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on June 27, 2016
I used well when baby was sick a few days ago.
Operating good, exactly the same as measured in the clinic.

I have taken this to work at a hospital and compared it to the Pro model and they are not any different.
Thermometers cannot read too high. The differing temps between ears are likely the result of method, like how you were pointing it into your ear, maybe differently between each one, or how clear the ear canal is, like is one side cleaner than the other.
The difference between tympanic and oral is established to be different. There is an article on webmd that summarizes the typical ranges and differences between temperature locations.
Many people falsely focus on getting the exact temp but this is futile because your body is always changing, heart rate, blood pressure, everything is in constant change based on environments. What you should be looking for is a trend, are you gradually going up in temp? or going down?

I use the same style in the ICU and even there it is understood that you will have some slight changes even between ears, pick the one that is higher because that is more likely to be the cleaner best side.

I don't like the forehead therms because I think it's too easy to lift off and drop my reading down. I absolutely choose the ear therm. I work in critical care in a decent sized hospital, all the nurses prefer the tympanic (ear) for fast accurate readings.

There are also known differences between age groups as far as temps go. Young kids, toddlers, infants have typically higher normal temps, while older adults have typically lower body temps, this has to do with the amount of metabolism/energy burning off. Everybody is different in their temps. Different methods of temp reading (like oral, ear, forehead) each have their own range that are a degree or two off, this is just natural that deep inside our body we are warmest and skin temp can drop with sweating and be cold while a body core temp is roasting (another reason I don't like the forehead scan). Oral temps can easily be skewed if eating foods of varying temps.
Tympanic is also a degree or so different than a true core temp but this is all not important with a typical infection because the important information is which direction the temp is moving. Also behavior is very important especially with children; my child at age 1y had a temp of 104 (rectally, which I consider more true than any other home method) and was playing around and happy, I was not worried, I gave some medication and watched his behavior. Another toddler could have a temp of 101 and be flaccid and I would be racing to the ER. This may be TMI but it helps if you understand the context of the temp and the method of checking it. I hope this is helpful
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on June 5, 2014
The plus of this thermometer is that it is very fast and seems to give pretty good results once you get the hang of how to use it. It is especially great for my 1 and 3 year olds, who get sick a lot and wriggle away after a couple of seconds when you try to take their temperature. This is so fast that I'm able to get a read before they wriggle away. The negative is that you have to get it in the ear at the right angle (which I managed to figure out after a little playing) in order to get a fairly accurate result. The digital screen is easy to read and seems very precise. That said, my pediatrician says that you can't really trust the precision, although the thermometer is good for confirming, as a general matter, whether the person has a fever or not, and whether it has gone up or down.

