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on September 15, 2015
I actually paid for this, if that matters to anybody. It did affect my opinion when I was reading reviews because I feel like people who receive something for free are much more likely to give higher ratings than they may have.

First off. I only got this a week ago. If my opinion changes, I'll update my review to reflect my views. There is also a lot to review with this, so I'm going to give reviews of the attachments as well as an overall opinion.

This thing hurts. I am not one to avoid wishing ill will upon people I dislike, but I don't think I would wish this sort of pain upon my worst enemy. Oh, I read the advice columns. I tried a shot of vodka. NSAIDs. After exfoliation. In the shower. After a shower. Completely dry. Wet. Pulling my skin as taut in every direction possible. Leaving my skin be. Going slowly. Going quickly. I didn't try numbing cream, but I think I'm going to next time. The pain from this was worse than getting my tattoo and getting it removed--possibly worse than the combined pain of both. My hair is very thick and coarse (I'm pretty sure I'm half-Sasquatch; my skin is glow-in-the-day white and my hair is very dark), so maybe that's why it caused me so much grief. I ended up having to stop halfway through and finish up the next day. I was dripping sweat from the pain. There was a little blood. It wasn't enough to make me cry, but it was extremely uncomfortable. Each of my hair follicles was bright red after, and my skin was extremely warm to the touch. If I could have walked around without pants for the rest of the evening, I would have. Sadly that wasn't an option, so I put on some PJs and stayed as still as possible until I went to bed.

That said, it may be the best worst thing I've ever put myself through. My hair normally becomes quite visible after 2-3 days, and I'm still relatively hair free. Some hairs did break off at the skin and they are becoming visible (more slowly than with shaving), but I am impressed with how smooth my skin is. Assuming that the hair comes back even remotely finer and/or sporadically enough to reduce the pain, the process was worth it. I am way too lazy to shave regularly. If this cuts down my need to remove my hair down to 2-3 times a month AND gives me an excuse to binge-watch a few episodes of bad TV while doing so, I'll deal with the pain.

This attachment is the best. It lets you get closest to your skin, so it can catch shorter hairs. I used this when possible. I even tested it on my chin because the sensitive/narrow opening head didn't do anything. I don't really think the rollers helped at all (maybe it helps people with thinner/finer hair?), but the closeness helps a lot. Short hair (but not overly short--the .5 mm claims on the box seem VERY generous to me, and I'd recommend having at least 1-2 mm) was still an issue overall, but most of what I had got taken off without too much issue. Besides the pain, of course.

You can't get quite as close with this attachment, but it is easier to use around awkward curves like your armpits. Warning to people who try to epilate their underarms: Be prepared for blood. Again, my hair is coarse and I have sensitive skin, but my pits were not happy at all. Several of my follicles were bleeding by the time I finished. The small surface area was the one relief because I managed to get each of them done in only a minute or two. Also, I have zero hair growth as of yet, and I usually need to shave my underarms every couple of days.

This thing is kind of useless for me. The hole is narrow to avoid catching your skin (which I didn't have any issues with whatsoever, even with the open attachments), but the plastic is so thick that it's hard to get short hairs. I get some hairs on my chin that I wanted to epilate, but this was useless for that. Unless your hairs are already somewhat long (thus quite visible), it won't help you with much.

SHAVER ATTACHMENT--with and without trimmer head (4/5)
This is alright for trimming. It isn't as good as a dedicated trimmer because you can't get as much hair at once, but it does its job pretty well. With the trimmer head, it brings hair down to about half a centimeter or so. Without the trimmer head, it gets pretty short--almost down to the skin. I found this to be a bit too short for the epilator, so I would suggest either holding it a bit away from your skin or using the trimmer cover if the hair you want to epilate is very long.

STAND (?/5)
I'm not really going to leave my epilator out all of the time, especially since I will supposedly only need it once or twice a month, so I'm not giving a review of this. It's a stand. It stands things.

