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on August 24, 2009
We recently purchased this ear thermometer after reading a number of positive reviews online. The cost initially gave us pause, but since this product will be primarily used on our small children quality, accuracy and reliability were important considerations and outweighed the cost factor. Our last two ear thermometers were unreliable and didn't last long. We've used this product reliably for a couple months now and are quite satisfied.

What recently sold us though was a recent Emergency Room visit to the Fairfax INOVA Children's Hospital which is a fantastic children's hospitals in Northern Virginia (our baby is now OK). While there we were surprised to see the doctors and nurses all using this same product. This is a state of the art hospital where they spare no expense, and they were using this ear thermometer. Their units are used constantly and if this product can stand up to that type of abuse, I'm sure it will work for us for years to come.

*** Update 1 - 1/26/2013 - Well over three years of use and it's still going strong. I'm still extremely satisfied.
*** Update 2 - 3/3/2014 - We had an ER visit this Saturday when my 6 yr old son dislocated his finger on a jungle gym and they used one of these to take his temp. Looks like they are still popular.
*** Update 3 - 3/24/2014 - This morning, after 4.5 years of surprisingly frequent use on our two young kids it's kaput. New batteries wouldn't revive it. Took my daughter to her pediatrician this morning (it's a large pediatric practice with 8-10 doctors) and guess what they used to take her temp? Yes, exactly, this same thermometer. I'll be ordering a new one from Amazon today.
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on April 10, 2009
Bought this couple of weeks back consequent to my son developing high fever and which fluctuated considerably. This caused the Red Cross $9.00 digital thermometer useless as it takes approx. a minute (under armpits) to record temparature. Our doctor advised us to buy Braun based ear thermometer.

First off - there are quite a models available. After taking to doctor and doing research - the 2 new models are IRT 4520 and IRT 4020. These are EXACT copies (all functionality) like their PRO 4000 versions!
The ExacTemp feature has a pre-heated tip which is more comfortable for the ear.
The older models (PRO 3000) is about $80, but uses lithium batteries and I don't think has pre-heated tip.

Has a "sort of" battery meter. Starts to show - that battery's low, flashing means - will effect results. (Very good)

Switch on, place tip (with tip cover, without cover, doesn't work)
push START and WITHIN TWO SECONDS you get the temperature.

Notes: Slightly hold the ear in order to place the tip INTO THE EAR HOLE to get best INTERNAL EAR CANAL reading. The readings are stored for access later - total 8 memory readings.
Auto shut-off: 60 sec.

The storage is into a white canister type case, which has HORIZONTAL standing (not good - as VERTICAL standing would have been better or if provided ALSO - good).

The given 21 nos. of lens caps are very little. Thankfully, the whole package of lens caps goes INSIDE the thermometer case, storing them together.

Size-wise it's a bit thick and thus slightly problematic to carry along but due to it's accuracy/etc. worth the hassle.

The ejector is very useful. Just press it and the lens cap is THROWN forward. Be careful, it's literally EJECTED out. (Point towards garbage can - I hit my wife's nose...;)

If you get covers for the PRO 4xxx series - you can use it with IRT 4520. That's very good. The batteries are regular AA series and last long. The IRT 4020 has 1 extra feature - has a protective plastic cap covering the disposable lens caps. That's actually very useful. So, if you get 4520 and 4020 at approx. the same price, I would opt for 4020.

There are some calibrations possible, but advice you NOT to do so. If you keep pressing the I/O button even after OFF, then you can switch between Celsius/Fahrenheit settings.
You can set the optimal temperature of the tip, define ambient room temp, etc - Keep i/o button pressed, after OFF starts to FLASH, there will be loud beep - immediately release the I/O button. Then keep pressing (short presses) of the I/O to switch to go thru the options stated above.

Note: ALTHOUGH NOT STATED, IT'S ADVISABLE to have the thermometer calibrated professionally *KAZ, in US* annually.

