Customer Reviews: Bravado! Designs Women's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra
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on September 9, 2013
This product is well worth the price. It is so comfortable, gives you great shape with no wires, and is very easy to nurse with. Let's face it, after you've had a baby and you have your own body back, all you want to be is comfortable and look great at the same time. I have this bra in ivory and butterscotch and they both fit perfect. I am including the sizing on the packaging because I couldn't find it when I was purchasing this bra. I am a 40DD and I got a large.

The only thing I didn't like about the bra was the removable pads that it came with. They made my chest look misshapen. I took them out and tossed them. I don't really have issues with leaking and my chest is big enough, I don't really need the extra padding.

Small= 32 B,C,D, DD(E)
34 B, C
36 B
Medium= 32 DDD(F)
34 D, DD(E), DDD(F)
36 C, D
38 B, C, D
40 B, C
Large= 36 DD(E), DDD(F)
38 DD(E), DDD(F)
40 D, DD(E)
42 B, C, D
44 B, C, D
46 B
X-Large= 40 DDD(F)
42 DD(E), DDD(F)
44 DD(E), DDD(F)
46 C, D, DD(E), DDD(F)
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on April 4, 2013
I am a bra snob, and cheap. Those two things don't go well together. However, after reading reviews, I did one of the stupidest things you can do: I bought a bra online, without ever trying it on.

It. Is. Awesome. It doesn't cut into me! It doesn't feel like I'm binding up The Girls over the course of the day. (Seriously, is any nursing mother the same size at night as in the morning?) Use the fit guide on the Bravado site to make sure you get the right size, and go for it. (I wear a 36DD, and ordered a medium. It's perfect.)

The only odd thing about the bra is the (removable) foam inserts. They are there to hide any evidence of nursing pads/stiff nipples, I guess, but the insert was too flat for my shape, and ended up just looking like a really, really large nursing pad that showed through my shirt. Weird. The edges of the insert didn't lay flat against me.

The packing slip it came with gave me a 10% off code for my next purchase from the shipping company..I'm going to order another one!

(Oh, and Bravado, can I make a suggestion?? A pure white option would be just icing on the cake. Ivory is as close as I could get, and that's ok...but white would be better.)

PROS: Stretchy, comfortable, supportive. (Husband corroborated: "They look higher!")
CONS: Doesn't come in white, weird foam inserts, and I think re-doing the clips after nursing will be a two handed job.
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on February 20, 2015
I have this bra in a medium. I ordered a small because I've been nursing for 7 months and I no longer get engorged so I thought a smaller size might be okay. The small and medium are significantly different. I've attached a picture that shows the difference in strap size (my bra is the beige and the elastic is a little relaxed). The cups were also just a smidge too small. I guess I'm going to order another medium even though it's a tad big. For reference I was a 34 D pre baby and a 36E in the early days of nursing. The small will fit cups through a C comfortably but not a D.
review image
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on April 13, 2013
***Updated 2/2014 - see bottom of review***

I purchased a myriad of nursing bras before the baby was born, much to my husband's chagrin (they are expensive!). I'm 2.5 months into my breastfeeding foray and I must say these bras are some of the best. In fact I returned to Amazon to purchase three more just the other day, as I can only get about two wearings out of them before I feel like I need to wash them. Let's be honest, with a newborn in the house, the laundry tends to pile up...

Anyway, I own all of the colors now (some I have a couple of in the same color). Each one is true to the pictures that are displayed on Amazon. The fit is pretty perfect - I am normally a size 34B but after breastfeeding for a couple of months I think I'm around a 36D in the mornings, and probably a 36C by mid-day. The medium works great for me.

The cups are lined with a removable foam insert so if you forget to wear a nursing pad you're probably covered for an hour or so, depending on your letdown quantity.

The bras fasten at the back, and I'm using the last set of clips right now, so if you are normally bigger than a B cup, I'd order the large size instead of the medium.

The shoulder area is where each clip is that enables the cups to fold down when you're ready to nurse. Initially this was a two-handed operation for me but I've gotten quite adept at fastening and unfastening both sides single handedly.