I'm a little disappointed in this. I make my own facial products (moisturizers, exfoliators, cleansers, etc.), and I was hoping that this might be something to either add to or replace my homemade exfoliators. I'll use it until the batteries run out or the head goes bad, but I doubt I'll keep using it after that. My skin doesn't feel any smoother or cleaner than when I use the products I make myself, and it has a bigger environmental impact thanks to the batteries. If you don't already have a decent product you use for exfoliation, this is okay. But if you have something you're already a fan of, I wouldn't expect miracles.
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on May 26, 2016
Pain. Ripping hair from the root, one at a time type of pain. Your first use will make you cry, sweat, even bleed but the three weeks of being a hairless beauty makes it worth it.

About me: I'm hairy. Course, thick hair. I've been waxing off and on for 25 years. Wax is messy but less painful than this bugger. Waxing rips ALL the hair out at once. The epilator rips them out individually.

After that description, you're probably wondering why 4 stars? Why not 1? Because I actually really love the stupid torture device. I would give 5 stars except for the fact that I have to go over each section many times before every hair is gone. I just grit my teeth and suffer for future hairless beauty and quick showers sans shaving. It really does grab tiny hairs. My hair grows very fast. I was able to epilate on hairs after 2 days of growth.

Be warned! Your first experience will send you through the roof but each episode after that gets better and better. It's like the hairs know what's coming and give up.

Worst areas: armpits. Holy moly. Worse than child birth. Tops of thighs and behind knees. Oh and the upper lip. I'm sweating just thinking about it.

Bottom line, if you're a waxer, get this little buddy. It's quick, great for touch ups, my skin doesn't get as roughed up.
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on July 4, 2017
Let me first state this: I hate pain. Let me then state this: I REALLY hate body hair. Due to the ratio of pain hatred to body-hair hatred, my review might be biased.
I prepped for the underarm hair removal by plucking several hairs with tweezers prior to purchasing the device to ensure that I could withstand the pain. It hurt, but it was not terrible. I bought this particular device after reading multiple reviews on epilators. Quite honestly, it was the high volume of positive reviews (NOT written by people who received it for a discounted price) that drove me towards the decision.
I prepared myself for the plucking when the device arrived. I read some advice -- warm showers, using it in the shower, exfoliating, etc. So, I followed all of the advice I read. I used it under my arms first. It hurts. It is incredibly uncomfortable. I even bled a little. But, it was tolerable. My skin is fair and my hair is fine, but there is a LOT of it. So, while I think the fine hair might have reduced the amount of pain, the sheer number of roots getting plucked had to have increased the pain to some extent. It took me several sessions over several days to get my armpits to be hair free. The first session was the most painful, but all sessions beyond that were incredibly easy to handle. So much so, that I found myself looking forward to doing it! I have since used it on my legs and bikini area. Same situation -- painful at first, but take your time with it and it you, too, will have no problem dealing with it. The pain is similar to getting a tattoo, but since you are the one controlling the when and where of the pain, it really is very easy to use and very tolerable. I read one reviewer's advice which is to go SLOW and LIGHT and to keep it in one place until the pain in that area is gone. I found that to be the best approach. There is no need to press hard. The little hair-grabbers do their work magnificently with very little pressure applied. I also bought some Tight Skin to use afterwards to ensure no bumps or ingrown hairs occur. So far, that has also worked very well. l can wear a bikini without looking down and seeing those shaved hairs trying to grow back (which they would seem to do 1-hour post shaving!). I can lift my underarms without the 5 o'clock shadow. That's probably too much information, but I have to share the truth! This is a great epilator and I intend to keep it in my household until my hormones disintegrate and my disgusting hair follicles shrink into non-existence.
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on January 24, 2016
After having this product for three months - I LOVE IT.

I have struggled with having dark body hair and seemingly more than my friends, and had been shaving my arms since I was a teenager.
It has always been an issue for me and something I always felt I had to take care of and watch for because I felt it was ugly and weird. (Which it isnt! EVERY girl is hairy but hair/stubble/etc is always photoshopped out or hidden from sight. It took me years to figure that out)
Shaving would cause it to come back the very next day after doing it for a while and it was so depressing being constantly reminded of my inflcition. I tried waxing too but at home it's SO MESSY and professionally it's too expensive and irritating.
Heard about this product from a friend and I'm so thankful.