Weight - about 8 oz.

Any diff. between ExacTemp and non-Exac?
Yes - the pre-heated tip.

Any diff. btw the Professional (+$200) and this?
NONE in functionality, the PRO's just more heavy duty, with anti-theft features, base-station, etc. (all sold as accessories)

Any diff. btw this and the "Compact" one?
Yes - this has ExacTemp, has Memory functions, overall - quicker.

Does the PRO series lens cover fit?

Difference with IRT 4520 and IRT 4020?
IRT 4020 has a protective cover ON top of lens cover. IRT 4020 - difficult to buy. Pro 4xxx series REPLICATES IRT 4520, not IRT 4020.

How accurate?
Very accurate. I compared with mercury-based prof. thermometers.

Usage tips?
Use the SAME ear (you'll notice each ear records diff. temp) Hold the ear slightly up, push gently the tip INSIDE and press "Start"

Can I use it "orally", rectum, arm-pits?
I don't think so, it's gonna be difficult, the tip's designed for ears. Although stated possible - can't imagine how.

Any features I would have liked?
Yes, the following:
(a) Memory feature has the date/time included
(b) The memory feature has the LEFT ear and RIGHT ear set. (i.e. 2*8 memory locations, at least)
(c) Ability to switch off the BEEP
(d) A 2nd. display where the "Start" button is to see the temp. immediately (priority - low)
(e) More thin - the overall product
(f) Lens covers are very costly
(g) The case should be able to STAND, not lying down only

[UPDATE} 12/2012: Still going strong, absolutely no complaints. Traveled with us thru Europe and Asia and back to NA. Used gazillion times with zero failures or problems!
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on February 10, 2015
I like this thermometer a lot. I am giving it four stars only because it is difficult to use. I used it incorrectly for a few months without realizing. Obviously, that is not ideal. I had fluctuating temperatures and never knew what was right. However, I recently discovered my error- now the temps that I take on myself (husband or children) are all very accurate. The trick is to pull your ear up while inserting. Weird, huh? I have no idea why (the manual says to do it) but that is the key. If you do not do that, the temperature can vary as much as a degree or two every time you take a reading.
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on November 9, 2013
Besides the fact that you can take 3 readings in each ear and get SIX different temps that range about 1.5°, there is a more irritating, egregious flaw: NO LIGHT. Before you buy this, think for a minute about how often you will need to take readings in a darkened room, PARTICULARLY if you have kids. Talk about design flaws. A simple, dimly lit background for the LED would have saved me and my wife a great deal of exasperation. Of course, this didn't occur to me before I bought it, but man, am I ever sorry, every time I use it. I have to bring a flashlight into the room with me -- or run back into the hallway before the LED fades -- or risk waking my daughters. Put that in the context of my first complaint: multiple readings required. "Gee, is my daughter's temperature 102° (no big deal)? or 103.5° (big deal)???" *sigh*
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on June 8, 2015
I'm not a huge fan of this thermometer. Maybe I don't have the touch. I will take a temperature 5-10x within a minute and get temperatures that vary within 1-1.5 degrees. That seems like too much of a spectrum to be off by. Additionally, you're supposed to use a new cover over the thermometer for every single take. So if you're not able to get an accurate read like me, you'll have to by a thousand of those little covers. The difference between an old and new protective cover can sometimes be up to 1.5 degrees difference. I'm going to be honest, now I don't change for a new cover on every take, but there have been times where I did do 3 new covers for 3 takes within a minute and still had a 1-1.5 degree fluxation.

Additionally, the little lights and beep on the thermometer almost worked against we with my curious baby/toddler as she kept trying to turn her head and keep the lights in view instead of letting me put it in her ear. Granted I probably could have worked a better system out to keep the distraction of the device itself to a minimum, but when you're trying to get a temp you're not thinking about all those little things.