I have washed these in the washer several times and allowed them to air dry without any issues.

Overall, a great nursing bra.

2/2014 Update: I am still nursing my almost-thirteen-month old successfully (about 4-5 times a day) and am still heavily reliant on my Bravados. Colors have not faded one bit (even the black bras). I've continued using the foam inserts too as I've found that, as my son nurses less and less and eats more food at the table with us, the breasts kinda...deflate. So, the foam inserts have a purpose now of providing a smooth shape/silhouette, after the crazy let-down threat dissipated around month 6. They are still being washed frequently in a front loader and air dried. I have found that I need to wash them in a lingerie bag because if they come in contact with a piece of velcro (think BABY BIBS!) the velcro sticks to them like stink on a monkey. Pulling the velcro off of the bra material causes considerable fuzziness so be very wary of that! Also, once they have been run through the washer I take the pads out and let those air dry separately from the bras.

A word about sizing, I am still using the fasteners on the last setting (I purchased mediums and I am normally a 36B when not pregnant/nursing) but can probably start inching down to the medium fastener setting soon. I plan to continue to rely very heavily on these - they were well worth the initial investment!
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on May 5, 2015
Let me start off by saying that this bra is of great quality. It isn't thin or flimsy, and it is comfortable to wear. With that being said, this bra did not fit me. I wear a 42DDD normally, and I'm currently pregnant and wearing a 44DDD that is getting a little snug. I bought the XL, because it says this bra goes up to a 46 or 48DDD, which means that this bra should fit because I am below the largest size that an XL is supposed to fit. I got this bra, and it fit everywhere except the sides. My breasts spilled out on the sides, and when I try to arrange them more to the center to better cover the sides, it spills out in the front cleavage area. There just simply isn't enough fabric to cover my DDD breasts, and I'm disappointed. I payed around 45 dollars for a bra that is advertised to fit me, and doesn't. But, I don't doubt that this would be a PERFECT bra for women with smaller cup sizes. I'd say this bra would fit up to a D, and maybe even a DD just fine. It really would be the perfect bra if it just had more coverage for DDD ladies such as myself. Overall, I think this is a great bra and I will still use it around the house, and even out of the house with a tank top for extra support on the sides.
review image
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on February 26, 2013
This is my 2nd child, but many of my old bras I had lived in so they were dust. I have many of the Bravado tanks and often live in them. I just couldn't find the "right" bra this time. I like an underwire for when I go out (for support) but when at home I still need good support but like to be comfy.

This bra ROCKS! It is so comfortable. I wear a 36C (nursing size, 36B non) & got the medium. I am so surprised it has 3 hooks, often a 36 doesn't and I LOVE that it does. more back support and much smoother.

It came with these little "B" clips and instructions so I *think* I can turn it into a regular bra later? I didn't quite get it (I literally got home riped tags off & put it on) but will investigate later.

I got it at a local store for $49 and that seems to be about the going rate for this bra. Yes, there are cheaper bras out there: Target - which SUCK & Motherhood - get the job done, but not as comfortable.

Don't be stubborn like me . . . get it!
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on May 25, 2016
You know how when you just had your first baby you're feeling super secure about how your body has transformed, like, so much so that you need to be taken down a peg or two? Well, sisters, have I got a bra for you. This one. This is the bra.
This saggy baggy wonder is not only costly, but it will merge those two pesky and pendulous milk filled breasts of yours into one long and drooping uniboob. What more can a new mother ask for? After all, we just produced our first litter, right, so who cares about looking or feeling good about our bodies? This is the bra that says, "Sorry, boys, but this prized heifer is spoken for. These udders are indeed a spectacle, but hands off!"

