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on March 21, 2015
So confession here, I haven't nursed my daughter in over 6 months and I still wear this bra everyday. I should probably invest in a regular bra, but where can I find one this comfortable? I have an "awkward" bra size, narrow in the ribs and large in the bust, and this bra fit absolutely perfectly. It comes with extensions, so when my rib cage expanded it still fit, and now that it is back down I can continue to wear it. And that is not even saying anything about how soft this bra is! Why aren't all bras like this? The first time I tried it one I was skeptical, it was a little pointy or something, well, it definitely "wears in" and fits absolutely perfectly now!
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on September 15, 2013
This is the only nursing bra I've been able to find so far that is both fully functional (supportive, easy-to-nurse with, & invisible under clothing) and elegant as opposed to frumpy. I just wish it came in larger cup sizes.

Even though it's wireless, there *is* a possibility of blocked ducts at the top of the cups since these demi cups don't stretch. Going up a cup size prevents this problem, if it comes in your next-larger cup size. If it doesn't, then have fun with the higher-band-size-approximation game.

Still, this is the best elegant, wear-to-work nursing bra I've been able to find in terms of invisibility under clothing (it's thick enough to hide milk pads, or hide the fact that there's room left for milk); nursing functionality (it's easy to unclasp & reclasp with one hand); and supportiveness.

So many nursing bras either don't support well or look anything-but-elegant. After giving birth it's a *very* welcome relief to find a functional bra that counters the frumpy feeling of recovery with some elegance.
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on January 23, 2012
great comfy bra.

wear it a lot. a lot. sleep in it. and it is really comfy. I love the fabric. It doesn't chafe when I sweat. I normally wear under wires, but got to a point in my 3rd trimester where my cacique bras were cutting.

the straps and nursing hooks are easily manipulated.

this gives more shape than the Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Maternity bra, but I have never ever been able to wear bras with shaped cups and this bra is no exception. It gives me torpedo tits. In certain positions the cups are hollow and I have looked down to find a "dented" orb. EMBARRASSING!! I think if you can wear molded cups you can probably wear this without fear. My tatas are simply not shaped like this bra.

I still wear it, still feel comfy in it. And right now am pregnant enough to not really give a hoot about my hollow hooters.

I measured at a 40DD when I purchased this bra (Size 40D/E). It fits well on a middle hook and has room in the cups for when my milk comes in.

This bra is twice as much as the nursing bra I picked up at the local Target for my first baby, it is worth every penny more.
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on February 3, 2012
I was excited to roder this after reading the reviews on it, however, it wasn't what expected...expecially for the price! I wear a 32 and it was true to that size (even came with an extension for use while you're pregnant) and very supportive for not having underwire, however the straps were too far centered on the cup making my armpit fat squish out (I'm not a large person either!)! The other major con for me was the color, I ordered in Chai wo I'd have a nursing bra to wear under white T's however, it was closer to Ivory and very satiny so it definately showed through. A couple good things were that the straps were nice and thick and also the cup folded under the breast very nicely! The cups were shaped a bit too Marilyn Monroe for my taste, though other reviews said that it got better shape with time. Not what I expected for a $50 bra!
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on April 4, 2012
I was looking for a supportive bra, which does not hurt my shoulders. I have a small frame and big cups, which makes most bras uncomfortable. None of the options I tried before were able to support the weight of my breasts while I am up (I am not talking about sleeping bras). This one was nice - it looks like it is not a nursing bra. It is not pointy at all, like one of reviewers said, and material is silky. The straps are comfortable and seem to support my enlarged breasts. Moreover, recently i was stuck in public without being able to nurse or pump and leaked a lot. I did not have the nursing pads and I did not leak through. This was great.
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on March 27, 2012
This has hands down been the best nursing bra I have had. The clips are super easy to pull on and off. There is nothing worse that holding a baby and trying to wrestle with a difficult clasp with one hand. There is the perfect amount of padding to keep you from pointing at people and get stray milk. There is no underwire to jab you while the girls adjust but they still look high and tight. I have to agree with other reviewers that they are pointy at first but calm down a bit after a wash or two. If you aren't used to that shape it can be alarming but they really aren't that pointy and they don't smash them down or make a uni-boob. The ones I purchased here came with band extenders!!! Definite bonus if you wear these while pregnant and still expanding.
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on January 29, 2012
This bra offers great support! With a history of mastitis, I needed to stay away from underwires for a while. I ordered one after about 2 months of nursing and was a 36DD. The support is wonderful! It is comfortable, but holds the girls up where they belong. I actually went up a cup size (at 5 months) and went strait for this bra again! the only draw back is that when you first put it on the girls look oddly shaped, but within a few minutes it molds well to your body and they look normal!
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on December 29, 2015
Absolute BLISS! I am currently using this as a maternity bra, after growing out of my regular bras rather quickly. I find this bra to be well made, and fit perfectly. I am so happy to have a properly supportive bra to give me relief from soreness. I didn't find the cups to be shaped funny at all. In fact, they are shaped better than any of the wireless bras I have been trying on. I think the fit is also true to size. Thank you Bravado for a fantastic product!
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on October 9, 2012
I don't know why everyone is so in love with this bra. I can't imagine walking around looking so bizarre. This thing makes your boobs look ridiculous. A pointy bra from the fifties would be an improvement over this. The sizing was fine but what this bra basically gives you is a rectangle of boob across your chest. Sorry! I already feel plenty un-sexy without forcing my boobs into totally unnatural shapes. Returned.
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on May 13, 2015
I absolutely love this bra and have several different colors. At first the price almost turned me away BUT after I took the plunge I am so glad I did. I love the dual size. It is roomy enough for when my milk comes in and this bra has become a favorite, even when I am done nursing. The quality is amazing. My first purchase was five years ago and I have nurses three babies using that bra. And it still looks new.
I can not say enough about how amazing this bra is
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