It is nice to get the temp within seconds and you don't have to undress a baby to take it, but I almost feel like it's more hassle than it's worth and I always doubt the accuracy of the temp I got. It's also hard to know if you're positioning right on anyone but yourself, and even then there is still a lot of error.

When I was pregnant with my second I had a fever in my first trimester that was borderline becoming dangerous to my baby so every point of a degree matter. I about drove myself batty having my temperature flucuate so much.

Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone and I won't ever buy it again.
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on August 27, 2012
I've gone through a cheap Vick's ear thermometer, about 4 random oral thermometers, and now this is the King of them all. The Vick's one was horribly inaccurate, as convenient as it was I assumed ear thermometer tech just wasn't there. Went through 4 oral ones that seemed to all vary about 1 degree, and then die within a year or two of use.

Have had this one for about a year. When put up with all the oral thermometers averaged it comes to less then .5 degree accuracy ( I don't have a nice doctor thermometer or anything to give it a better benchmark ). The included molded plastic case holds a box of ear covers inside of it which makes it convenient. The button on it releases the ear cover very quickly.

Depending how you place this inside the ear - will give different readings. Hold the ear lobe down and insert it gently and straight in. If you take a couple runs, make sure you go in at the same angle and same depth, to increase accuracy.

One thing I really wish this had was a backlight of some sort. Would be real nice in a dark room taking the temp of a sick kid. Minor inconvenience, I hope they remedy in the near future.
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on June 12, 2015
I have 3 little kids and using an under-the-tongue thermometer on them isn't easy so we bought this. It is very quick and easy to use, but the temperature doesn't seem to be 100% accurate.

Recently, my 4 year old became very ill so I was closely monitoring her temp as best I could with the ridiculous readings I was getting. The first temp read 103. The second reading taken seconds later read 100.7. Another recheck seconds later gave me 101.9. This thing is all over the board. I went and grabbed another thermometer and took her temp under the armpit and it read 102.9 which is near the very first temp I took in her ear, but I'm not sure why I got 2 off the wall readings immediately after. There was a lot of fluctuation which doesn't matter much when there's no temperature but when you have a sick infant or child, fluctuations like that mean a lot and you never really know if your kiddo is hotter or colder than what is being shown. I think it's an ok thermometer, but I wish there wasn't such a difference in each reading.
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on June 28, 2009
easy to use, however, screen does not light up so when you take temperature in the middle of the night (which if you have kids is all the time), you still need to turn on a light to read - a major shortcoming in my opinion
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VINE VOICEon July 19, 2009
My wife and I love this product, but have to wait a bit longer before we can use it on our son. Out pediatrician told us to wait until after we were 1yr old to start to use this type of thermometer so for his first birthday he unwrapped one of these (we figured he'd be as excited as we were!) Unfortunately our son has smaller ear canals than this thermometer will accurately read so we consistently get low readings (92-95F) when we try to use it. My wife and I have used it on ourselves and get normal readings so we think it works... We'll try again at 18months.
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on January 20, 2014
I love this thing. It takes your temperature in a few seconds and it's really accurate. I think the people who found a difference in temperature when they switched ears may not have been using this correctly. To get accurate measurement you actually have to aim the reading probe (the part covered by the plastic disposable tip) towards your tympanic membrane (ear drum). I am a nurse practitioner and we use a similar model in the office, so I wanted to buy one for use at home and it has definitely come in handy. I measured both ears and it comes up the same (or maybe +/-0.1 difference which is absolutely fine). I am taking off one star because it is not a lighted display so you won't be able to read your temperature in the dark - it just means you have to either have a flash light or turn on your room lights to read, not a big deal. I think the more expensive model does have that feature, just in case that is something you really need. Also, you do need to have the disposable probe tip covers on before you can use it - it comes with a box of 30 - I just re-use the same one since I'm mostly only measuring my own temperature. When I measure my husband's temp I'll use a new one. If I was being really frugal I could also just label them and switch between them but the refills aren't too expensive either so if/when I run low I can buy a new one.
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