cartridge, since its mostly alcohol which has a high evaporation rate, is to remove it from the cleaning station and recap it in-between uses.
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on January 20, 2015
So I was typical razor Mach3 shaver for the 20+ years. I decided to try this out because like almost everyone out there.. I hate shaving. So I tried this out. At first I didn't like it because it was different and I felt like it didn't shave close near the neck and other sculpted parts of my face. BUT!, I learned a few things... I found using this every day or every other day makes a big difference. Don't shave your face with it if you have a 4 to 5 day beard as it can pull the hairs a little bit and isn't efficient..at least it wasn't for me.
Now that I use it everyday or every other day, it works perfectly. No complaints, I'm never scruffy anymore and for someone who hated to shave, actually doesn't mind it anymore.

Highly recommended unit, no complaints... I WOULD NOT GIVE UP ON IT AFTER THE FIRST FEW SHAVES, TRY IT AGAIN AND AGAIN... I also found it works great when my facial hair is super dry so I shave right before I shower and it seems to work good.

The cleaning mechanism is great. I first shaved when I had a 5 day beard growing (not recommended because it pulls a little) and the unit cleaned it perfectly. There's an INDICATOR that shows how dirty the unit is (3 levels)... it's pretty accurate.. I put the unit in the charger, it shows how dirty it is, I push the button and I hear it cleaning then it's ready for the next shave. I'm not sure about the refills, some complain about the price of the refills but if you're buying this shaver... a few bucks every few months for a cleaning solution isn't bad... also there's some websites that tell you how to make your own solution for cleaning..up to you and how much time you have on mixing your own solutions and buying materials.

HOW CLOSE DOES IT SHAVE: I don't think it's as close as a regular razor, but it is super close. For me this made sense because when I used a regular razor I would go a few days in between which would make me look scruffy because I hated to shave (and I own my company so it didn't matter) Now with this razor, I look almost clean shaven everyday... and the girls notice.. just kidding.. my wife does though :) it's ok to dream a little right?

BOTTOM LINE: Truly impressed, a local barber shop recommended it and I was super skeptical...but have to say it's great.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 10, 2017
Normally I shave with a Mach3 blade. I am getting lazy so thought that switching to an electric razor might save some time. I have used this several times and every time I just end up shaving my standard way afterward. Its very gentle on my face, but it just can't produce a very good shave.

No chance of cutting myself or irritating the my skin
Takes just as long or longer than a standard shave with mach3 razer
Can not get at the hair on my neck no matter how long I try or what angle I use.
Some of my facial hair is too thick to fit in the foil so it just seems to miss it

Taking away another star. Already the shaver just pulls hairs now.... Also it gets whisker fragments everywhere as opposed to keeping them contained.... I will clearly stick with a traditional shave.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 23, 2016
My husband is very unhappy with this razor that I purchased for Christmas. The head is not guaranteed and that's what keeps failing. He has already replaced the head once and it did the exact same thing again. It starts making horrible noises right away and the two springs fall out right away. He's had other Braun's and never had a problem but this one is a dud. He has gone back to his old cheap Norelco and is very disappointed. He feels that the body is defective as it keeps destroying the head. What should I do? This is not a cheap razor. Thank you.
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on July 6, 2016
I recently purchased this shaver and was excited to finally try an electric shaver. Now it may be a personal issue but it just couldn't shave my face.
Pros: Easy to use, looks nice, fits in the hand well

Cons: It took a long time to cut 80-90% of my neck/facial hair. Even after 15-20 minutes and different settings, there was still residual hair. I have tried different angles and no luck so far. I have actually given up with it and assumed a loss on the product. The locking mechanism was either broken or did not work. The trimmer was far better than the foil shaver. At times it would even yank the hair out instead of cutting it. My face was continuously irritated and I am no longer able to use this unless I use the trimmer. It may be because my hair grows in thick but I am not really sure. I have tried even after 24-48 hours without my hair getting even the slightest bit long but that did not make the experience better.
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