Customer Reviews: Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem
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on November 16, 2000
THIS BOOK CHANGED MY LIFE.When I began reading it, I started to realize that many of the conditions described mirror my life. Dr. Sorensen outlines a course of action to gradually raise your self-esteem. I began following all of the recommendations 3 months ago and I can truthfully say that my self-esteem has been raised significantly. I am now socializing with people, making friends, living happily by myself and recovering from a codependency condtion that has plagued me for my entire life. This book is easy to read and understand and accurately describes the problem and provides solutions that really work. I recommend this book to anyone who suffers from depression and low self-esteem.
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on March 11, 2000
I was given the book "Breaking the Chains of Low Self-Esteem" by a very close friend, several months ago. I have never read anything that defined so clearly what is going on in my life. I thank God for Dr. Sorensen's insight into this wide reaching problem. I have recommended this book to my therapist in hopes that he will be able to help me solve this life controlling situation. I was especially fascinated by the information on "triggers". If you are depressed, can not seem to figure out what is going on in your life, have low self-esteem, or have tried everything else; this book is a must read. I found Dr Sorensen to be especially warm and helpful, she is someone who truly understands my plight.
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on January 31, 2002
This set was helpfull, in that it allowed me to see the root causes of my low self-esteem. However, very little information about how to recover from low self-esteem is given. The author relies entirely on a recommendation that you get expensive therapy (at least one year) - an option that the vast majority of people cannot afford. There is virtually nothing suggested about how you can help yourself, except for a proposal that you get a second job or borrow money from your family so that you can afford therapy. The long-winded descriptions and stories do, however, accurately illustrate what it is like to experience low self-esteem. Some descriptions apply only to the most severely affected sufferers. The most beneficial segments correctly link low self-esteem to painfull experiences in childhood, and these illustrations are helpful in relieving guilt and allowing you to see that what has happened to you is not really your fault. At one point I was brought to tears as I recalled the painfull experiences of my childhood and realized that not only was I not responsible for the way I was treated, but also that recovery is entirely possible. It was helpfull to realize that I was not the only one with this problem - many people suffer from low self-esteem. The characterizations are so accurate that it becomes easy to recognize other people you may know who also suffer from low self-esteem; and helps you better understand their feelings and behavior.
The flaws are glaring and unpleasant. The set starts out with a scathing rebuke of the modern practice of psychology/psychiatry, with all practicioners who do not agree with the author being portrayed as the bad guys. About halfway through the tapes, the listener is assaulted with a lengthy diatribe condemning the mis-treatment of all women by all men since the beginning of time. All women are portrayed as victims, and all men are portrayed as villians - the concept that a woman can be equally capable of hurting a man seems lost on this author. Also disappointing was the author's absolute condemnation of any women who consents to be involved in a traditional religion - Christian women should not listen to these tapes! A good portion of the end of the set is devoted to telling you which therapists NOT to see - which is virtually any therapist whom does not completely agree with the author in every detail. She has no tolerance whatsoever for any other opinion but her own, and the language is always written in a doomsday fashion - the listener is told repeatedly that recovery is utterly impossible unless her recommendations are followed precisely.
Conclusion: Overall it is beneficial to purchase and own these tapes, but take the authors man-hating, condemnation of religion, and doomsday rhetoric with a BIG grain of salt.
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on December 7, 2004
I am a mental health counselor at a maximum security prison for women. I came across Dr. Sorenson's book through an inmate. The book had been passed around to many women and my client was eagerly devouring it.

She says: "Breaking the Chain of LSE has helped me in so many differnt ways. It has taught me how LSE was formed from a young age, that it is not easy to overcome unless you really want it and want to work hard for it. This book has shown me that it will take some time but it is possible. Now I know why I have hidden behind my weight problem for so many years, why I have relationships which only end in failure, why I continue to make the bad choices that I have made. This book has helped me in so many ways. If you want to overcome LSE, this is the book for you. I want to thank Dr. Sorenson for writing a book that helps so many people." Anonymous Inmate

Of course, I then read the book, too, with a critical eye and was so impressed with the ease with which it is written, non-intimidating, with compassion, inspiring hope and motivation for change. I now use the book and it's companion workbook with many of my clients. They love the concrete work and the insight it gives them. They always bring their homework back!

Thank you, Dr. Sorenson, for this wonderful book.