The first time I did it, it was painful but not too bad, I felt it was the similar pain as getting a tattoo (but without the sore feeling after, just the needle feeling and then it goes away!). The first time I did it, I went really fast across my arms and wasn't consistent, going in different directions and pushing too hard or too soft because I didn't get it - and the hair seemed to grow back quickly. I was still red the next day and it didn't look too good.

After doing alot of research on the proper way to epilate, and getting used to it- I now have it completely down and see what people love about it so much. You have to go very slowly otherwise the tweezers will just clip the hairs like a shaver would, and you need to epilate in long consistent slow motions against the grain to get it perfect and keep the epilator perpendicular to the skin. It's difficult to go slow with the pain but it makes all the diffference. I now have silky smooth arms that stay silky for two weeks or more and no ingrowns or anything. It's amazing. The shorter the hairs are on you, the less it hurts too. This thing picks up tiny stubble even. Cheaper and cleaner than waxing and far more rewarding than shaving. I'm super into it.

I epilate at night time and when it's done it will definitely look red and dotted like a plucked chicken ... I put witch hazel all over my arms when im done and rubbing alcohol in the areas that seem more irritated (by the crook of the arm it is more sensitive for example). And by morning my arms and perfectly soft and not red anymore. It's perfect. I have noticed the hair growth being less or seeming softer, and after being used to the dark & blunt hairs produced by shaving it's so great. Once I am super confident I might try it out on my legs and armpits but I'm not ready yet.

The clipper attachment that comes with this is also really quality, I have been using it to get an even cut on my downstairs and the small size is perfect for that area. The entire device is easy to charge, clean and sanitize, and it's got a cute design that is welcoming and user friendly.
Also, the vibrations this thing emits totally doubles as the perfect vibrator, really.

Highly suggest this to anyone - but make sure you do it properly and watch a lot of videos and read a lot of tips! GO SLOW! And moisturize after! Otherwise you will have lumps and ingrowns like some of the horror stories online. If done right this thing will change your life.
Happy Epilating :)
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 My husband bought me this epilator about a month ago to celebrate my third trimester of pregnancy--the trimester where you can no longer bend over every day to shave your legs and generally feel very furry and helpless. Well, I do at least.

I'd been using another brand epilator since my pregnancy began--preparing for the day when I could no longer comfortably shave every day. That epilator was just not working very well anymore--I'd had it for probably 10 years and used it on and off. The pain with that epilator made me shrink away from it unless absolutely necessary--like during pregnancies.

However, I like to think I'm kind of tough. So I thought that if the pain of my old epilator was so bad that I didn't love it, then why are epilators so popular and how can so many other people use them over and over again? I jumped on Amazon and started reading epilator reviews to try to get some insight.

When I came upon this listing, I noticed that it not only had the highest rating, but reviewers talked about how it wasn't has painful as other epilators. Then I noticed in the description that there is a "gentle" setting for less pain and then a higher setting for once you get used to having hair ripped from your body. I asked my husband to spend the high dollars for this epilator in exchange for having his third baby in a row and he obliged.

The first time I used it, I could see what all the fuss was about! I had practically NO pain at all. It was thorough and I only needed to do one or two passes to get all of the hair--little hair and long hair.

One of my favorite things about it is that it comes with a stand. I can leave it plugged in on my bathroom vanity and remove it as-needed to get stray hairs. I don't need to go through the big effort of finding my other one in my cupboard, making sure it's charged, and using it, then putting it away. Nope. This one stays out. You don't need the cord to use it, so I can take it anywhere...even in the shower.

I'd never epilated. my armpits before and I've been really wanting to. I wouldn't dare go close to that sensitive area with my old epilator. But, this one was so pain-free on my legs, that I thought I'd give it a shot. I took the epilator into the shower so that I could get the pores as open as possible in hot water. It wasn't easy and there was some pain, but it was manageable. I did both sides! The key for me is just to take a deep breath out every time you make a pass with the epilator.

Two weeks later, my legs and arms are smoother than they've been after years of shaving and using my old epilator. I'm hooked!!!

