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Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor
Size: 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite|Change
Price:$299.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 14, 2016
DO NOT BUY this juicer!! Breville does not stock the filter basket which you WILL need within 2 years or much less! Shame on you Breville, after less than a year and a half of light to moderate use, the machine hemorrhages juice during use, as the fine mesh screen filter disk becomes hopelessly clogged, and BREVILLE KNOWS this is a common issue with the machine. It is a GREAT juicer, the least Breville can do is STOCK THE PART!
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on July 21, 2016
ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I have had A LOT of juicers over the years and this one blows them all away! it is super fast and pulp is super dry. you get way more than twice the juice! I juiced a lot of veg, 2 pitchers (that it comes with about 4 cups each) and the pulp container was not even half full, yet there was no pulp in the juice! I've even had the slow masticating juicers, this is better. easy to put together, take apart and clean!!!!! i love it in every way. and before you believe that juice from slow juicers is better for you, look it up, thats what i did, and its not as long as its done fast with a good juicer! I truly love this juicer in every way! I will never go back to the lower end ones (that cost about the same anyway, oh brother!) or the expensive slow hard to use and clean ones! Wish i had this in the beginning of my juicing ventures 20 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!
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on May 24, 2016
This juicer worked great for a couple of years and now it propels and leaks juice and vegetable debris all over the counter every time we use it. We have followed instructions to the tee and have never put any of the parts into the dishwasher and still we cant figure out how to resolve this problem.

We have tried every thing we can think of including re-attaching, un-attaching, jimmying the unit parts, even adding paper towels where it squirts and none of it helps. It is a messy disaster every time and the warranty .

This is very disappointing given that it cost $299 and it had great reviews and we thought we would be using this juicer for years.

I would warn anyone who is considering this purchase to look for another brand.
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 Let's start off with 5 stars and see what happens as we make our first drink.

Step 1
Unbox (see 7 pics).

Step 2 Inspect.
Built like a tank.

Step 3 Wash.
Dishwasher top rack only with heated dry option. Otherwise lower rack okay. I recommend hand washing as it's really easy to clean and dishwashers tend to mess up the finish.

Step 4 Juice
No leaks. I used Jack LaLanne and other like models for years. This has the feel of a whole other higher level. Easier to use. Easier to clean. Much more quiet (in low speed).

Note: I recommend using low speed as the juicer compensates for slowing speeds due to harder vegetables like ginger and carrots and sends more power to speed up the unit as needed. Had no problem juicing leafy greens and extremely hard root vegetables. High speed is very loud and likely to wake up the entire house. High speed also produces intense air movement which blows juice back out of the pitcher.

Tip: Always clean off the filter basket thoroughly front and back sides immediately after use. Make sure no food particles remain as they will dry into the mesh of the basket like cement. Heavy duty scrub brush included in packaging made specifically for this.
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on March 13, 2017
Let me start by saying that I am new to juicing and researched juicers for at least a month prior to purchasing. I originally decided on a masticating juicer, but made the mistake of purchasing a lower end model here on Amazon just to have it break after only a few uses. Thankfully, Amazon is great about returns and made the process easy. Now to my opinion of this juicer.

Very quick set up and clean up
Sturdy steel parts
Looks great on my counter
Handles large amounts of fruit/vegetables
Large pitcher
Large waste container

A bit noisy ( a little louder than a blender)
Pitcher can't be filled due to placement of cut out for spout
No spout cover to prevent drips while emptying pitcher

