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on August 13, 2016
I'm in love with Joe Dispenza and the way he makes the "brain science" sound understandable to this VERY DECIDEDLY non-science-minded reader. For a number of years I've been working on improving my own life's circumstances and learning about the stuff like "Law of Attraction," meditation, and the like. While I understand certain things intellectually, "something" had been missing, and it was driving me nuts, because I wasn't seen the kinds of results that I thought I should by now.

I came upon this book quite by accident (or not... depending on how you look at things like this!). I had to have it, and completely absorbed myself in it. Since reading the book, I've also purchased his meditations. I'm feeling a lot better about myself in general, and while I haven't had a truly earth-shattering experience as a result (well, it HAS only been a month or so), I can tell you that a few "uncanny" things HAVE happened. Coincidences? I don't believe so, because I am working through his steps without missing a single one. I'm taking this journey very seriously...

In the last 2 weeks alone, since really getting down with the meditations and taking a lot of time to practice with them, I really have felt a "shift" in how I feel emotionally. The things that Dr. Joe talks about make a lot of sense. It would appear, if my understanding of his words is correct, that I've been "blocking" good results from happening to me in my life because I had spent years and years of allowing my body to have absorbed my negative emotions at a cellular level, since any time we have a thought it sends physical signals to various cells (neuro transmitters, etc).

So, after a while, the cells kind of rule the mind instead of mind ruling the body (simplistic, but I'm not going to be able to summarize my understanding fully).

After a few weeks of journal exercises and then the meditations, there has been a considerable "lightness of being" I've begun to feel.

Then, a few oddball "coincidences" happened - all positive! There have been subtle, yet noticeable shifts in my life that couldn't possibly have occurred by accident. In one instance just last week, there was a completely unexpected shift that fully relates to a specific goal I have been working on, where a "way" was opened up to me to make more rapid progress toward that goal. It was honestly nothing that I could have possibly planned for, because that "way" was nothing I had ever considered.

My feelings of "ancestral guilt" are disappearing in that I no longer am feeling like I have to suffer for any reason whatsoever. I grew up in a family where a day without feeling some type of guilt was like a day without sunshine - except that too much sunshine would be tough to enjoy because some people don't HAVE sunshine...and then the sunshine that we DO have is bound to disappear... if you understand what I mean. :)

I wish I could better articulate the positive effects that Dr. Joe's work are having on me. I can only say that for me, this understanding of how the brain and our thoughts PHYSICALLY affect our lives appears - at least to me - to be a key component to my own success. Dr. Joe does not get spiritual or "touchy-feely" in this book like some other modern teachers tend to come across to me. It just makes sense, and when I couple what I've learned from Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself with other, more spiritual teachings, I can see how it all comes together.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on so long. I love the book. But you probably already figured that out. :)
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on November 16, 2016
A life changing book by a life changing teacher! If you are interested in the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, why not check out some of his stuff on youtube first? If, after hearing some of his speeches online, you are ready to step into the life of your dreams, you have to examine the thoughts you've been thinking. And more importantly, you have to change the thoughts that do not serve you. That's what this book is about. How to do that. It sounds so simple but really, it takes a great force of will and mental concentration but it so so incredibly worth it!

For our family, Dr. Joe's teachings have literally changed our lives for the better. I have healed a chronic condition for which I had to take pills daily after learning Dr. Joe's teaching and following his exercises. My husband has an autoimmune condition that has also improved dramatically (and we literally have the independent third party medical test results from our doctors to prove it). When we told our doctors what we had done, they both said "well, just keep doing what you're doing". We plan on it!