This package also comes with a shaver, which has a 5mm length, and a facial brush for your face. I use a manual brush every time I was my face, so I'm accustomed to hard scrubbing. This is a gentle scrub. So far, my skin looks very clear. I love not having to use the manual brush! And that little device you can use in the shower, too!

All in all, this was an awesome gift from my husband and I'm so happy to be so smooth in my final pregnancy trimester!
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First things first, I don't know who these magical creatures are who say that it doesn't hurt, but I want to be them when I grow up. It hurts. Of course it hurts - you're still ripping hair out by the roots, and that's pretty much always going to hurt.

I CAN say that the first time is BY FAR the most painful (obviously, since you're pulling out ALL THE HAIRS instead of just new growth). Take it slow - which seems counter intuitive, but if you go too fast, you can end up breaking the hairs, and/or missing a lot of them. A good rule is to leave it in a spot until it doesn't hurt anymore, since by the time it's not hurting anymore, you've pulled out all of the hair in that area.

I've used it on my legs (not too bad) and my armpits (holy crap take that slow - it's like getting a tattoo on your armpit - yow!), the "goodie groove", and my arms. I don't have the courage to do the bikini line, and I don't know that I ever will because OMG no. I normally get my bikini line waxed (hurts just as much, but it's over faster at least), but I can't get my legs waxed because the hair just breaks off and turns into ingrown hairs. I did end up with little red dots all over my legs, but that's to be expected (for me, anyway, and it's a good thing, since that means the hair really was pulled out, and not just broken off). They faded within a few hours. I saw some reviewers suggest doing it in the shower or right after, but I think my fine hair would just break - try it and see if it works for you though.

Don't let that first run scare are you away, seriously. It's probably going to hurt more than you want it to (I mean, duh), but the next time you have to do it, there will be far less hair, so it won't hurt nearly as badly. If you have to, break the first run up over time just to get through it. 5 minutes here, rest, 5 minutes there, etc.
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on March 18, 2017
Honestly, I was searching for an eyebrow groomer and due to the phrase I was using I ended up seeing epilators in my results, I really wasn't in the market for this. My mom has the old school Epilady with the coiled spring and I tried it once when I was in my teens and I was very quickly traumatized; that wasn't a pain I wanted to revisit. However, I have been frustrated with the inefficiency of shaving and Nair burns my legs pretty badly, and even worse, doesn't remove all the hair. So since the design of the epilators I was seeing looked nothing like my mom's version, I started reading reviews and product comparisons and was torn between this one and the former model the Silk epil 7. I thought the price of this product was a little high, but really, if I get my legs waxed, or actually "half" my legs waxed, that's around $50, throw in my arms and underarms and I'm at $100. I bought this and I ordered numbing cream. As soon as it came I opened it and I was pretty intimidated but I was also excited to try it and so I used it right away on the back of my hand to see how painful it was to pull out the tiny little hairs we all have there. It really didn't hurt so right away I used it on my arms, it stung a bit but wasn't unbearable. When I did my legs it was more painful, but really it wasn't bad. If you start towards the edge of hair growth and edge your way up it makes it less painful. The more hair there is, the more it is going to hurt. I had shaved two days before so the hairs were really short still, and I think that helps. The purple cap is what is attached out of the box and I think it's the most comfortable, it has little rollers that kind of massage the area before and after the epilator gets it, which helps take the sting off. My legs were irritated, but it went away by the end of the day. They were a little tender to the touch for the next day. Using it on the bikini line wasn't that bad, but I did use the numbing cream to do a "brazilian", I don't think I will ever be able to do that without the cream. I also used the numbing cream when I did my underarms. I've been using it every day on my legs in the shower to get the new hairs that grow in since it isn't all growing in the same stage at the same time, my whole body is silky smooth and I love it. I have seriously used this thing on almost every part of my body, and the shaver cap with the guard on is great for eyebrows. The "precision" cap is a little bit awkward to use, I think it's easier to just use the normal cap but edge your way in to the area a little bit at a time. I am so glad that I bought this!
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on January 15, 2018
Please take a look at my before and after photos. I waited until I had a 3 day weekend to test this thing out, so that my hair would be long enough to remove. I'm very hairy, so imagine the looks of horror and disgust on the faces of people I ran into at the store when they spotted me, looking like a pint sized version of Chewbacca. Anyways..... It took a while for me to get the hang of it, but once I did, things went rather smoothly. I tweeze my chin hair every weekend, and that process usually takes about 30-45 minutes. Using this, I completed the task in about 10-15minutes. (I'm sure next time will be even less than that, now that I know what I'm doing). If you've plucked your chin hair before, this will be uncomfortable, but I wouldn't say it's painful. I would use it again, as it is much less time consuming than tweezing each hair. Clean up was easy, and thus far, my face isn't too irritated. (I used Lily of the Dessert Aloe Vera Gelly on my face when I finished).