PS. I learned some things about myself, too!
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on October 17, 2001
This book is to me is the greatest book written. I have found why I feel the way I feel. Why I act the way I act. This book has many sections of exercises to do. It may take you several months to do all the exercises but do them and you will be amazed. I found that some of the reading takes time because what you have to remember may make you sad. I have cried some through this book and had to put it down. But a day later I am right back in it to find out what's next. The more I read the more I learned. Its amazing how my thoughts have changed. Even my day to day activity is different. Reading this book is as if the writer was me. Now I know that my feeling are not stupid. There are millions of people that feel as I do and there is help! Read the book and make your low self esteem a person of the past. Buy it today and start loving yourself. It will be the most wonderful gift you have ever given yourself.
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on May 19, 2006
This book was the doorway to a whole new way of viewing myself and my place in the world. I came upon this book after scanning several other low self-esteem (LSE) books that were just dry, lifeless lists of symptoms and exercises. I couldn't connect with these books so I kept looking. This book's author, Dr. Sorensen (whom I later found out had been a teacher), provides lots of real-life examples. Many of these were scenes out of my life so I could connect with them and remember the information. I thought I knew all the ways that LSE manifested in my life. Reading this book, I was shocked to find that there were many more small insidious ways that I was affected by LSE (including how it created a major dysfunction in my first marriage 25 years ago). Dr. Sorensen obvious knows this subject very well. Because of her encouraging writing style, I didn't find this new information depressing. Instead, I was driven to action. I had seen a therapist years ago about LSE and had found empathy but no real help. So, I contacted Dr. Sorensen to see if I could have 1-on-1 sessions with her. I could! After nine months of sessions, I feel very different about myself. I no longer feel like an outsider in the world. I value my abilities and experience more. I express my ideas more in groups. I don't feel uncomfortable dining by myself. I trust my own judgment more. I've learned to bring up issues with my spouse in a way that is assertive but not accusatory. I've become kinder and more understanding of myself and of others as well - I think people can feel this. I'm enjoying my life much more. I can be myself. My posture is even better. I no longer try to blend in (to not be seen or heard). I still have some LSE issues to work on but I've seen so many changes that I know that if you do the work, you get the results.
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on October 26, 1999
Reading Marilyn Sorensen's book is both a reality check and liberating for those of us who suffer from the epidemic known as low self-esteem. Although initially I found it painful to see before me in print my behavior patterns and the abuses that caused them, by the time I finished the book (in one day--because I couldn't stop reading it!), I felt lighter and filled with hope and confidence that I WILL do what is needed to live an authentic life---free to live the deliberate and fulfilling life I deserve to create for myself. Sorensen provides the methods that can be used to break free of LSE chains and a good dose of objective compassion to motivate individuals ready to take the first step, then the next, and the next....
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on March 30, 2002
There are a ton of "self help" books on the market today. Many of them are'nt worth reading, because they contain little more than common sense information. This book is different. Dr. Sorensen truly knows her subject matter. What's more, she is also passionate about her work and genuinely interested in helping others feel better about themselves. Most important, this book offers realistic prospects for success. Dr. Sorensen doesn't promise such things as "eternal bliss" (Wayne Dyer) or "unlimited power" (Tony Robbins). Instead, she explains that increasing self esteem is a gradual process that requires time and energy to produce tangible results. The books's "things to do" sections help the reader to achieve these results.
I have recommended Dr. Sorensen's book to a number of my clients whose self esteem needs strengthening. They have endorsed it enthusiastically and so do I. It is one of the best self help books on the market today.
Lance C. Pulver, Ph.D.
PS. If you plan to buy and read the book, make sure to do the exercizes she recommends. There really is no shortcut.
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on August 24, 2001
This is a truly amazing book and the best I've ever read on the subject of low self-esteem. Dr. Sorensen explains the inner experience of low self-esteem in a way I've never before heard and for the first time has helped me fully understand this pervasive problem called low self-esteem. Dr. Sorensen truly has a way with words and her compassionate explanations clearly spell out the process of low self-esteem and the way in which LSE ultimately leads people to sabotage their lives without being aware they are doing so. She has great exercises at the end of chapters and I found her sections that compare those with healthy self-esteem to those with low self-esteem to be especially interesting and helpful. THIS IS A WONDERFUL BOOK THAT EVERYONE SHOULD READ, whether for themselves or to better understand family and friends that suffer from LSE. IT'S HARD TO PUT THIS BOOK DOWN UNTIL YOU'VE READ IT COVER TO COVER.
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on September 9, 2000
In order to express an opinion about any subject matter, It nessacary to see how others have attempted to tackle the issue. I have seen many therapist and read many books on the Subject. None of these books or therapists has a clear understanding of Low Self Esteem as Dr. Sorensen's book. Dr. Sorensens helps the reader understand that the person with LSE source of depression is not a particular situation of event that occurred but how they view that event or more importantly how they view themseleves Dr Sorensen helps explain to the reader that how he/she feels. This alone gives the reader a sense of relief by knowing that they are not alone and someone knows how they feel. But the book does not stop there Dr Sorensen points out how people with a healthy Self Esteems view a similar situation in a totaly diffrent light. The Book then takes the final step by giving the reader the TOOLS they need to develop a healthy self esteem If you are over an acheiver (or even if you're not)and have worked hard on many aspects of your life but still don't feel good about yourself this book is about you and for you Any one who has Low Self Esteem owes it to themselves to read this book and get Dr. Sorensen to help them out of thier depression
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