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Breffo Spiderpodium Smartphone Mount & Holder - White
Color: White|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$22.80+ Free shipping

Why didn't I think of this.... Such a simple yet well thought out design, does everything as described. I keep my Iphone in a heavy Mophie juice pack and was a little apprehensive at first when attaching it to my car vent. It held up very well has never dropped a phone that I properly attached it to. If you dont get the arms snuggly fit to it, it may drop out. This has only occurred once while I was driving and that was my own doing for not attacthing it correctly.
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on July 20, 2017
Just got it and so far it's the best phone mount I have purchased. I've gone through probably 5 other types of mounts and this is the best and easiest to use so far. I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the surface is to rough to mount many of the phone mounts out there and I wanted something within reach while driving so it's safer to use. So far this hangs in my vent and does not budge. I will update as the time goes.
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on April 28, 2014
I had a chance to use this item to secure my Note 3 to the air vent in my car. This works incredibly well. I was initially worried about how secure this device will grab or grip the air vent when I slide the legs in. Let me assure you it is very secure but at the same time easily removable or adjustable. I wish I would have bought this a long time ago before trying all the various suction cup and dash sticker mounts. I did read a couple reviews of the legs breaking after repeated bending. (One of the reviews admitted that he was actually playing with the device forming it into all kind of shapes). It seems to be made of a very durable build quality but keeping these reviews in mind, I try not to bend it too much. I get it into the shape it needs to be in and that will be the shape it stays. I can just slide my phone in and out of it without any more bending of the legs..
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on November 27, 2013
I mainly bought this Spiderpodium for my car as a holder while using my iPhone with the maps app gps system. The best thing about it is that I don't have to take my iPhone 5 out of its case to use it because the spider legs wrap around the phone and other legs can be inserted into the vent system to hole it securely. I bought my first Spiderpodium from Touch of Modern but it took several weeks to get it. I bought two more as gifts from Amazon and got it in two days and just in time for two birthday gifts. The next best thing is that I don't have to wrestle with one of those suction type holders that attach to the dash board or window. The first suction thype one I had broke and the second one was difficult to attach to the window and several times the suction was not strong enough and caused my iPhone (without its protective case) to fall on the floor of the car. The Spiderpodium can attach to so many things - like a bike, or stroller ad when not in use can be stored flat. And it's cute as a spider.
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on October 26, 2013
well i like the idea but just to let you know i used it for my galaxy s4 ,well it turns out the phone is to heavy for the spider podium and a couple times it was hard to get a good position but it worked.
Now for the car well is close to nearly impossible because the phone weighs to much for the spider to hold it on the car on the vent i got the otterbox defender without holster on it and s well it was pretty heavy for it to handle so no it didn't worked for me.
Another thing is that it is flexible right, well because is so flexible it means if you bend to much and on the wrong way you'll break it pretty damn easy basically what this thing is is aluminium or something so it can break very easy my nephew 9 years old play with it a lot like if it was a toy and well within 2 days he broke a leg no big deal but for the kind of phone that i have it is abug deal because even with all 8 legs it struggle to carry it so it render it useless in the end.
what i can say is that it was my fault because i knew what was gonna happen with my nephew playing like that with the spider and i wasn't strict enough to tell him to stop doing that and not do it again.

In resume what i can say is
will i recommend it? no
will i buy it again for me?maybe

i liked it though, but it is to fragile for me or maybe i'm just a brute.
i believe that if you are careful enough you can make this work for you well,but i strongly advise not to let kids to play or tamper with it.Also i think is meant for smaller phones like the iphones and stuff, it even said on the box and the description that it was well optimised for iphones but it may work just fine with other phones.
So there you have it,you got the facts, do the judgement and if is something you consider works for you and that you are gonna be careful with then by all means buy it and give a shot.
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on August 17, 2011
This item is great and for $20 just what I was looking for to hold my phone. I place my phone in it every night now because I wrapped it around my lamp post in my room next to my bed. This way my phone is at eye level when I am in bed and when my alarm goes off I can reach over to snooze it or turn it off. Great device and it makes using Facetime on my iPhone 4 a breeze because I no longer need to hold the phone. I just bend the legs and quickly make a mock up stand for the phone to sit in. I see a lot of people complaining about the item and its not stable. You can make it as stable as you want but it might take another minute is all. I bend it and sit back and relax there is no need to keep fiddling with the phone once its in the desired position thats the whole point of this being a stand. I love it so much I might buy one for my car as well since I have used this one to wrap around my rear view mirror and hang my phone with the GPS going another great use for it. Get it and you wont be disappointed and anyways you probably already spent $20 today on lunch and dinner so what does it matter.
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on May 2, 2013
bought this for 20 bucks a few months ago and its just fun to play around with.