The one thing I don't like is that you are supposed to use a fresh plastic cover each time you take a temperature. (It comes with a 40-pack, but you have to buy refills after that.) You can't use the thermometer without a plastic cover over the earpiece. The cost of the plastic covers can really add up if you religiously replaced the cover each time. I, frankly, don't. I often wipe them off and reuse them. For family use, I don't see a big hygiene issue in this. I'm sure Braun would say that I shouldn't be doing this, but this system seems a bit reminiscent of getting a cheap printer or photo printer with your computer than being stuck paying a lot for the ink cartridges. It would be better if it came with a washable/sterilizable cover to be interchanged with the disposible ones.
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on January 5, 2015
You really need to know how to use a thermometer properly if you are going to spend this much on one. That said, this isn't much different from the $300 thermometer. If you don't think you are using it right, use it on someone who does not have an elevated temperature. Play with the angle of the thermometer until you have the correct temperature reading. When you know you have the right angle and depth, make note of it and always use the thermometer that way. I usually take the temp every 30 minutes to 1 hour, so I need something accurate, quick reading and reliable. I'm glad Im not constantly changing batteries. Its gotten a lot of use. I use it on neighbors kids, family members and my own kids. Out of 4 children, i've never given a single one of them a fever reducer. I am a firm believer that fevers are extremely healthy and subside on their own under normal circumstances. I know what I am looking for when I take a temperature, rapid increases and decreases. I also know how to properly use this thermometer to look for those signs. My only complaint is that it doesn't have a backlight. This isn't much of a problem though, because it has memory and you can walk into the next room and bring up the temp you just took if you couldn't see it. The memory also helps if you are properly monitoring a fever's increases and decreases instead of bringing it down with tylenol.
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on August 18, 2015
This is an accurate, quality thermometer. I say "accurate" because I took it to the doctor's office when my daughter had a fever so I could test its accuracy and I got the same reading as the doctor's thermometer. It's sturdy. It was nice to switch to this type of thermometer so I didn't have to wake my daughter in the night to take her temp. I like that it keeps previous temps in memory. The covers - I bought a pack of covers and rarely change them. I simply wipe them clean between uses. I'm the type of mom who will take the temp in both ears multiple times a night. I'd go through covers like crazy! I have had no problems re-using covers - just keep wiping with a gentle wipe and change occasionally.
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on May 7, 2014
I purchased this ear thermometer a month ago after having way too many disappointing thermometer experiences! I have been looking for a long time for a reliable thermometer that would cause my kids the least discomfort when they are sick. I've had too many thermometers die after very short periods of use and never work again, despite battery replacement. The temporal thermometer I bought at Christmas time registered either everyone with fevers or with hypothermia. I read reviews on lots of thermometers, hoping to finally buy one that will last, and settled on the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer, which got great reviews overall. So far, it's great! It is very quick and most kids don't mind it in their ear for a few seconds. It beeps to let you know the temperature is done. Easy to eject the plastic cover with a quick press of the button and it comes with a nice plastic case to store it in. I will update after I have used it for awhile to see if it is still holding strong but I am hopeful about this one! Finally!

We are still so happy with this thermometer, almost a year later! I have never had a thermometer last so long. We recently all had a bout with the influenza (ugh) and were using this thermometer several times a day between the 5 of us. It is still going strong, even despite having been dropped twice. Oops. It is quick and easy and won't irritate your sick little ones. So happy with this buy and would recommend!
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This is the thermometer I always see my doctors use. After years of having digital oral thermometers that just don't seem to hold up for any length of time, I decided to invest in one of these ear thermometers for our household. Temperatures seem to run a little low with this thermometer but when I have a fever and it tips 100, (and I feel it may have been higher on a different kind of thermometer) I get it. The normal range for this thermometer is quite wide: ex: 11-65 years old - 96.4 - 99.5 F using the Thermoscan. So this is a a little bit different than the classic old mercury oral thermometer.

It is important to understand the wide range of "normal" when using the Thermoscan. A person familiar with feeling febrile is going to know that feeling. I had the flu recently and reached just around a 100 F using this ear thermometer. I felt it would have reflected higher with an oral thermometer. The instructions are good and do a nice job of explaining the temperature ranges by site. They can run lower than an oral thermometer. Something to be aware of.

The unit comes with replacement covers (the the hard plastic type some docs use) but a soft almost cellophane cover. Nice storage case and takes two AA batteries. I did notice the batteries in the unit were almost depleted by the time I received it. Not sure if this is a shelf life issue or what. I know I will need to replace them soon.

Overall 5 stars.
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on December 15, 2011
My wife and I raised two daughters who ran through the usual colds, coughs, flu, and wisdom teeth, and we did all 20+ years with an old oral thermometer. Last week when my wife got sick, I took out the old thermometer, shook it down, and put it under her tongue for 5 minutes (that's what it says). Sure enough, 101°. By the third day, I got sick of the routine and she got sick of having to keep it under her tongue for 5 minutes three or four times a day.

So I started reading reviews on Amazon. (Why I didn't just call my daughter with our two grandkids, I don't know - I still haven't.) I had no idea there were so many and each with differing opinions. Since I was reporting to our doctor daily, I finally asked him, and he recommended the Braun.

I ordered it, and it came just in time to tell us that my wife's temp had returned to normal. But, it told me in 2 seconds, not 5 minutes. Not that we didn't know she was well, but still it was fun to just take temperatures. (We don't have much of a social life and, other than The Big Bang Theory, don't watch much TV ... although the news would be enough to make us sick, and we could start the process over again.)