Although it does have its cons, I would definitely purchase this juicer again since it meets my family's needs.
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on March 26, 2016
This is an AMAZING juicer and I'd recommend it to newbies and experienced juicers. It's the third juicer I've owned, and I bought it at the recommendation of Joe Cross of Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Thank you, Joe! A local organic eatery has the best quality juice in the area, and I had purchased this juicer nearly a year ago and never opened it until last week. To my delight, it is the same brand as the commercial one found in my favorite restaurant and produces an almost identical juice! But best of all, you don't have to chop up fruits and veggies into small chunks like my other juicers, and the clean-up and mostly of the "rinse and wipe" variety. With it's amazing design I don't see the juicer ever jamming up like my previous one. It works quickly, quietly, and the filtering pitcher it comes with makes the final product easy to serve and store. The one small negative is that it's a bit large for my small kitchen, but that's a minor issue. Bravo to the design people at Breville! A+++
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on June 5, 2017
This is my first time juicing. I couldn't possibly ask for more. Easy to set up, easy to use, and extremely easy to clean. It seems to suck out as much juice as possible, because what's left inside is completely dry. I have had no issues and I hope it stays that way. So far so good, now it just has to stand the test of time.
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on February 10, 2015
What everyone says is true...THIS THING IS A BEAST!

VERY well made, VERY easy to clean, VERY fast...

It's big. It's heavy. It's made of STEEL AND TITANIUM...not cheap plastic.

All the prep I need to do for my veggies is wash the greens and chop the apples in quarters. Everything else just feeds into the massive 3 inch feeder pipe.

I turned 15lbs of fruit and veggies into 2 quarts of micronutrient goodness in about 4.5 minutes.
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on July 17, 2016
I never review stuff but after 4 years I can say this juicer is the best. It's made my life healthier and happier, and the customer service is off the chain. I stuck the pusher in my dishwasher on a high heat setting once by mistake, and it expanded, looking all crazy, not fitting into the mouth anymore. I called CS, they replaced it immediately for free. Replaced my basket now, it's so awesome. There's just nothing bad about this. It's working perfectly after years of daily use. I wish all companies and appliances were like this one.
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on June 25, 2013
If you are thinking of buying a juicer and are not planning to juice lots of leafy greens (and of course, if you don't mind spending the extra money), DO NOT THINK TWICE. This is the juicer for you. As it is the case with all other Breville appliances, you definitely get what you are paying for.

Immediately after you open the box you will notice the weight of this thing. It is heavy! It is sturdy! It is unbreakable(not quite, as I will describe later -- but it's pretty close to that)! I have been using my first 800JEXL daily for 3 years now and it still works like it did the first day.


I'll refrain from listing all the pros of this juicer as you probably had an overdose of these by reading the other reviews. Let me skip to one almost-major con that I observed across all three juicers I own.


There is a very annoying spot located at the joint of collection bin and juicer hood. This evil thing is the only disappointment I have with this juicer and the sole reason why I can't say this is a perfect machine. Every single time I am juicing something, a small amount of juice/wet pulp escapes through that small gap. Don't get me wrong, it's a very small gap that opens up between the plastic basket and the steel piece, but this juicer is so powerful that it always squeezes some stuff through that opening. In fact, the pressure build-up was so big once that some orange juice was actually shot into my eye as I was standing next to the juicer. I would be curious to know if anyone else has noticed this problem and if this is by any chance a design flaw.
EDIT: After reading the troubleshoot section of the manual and finding this issue right at the top, I think I can safely assume that thousands of other people have the same issue. A user posted some great pictures illustrating this exact issue here as well.


Beware that the only thing covered by the warranty is the juicer's motor! Given that a lot of the marketing speech for this juicer is based on the fact that the filter basket is made of titanium, I'd say it should be a requirement for Breville to cover at least that part (in addition to the motor). Titanium or not, my filter basket once completely shattered under regular use. Yes... while it is true that the farmer who sold me those carrots might have planted a piece of metal inside one of them, if that was not the case, I might just be the first proud user to break this amazing filter basket while juicing a carrot (see my uploaded picture for an illustration of the disaster).

Upon inquiring Breville for a replacement part and mentioning the fact that I have been a customer for several years as a collateral, they were very reluctant to provide me a new basket free of cost and kept telling me again and again that "accessories" are not covered by the warranty. After several days of insisting and back-and-fourth talks with customer service, they finally sent me a new basket.
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