*all tablet references are referring to 7 inch tablets (i use a nexus 7). will not fit 10 inch tablets. they have another one for that somewhere on this site.

- very flexible and can place your tablet/phone on it in various positions. maybe even both a tablet and phone.
- i made it so it holds my tablet and phone and it held up, didnt lose its shape or drop anything.
- seems pretty durable, hasnt broken on me and i bend the arms alot.
- i use it on a glass table and it has enough friction not to slip or anything.

other people may not like:
- i dont think you have to be creative to figure out different positions to hold your phone/tablet, but maybe it will give some people problems? i dunno.
- probably will not get it to be perfectly symmetric, for you super ocd folks out there.
- at a quick microsecond glance, it resembles a huge spider, especially in the dark, when by itself; spider fearing people might get creeped out. it still gets me sometimes.
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on June 27, 2017
Works great in a car with an iPhone 5. I've had this in my car vent for two months now and it is holding my (uncased) iPhone SE with no problems. Pops in easy, pops out easy, feels secure while I'm driving. A little tricky to reach the lower buttons sometimes (e.g, Google Maps "route" button), but infinitely better than resting it on the seat.
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on November 11, 2016
This is the 4th one I get. Whenever the previous one gets damaged (mostly due to sun exposure, as I tend to keep it set on my car's panel), I end up getting a new one. I also keep another one in my backpack, as I use it all the time at different places where I need to have my iPhone set in a specific way (either because I'm watching something or because I'm shooting a video).
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on April 13, 2011
I just received this item in the mail, and already, I have constructive criticism for it. Instead of a wire skeleton, perhaps something more sturdy, like lightweight ceramic, fiberglass, or steel pieces that utilize some kind of revolutionary magnetic joints. Eventually, my already beloved Spiderpodium will wear out and not work anymore, whereas magnetism will work through it all. I mean, sure, magnetism will interfere with devices, so maybe something else, but still, it needs to be something that lasts if I am going to shell out 17-20$ for this baby. Other than that, for now, the joints are fully articulable and, yes, the silicone will probably tear or wear eventually, but for now, it holds up. For those who have trouble with it stretching and tearing, be smart and don't abuse your spiderpodium, 20 dollars will never buy you something you can abuse, unless you get yourself an EOD breacher bar for an astounding 17+$, which is absolutely not comparable to this fragile contraption at all. Anyway, keep this away from young babies, Amazonians, I don't exactly know why, unless the baby puts it near their eyes...ugh, that painted a nasty picture. So keep it away from young children, and you will not regret buying this spiderpodium, should you decide you need some 'Arachnid-bling', this is the thing to buy. And take it from a bug man, it is cool, but dead useful. And it functions as an impromptu case to protect from accidental drops.
EDIT: The top right joint on the Spiderpodium, the smallest joint, decided to break on me. Well, technically, it was my fault, I put too much pressure on it and -SNAP-, my baby is minorly crippled. But she still works like a charm, still spider-hugs my arm like some grotesque, yet cool, bracelet, and holds my gadgets with both arachno-style and sure tightness. I think it is cooler as a collectible than as an actual functional stand in some ways, but that is just me being weird again, probably. It has held up so far, and I will probably put it through a smaller, safer-for-my-ipod-touch-version of the same stress test that guy on Youtube did, just for kicks, and report back with my findings.
EDIT: Breffo sent me a new Spiderpodium, free of charge, as part of their warranty. I am telling you all, Breffo is the stuff of legends when it comes to their customer service, at least for me. Someone else might have had a different experience, but it has been smooth sailing with them. They are cool people. If you need a versatile podium for your gadgets, Breffo's Spiderpodium is the way to go. I highly recommend it.
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