One of the issues I had was that the manual suggested to remove the standard cap and place the face cap on it. The face cap covers quite a few tweezers, only leaving a few (I suppose this is because most women only have a small amount of facial hair to remove and do not need all of the tweezers). This posed a problem, as the epilator could not grab any of my hairs (except a few long ones). I ended up putting the original cap back on and then I was able to remove my unwanted chin hair.

As you can see from the photos, it DID remove the hair, but there were still some hairs leftover. I had to use my tweezers afterwards, which, given that this thing cost almost $100, was a bit disappointing. I really don't think I should've had to go back and remove hair on my own, when this thing is supposed to remove the shortest of hairs. My hair is very coarse, so maybe this will work better for someone with fine hair. Perhaps next time around, I will try to go over my chin a few more times to see if my hair will be removed, but because I've never epilated before, I made a conscious effort to only run the epilator over each section of my face no more than 3 times. I didn't test it out on my sideburns, as I wanted to know if I'll develop bumps/in-grown hairs after using this. I'll update this review in a few weeks...
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on June 9, 2017
I kind of read up on how to use this and at first I wasn't getting the results I wanted. My leg hair grows so fast that I have stubble around 12 hours after I've shaved, so I wanted to try this for longer results so I don't have to shave as much. The problem with this is that I would epilate slowly against the grain and still have what felt like "stubble", and I've learned you really, really, REALLY need to exfoliate if you want smooth legs.

After doing research, I exfoliated a day before, epilated, shaved my legs later that night (for small hairs the epilator couldn't reach) and a week later my legs have a little bit of stubble (they were perfectly smooth for 4-5 days) but the hair isn't coarse and rough like sand-paper like it was when I shaved every night. The key for me is to 1) exfoliate 2) epilate SLOWLY against the grain with dry skin because wet hair is harder for the epilator to grab 3) shave right after epilating 4) moistuize, moisturize, moisturize!! With these four steps I achieved the smooth legs I have heard about.

As for my under arms-- very painful but totally worth it! I didn't have any trouble at all with my underarms, I epilated them a week ago and there is still no sign of hair growing yet. The skin is smooth and there is no discoloration.

I would recommend taking a tylenol or something before you epilate just to help with the prickling sensation. It certainly is very uncomfortable bordering on painful the first time you use it but once you've used it once or twice on your legs it really doesn't hurt very much at all.... the underarms are a different story, though.

Long story short: buy it!
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on July 12, 2017
First impressions upon opening the package: The combination of the Pearl white finish and the purple trim of this epilator is gorgeous. I spent a few moments watching the pearly surface glimmer under the bathroom lights.

As for the functionality of the device: I give it a full five stars. It won't get everything on the first run across the area that you are epilating but eventually it does! (See photos of my fuzzy arm vs bald arm!) It's designed to work in the shower, but I found that it worked best for me with less strokes over the same area when I used it out the shower on clean, dry skin. The part of the epilator that does the work is a bit intimidating and first, but it's designed perfectly so that it only catches your hairs and not a tiny chunk of your skin.

Lastly, the discomfort level: the anticipation of the "pain" is worse than the actual pain itself. After multiple uses, I still haven't gotten used to the prickly feeling of epilation but to be honest, with the amazing results I get I kind of enjoy the sensation. ;)
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