We alternated (hey, it's new and different and, while I may not have an i-whatever, I still like gadgets). It not only registered between 97.9 and 98.6°, it did so consistently, AND kept a running tab. It was actually more accurate than the old oral thermometer which was off by as much as 3 degrees (maybe the mercury is tired, but more likely it varied with the 3-5 minutes that was bearable to get a reading).

Although it uses an LCD, we had no trouble reading it. It gave accurate readings in 2 seconds or less and beeps to tell you when you can remove it. Not that I can't wait for one of us to get sick again, but when that happens, it'll be a pleasure to have this Braun around. Why we didn't get one 48 years ago is simple: It wasn't made 48 years ago. Why we didn't get this two years ago is typical: we were sick two years ago.

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on January 7, 2013
When my kids turned three I thought it was about time that I stopped having to do rectal temperatures. I was a little skeptical of all ear thermometers, as every book (or baby classroom) advice said that only rectal readings were accurate. Still, what did they use at our last doctor's visit? Ear thermometers! SO, I knew they must have thought some of them was good enough to get the job done.

We used the Braun Thermoscan about two times a day, for two kids (lots of cover changes) in their recent bouts with sickness over the holidays (about 2 weeks worth). At first, I took the readings a bit skeptically, since I didn't have their "normal" temperatures to compare them with. We also took some oral thermometer readings with another thermometer. When the kids started expecting it, we started taking a reading from each ear ever time we took their temperature with the Braun. Here's what I discovered:

1) There was sometimes a degree (more or less) difference between the readings taken from different ears (on the same kid). Could probably have continued taking readings and getting small variations forever.
2) There was a corresponding change in the readings between the oral and the ear thermometers. (This is probably normal, as they tell you the different sites have different readings naturally.) So you could tell with either thermometer that the kids had fevers.
3) The kid's normal ear readings (taken when they got better) was about 98.6 degrees F.
4) I started to rely on the ear thermometer more because we had control over its application. The oral one had to be coaxed into their mouths and we weren't sure if they were actually under the tongue or not, anyway.

I haven't definitively decided that the readings are 100% accurate, but since most thermometers are probably in this variance it is acceptable to me. I try to compare the readings of this thermometer to earlier and later readings to see how they are, rather than judging based purely on the number. I think if my child(ren) were sick enough to need a doctor's visit, I would bring this thermometer with me so I could test/demonstrate it in comparison to what their equipment said. Anyway, this is written as a paranoid parent. For every day use of "Mom, I feel sick so I can't go to school", this works just fine.
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on January 23, 2015
I tried a few different thermometers that were frustratingly inaccurate (one was a forehead-sweep model, the other an under-the-arm stick-type). I'd always had the problem of getting a different reading every time.

Not this one! As long as you get the correct position in the ear, the temperature readings are super accurate and consistent. Brought me through a bad flu with reliable readings that were super easy and quick to take. The one improvement would be to have a light-up screen so you could take a temperature in the dark at night, but hey, I won't get greedy, I'm happy with it how it is.

One thing - the instructions tell you to use a new plastic ear cover after each reading, but I have not found this to be necessary. As long as it's clean, I kept the same cover for the extent of the illness (except if switching to a new person). I didn't notice any effects on accuracy of the readings.
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on July 20, 2013
Works well and gives repeatable, consistent, accurate results. It's also easy to operate.
The manual belabors the obvious while burying important operational details.

Follow up: 12/28/2013:
The tiny, two-cent plastic battery door broke in half while in warranty. I contacted the warranty folks asking for a new door. They wanted me to return the entire unit. I responded:

"Surely you must know that many of your customers use their thermometers every day, several times per day. This makes it unfeasible to be deprived of it for the time required to exchange the unit. If you will send me a new unit, I promise to return the one without a battery door. My address is..."

They responded:
"I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced regarding the terms of your Limited Warranty. The Limited Warranty is stated in every Owner's Manual (this was packaged with your unit), and it says that Kaz Incorporated will cover a replacement or repair of the item, if defective in material or workmanship and that the unit will be replaced when it is received in our warehouse. I have made note of your dissatisfaction and I shall pass it along for consideration in case any policy changes should occur in the future. Again, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding."

This is the sort of nonsense that drives us all crazy. Cavaet emptor.
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