I do not work for Dr. Joe or know him personally, but I'm so grateful that we found his teachings and that his way of communicating spoke to us effectively enough to help us improve our lives.
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on February 1, 2017
I purchased this book and participated in a workshop with Joe Dispenza. It seems that his team Encephelon cleans up the Internet with impeccable detail! (no Wiki page, or anything less than flattering anywhere) So what "Joe" dispenses in his new age message is done with a typical motivational marketing team that should be off-putting to the average person with a grain of discernment and a meditation practice.
In general, in his last book his newer line of thinking sells the idea that the human mind can change the manifestation of reality and change his fate; all this can be done by a certain personal discipline including meditation. Until now it sits well with the newer current of ideas. I like the idea of meditating and love the idea of manifesting too! About the science facts, I'm not sure, but it sounds interesting and I'm willing to suspend disbelief and try it out.
What pains me though, is the method of delivery of this so called Workshop ...where there never was a schedule handed out, we were left at the mercy of JD. In particular, he proceeds to claim to have witnessed spontaneous remissions of serious illnesses in his workshops, and I noticed several participants in wheelchairs or on crutches ... not counting all the participants with undetectable disease in the hall ... these people are especially vulnerable to false hopes that healing is instantaneous and about to happen! At no point does he show any real testimonies of miraculous healings ... his anecdotes should suffice to make us believe in a better tomorrow.
His workshop was fairly expensive, and it is said that this cost is justified since it included videos (about 5 hours) of a previous workshop that no longer exists but which must be watched before you attend the progressive workshop ... the majority of the workshop I attended (progressive) was the verbatim repetition of that video!!! ... is it brainwashing? or lack of imagination or information? I would say that this is the recycling of old stock. They also strongly encourage us to read his latest book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, which again a rehash of the same thing? (Enough already!) Even his anecdotes are the same! He seems to have learned his text very well. But don't expect him to interact directly with the participants; he can't go off script. He allows no questions from the audience.
In addition, the meditations (which I find interesting) of the 2.5-day workshop are the same as those he sells online ... but it appropriates some ancient techniques of meditation (among others Kundalini) claiming that enlightenment is imminent and easy to obtain if you follow to the letter his instructions ... ex. you have to push the energy of the first chakra to the seventh with forced breath holding - a bit like self-asphyxiation -which can cause particular sensations ... pffft!
However, I appreciate the fact that he encourages his "disciples" to install a daily meditation practice. But to judge as wrong or right the personal practice of a meditation, and to expect some kind of magical effect is not right. Meditation takes many forms and is individual...and is not a result oriented practice...it should be a journey. Pushing for results is not the way!
I especially hated the obvious marketing in the workshop where he plugs advertisements for the upcoming workshops, publications, at all times; and where the electoral campaign/pep rally style is used by encouraging the participants to dance and clap after the breaks to lively music for no apparent reason except to make promotional videos (looks like you're having fun here -! artificial enthusiasm for a meeting where calm should be nurtured...)
I also noticed that JD does not care entirely about our questions on site (you could ask questions at his paying webinars I guess), or our learning (no leader came to guide us, there were no group activities) ... he seems to be more interested in our wallet.
He also seems to use a type of communication with his technical team by pretending to make us interact (ex. – “poke your neighbor” and “discuss what you understand”) that are not often logical since he did not give enough info for discussion and he obviously seeks a break for some reason ... perhaps he needs to blow off some time during these pauses ....or hear his next line in his earbuds.
He also makes an unnecessary use of Youtube videos to so-called "spark our enthusiasm and inspire the imagination of our emotions" ... I think even here he gets a small break on stage ... all these videos were "déjà vu" for any subscriber to FB!
Finally, I come out disillusioned and annoyed to have spent to attend a workshop with such manipulation techniques and lack of concern for the participants! I love some of his ideas, and I come out a little more aware of the dangers of this kind of workshop. I have compassion for some of his "fanatical groupies" and even some exalted shouters during the meditations.
I hope my reflections and questions will spur discussion or at least "enlighten" a few ... I wish I had read this kind of criticism before spending ... but I think his team is efficient at digital scrubbing.
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on September 24, 2017
Life changing experience! Can't have enough of this book. I've been doing the meditations and re-reading it. Unfortunately, I really did not feel happy with investing about an hour and a half everyday for meditations, so I abbreviated them to about 53 min, which is more manageable. I bought the meditation CD separately from Dr. Dispenza's website directly for $5. Then used Adobe Audition software to cut out some sections that seemed too repetitive and putting me to sleep - particularly the first part. I think the key is to never stop meditating on your mastering yourself, not just while "doing" the meditation.
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on October 19, 2014
I really like the premise of this book. It did, at times, feel like it was repeating itself over and over. Towards the end, I was disappointed that the instructions were so complicated. And I didn't like the fact that you had to purchase a download to do the exercises. But, probably still worth a look. Good concept.
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on February 9, 2017
Finally, a book written by someone who has done the research, instead of someone gleaning information from others. Dr. Dispenza has written a book that has helped me understand why I keep making the same mistakes over and over. Thank you.
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on February 12, 2017
This book is an amazing combination of neuroscience, biology, quantum physics combined with eastern philosophies. If you want to understand how your mind works and how it's essentially a package of chemical responses and how to change those chemical responses to get new results, this book is for you. If you want to understand the quantum field and tap into a universal energy to help you reach your goals, this book is for you. If you want to learn about how emotionalized focused meditations have been used to create genetic modifications to DNA, this book is for you. If you want to learn about dozens of people who have created miracles in their life (cured cancer, created new lives) by becoming someone else, this book is for you. This is one of the top 5 books I've read in the self-improvement arena in my entire life and I've purchased this book as gifts for many friends and family. Overall an amazing book that helps you contemplate and explore the chemical, emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical side of life.
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on February 28, 2012
Absolutely should be classified as The Bible for Personal Development! Dr. Joe did a fantastic job of presenting the scientific part of our mind and body in a way that we who are not scientific, can easily understand and follow. More importantly, he did a great job focusing on the "How To" aspect of breaking out of the old "habitual" self into a "new you" while presenting the methods in a very systematic and simple to follow format! Kudos!
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on June 22, 2016
This book is really interesting and informative. I like how he explains how our minds not only effect our body and emotions but our environment as well. Trying to wrap your head around the notion that we are all connected to a quantum field that can effect the things around us and even in our past is sometimes hard to grasp. But I really enjoyed it and purchased his other book as well. I will probably purchase his tapes as well to help with the meditation steps he describes in the book. I found this subject extremely interesting and will continue to research it.
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on February 13, 2017
The first chapter alone is worth the price. Dispenza takes a tough subject like quantum physics and makes it easy to understand.
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