This overpriced rag of disappointment and shame is the worst bra I have ever paid money for. My hopes were high due to the combination of price, and the number of good reviews. A friend of mine recommended this sorry sling, so I actually bought four of them while pregnant, and then cried tears of frumpy shock after having my daughter, and putting one on because I wanted to leave the house.
This should be a fifteen dollar bra, and it should be renamed the Seamless Silk Soul Crusher. If you don't care about the sag go buy nursing bras at Walmart. This thing is not better quality, and you'll save a lot of money.
Want something worth the price? Elomi and Hot Milk make very nice nursing bras without underwire. You get the comfort of no underwire, but more lift than you'd expect from an underwire free bra. (Underwire does not cause clogged ducts, but I still hear that from a lot of women) Le Mystere, Anita, and Cake have great underwire nursing bras that are both pretty and offer wonderful support (and are also pretty!) for us busty gals.

Who cares about lift and support in a world where bras such as this permit your nips to kiss your knees?
Swing low, sweet chariots. Swing low.
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on August 27, 2014
I have had the worst time finding a nursing bra I like and I have pretty much given up without being satisfied with anything. This is the item I've settled on, although I wouldn't say it meets my desires 100%. I have always preferred underwire bras that separate the breasts and this, being more of a banded type bra, doesn't separate. It does provide a slight indent between the breasts, but it is not full separation. However, I've found underwires to be uncomfortable while nursing and they have caused some clogged ducts because of where they dig into my breasts. So This has worked. I have this in two sizes, medium and large, and neither is perfect. The small fits better around the band, but the cups seem slightly small. Maybe it just isn't great for fuller breasted women, but I seem to spill out the top a bit. The large is huge around the band and I have to use the smallest clasp setting, but I get fuller coverage in the chest. So this is why I don't absolutely love the bra. But, it is super comfortable. Very good quality materials. Oh, except I don't like the foam pads they provide as inserts. You can (and should) remove those--they are not realistic looking and make you have weird ball shapes on the ends of your boobs. Throw those away immediately (at least if you have larger breasts, maybe it works on small breasts that fully fit within the insert).
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on April 2, 2014
I am usually a 34D to 34 DD (depending on how much my baby is nursing). For this fit, recommended size for me to get was a medium (which includes my size 34 E (DD)) . The medium fit perfect in the cup but was, at its tightest setting, not tight enough around my rib cage. I returned it and ordered the small (which goes up to a 32 E (or DD)). I was afraid that the small would be too small in the cups, but it fit perfectly in the cup and again, at it's tightest setting, it fit me perfectly. Maybe it's because it is so stretchy? It is very supportive. I washed according to directions and air dried. It did not shrink at all. Not the sexiest bra, but not ugly either. The breast pad inserts were NOT bulky for me and did not show through my shirts. Also, when I nurse the baby and go to hook the bra back in place, the pads do not bunch up (which I was afraid of). They smoothed right back out with no manipulations on my part. This is by far the most comfortable and supportive nursing bra I have ever owned!
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on May 25, 2015
Very comfortable. Some reviews say the pads are a nuisance, but they work great for me. The bra still fits and looks great without the pads. Nursing clips fasten securely, and they even included extra pieces to convert this to a traditional bra once you are done nursing.

I'm a 40C, and I ordered a large. Out of the box, I'm wearing it on the tightest band setting.

This is the fifth nursing bra I've bought from Amazon, and is by far my favorite. The others I've tried:
- iLoveSIA(R) Women's 2 Pack Maternity Nursing Bras: very similar in style to the Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, but much less expensive. The clips on the iLoveSIA unfastened every time I adjusted the bra so I returned them.
-Leading Lady Women's Nursing Bra Wireless Cotton: these had no stretch to the fabric and the band wasn't as wide in the front, so over the course of the day they became less comfortable. Until I bought the Bravado, these were my daily bras, but now I'll be retiring them.
-Leading Lady Women's Wireless Padded Seamless Nursing Bra: the molded cups didn't fit right so I returned this bra
-La Leche League International Womens' Low Cut Lightly Padded Underwire Bra: the clips were too close to the armpits and felt very pinchy and uncomfortable. Also seemed to be more like a push-up bra in how much lift it gave me. Looked good, especially under t-shirts, but sacrificed comfort.
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